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Welcome to the Master Thread!

Last Update: 8:09 PM (GMT) on August 12th, 2015 by FelineForumer.

Table of Contents

1. Editors
2. Regulars & Guests
3. Wins
4. Current Games: Competition
5. Current Games: CYOP
6. Current Games: Mafia
7. Current Games: Puzzle
8. Current Games: Roleplay
9. Current Games: Strategy
10. Threads: Game, Community & Settings
11. Notepad & Update Battle


(!) – Sign-ups are open.
(X) – Sign-ups are closed.

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Editors are peer-selected individuals that help administrate the Master Thread by keeping it up-to-date and functional. They’re long-standing members of the community that have been tasked with this responsibility because they care for the community and wish to do their part in helping.

If you ever have any questions, concerns or issues about the forum or the Master Thread, you’re more than welcome to contact one of the Editors privately (or one of the forum moderators: Bluji, FelineForumer or Gevock).

Active Editors

Editor Requirements

The requirements are:

1. HTML/textile capability, if you don’t know how to use HTML, go here;
2. FGF Regular and approved by current editors;
3. Must have good grammar;
4. Must have our personal trust;
5. Willing to volunteer to contribute to updating/editing/fixing constantly;
6. Must be sexy, like us. ;)

Previous Editors: AdeebNafees, Behemoth542, Cowfriend, Drovoxx, Fogfun, hamuka, ilovekirby, Jimbo14, Kranix, Marh, Minnakht, Morrrr, myhome16, Mysterymason, SamsterSamster, Sellyme, SupHomies, Taiboss, TheAznSensation, WiiPlayer113 & Woon1957.

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If you feel you should be included in this list, you may post that you want to be on the list. If three Regulars verify you, you will be included. Active Regulars are active within a three month period. If a Regular is inactive for more then 3 months but less then a year, they’re considered an Inactive Regular, and over a year is Retired Regulars.

Active Regulars

adv0catus, afklol, arkenarken

back900, BCLEGENDS, BestMte, blakzer, Blood_Shadow, BLOODYRAIN10001, Bluji

coolo2011, CYrusmaster

Darkboy5846, djrockstar, DoomlordKravoka, DrOctaganapus2


FelineForumer, funiax

gammaflux, Ganthro, Gonkeymonkey

hamuka, Helltank


Jimbo14, Johanna_T

Kadleon, Knoob85687

Lebossle, LouWeed

myhome16, MyNameIsNothing, Mysterymason



Pigjr1, Precarious, Pulsaris


RaceBandit, racefan12, RandomTurtle, reaper765

S_98, SamsterSamster, sarothat410, sebba, SilentSand, spikeabc, SypherKhode822

thedude0, thijsel, TwistedCakez






Total: 59.

Inactive Regulars – 3 months of inactivity.








kingzak13, koopa112






Sabin7, sirwoofy, SoundFXMan, SupHomies

T6salt, Taiboss, TailsTheFox12, tehdarkside, TheAznSensation, TheIdiocyWizard, therealsirmark4




ZigZagZombie, Zzzip50

Total: 30.

Retired Regulars – 12 months or more of inactivity and/or banned.


AAAAPPLE, Aax5, AbusedZebra, AdeebNafees


Captain_Catface, chesshawk, Cowfriend, CrimsonBlaze

devourer359, Distant_Tsunami, Dman18, dreamsdragon1998, Drovoxx

EbilWulf, ElLocoXII, Evancolem

Firespread, FlameFlight

Gambi69, gaminguru, gandalf5166, Gastly101, Ghostreconz, Glomple, GottaAskTheMan

HappyYay, Hyped

ilvon, InfiniteExpanse, its_a_alt


Kidudeman, kilozombie, King_Matt, KingofLlamas, Kranix

LightningB017, locks888

magik98, MaistlinRajere, Marh, MasterCheif987, Mebomb, Morrrr

N1NjA546, NimbusCloud26


pludrpladr, Pokarnor

RiddleOfRevenge, rokun, Rosate

Sellyme, sgtawesome16, shadowkirby21, Shandys, SilentSam, SilverEvil, simeng, SpiritfChaos, speedy250, Squidward568, Stone667

TheDarkFlame, TheJesterOfPain, tracymirkin123, Twiton



walfordking, wiiwonder



Zakhep2, Zeeco

Total: 77.

Guests – Players that have participated in a forum game and won, but are not a regular.


