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I just have a suggestion to help people chose which game they want to play. When I am looking for a game to play I look at the games that have badges, that I haven’t achieved yet. I know two ways to view that badges. Obviously the badges way at the top of the screen, which doesn’t sort the badges. I like the other way better, accessible through “my profile” because it groups all of the unachieved badges together. But because there are so many badges now and, because the achieved badges are on the top, when try i move the cursor over the badge to see what has to be done to achieve it, I can’t see the details because it is so high up on the screen.

I was wondering if there is a way to switch the achieved badges around with the unachieved badges, so it is not a royal pain in the ass to chose which game that I haven’t achieved the badge.

There already may be a way to do this that I don’t know about… If there is please let me know. And if this is in the wrong section, sorry I didn’t know where to put it.


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There IS a badge script, that shows you unachieved badges and puts them to easy, medium, hard, and impossible difficult. This script has been made by Dazzer, however, it doesn’t work anymore perfectly, because Kongregate updated the badges page to new look.