Current Issue with the Badges API (Campaign Game, Monster's Den, etc)

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Currently, there’s a security issue seemingly associated with the latest site update that will prevent you from getting badges in AS3 games (Campaign game, Monsters Den, etc).

See that red light in the corner? That means the API isnt connected. As long as that light is red (and you are getting the warning when you start the Campaign game), you wont be able to get badges in those games – or complete the challenge!

Staff knows about the problem, as well as a possible solution and will be making an attempt to fix it. Until then, be patient and keep your eye on that light. Such is the nature of systems like this, particularly ones in beta.

Apologies in advance.

Badge and Challenge Problems

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Should be resolved now!

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not resolved yet

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such an issue with Campaign game though, the light is Green and i still cant get the badges. So im thinking mb the API is partially connected, to the chat room, but the other part isnt to the badges and such.