Games Not Saving Properly

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Lately, I’ve been having trouble with game saves on here. At first it was an isolated incident with Chronotron, but now it’s happening with Music Bounce.

The problem is that the games stop saving after a point. With Chronotron, I’d always have my progress reset to Level 13, despite how far I’d gotten. Eventually I wiped all my settings and started fresh, only to have the same problem. However, when I beat the game, it saved my data then.

Now with Music Bounce, no matter how far I get, it resets me back to Level 15.

I have the latest version of Flash and use IE7, and there is plenty of storage with Flash to save the data from Kongregate. I’m not sure what the problem is, as it’s only started up recently and it seems that the data STOPS being saved, rather than NEVER being saved.

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I have this problem with Music Bounce but not Chronotron.

It always resets to level 17…

I’m using the latest flash , firefox / IE7 (i’ve tested both and the problem remains the same )

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Make sure your cookies are allowed and Flash Player has access to save.