Scavenge 1.5 (Labyrinth) (Sign-ups) (Game start in now hr)) (locked)

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Oh hi.
I was thinking of a new game to put on this awesome for but couldn’t think of any, until I saw that there was a lack of a labyrinth game. So here’s one!
The half-sequel to the first sucksess, the storyline starts when ten people in a group explore a hidden cavern in the Andes Mountains somewhere. The team originally decide to stick together, but found It better to split up for greater gain of money. However, when the sparkles and thought of being rich came into mine, they knew what they had to do…
Welcome to Scavenge 1.5! This is basically the same game as before, except much more revised. The goal of the game is simple. To win, you either have to:
Be the last one standing, or
Exit with the most cash.

Sign-up Sheet



There are 3 rules:
1. Don’t type anything that would make you look either retarded or idiotic if you died once you finished it.
2. Be active. On the computer on this thread I mean.
3. Obey rules 1,2, and 3.


1 Leader (Has 150 HP instead of 100) (0 left)
2 Assistants (Start with a screwdriver, hammer, and nails) (0 left)
2 Looters (Loot is worth 10% more) (0 left)
1 Defender (Starts with a bronze shield and +1 Def) (1 left)
1 Carrier (Load increases 25%) (0 left)
1 Guard (Does 25% better with melee weapons) (1 left)
1 Technical Person (Does 25% better with ranged weapons) (0 left)
1 Bomber (Does 25% better with explosive weapons) (1 left)


Along the Game, you may encounter events and other cool stuff. Such events include:
Battling generic monsters
Acquiring awesome cash dollars
Being killed, injured, malfected, or harmed
Stabbing people in the throat and stealing from them
And a some lot more. However, you must learn more about the items and events before you kill yourself.


A weapon is defined as a tool used to injure or harm a living being. Weapons are really cool in this game, and you can equip a total of three weapons:
1 melee weapon (Such as a knife, sword, malice or fist)
1 ranged weapon (Such as a gun, bow and arrow, javelin or rock)
1 explosive (Such as a grenade, time bomb, dynamite or bottle rocket)
You can carry more, but after these three, the items use up some of your load (explained later). Some items, as well as inflict damage, can inflict a status on your opponent (Also explained later). Weapons inflict a certain amount of damage, determined by your Strength, the opponent’s defense, and the weapon’s damage, along with any attacking bonuses. To attack, say “I attack <opponent> with <weapon>


Tools are any device, item, or “thing” that provides a physical benefit for a user(s). Tools include Crowbars, nails, hammers, a piece of paper, a pencil, and just about any food item (except cake). Tools are scattered across the caverns, and they can provide access to newer items and loots. If you want to use an item, say “Use <item>”. Some tools can double as weapons, however they become unusable after one attack them. Only attack with tools as a last resort.


Besides being the main reason for being in the caves, loot is vital for your shot at victory. Loot will not take up load (except item loot, which does). Any loot will be given an immediate value. Any item loot has an approximate value that will be determined by an RNG (Random Number Generator).


Stats are your physical and mental values. Your stats can determine whether you win or lose a battle, what you can hold, or even if you win the game or not. Your stats will want to be as high as possible, because, you know, it helps a lot if they are.


The amount of damage you can take before you die. Basically, you start with 100.


Your strength adds extra damage to a weapon’s base damage. Your strength can also be used to do physical tasks.


Your defense deducts damage done by an opponent. Your Defense*10 determines your evasion chance against melee and ranged weapons (Explosives are not affected by evasion chances)


Load is the amount of items you can hold. Every item, with the exception of the three weapons and loot, has a number of load, ranging from 0-75. Usually, items with higher load tend to be better. You start with a base load of 100, and it increases as you get items.


Conditions or “statuses”, are effects that either have a beneficial or dangerous effect on you. All Conditions are temporary, unless you are holding an item that provides a condition. Conditions can be acquired by certain events, weapons, or foods and consumables. There is a huge list of them down below.



Usually brought up by items, Stat-Ups allow users to raise their stats depending on the item. Stat-Ups can be temporary or permanent, depending on whether it is a consumable or a holding item.


