What game do you want?

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I dont no what you would call it but you pick a character and you start and adventure. You vote for what the person’s actions will be.

1.Must vote for and action 5 times before it.
2.You only get one vote per action
3.Do not responde unless you:a.) going to vote. b.) are giving a suggestion of how to make the game better.

I will get a staff working for when im gone for a while and they help.(Only if the game is a success.)

What kind of game will it be.




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So are we voting for the genre of the game? I would want it Medieval Zombie survival, plus humor.

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I say futuristic war sci-fi, humorous.

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YOu are correct

Medieval Zombie-Comedy:1 vote
Furturistic War-Comedy:1 vote

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Zombie, maybe you could like open up a poll so that we only have, say five genres to vote for. If everyone is going about on what the game should be about, we’ll only have like one or two votes per genre.

For example:

1. Medieval Zombie – Comedy (votes)
2. Futuristic War – Comedy (votes)
3. Medieval Zombie – Comedy (votes)
4. Medieval Zombie – Comedy (votes)
5. Medieval Zombie – Comedy (vote is over 9000)

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okay then: the first 5 genres picked will be voted


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attention all these are the genres

1.Medieval Zombie- Comedy:1
2.Medieval Zombie- Serious:
3.Futuristic War-Comedy:1
4.Futuristic War- Serious:

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No, I think that he meant for you to make a poll, like here

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Originally posted by gandalf5166:

No, I think that he meant for you to make a poll…

Nah, actually, what Zombie did was what I meant. Look at my previous post, I showed an example too.

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Okay can we vote now

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Not until we gets more people to look at this game. The title needs to be more attractive, how about Medieval Zombie Survival with Comedy? :P

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I would join this, but considering the host’s low level and 5 posts and 2 day old account…..

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We need a genre first


Shut up

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I vote for Medieval Zombie – comedy

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CowFriend, we need a genre first.

Okay, its 2 against 1, we win! Maybe not…

Drovoxx, shut up.

I lol’d

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Medieval zombie – Comedy gets my my vote. If it is this then I join up.

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Originally posted by walfordking:

Medieval zombie – Comedy gets my my vote. If it is this then I join up.

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Originally posted by pludrpladr:
Originally posted by walfordking:

Medieval zombie – Comedy gets my my vote.

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The Genre is Medieval Zombie-Comedy

We need a char. now.

Boy or Girl



the first 3 classes chosen will be the main targets

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I say female elven monk.

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Male Elven Mage.

Everyone knows Males are the strongest, Elves just pwn everyone, and mages won’t let anything touch them.

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okay right now my computer is screwing with me so i cant put pics. but here are what they will look like

Female Monk-Elf


Male Mage-Elf


and my own.

Male Paladin-Human


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Here is our zombie


Here is a joke i thought of


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That is quite clearly a human monk.

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Okay… so right now, we have Fantasy + Medieval + Comedy + Zombies! Whooo!


Okay, I wanna be the Guy!

Race? TROLL FTW!! Whoohooo…!

I wanna be the healer!!

So I’m a Male Troll Healer, to anyone who didn’t get that.

Troll stat:

-9001 Intelligence
200 Strength
9999 Trollness