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Welcome to the Tech Support Forum! Have a problem with the site? In this thread you will find some of the site’s most frequently asked questions that users ask, and we hope this thread can help solve your problems too! If you can not find an answer to your problem in this thread, please feel free to create a thread in this forum, or use the “search bar” at the top right of the screen to see if it has been asked already. If your thread has been resolved or answered, please add [solved] to the title to avoid any confusion.

It is our goal to see to it that your experience on Kongregate is a pleasant one, and that any technical problems can be resolved swiftly and effectively.

Many of the files and programs listed in this FAQ can also be found here:

Table of Contents:

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Why can’t I play this game?

Is your game screen black, or unresponsive to clicks? Check out these basic steps to see if it can help solve your problem. These steps are usually what you should try first if you are having a problem with the site:

1. Is your adobe flash player up to date? Adobe Flashplayer is what most of our games run on, and having the latest version is important in insuring that games on our site run properly on your computer. If the game is Java or Unity, please trying updating your Java player or Unity web player.

Update: Is your flash player in protected mode? Please review this post to see a solution that may help.

2. Is your web browser up to date? Having an up to date web browser provides you with the most compatible version for our site. If your web browser is up to date, but still not working, does using a different web browser help? There are known errors with Internet Explorer having problems running our games, and we would recommend downloading Firefox or Google Chrome instead. These web browsers have shown to be faster than Internet Explorer, and more compatible with many web features.

3. Are your flash settings set to unlimited? To check, right click (ctrl + click for Macs) the game screen and select “Global Settings” or “Settings” if available. From this screen you should be able to select “Storage” and change your flash settings to unlimited. Games save data to your computer for later use, and having a limited storage may prevent the game from working properly on your computer. No worries though – they don’t take up a lot of space at all.

Update: Make sure and are set to unlimited.

4. Are you currently running any add-ons or extensions from your web browser, such as AdBlock, FlashBlock, or CCleaner? Certain add-ons may interfere with your gameplay, and we would recommend disabling these add-ons to see if that helps your game work again.

5. Do you have the correct date/time on your computer? We know this sounds trivial and unrelated, but in the past we have found that having the incorrect date on a computer will cause some security certificates to break – which could inhibit your gameplay or browser use.

Here is another helpful thread for Chrome users that may explain your problem.

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Where did my saved game go?

Save games and game progress on Kongregate are stored as Flash cookies (.sol files) on your computer. If you have lost your progress in a game, it may be because you are playing on a different machine, or because you have deleted your cookies and temporary internet files. You may also want to doublecheck that your browser is not set to automatically clear your cookies. This tends to happen after recently upgrading to a new browser.

If you’re having trouble with saves, this list might help:

1. Don’t clear your cookies or history. This is important. To check if your web browser is set to automatically clear cookies, try going to “Options” or “Tools” and view “Privacy” or “Security”. This varies from browser to browser, so we would recommend using Google to find the exact steps on how to find your browser’s cookie settings.

2. You may need to tell your computer to allow more space for the game to use on your hard drive. You can adjust your settings by right clicking (control+click on Macs) in the game window, going to “Settings”, then “Storage” (it should show a little file folder). I would recommend setting it to unlimited.

3. Make sure “private browsing” is OFF.

4. Make sure “clear browser history on exit” is OFF.

5. Make sure “block sites from setting any data” is OFF. (for Chrome users)

6. Don’t run a program that deletes stuff, like CCleaner or Better Privacy

If you are playing on a different machine, then you should be able to transfer your saved game from another computer. Here’s a nice tutorial on how to find a saved game:

Additional Help:

Update for Chrome Users:

Did you update to Chrome v.21 lately? If so, this new version has a known issue of not transferring sol. files to its new Flash folder. To transfer them manually, go to “computer”, click the main drive (Usually C) and type “” in the search bar. A few folders should appear. Click the one saying “[…]AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects[…], copy its content (To copy everything, press down the shift button, click the first item and last item without releasing, right-click and select “copy”) search for “” again, pick the folder saying “[…]AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\PepperData\Shockwave Flash[…]” and paste the content of the first folder to this one. (Courtesy of MadJedi)

Update: C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Profile 1\Pepper Data\Shockwave Flash\WritableRoot\#SharedObjects\[8 random letters and numbers]\\gamez\

Update: For Unity Savefiles

Update for Opera Users:

(as of February 2015) Opera browser update (v27.0; released January
27, 2015) changed the locations of save files to:

name]\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable\Pepper Data\Shockwave
Flash\WritableRoot\#SharedObjects\[Random numbers and letters]

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Why can’t I sign out?

