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I’m trying to submit a game that needs to retrieve some data from my server, but it’s not accessing. The website of kongregate is included in my “crossdomain.xml” file (allow-access-from domain=“www.kongregate.com”), so I suppose that there must be some kind of restriction that doesn’t allow external connections, but I have seen another games that seems to use URLRequest connections to submit/request information to their places, like highscores, etc… Is possible to find a solution or I must cut all the connections in order to submit the game?

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try allowing *.kongregate.com instead of just www.kongregate.com

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Finally, I’ve decided to put <allow-access-from /> since I have some games that uses a highscore in my server, but still doesn’t work. Maybe I have to wait for the propagation of the changes on the world DNS, really, no idea.

Sorry, I meant allow-access-from domain = *

Another thing that I forgot, it’s working on Newgrounds, but I would like also to post in Kongregate if possible:


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Urkel, please use edit button under your nickname instead of multiple posting. Thank you. I like your game through.