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Welcome to the Master Thread!

Last Update: 1:45 PM (GMT) on August 18th, 2016 by adv0catus.

Table of Contents

1. Editors
2. Current Games: Competition
3. Current Games: CYOP
4. Current Games: Mafia
5. Current Games: Puzzle
6. Current Games: Roleplay
7. Current Games: Strategy
8. Threads: Community, Game & Settings
9. Regulars & Guests
10. Wins
11. Notepad & Update Battle


(!) – Sign-ups are open.
(+) – Sign-ups are allowing reserves.
(X) – Sign-ups are closed.

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Editors are peer-selected individuals that manage the Master Thread by keeping it up-to-date and functional. They’re long-standing members of the community that care for the community and wish to do their part in helping.

If you ever have any questions, concerns or issues about the forum or a thread managed by this account, you’re more than welcome to contact one of the Editors (listed below) or forum moderators (Bluji, FelineForumer and Gevock) privately.

Active Editors

Editor Requirements

The requirements are:

1. HTML/textile capability, if you don’t know how to use HTML, go here;
2. FGF Regular and approved by current Editors;
3. Must have good grammar;
4. Must have our personal trust;
5. Willing to volunteer to contribute to updating/editing/fixing constantly;
6. Must be sexy, like us. ;)

Previous Editors: AdeebNafees, Behemoth542, Cowfriend, Drovoxx, Fogfun, hamuka, ilovekirby, Jimbo14, Kranix, Marh, Minnakht, Morrrr, Myhome16, Mysterymason, SamsterSamster, Sellyme, SupHomies, Taiboss, TheAznSensation, WiiPlayer113 & Woon1957.

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Assassin by graveyard890 (X)
Assassin is a game of murdering someone by putting them in a sandwhich… Yeah, a great way to kill someone.

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No current games in this category.

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CATGODE IZ DREAMIN by nikeas (+)
join this wonderful any-number-of-players pure bullshit mafia, where at night you can do anything you want. no, really, anything. no limits. 1 actually there is a small rule but shh.

Sinking Ship Reverse Mafia by BrainpanSonata (+)
An experimental mafia that swaps Town and Mafia wincons, then wraps it up in flavor based on a plausible cause for swapping wincons. Women, children, and Townies first.

Triple Mafia by mendelde (+)
Three powerful mafia factions battle for supremacy.

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Point Zenith: Legendary Secrets by Pigjr1 (X)
Legend tells of a powerful treasure hidden deep within the Baconian Ruins guarded by an elaborate system of puzzles that no one has been able to completely solve – yet. 1,000,000 Contestants. 1 Treasure. Who will get it?

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Applebottom’s Exceptionals II by BLOODYRAIN10001 (!)
Our new story begins, the date July 12th, 1873, also in England… the story of Applebottom’s Exceptionals… II

A “Small” Adventure (Discussion) by gammaflux (!)
Imagine a large highly fantastical world filled with sprawling civilizations, magical beasts, and many unexplored ruins and areas in the wilderness without a humanoid in sight.

Collapsed Kingdom – Group Survival by ZigZagZombie (!)
The Kher Kingdom, a proud nation, has fallen.

The Day The Earth Stood Still (Discussion) by ZombieFreak77 (!)
Welcome to the City of Zastrurg.

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D&D Fantasy Adventure Board Game (Sign-Ups) by back900 (X)
D&D in a very simple format. Ideal for beginners to D&D who want to get an experience at what the famous board game is all about.

The Pokédex by adv0catus (X)
This thread is a work in progress; the game is still being developed. The description will be updated and sign-ups will be accepted when the game is more well refined.

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Community Related

The Forum Game Forums Archive Thread by ForumGames
This thread serves as a read-only archive of the historical past of the forum.

Game Related

Cards Against Humanity! by T6salt
Humanity means nothing in this card game.

FGF Official Top Trumps Set by back900
A collection of FGF members as Top Trump cards, feel free to use for your own enjoyment.

Official Board Game Online Masterthread by BCLEGENDS
Blow off some steam in this whacky and weird online board game!

Town of Salem by adv0catus
A list of players and organization for the off-site visual game of Mafia.


Acid City’s Trouble by danisay
An archive for the mafia game that Danisay made, Acid City’s Trouble with all things ready for hosting.

WΛRP by Bluji
WΛRP is a setting and its major gimmicks are morphium, a magical metal usually found in liquid form and portals, liquid morphium combined with portal powders causing teleportation.

