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I was having issues with rotaZion crawling to a halt in Firefox, so I switched to my IE 7 browser, and I keep getting a JavaScript error on every Kongregate page I visit (forum, homepage, game, etc…):

Line: 3883

Error: ‘handler’ is null or not an object

Everything else seems to work fine, still have a green light in the chat and can play games. But would this have something to do with why I’m not getting a badge too, as that seems to be a problem today too? (Update: The Badge appeared, but only about an hour later when I revisited the site in Firefox.)



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Mostly everyone is having a problem with getting badges today. As far as I’m aware, Bubble Tanks massacred the servers by sending stats too often (which really brings up a security issue), so they’ll come eventually.

I think the line issue isn’t Kongregate’s problem. The total script size on the homepage is only around 250 kb, so unless there is a lot of whitespace in the scripts, there is no way there would be 3883 lines.