Firefox chat failure problem and possible fix

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In firefox, for some reason, people(including me) are experiencing a problem where the chat panel completely stops loading, in any game. If one right clicks on where the chat panel should be, the flash right click menu pops up, but it says that there is no movie loaded. The only solution that users have to remedy the problem is to delete their firefox profile directory. I have no idea why this happens nor why deleting the profile directory fixes it, but I believe that I have found a server side solution to the problem.

A visual of the problem is available here(kongregate is breaking my link):

Using feudalism as an example, in the file at the following url:

in the block of code:

div id=“chat_container” class=“chatholder” style=“width:300px;”>

var so = new SWFObject(“/flash/chat_1205904082.swf?height=525&width=300&api=true&;high_scores=true&amp;initial_username=Belkorin&amp;kongregate_channel_id=1206581523.71253&amp;room_id=25&amp;room_name=Chatmasters&amp;sessionid=5519c970f861a809fd2b4491d9d241f4&showbeacon=true”, “chat”, “300”, “525”, “6”, “#333333”);
so.addParam(“allowScriptAccess”, “always”);


var chatMovie =; if(!chatMovie){chatMovie = $(‘chat’);} parent.chatMovie=chatMovie; parent.parent.chatMovie=chatMovie; var Facebook=parent.parent.Facebook;

the following change should be made. In the line that starts with var so = new SWFObject, way down near the end of the parameters, the parameter game_url should have the http%3A%2F%2F removed, making the line:

var so = new SWFObject("/flash/chat_1205904082.swf?_height=525&_width=300&api=true&;high_scores=true&amp;initial_username=Belkorin&amp;kongregate_channel_id=1206581523.71253&amp;room_id=25&amp;room_name=Chatmasters&amp;session_id=5519c970f861a809fd2b4491d9d241f4&amp;show_beacon=true", 
"chat", "300", "525", "6", "#333333");

With this change, the chat panel loads without fail.

I hope this information is helpful!


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