Typically when someone is unable to sign out, it is a result of following a bad page or the page is trying to redirect to a page that no longer exists. If you try to sign out and you are re-directed to this page:, try clicking the link below and then sign out:

Why can’t I sign in?

There can be quite a few reasons why signing in does not work, so we’ll go over a few steps. Let’s begin with the basics: Are you entering your username and password correctly? I know it sounds simple, but we all make that mistake sometimes. If that wasn’t it, what happens if you try signing in from this link?

If that doesn’t work, you may want to try clearing your recent cookies/cache. One hour back should be fine, just to kick things into place. Here is a guide on how to clear your cookies for your particular web browser:

Restart your browser after doing this, and follow the Kongregate link above and see if that helps.

If you continue to experience problems, you may want to try requesting a password recovery token. To do so, simply select “Forgot Password?” when signing in, and enter your username (we would not recommend e-mail if you use multiple accounts per e-mail), and you will be sent a password recovery token to your e-mail address. You should be able to change your password and sign into your account through that way.

If none of this works, there is the possibility that your account was stolen. Please review this post on how to handle a stolen account situation.

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How do I retrieve a stolen account?

We would like to add that no one can “hack” into your account (or us administrators would be out of business! :P) The only way for someone to gain access to your account is through the following steps:

  • You gave your password to someone.
  • Your password was easy to guess.
  • You share a computer with someone who stole it.
  • You downloaded a keylogger.

As long as you keep your information safe and secure, your account will be safe and secure. In the event that your account has been compromised, we can not guarantee we will be able to retrieve your account. In the past we were able to do so, but as the site grows, we must rely on our users to be responsible for their own accounts as it takes up a lot of our time when users repeatedly have their accounts stolen. Never give your password to anyone, for whatever reason.

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Why can’t I connect to chat?

Does your chat currently show a red plug in the top right corner? If so, you may not be connected to our scoring server. There can be a variety of reasons that may cause this, but here are a few of the most common reasons and steps on how to fix it:

1. First, try a refreshing or restarting your web browser. We know it sounds simple, but it works more often than not! If simply refreshing your web browser does not work, try restarting your computer.

2. Check that you don’t have a firewall, proxy, ad-blocker, or browser add-on interfering with chat loading or connecting. Make sure that ports 5222 and 5229 are allowing traffic on your network. We would also recommend that you try reinstalling your flash player. You can uninstall it here and then reinstall it here If you’re running Norton Antivirus Security, check your settings to see if it’s blocking our connection.

3. Does using a different web browser provide a different result? If so, this may be an issue with your web browser. Reinstalling your web browser may help set things back into place, but if it not, we would recommend finding a compatible web browser for our site. If you are running any add-ons/extensions, try disabling them to see if that changes anything. Then you can turn them back on one at a time until the chat stops working to find out which add-on is causing problems.

4. For Firefox users, is your adobe flash player in protected mode? Review this post for more information.

5. Do you have the correct time and date on your computer? It sounds weird, but security certificates require your computer’s date to be correct or they may expire. Check that you have the correct date, and refresh the page.

6. Make sure you’re using the correct URL. If the URL you are playing from does not start with "" your chat light will remain red and you will not be able to collect any cards or badges.

Here is a bit more information that may be useful.

If these steps do not work, you can e-mail for further assistance.

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How do I delete my account?

The administration are unable to physically remove an account from our site once it is has been created, as this causes a lot of unwanted bugs and problems. They can, however, permanently ban your account from the website upon request. If you wish to have your account permanently banned, please contact using the e-mail address you used to register your account. The administration will e-mail you back for confirmation, so please use a valid e-mail address.

They will remove stored information upon request as well, such as e-mail address, developer payment information, and stored payment information.

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How do I change my username?

Unfortunately, Kongregate can no longer offer username changes. In the past the administration was able to do so, but now that the site has grown they don’t have enough staff to adequately provide the service for how many people who would want to use it. Additionally, changing names is confusing to users, mods, and admins, and can cause some problems with the database setup.

However, they do offer capitalization changes if you are wanting certain letters in your name (un)capitalized. Alternatively, you are free to make an alternate account with the desired username (so long as it isn’t taken.) The only downside to this is that you are starting off at level 1, but it should be fairly easy to earn certain badges if you are using the same computer.

The administration does have an exception to username changes: If your account was banned for inappropriate username, you can e-mail to change it. Please include your desired username, and make sure it is not taken already.

How do I change my birthdate?

At this time, once a birthdate is set it is permanent. So please, when you register an account, do not falsify your information. This is a main reason why the birthdate feature is permanent – Kongregate wants you to be yourself, and not fake to be someone else. :)

If you entered the wrong age, you can choose to hide your age by going to “Edit Profile” and unchecking “Display age on profile”.

