Hate to re-post.....but

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None of the games load, i only get grey or white boxes…..why??
I re installed the latest Flash player..3 times
I flushed the cache….lost track how many times
The firewall and the anti-virus have been turned off….
I go the latest shockwave player….figures that may have something to do..


I use IE, my OS is Window XP x64, i tried bot IE x32 and IE x64 same results


No wisecracks thanks

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Hmm, I have never heard of that extensive of a problem.

Is it possible that where you are connecting somehow blocks the games and not the pages? (Is that possible?)

Also, I would try other browsers, such as Firefox, see if that works for you.

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Install FireFox, and install Flash Player one more time. If you don’t install it again, the FF doesn’t have the Flash.