Why Achivements System doesn't work for me?

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I’ve got a problem.

I can achieve no badges.
If I reach an objective, my profile page dosen’t change: no points earned and no badges.

Initially I thought about Firefox extensions and Scripts-blocker, but even if all’s not active it seems that I cannot win any achievement.

Where’s the trouble?

(sorry for my english, but it’s not my language ^^)

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Do a test will you please.Go to a game and see if the chat is connected.You can tell by a little spot on the top right.If it is connected it will be green if its yellow or red you have a problem there.Check it out and return with the results.

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Does the chat has red, yellow, or green light? This should be in Technical section, there is Badge problems topic. Make your Firewall allow port 5552. If you still can’t get the badge, email feedback@kongregate.com with screenshot.

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That was because there was not the green spot.

Now all’s right.

Thank you so much ^^