Bring back "show all comments" link

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Taking away the “show all comments”, on the lists of comments on the games is a real loss. No doubt it was done to reduce server loads.

I used to be able to “show all”, then wait a long while, and then search within the results using firefox.

Now, there is no way to do that.

This is really un-user-friendly.

At least give us an option to show the comments 100 or 500 at a time! Please.


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I think it’s more user friendly. Not many people have to search through the comments.

Why don’t you just use the search feature? Granted, it’s really messed up, but there’s still the off chance that it’ll turn something up for you.

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Because the site wide search cannot be limited to the comments on a single game.

And it is NOT more user friendly. It has always just shown 10 comments at a time. But up until a month or 2 ago, there was link to click, if you wanted to see them all.

Using it was rare. But when you want to use it, there is no substitute.