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If you feel you should be included in this list, you may request inclusion. If three Regulars approve you, you will be included. Active Regulars are active within a three month period. If a Regular is inactive for more then 3 months but less then a year, they’re considered an Inactive Regular, and over a year is Retired Regulars.

Active Regulars


back900, BCLEGENDS, Behemoth542, BLOODYRAIN10001, Bluji, BrainpanSonata

cl0wn3r, CYrusmaster

Darkboy5846, djrockstar, DoomlordKravoka

EEESMAN2424, Ethyri

FelineForumer, funiax

gammaflux, Ganthro, Gonkeymonkey

hamuka, Helltank



Kadleon, koopa112, Kranix

Lebossle, LouWeed

mendelde, Myhome16



Pigjr1, Precarious, Pulsaris


RaceBandit, racefan12, reaper765

S_98, sebba, sirwoofy, Spikeabc, SypherKhode822

thedude0, TheIdiocyWizard, TwistedCakez

undeadcupcake3, uzzbuzz




Total: 51.

Inactive Regulars – 3 months of inactivity.

afklol, arkenarken

BestMte, blakzer, Blood_Shadow


DragonArcherZ, DrOctaganapus2

jerenator, Johanna_T

kingzak13, Knoob85687


RandomTurtle, REALinsanemonkey

SamsterSamster, sarothat410, SilentSand

Taiboss, thijsel


ZombiestookmyTV, Zzzip50

Total: 23.

Retired Regulars – 12 months or more of inactivity and/or banned.


AAAAPPLE, Aax5, AbusedZebra, AdeebNafees


Captain_Catface, chesshawk, Cowfriend, CrimsonBlaze

devourer359, Distant_Tsunami, Dman18, dreamsdragon1998, Drovoxx

EbilWulf, ElLocoXII, Evancolem

Firespread, FlameFlight, Fogfun

Gambi69, gaminguru, gandalf5166, Gastly101, Ghostreconz, Glomple, GottaAskTheMan, GotterakaThing

HappyYay, hero122, Hyped

ilvon, InfiniteExpanse, its_a_alt


Kidudeman, kilozombie, King_Matt, KingofLlamas

lei_wulong, LightningB017, locks888

magik98, MaistlinRajere, Marh, MasterCheif987, Mebomb, Minnakht, Morrrr, Mysterymason

N1NjA546, NimbusCloud26

ocelot, overfrost

pludrpladr, Pokarnor, puzzledan

RiddleOfRevenge, rokun, Rosate

Sabin7, Sellyme, sgtawesome16, shadowkirby21, Shandys, SilentSam, SilverEvil, simeng, SoundFXMan, SpiritfChaos, speedy250, Squidward568, Stone667, SupHomies

T6salt, TailsTheFox12, tehdarkside, TheAznSensation, TheDarkFlame, TheJesterOfPain, therealsirmark4, tracymirkin123, Twiton


Vara, viper11475

walfordking, wiiwonder



Zakhep2, Zeeco, ZigZagZombie

Total: 94.

Guests – Players that have won a forum game but are not a regular.


Aedan210, aeviternal, Andyb112, Aran150, Arecyl, asher1111

Ben_B, Benjie007, Bookworm52, buzzerfly

calebmock, cllazyman, CoolNoah23

Danaroth, DarkEvilSoul, Dawn_to_Dusk, doctorew

efar, Elldaman311

flashdeath30, FlyingCat

Godzillasrabbid, graveyard890

hangman95, Helkaine, henrythe7th7, hippyman27


Jamuak, Jazzaboy, jittyot, joefield, JoeySkywalker, Jouteur

kashuushian1542, kboy101, kingboo19, Kuzco12


M_Blox, mar12345, marti000, MasterZekrom, maxijeje, Mendacium, michael222, Micron15, mikerspd, mommyrocks2005, Mortinor, mount2010, MrCollect



Richard91, roliim

seanison0151, Serpentes, shadow925, SkieLight, Sonicdude2, SoulRazer, Speaksforthedead, SuperCaliFragil

tbenn14,ThatsANiceGuy, TheAeronaut, thelolofdeath, thenewampkit, TheWildJamie, tommiboy500, TribalSeedlings, TurkeyPie


wercooler, wizard96


Total: 78.

Grand Total: 249.

