Class4 Zombie uprising[sign-ups] (locked)

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The world in panic.It was bad enough that a zombie outbreak broke out…but this type?Class 4 outbreaks.AKA the worst kind,meaning the world was ruled by those creatures.Now,the only thing to do is hide.But how?By colonizing a corner where there is no civilazation…No humans…and worst of all,Knowing BILLIONS of zombies are trying to track you down.Once they find you,its only a matter of time before you are overrun…and die.

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The game:
You get a variety of places to start,so pick one now!Heres a few areas,but you can add your own.

California: You’ll find yourself in the redwood forest here.They offer good protection,but is quite close to civilization.
Siberia: here you will find yourself in a cold woodland area.But remember,right below is india and china,so expect a lot of zombies near your area
Colorado: the mountain ranges.A nice place to start

Oh,and watch out for bandits!they will attack often and will consist of 2-10 people.So watch out
this is an RP,so i will include something below


Sniper:Starts off so that all bolt-action weapons do 50% more damage[ 1 ]
Hunter:Starts off so that all semi-auto weapons do 50% more damage[ 1 ]
Sheriff:Starts off so that pistols and shotguns do 50% more damage[ 1 ]
Soldier:Starts off so that all assault/machine guns do 50% more damage[ 1 ]
Fencer:starts off so that swords do more damage[ 1 ]
Carpenter:Starts off with materials to build base,and all blunt weapons do 50% more damage[ 2 ]
Smith:Can craft weapons and works with carpenter to build base[ 1 ]
Leader:Does 10% more damage with every weapon,And what he votes for in the choices parts acts as 2 votes[ 1 ]
Commando:Can carry one more weapon,does 5% more damage with every weapon[ 1 ]

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Weapons:[keep it real…and no infinite ammo get 3,and for guns you get 5 clips worth,but with submachine gun and assault it is 4,and for machine guns 3 clips]
Job:[see above…i’ll update it soon so it includes the classes]
Attributes:[you get 2,see below]
Perks:[2,see below]

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1.Shaun Westerby[Leader]
2.Kash Komini[Smith]
5.Andrew[saving this spot for change,and i’m just putting you down as andrew :P]

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k,done probably
[edit:apparently not,i’ll use this for attributes and perks]


Strength:Does 3 more damage with all melee weapons and unarmed
Intelligence:Gives you 2 more perks at beginning
Agility:does 2 more damage with all guns
Zombie believer:You were ready,meaning you have 500 materials and can do 1 more damage with every weapon
Wisdom:You gain exp faster


Charisma:You get attacked by bandits less often
Healthy:You start with 25 more hp
Deadly:You do 5% more damage with everything
Headshot!:you do critical strikes more often
Death from above:You can set traps like anvils above the zombies
Body armor:You take 25% less damage

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Name: Shaun Westerby
Age: 31
Weapons: browning machine gun, .44 magnum, M110
Job: leader
Attributes: Agility Wisdom
Perks: Headshot! Body armour

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i’ll make my character now…in the future i will make some more of these but i want people to know what they are i’ll be the smith so people will be the smith right…

Weapons:A semi-auto M1 garand[’ell yeah!The ultimate zombie killer if you count ammo :D],2 knives[you may have 2 small weapons counting as 1 weapon,but only knives.],and a Katana.
Attributes: Intelligence,Zombie believer
Perks: Healthy,Death from above,body armor,Charisma

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one question: can u start with items such as some rope or nails? anyways heres my profile
Name:mukmuk (lol!)
Weapons:flame thrower( 4 propane canisters, each good for 5 minutes continuous use),crossbow(50 bolts) , M-14 combat rifle
Attributes:Agility, zombie believer
Perks:Charisma, Headshot!

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long barrel shotgun, Magum and a pistol.


Intelligence, zombie believer.

Healthy, Charisma, deadly and headshot.

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ah yes,rope and nails.I intend to have 10 items,and each one will go to a different player.As for nails,only carpenters get them and carpenters get 100 nails each,which is 50 boards[since it takes 2 nails to nail up a board]
Oh,and there is no “Long barrel shotgun” or anything,it has to be non-modified.And flame throwers are VERY hard to get…even though i’ll allow you to have one i’ll only allow it to be 5 minutes before you need to reload because it is too powerful.There is character leveling in here…but the smith is the most effected one.What he can craft depends on it.

Bullets:Any takes 10 metal per clip.Level 1
Shotgun shells:only 12-gauge,but next level allows it to be upgraded.It takes 3 metal per shell.Level 2
Explosive rounds:For missiles,it takes 10 metal,5 gunpowder and Level 5.For grenades it takes 5 metal,1 gunpowder and level 3.
Crossbow bolts: 3 wood[50 damage,instant kill Crit]or 3 metal[instant kill].Level 3
Propane canister:100 chemical.Yeah,its harder than most.Level 7

Bear trap:10 metal,mechanism level 1[for making anything mechanical,needed for further crafting]
Anvil: 25 metal,mechanism level 2.this is a instant kill,but it will only kill one.Can’t be set again without strength.
Grenade: 5 grenades,mechanism level 3.This is instant kill to the 3 closest things and does 50 damage to all opponents

thats the basics of crafting.Also,don’t forget to add locations.i have a special location if you choose the right choices…

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can i edit the caracter?

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you can edit your character if you want.But i’m still the smith.oh and eh…i better start updating the sign-ups list :P

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well heres the carpenter to go with the smith :P

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Age: 24
Weapons: hammer
Job: carpenter
Attributes: wisdom, strength
Perks: d.f.a.(death from above), headshot!

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A long barrel shot gun is the longest to load up, I’m not American, but I’ve seen some movies and they take a long time to load up.

Ok then, a sniper gun.

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Originally posted by liosfan:

Name:a.n.d.r.e.w. (anoice nerail drealian rozetta everhart wilsoa)
Age: 24
Weapons: hammer, bear trap, and 3 pieces of scrap metal.
Attributes: wisdom
Perks: d.f.a.(death from above), headshot!

sorry dude.i picked smith already,and the smith chart was for later,when i restarted this game.
EDIT:you also start with 2 attributes,and 2 base perks.So yeah…you need to add 2 more perks and another attributes

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erm…sorry guys.gonna have to delete this due to something else i’ve planned…feel free to restart this game as your own :P

again,sorry.But this is nothing compared to my next game…that is,if i can get everything to work in it