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Why are my arrows keys sticking?

Are you playing a game, and suddenly you keep running in a direction without pressing the key? This is known as “Sticky Keys”, and it is generally seen in Internet Explorer, though it has been known to happen in other web browsers. Here is a helpful guide that may fix your problem:

We would recommend experimenting with different web browsers to see if the problem persists, or if updating your web browser helps any.

Here is a helpful guide for Google Chrome users who experience keyboard problems:

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Why can’t I buy Kreds?

There may be different factors as to why you can not buy Kreds, but here are the basics:

1. An account will automatically be blocked from purchasing Kreds after three failed attempts of purchasing. You can e-mail to get unblocked, and please be sure to include your username and your full name as it appears on the credit/debit card.

2. Your account may have been blocked due to suspicious activity. Typically when an account is blocked for suspicious activity, one of the administrators will either give you a phone call or an e-mail provided in your verification information. It is important that you reply to any inquiries regarding Kreds purchases, as failure to do so may result in a permanent banning of your account through Kreds fraud.

3. If you are attempting to make a mobile purchase through Boku, but your country it not on the list, you are unable to buy Kreds through Boku. Kongregate apologizes for any inconvenience this may be to our foreign players, but high taxes and negative profit were a deciding factor.

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Why did I not receive Kreds?

Did you purchase Kreds, but not receive them? There are a few reasons that may have caused this, and luckily they are easy to fix:

1. If you are making a purchase using your credit/debit card (or Visa/Amex giftcards), entering incorrect information may result in your funds being put on hold without earning Kreds. This would appear that your account was charged the amount of money, but it will be refunded within 2-3 business days. Things to doublecheck before making a credit/debit card purchase:

  • Address is correct
  • Postal code is correct
  • CVV code is correct (security code)

These are the three main factors we have found that may cause a transaction to fail. You can contact to make sure, and please include your username, name, and the last four digits of the card number used.

2. If you are using Paypal, and you did not receive Kreds, this may be a result of paying through “eCheck” and not direct withdrawal. An eCheck may take up to 3-5 business days to process, which we would not recommend doing. We would suggest that you link your Paypal directly to your bank account (instructions are detailed on the Paypal website.) If you are concerned this is the case, you can contact using the e-mail address listed above (please include a copy of your receipt.)

3. If you are missing Kreds through TrialPay or our free Kreds offers, you will need to contact TrialPay. For support with any free kred offers on Kongregate, or to check the status of a pending offer, visit the Get Kreds page, click “Fund your account”, choose “Earn Free Kreds” and click “Support” to view your pending offer status. From here you will also be able to contact the customer service team at TrialPay about your missing Kreds. Alternatively, you can contact them from this link:

4. If you did not receive Kreds from BigFishGames, did you buy one of the nine games on this page: ? If so, you should get an e-mail in the next 3-5 business days after purchase with a redemption code which you can use here:

The e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you used to register your BigFishGames account (so be sure to check your spam folder.) Note: This is for the offer with BigFishGames going on during the month of May, indefinitely. It is subject to change, so this information may become outdated. This is not a permanent offer.

5. If you did not receive Kreds from Google-a-Day, it’s because Google-a-day is not offering Kreds – it is offering Kongregate points. :) (Note: This offer is not permanent.)

6. If you are using UGC (Ultimate Gaming Card), and you have not received your Kreds, please wait a while and see if they show up soon. UGC may take some time to process. If you have still not received your Kreds after a reasonable amount of time, please contact with your username and the UGC PIN code.

Note: If you completed a UGC transaction, but only received a partial amount of Kreds (for example, 209 instead of 225), this may be a result of a tax UGC takes on foreign currencies. At the time of purchasing the card, a %5 transaction fee is deducted from the value of the card so you end up with less than $20.00 USD on the card. This is not a choice we make nor do we profit from this, but a policy Playspan has made.

7. If you are missing a Boku transaction, please wait a while for the transaction to show up. Being all mobile, there may be a slight time delay for everything to process. If you have not received your purchase within a reasonable amount of time, you will need to contact Boku support ( and select “Submit a Request”.) They will be able to locate the transaction and contact us to fund the account. If you’ve only received a partial amount of Kreds, please follow the same steps above.

For support with any other Kreds inquiries, please e-mail

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Why did I not receive an in-game purchase?

Were Kreds deducted from your account, but you did not receive your purchase? This may be a result of many factors, including a bad internet connection, or a bug within a game. If you do not receive an in-game purchase, your first step would be to get in contact with the game’s developer. Kreds game tend to have support staff whose job it is to work with Kreds, so they should be able to help you acquire missing purchase.

