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It is currently August 13th 2010. Sometime ago, about a month or more a highly contagious virus began spreading over the face of the planet, it spread so quickly and with such a ferocity that not many truly know where it originated. People began flocking to FEMA and other government camps. Some were raised by pharmaceutical companies as a way to help the government and had Private Military Companies employed for guards which caused skepticism but still it was a safe haven. Following rising fatalities martial law was enacted and the United States of America was now locked down.

Acknowledging the fact that you truly had no way to survive this long term or were hoarded up by the military that essentially gave you the option of life in the camp or a very short life in the real world as they gathered all people and their respective supplies whether food, medical, clothing, or firearms to support the camps “for the protection of the people from the outside and from each other.”

This proved to be best in the immediate as after a length of time the virus mutated, it might have been due to the hasty attempts to find a cure that all proved useless or maybe something simple and overlooked but it didn’t kill the people it infected anymore. They would appear to die after close to an hour after the initial infection and later, perhaps ten to twenty minutes later they would get back up, they still seemed to breath and function normally on the level of bodily functions. . . And that’s where the similarities ended. The infected were now extremely hostile and aggressive, showing little regard for their own safety if they had the ability to cause harm to others. Their eyes seemed different and any real resemblance to what they used to be was now gone.

Some coined the term Zombies and religious zealots formed massive congregations devoted to purification believing that these corpses were all that was left of those faithful that had been summoned to God, and that the sinners and fence sitters had to endure these demons to determine their eternal existence. One day the camp you belonged to was struck by a massive horde of these humanoid creatures.

They were quickly over ran and you saw this as your last opportunity to decide what happened to you. You raided what you could but you were still running as fast as you could away. Away from the camp and from the infected into a world that in one month changed more than in the history of civilization.

Welcome to the new world, welcome to a food chain where you are not at the top. Rules No god moding (basically most everything you see in a testosterone laden action movie, it’s awesome to watch but when there’s multiple people doing it there isn’t much to do)

You’re all good with grammar and what not so I shouldn’t have to bash too much there. PM me all of your applications Don’t be a jerk! Remember you only had a couple minutes to grab your gear if that and it was all organized with the gear of everyone else that had been raided so it is very realistic that you would never have seen your gear.

Application skeleton: Name (preferably not your real full name) Age, Gender, Prior occupation, Weapons Equipment, Brief biography (optional) GENERAL TIPS FOR THOSE THAT ARE NEW TO THIS IDEA -

Speak in the third person and in past tense, it makes it easier to read for the others. “I run to the front of the building and shoot the infected then save the people” Or “Jake ran to the front of the building, shot the single infected, then saved the people”

Out of Character remarks (basically anything not in the world of the RP) are to be placed in quotation marks () for differentiation. For future reference I made an RP group on the forum and will make the threads only viewable by those involved so that the ones that don’t want it don’t see it and it is SEMI hidden from the public to keep up professionalism If you can see this and you didn’t join, please PM me and I’ll fix it (I’m rather unfamiliar with group only posts)

My App

Name: Nycki Age:16

Gender: Troll Male -

Occupation:High School Student Weapons: USP, Katana, Springfield Rifle

Equipment: enough ammo to last a couple months for both guns, Two bags of beef jerky, 24 Fluid ounce water bottle (halfway), car with half a tank of gas, Bike

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Would you mind cleaning it up a bit? It’s VERY cluttered.
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Originally posted by Drovoxx:

Would you mind cleaning it up a bit? It’s VERY cluttered.
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What do you mean cluttered?

Oh and will you delete your post when the game starts?

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