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I’ve been having a few problems with dungeon denfender and saved games. It doesnt recognise that you have beaten a level unless you replay that level. (my game was on medium and saved up until level 9 but i couldnt get the meduim badge without replaying the whole of level 4). Its not accepting my scores at all for the highscores and now I’ve just completed level 9 on medium and no badge :(.

My chat light is green, no firewall issues and never had any badge problems before.

EDIT: Tried again on a completely new game, beat the whole game on medium and couldnt get the hard badge still. :(

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I just beat level 4, and it didn’t register my badge at all. Chat was connected at the time….. I also have never had a badge problem before. And I have a 2nd game saved at level 7, I was replaying it assuming I needed to do it again to get the badge.

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Same thing hapepned to me when I played on medium. I went back and did it on hard, got the level 4 badge, currently on level 8 so we’ll see if it gives me that badge.