Aedan210, Aran150, Arecyl

Ben_B, Benjie007, buzzerfly

calebmock, cllazyman, CoolNoah23

Danaroth, DarkEvilSoul, doctorew

efar, Elldaman311



hangman95, Helkaine, henrythe7th7, hippyman27


Jamuak, Jazzaboy, jittyot, JoeySkywalker

kashuushian1542, kingboo19


M_Blox, marti000, MasterZekrom, maxijeje, Mendacium, michael222, Micron15, MmeBunneh, Mortinor, MrCollect



Richard91, roliim

seanison0151, Serpentes, shadow925, SkieLight, SoulRazer, Speaksforthedead, SuperCaliFragil

tbenn14, thelolofdeath, thenewampkit, tommiboy500

wercooler, wizard96


Total: 57.

Grand Total: 223.

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A forum game win needs to be backed by the rules to be included on the list. Winners of a game that did not win the proper way (such as the game maker choosing them to be the winners of a game that died because they were the most active) will not have their win included in this list. However, this rule may have exceptions, though those exceptions will be rare.


[ 37 ] Bluji

[ 35 ] AdeebNafees

[ 24 ] Darkboy5846

[ 23 ] Woon1957

[ 20 ] JaumeBG

[ 19 ] Kadleon

[ 18 ] CowFriend, myhome16


[ 16 ] Sabin7

[ 15 ] Helltank, Morrrr, Pulsaris, reaper765, tracymirkin123

[ 14 ] LouWeed, S_98

[ 13 ] BLOODYRAIN10001, devourer359, Knoob85687, yiu113

[ 12 ] Drovoxx, MaistlinRajere, Pigjr1, racefan12, Squidward568

[ 11 ] Lebossle, MyNameIsNothing, WiiPlayer113

[ 10 ] back900, ocelot

[ 09 ] SamsterSamster, Zzzip50

[ 08 ] Behemoth542, Fogfun, Precarious, walfordking

[ 07 ] coolo2011, djrockstar, RaceBandit, REALinsanemonkey

[ 06 ] DragonArcherZ, Mysterymason, N1NjA546, SilentSand, Vara

[ 05 ] AbusedZebra, EEESMAN2424, Firespread, hamuka, Kidudeman, Sellyme, spikeabc, T6salt, Taiboss

[ 04 ] adv0catus, FelineForumer, LightningBO17, Minnakht, occooa, sarothat410, SilentSam, Stone667, therealsirmark4, Zeeco

[ 03 ] AAAAPPLE, Aax5, BestMte, HappyYay, Helkaine, Jimbo14, Kranix, M_Blox, Mebomb, SupHomies, uzzbuzz, yeasy

[ 02 ] afklol, blazker, Evancolem, FlameFlight, funiax, gaminguru, gandalf5166, Gastly101, Glomple, GotterakaThing, Hyped, jerenator, koopa, KingofLlamas, kingzak13, lei_wulong, qwertyuiopazs, RandomTurtle, SoundFXMan, speedy250, TailsTheFox12, tehdarkside, TwistedCakez, Underlord, Xandrya, wiiwonder

[ 01 ] arkenarken, boomyfun, chesshawk, CrimsonBlaze, Dman18, dreamsdragon1998, DrOctaganapus2, EbilWulf, ElLocoXII, Ganthro, Gonkeymonkey, GottaAskTheMan, hero122, ilvon, InfiniteExpanse, King_Matt, locks888, magik98, MasterCheif987, mikerspd, NimbusCloud26, overfrost, pludrpladr, Pokarnor, puzzledan, RiddleOfRevenge, sebba, sgtawesome16, shadowkirby21, Shandys, SilverEvil, simeng, sirwoofy, TheAznSensation, thedude0, thijsel, undeadcupcake3, viper11475, ZigZagZombie


[ 08 ] 10crystalmask01

[ 05 ] kashuushian1542

[ 04 ] wizard96

[ 03 ] Ben_B, CoolNoah23, Helkaine, M_Blox, Micron15, nikeas, NinjaMaster131, Serpentes, thenewampkit

[ 02 ] Aedan210, aeviternal, Bookworm52, flashdeath30, henrythe7th7, maxijeje, Richard91, roliim, thelolofdeath, wercooler

[ 01 ] Aran150, Arecyl, Benjie007, buzzerfly, calebmock, cllazyman, Danaroth, DarkEvilSoul, Dawn_to_Dusk, doctorew, efar, Elldaman311, Godzillasrabbid, graveyard890, hangman95, hippyman27, IAMMegamanX7, Jamuak, Jazzaboy, jittyot, JoeySkywalker, kboy101, kingboo19, linkisgreat7, mar12345, marti000, MasterZekrom, Mendacium, michael222, mommyrocks2005, Mortinor, mount2010, MrCollect, OmegaDoom, seanison0151, shadow925, SkieLight, Sonicdude2, SoulRazer, Speaksforthedead, SuperCaliFrag, tbenn14, TheAeronaut, tommiboy500, urFEAR, zedd236

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Battleship Brigades (Signups) by 10crystalmask01 (!)
Set sail into battle on your ship, with the goal to take down all your opponents and their ship. This forum game follows the general set-up and instructions of the standard Battleship board game with the opportunity in challenge many players in a single battle.

