Badges RSS feed broken?

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I’ve been trying to get the badges RSS to load (so I can add it to my Jaiku), but all I get is a blank screen when trying to load the URL

Sorry if this has already been discussed, I wasn’t able to find it in my searches.


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I don’t think there is an RSS feed, sorry =S.

Who told you there was one?

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If you visit: , Firefox users will see an icon in the address bar that indicates that there is a feed (RSS/ATOM/etc) associated with the page. Clicking it loads the URL I mentioned in the first post.

This is triggered by the following HTML on the badges page:
bq. <link href="/accounts/MrSpontaneous/badges.rss" title="Kongregate - MrSpontaneous' Badges" />

It wouldn’t make sense to add the html for a feed before the feed generating components are in place, so I’m assuming that it is broken.

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There is working RRS here.

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That is nice, but not quite what I’m looking for. I’m hoping to have, essentially, a notification system that lets people viewing my feed see my most recently acquired badge. While I don’t know if this is/was possible with the RSS feed I called into question, I think that it should either be fixed or removed, as it causes confusion in its current state.