Always a temporary stat, it lets you always attack first in a battle (If both enemy and player have Adrenaline, then the attacker has the first strike)


A cleanse is an item that eliminates negative effects. This is a temporary item, however there are a few items that give immunity from one type of effect.


When your health is at 5% or lower, you enter a rage state, where your strength is quintupled and melee weapons do triple damage. However, you cannot receive any health benefits for the amount of time after rage (3 turns).



Usually caused with something coming in contact with the eyes, a blind moves in random directions and defenses are chopped in half (This lasts a short time, ranging from 1-2 turns)


A break prevents the user from using any ranged weapons. Lasts 1 turn.


Usually caused by a hot substance coming into contact with the skin, a burn triggers damage equal to 3% of the user’s max health. A burn is nullified once a battle is over, you die, use an item, or 20% of your health remains.


A confuse is a status is basically a blind, except you pick up 75% less loot. Confuses always last 2 turns.


A curse doubles the chance of a dangerous event. Basically put.

Deep Freeze

A much more potent Freeze. While it does all the abilities as a freeze, the person is immobilized. This downgrades to a freeze after 1-3 turns.


A freeze cuts strength and defenses by 25%. A freeze takes a long time to get over, ranging from 4-8 turns.


Fright increases the damage taken by an event by 100%. A fright wears off once a battle ensues or a negative event happens.


A poison inflicts 5 damage every turn. You can recover from this after an item is used or 5 turns has gone by.


A stun prevents a user from using any melee weapons. User also has a 50% chance of not being able to attack. Wears off in 2 turns.


Nullifies any health recoveries. Lasts around 4 turns. A terror can only be caused by an event.

That’s basically it. Happy playing!

1. Vladmir [Technician]
2. Curzov [Assistant]
3. Toby [Leader]

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[Name] Vladimir
[Job] Technical Person

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Are you joining?
EDIT: Forty Second post! :D

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Me? No, I’m managing the whole thing. It’d be too tempting for me to add a million dollars if i were playing xD

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Ah, I understand.

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[Job] assistant

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All are in :)
7 spots remain (Will expand if necessary)

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Where’s the FXMan when we need him…

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[EDIT] So is this a team thing or can we all go our seperate ways?

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Current list:
1. Vladmir [Technician]
2. Curzov [Assistant]
3. Toby [Leader]
4. Kash [Assistant]
5. Samuel [Carrier]
6. Kranix [Looter]
7. Jake [Looter]

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All the good jobs are gone…

I should have signed up earlier.


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I apologize profusely, high school started today, so I was inactive. I’m back now though. :)
Many thanks to WoofieTheSecond of keeping track of the players while i was gone :)

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Oh, and to answer your question SilentSam, you can form teams, however you cannot travel in groups. Individual loot will be counted for top score if you’re in a team. Team maximum is 3 players.

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You are welcome :D
EDIT: If team A’s Person A wins, does the rest of Team A win? Or just Person A?

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Originally posted by SoundFXMan:

Oh, and to answer your question SilentSam, you can form teams, however you cannot travel in groups. Individual loot will be counted for top score if you’re in a team. Team maximum is 3 players.

cool. also, maybe update the OP so that people signing up know what they can and cannot sign up as.

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@Silent Sam: Did so :)
@ WoofieTehSecond: Well, if just that team remains, then the team is broken up and the three can either compete or kill each other. Oh, And teams are broken when there’s less than 4 players (for fairness reasons)

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I think too many of the roles are 1 only, while the looters is a whooping 4.

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Originally posted by Kranix:

I think too many of the roles are 1 only, while the looters is a whooping 4.

Sort of like rewarding the first people that come here. However, I will increase the benefits of the looters so it makes fair game :)

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The techical person should be nerfed… that skill is insane

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Balence with a person who is good in Melee?

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Fine. I’ll Remove the other two looters for a Guard (25% bonus in melee) and a Bomber (25% bonus in explosives). I’ll also lower the bonus of the technician to 25%. Thanks for posting :)
Anyways, I’ll start the game in around 3 hours. People can Now Change Roles if wanted

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