BOLD by Bluji (!)
The sequel to Bluji’s writing competition CURSIVE from summer 2014. Can you write your way to victory?

Wheel of Fortune by graveyard890 (!)
“Welcome to Wheel of Fortune with a little twist. Hope you have fun and earn as much cash as you can. Good luck.”

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Outlast CYOP (Discussion) by ConstantProgress (!)

Pr0t0-Z0an by ilovekirby12 (!)
Survive, Evolve, and Thrive in this micro world where you start off as a weak unspecialized cell and grow into something mirific

Randomness2 – still the most idiotic thing you’ll play! by hamuka (!)
LGBT? Lemonade stands? Gonkeymonkey? Shitty host? This game has all of these and MORE! Embark on the best adventure of your miserable life in this horrible “game”!

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Mystery Replay Mafia by Bluji (!)
Mystery Replay Mafia throws FGF back to an old mafia setup while no one actually has any idea on what’s happenin’.

Ragnarok by thedude0 (!)
The world ends in seven days. Luckily, the Norse gods have a plan. Unfortunately, this plan involves possessing a group of villagers in a cul-de-sac and killing each other until they figure out who’s who.

Tales of the Prophecy by 10crystalmask01 (!)
In a land, where humans co-existed with creatures known as the Fomors, only one legend kept them at will. There was a prophecy that when all Fomorians were killed, the goddess Morrighan would appear and take them to Erinn — to paradise. Will you conquer as a human, or win with the Fomorians?

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Rat Maze (Signups) by 10crystalmask01 (!)
All players take part in the game as a laboratory rat. You and several other lab rats are placed in a maze, with one objective: finding the cheese, that’s placed somewhere within the maze. The first player to reach this objective wins. But beware, as these mazes may have traps, enemies and (possibly) death, waiting just around the corner.

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Collapse (Signups) by qwertyuiopazs (!)
In a world that has seen no sun, a insurmountable foe appears. In this chaotic series of unpredictable events, unbelievable truths will be revealed, epic battles will be fought out, and complex relationships will be created from characters both generic and original. Nobody can say for sure how it will end, but it all depends on you.

Mutant Asylum (Signups) by Gonkeymonkey (!)

Trux Terraru by RandomTurtle (!)
After a chain of empires fell, the real power struggle begins.

Will of Ragiron by CYrusmaster (!)
Be a person in a ongoing quest to restore balance to the world. Be a soloer or group up with your friends to find clues.

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Game Related

Cards Against Humanity! by T6salt
Humanity means nothing in this card game.

Kongregate D&D – Character Creation by FG_DD
Character Creation for Dungeons & Dragons.

Official Board Game Online Masterthread by BCLEGENDS
Blow off some steam in this whacky and weird online board game!

The ‘Choose My Next Game’ Thread by ForumGames
Need help deciding what game to run next or have an idea for a future game?

The Steam Thread by adv0catus
A crowd sourced list of everyone that uses Steam and the games they own.

Town of Salem by adv0catus
A list of players and organization for the off-site visual game of Mafia.

Community Related

FGFers Interviewed! by Kadleon
Interviews of FGFers by FGFers.


Eos by Eos_
Eos is a whole universe of locations where Forum Games can be set in.

Fell by Helltank
A magical fantasy world, rich in its scope and wonder.

Indon by MasterCheif987
The Realm of Indon.

Kosmos by Kosmos_
Kosmos is a fantasy universe template.

Mortar City by Helltank
A dystopian steampunk universe where crime and murder run rampant.

WΛRP by Bluji
WΛRP is a setting and its major gimmicks are morphium, a magical metal usually found in liquid form and portals, liquid morphium combined with portal powders causing teleportation.

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Editors, use the below post as a Notepad. Use the format to explain what happened and by whom.

The game listing should look like this:

"Game Title":thread_url ("Signups":signup_url) by "Host":profile_url *(X/!)*

Posts/Topic (Last updated: June 17th, 2014): 101.67. (100+ P/T on Jan 27th, 2013)

Most Viewed: The List (1,523,302 views)
Most Posted: General Thread (23,786 posts) [Approx. 3.90% of all posts]

Dear Editors,
I skimmed through the thread since I’ve been gone, and I noticed a large amount of flaming, arguing, and general misuse of the thread. That apparently eventually culminated in the eventual closure of this thread for a period of time. Since we seem to be lacking in general procedure towards handling these kinds of issues, I have provided one. Edit freely.