To do so effectively, please follow the steps below:

  • On the game’s page, select “Report a Bug” near the rating stars, under the game. Alternatively, if the game has already set up a support e-mail or reporting function within the game, you may want to use that instead.
  • Include your Username, Date and time of the purchase, Amount of the purchase (Kreds, and item(s)), and a screenshot of your deducted Kreds (proof of purchase.) Here is a guide on how to take and save a screenshot: We would recommend uploading the screenshot to and sending the developer the link in your report.
  • Allow adequate time for a response back. This may be anywhere from a few hours to several days.

If you do not receive a reply back from the developer, or you do not receive the response you wish, you may contact with your claim. Please include the original message you sent to the developer, and if applicable, the response you received from the developer. The administration is more than willing to provide any information to the developer necessary, and will work with you to see to it that your experience is a pleasant one.

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Why didn’t I earn a badge?

An achievement may fail to award either due to connection issues (see connection FAQ question), or an in-game API problem.

You can go to and select “report missing card or badge.” Fill out the information and attach a screenshot and we’ll be more than happy to manually give you the achievement. Good screenshots include:

  • Proof of achievement accomplished.
  • Username visible in screenshot.
  • Actual size screenshots (please don’t shrink it down to tiny.)

If you are missing multiple badges within the same, a badge report for each badge will need to be filed.

Please only select badges you are missing. If you are filing a complaint about something else, please don’t select a hard badge to file a report about a medium badge, etc. Please do not select old/expired challenges to file a complaint about the game or a badge. :) Those will get denied. You can e-mail for inquiries about a game. If you are missing an achievement, and you go to report it but it is not on the list, that means you have already earned it and there may be some lag between the game and the badge showing up.

For Badge of the Day – only reports filed on the day of the Badge of the Day can be awarded the PUR points and double points.

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Why is my game screen cut off?

If you are playing a game and it looks like the game is being cut off by the edge, your screen or game screen may be zoomed in. Try selecting “Ctrl +” or “Ctrl -” to see if that adjust things correctly (you can also hold ctrl and scroll your mouse wheel if you have one.) You can also select “Ctrl 0” top reset back to default. (Mac users need to press the “Command” button instead of Ctrl)

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Why was my highscore removed?

We have an automatic system where Kongbot goes through and clears out any outlying or suspicious scores. If you find that your score has been removed, you can e-mail to retrieve your score and have it unhidden.

Please include your username, the name of the game, and the name of the highscore that is hidden.

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Why can’t I link my PowerUp Rewards card?

Are you having trouble linking up your PowerUp Reward account? First, let’s go through the basic steps:

1. Select link: (Replace “Username” with your username)
2. Select “Link My Account”. (Note: If this button is not working, you may want to try from a different web browser and make sure your screen is not zoomed in, or that you do not have any pop-up blockers.)
3. Enter your PowerUp Reward account number. This is the 13-digit number located on the back of your PowerUp Reward card you received at your local GameStop retailer.
4. Select to finish.

If you receive an error, this may be a result of an invalid/inactive account number. You can e-mail inquiries to and they can further assist you. please include your username, and your PUR account number.

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Why am I not earning PUR points?

PowerUp Reward points can only be earned daily by completing the “Badge of the Day”, located at the top of the achievements page here:

You do not earn PUR points from all badges on this site that you earn. You can also earn points from downloading the Kongregate Arcade app and signing into it, purchasing Kreds, and just by linking up your account. We also have promotions from time to time for bonus points.

If you are not earning points from Badge of the Day, please e-mail and be sure to include your username and PUR account number. This may be a more serious problem, and we can manually award you the points.

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Why can’t I run the mobile app?

Having trouble downloading the Kongregate Arcade android app? First you may want to check that your phone has the correct specifications:

  • Android 2.2 with Froyo or higher
  • Adobe Flashplayer 10.1 or higher
  • ARMv7 CPU Processor or higher
  • A screen size not considered a “small screen” phone

Here is a list of phones that can support Adobe Flashplayer 10.1 or higher:

Note: Unfortunately, Android 4.0 and higher has dropped support for Adobe Flash and is incompatible with our app unless you find some backend way to get Adobe Flash. While this is not recommended, your moral choices are up to you.

Any further problems or errors can be reported to:

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How do I change my profile skin?

If you are a Kong+ member, you now have access to our special profile skins for your Kongregate account.

To change your profile skin, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Open up your profile
Step 2: Select the dropdown menu options
Step 3: Select “Choose Skin”
Step 4: Choose the skin you want, then select “hide this widget”.

New skins are added every so often, so check back for more updates later on.