All games freeze after I got a glitch in one game

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So yeah, I did something stupid. I played “Flight” by ArmorGames and all the comments said “Don’t throw your plane backwards or your browser freezes!” Of course, I had to try that then. Guess what, my browser (Firefox 14.0.1) froze.

Since then, my Flash Player freezes all the time. Not immediately – around 95% of the games can still be loaded and I can start them, but after opening sequences or first levels, they freeze. The sound keeps running and I can push some buttons like the mute buttons if they are there, but otherwise, the games stay unresponsive.

I cleared my cache, my flash-cache and I uninstalled Flash completely and reinstalled it then. Nothing made even the slightest difference (and now all my saved games are gone, too, bawww).

Yeah. So this will be my lesson for next time…but I would love to be able to play games again at all, so does anyone have any idea what I can do?

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Well Flash Player and Firefox doesn’t like eachother at the moment, maybe that is why you are having problems? My games run like crap sometimes, since I updated to the latest Flash Player…

Sorry to hear that you lost your save games, but never clear your cache, nor let your browser(s) do so! You can always try refreshing the game page and override the cache by pressing CTRL+F5, if you run into problems.

You could try to see, if uninstalling/reinstalling Firefox – and maybe Flash Player again – fixes your problem.

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Thank you for the help! :) Sadly, the problem also occurs in Internet Explorer now (it didn’t before my mess-up, either), but I nevertheless tried the whole process – uninstalling Flash Player, then uninstalling Firefox, then reinstalling Firefox and lastly reinstalling the Flash Player again. It didn’t help. I also tried uninstalling the Flash Player and trying to install an earlier version, but that didn’t solve the problem, either. Frustrating!

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1, Download the flash uninstaller from

2, Close all your programs which uses internet, and make sure they are closed in the task manager (assuming you use windows). That includes Im clients such as Wlm, Skype,Messenger,Yahoo, ect. E-mail clients such as Thunderbird, Incredimail, Outlook, ect. Browsers such as Firefox,Obera,Chrome, ect.

3, Run it as administrator

4, reboot

5, Download flash player directly from the following links : (This is for IE) (this is for the rest of the browsers)

6, repeat step 2

7, Run the installed flash installers as administrator select Notify me of new updates. (In some cases automatically install updates causes browsers to crash)

8, Reboot

9, everything should be working now.