  1. Firmly communicate to the users. Misuse of this thread is disallowed. Privately encourage uninvolved users to ignore.
  2. Flag inappropriate posts. Attempt to end the conversation before it goes too far.
  3. Directly communicate with forum moderators. Attempt to achieve punishments for responsible users, while leaving the thread intact and unlocked. Clearly state the differences between the rule-abiding editors and the rule-breaking users.
  4. Feel like a sexy.

I don’t know if these kinds of issues are recurring, since I haven’t been here for a while, but this general procedure should prevent the thread from being locked. Disputes between users should not interfere with us.
By TheAznSensation

MFGFT editors, here are some useful tools to make your life easier:

- Cookie Swap: Helps to switch between your user account and the FG account easily.

- Lue script by Vara: Helps to easily see which games have not been registered by the MFGFT yet. (If you use Firefox, it requires Greasemonkey. For Chrome users, it may or may not work with TamperMonkey.)
~ AdeebNafees

Removed all old Editors. Recruiting new ones for a smaller more active core group of Editors.
~ adv0catus, 05/05/14

Revamped the thread completely. Made it a lot more organized and easier to update.
~ adv0catus, 02/01/14

IRC channel name for editor chat is #MFGFTEditors and it’s on the Coldfront network.
~ AdeebNafees, 23/8/12

Lots of games have been added – this thread is a lot more active now.
~ Mysterymason, 4/8/12

Removed a nice bunch of games that were locked or just dead.
~ Bluji, 3/3/12

I think I’ve updated pretty much anything but if I have missed anything (I’m certainly not perfect) please tell me.
~ SamsterSamster, 3/3/12

Added the two new editors, added a couple of games and changed a couple of the incorrect brackets.
~ SamsterSamster, 25/2/12

Added some games I saw on the frontpage, and updated some stats.
~ Taiboss, 25/2/12

Got rid of a decent amount of inactive games, however I may have left a few just to play it safe. This is arguably my first update with any substance in it, and today marks my active editorship.
~ Jimbo14

Removed a lot of abandoned/inactive games, updated the statuses of some, and updated the overall stats.
~ AdeebNafees, 15/9/11

Kranix is banned from being an editor for account/password tampering. I partially revised the regular list and fixed a few inconsistencies, changed some textile formatting to HTML, and partially updated the games list by removing locked games and updated the links to accurate threads. That is all, but I will be more active from now on.
~ TheAznSensation, 5/22/11

There has been a refresh of the editors.
~ Mysterymason, 5/9/11

I removed all the unnecessary fodder throughout the whole thing, updated finished games and new games, and updated pretty much everything else.
~ Sellyme, 20/12/10

I try to include all games over 40 Posts.
~ TheAznSensation, 12/11/10

Cleaned up the games section a bit.
~ Sabin7, 28/10/10

Alphabetized the Council List.
~ CowFriend, 10/23/10

Added some information to Making Games.
~ Sabin7, 10/21/10

Master FGF Thread created 10/5/10.
~ TheAznSensation

FogFun, Marh, WiiPlayer113 become Editors.
~ TheAznSensation

Dear Editors,
Please feel free to edit what needs to be edited, what you can contribute, and update the directory as often as possible. Please include the most recent update time in the first post. When updating the directory, only add games that have reached two pages and always link to the sign-ups unless they are locked. Once a game is closed, remove it from the directory. If a game is inactive for five days without explanation, feel free to remove it.
~ TheAznSensation

Update Battle

As of 12/11/10, every time you have a large update, add a checkmark to your name.

Active Contributors:

adv0catus ✔✔✔✔✔
Bluji ✔✔

Previous Contributors:

AdeebNafees ✔✔✔✔✔✔
CowFriend ✔
Drovoxx ✔
JaumeBG ✔
Kranix ✔
Mysterymason ✔✔✔✔✔✔✔
Sellyme ✔✔✔
SupHomies ✔
Taiboss ✔✔
TheAznSensation ✔✔

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I can be in?

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I approve SFX as a FGF regular. I would like to put forth my name into consideration at this time for the same title, Forum Game Forums Regular.

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Originally posted by SilentSam:

I approve SFX as a FGF regular. I would like to put forth my name into consideration at this time for the same title, Forum Game Forums Regular.

Symbiotically, I believe that SilentSam is definitely a regular here. :)

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Ooooooh A master thread

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Originally posted by WiiPlayer113:

Ooooooh A master thread

You’re an editor. You’ll receive the password to this account once I’m done making the layout.

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I agree that SilentSam is a regular. I’ve know him for a loooooong time.

He gets my second vote.

Also, congratz on taking the initiative Azn!

EDIT: Also, as for the council thing… So, is that going to include council members too? Because the way OT does it, there’s a list of the members, and then they discuss things throughout the rest.