Kongregate Bugs?

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I’ve circuled the bugs I’ve been having.

1. The chat says it’s muted but when ever I click un-mute something happens

2. The light is constently yellow so I cant win badges

3. As said before I compleate objectives for badges but it never records.

4. To get the game and chat to even appear I have to press repair connection on my computer!

Any suggetions!

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Embed you pictures by putting ! at each end.

1. Maybe no one is talking/you have not signed in yet

2. Try going here and see if that is the problem for yellow light

3. Do the above/screenshot it and send it to Support@kongregate.com

4. Repair connection… are you using a router? There may be certain configurations that don’t allow the chat to be connected through it.

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Have you opened the chat ports in your firewall?

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Sorry for the questions but I’m not the smartest computer user (I’m more a writer)

How would I go around opening the chat ports in my firewall?

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Depends on what type of router you have. It varies for different brands.

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I think my router is Netgear (Wireless)

Any help?