Heroes of Gaia timeout error

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I try to play heroes of gaia.

I see the server page where i can choose between the servers, but

it does not load the choosen server.

I get a timeout error

Fehler 118 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT): Zeitüberschreitung beim Ladevorgang.

It seems i’m not the only one.

Other player using the http://play.heroesofgaia.com/ as login can play the game.

Only Kongregate players can not login since yesterday.

Thanks for help

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I have not experienced this but the problem is that your account is a kongregate account that does not exist on the actuwaul website just on kongregate servers but if you be paitaint just wait about 48 hours if it continues to give you this error pleas send a support ticket.

P.S. Kongregate mod-raters
can not help with other sites that have the same games….

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Game still does not work

It seems to be an IP problem

there was a player-found-turn-around : change ip in the kongregate-game link to access game server.

But this stopped to work today

Now no way to play the game

All kongregate players can not access heroes of gaia!

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Someone solved

Thanks unknown support guy

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Originally posted by Johnny_death:

Someone solved

Thanks unknown support guy

We’ll pass on the thanks to them!