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A forum game win needs to be backed by the rules to be included on the list. Winners of a game that did not win the proper way (such as the game maker choosing them to be the winners of a game that died because they were the most active) will not have their win included in this list. Exceptions may apply.


[ 40 ] Bluji

[ 35 ] AdeebNafees

[ 32 ] back900

[ 25 ] Kadleon

[ 24 ] Darkboy5846

[ 23 ] Woon1957

[ 20 ] JaumeBG, Pulsaris

[ 19 ] BLOODYRAIN10001

[ 18 ] CowFriend, Myhome16

[ 17 ] BCLEGENDS, LouWeed

[ 16 ] racefan12, Sabin7

[ 15 ] Helltank, Morrrr, reaper765, S_98, tracymirkin123

[ 14 ] Pigjr1

[ 13 ] devourer359, Knoob85687, yiu113

[ 12 ] Drovoxx, Lebossle, MaistlinRajere, Precarious, Squidward568

[ 11 ] djrockstar, MyNameIsNothing, RaceBandit, WiiPlayer113

[ 10 ] BrainpanSonata, occooa,ocelot, SilentSand

[ 09 ] SamsterSamster, Zzzip50

[ 08 ] Behemoth542, Fogfun, walfordking

[ 07 ] coolo2011, FelineForumer, hamuka, REALinsanemonkey, Spikeabc, yeasy

[ 06 ] DragonArcherZ, Ganthro, mendelde, Mysterymason, N1NjA546, Vara

[ 05 ] AbusedZebra, EEESMAN2424, Firespread, Kidudeman, nikeas, Sellyme, T6salt, Taiboss, qwertyuiopazs

[ 04 ] adv0catus, LightningBO17, Minnakht, RandomTurtle, sarothat410, SilentSam, Stone667, therealsirmark4, Zeeco

[ 03 ] AAAAPPLE, Aax5, BestMte, cl0wn3r, HappyYay, Jimbo14, Kranix, Mebomb, SupHomies, thedude0, uzzbuzz

[ 02 ] afklol, blazker, Ethyri, Evancolem, FlameFlight, funiax, gaminguru, gandalf5166, Gastly101, Glomple, Gonkeymonkey, GotterakaThing, Hyped, jerenator, KingofLlamas, kingzak13, koopa112, lei_wulong, SoundFXMan, speedy250, TailsTheFox12, tehdarkside, TwistedCakez, Underlord, Xandrya, wiiwonder

[ 01 ] arkenarken, boomyfun, chesshawk, CrimsonBlaze, Dman18, dreamsdragon1998, DrOctaganapus2, EbilWulf, ElLocoXII, gammaflux, GottaAskTheMan, hero122, ilvon, InfiniteExpanse, King_Matt, locks888, magik98, MasterCheif987, NimbusCloud26, overfrost, pludrpladr, Pokarnor, puzzledan, RiddleOfRevenge, sebba, sgtawesome16, shadowkirby21, Shandys, SilverEvil, simeng, sirwoofy, SypherKhode822, TheAznSensation, thijsel, undeadcupcake3, viper11475, ZigZagZombie


[ 16 ] 10crystalmask01

[ 11 ] Andyb112, graveyard890

[ 06 ] Bookworm52

[ 05 ] kashuushian1542, Kuzco12, urFEAR

[ 04 ] FlyingCat, wizard96

[ 03 ] Ben_B, CoolNoah23, Helkaine, M_Blox, Micron15, NinjaMaster131, Serpentes, TheWildJamie, thenewampkit

[ 02 ] Aedan210, aeviternal, asher1111, flashdeath30, henrythe7th7,joefield, maxijeje, Richard91, roliim, SoulRazer, thelolofdeath, TurkeyPie, wercooler

[ 01 ] 12neo, Aran150, Arecyl, Benjie007, buzzerfly, calebmock, cllazyman, Danaroth, DarkEvilSoul, Dawn_to_Dusk, doctorew, efar, Elldaman311, Godzillasrabbid, hangman95, hippyman27, IAMMegamanX7, Jamuak, Jazzaboy, jittyot, JoeySkywalker, Jouteur, kboy101, kingboo19, linkisgreat7, mar12345, marti000, MasterZekrom, Mendacium, michael222, mikerspd, mommyrocks2005, Mortinor, mount2010, MrCollect, nikolaikoni, nUKEGIRL12 , OmegaDoom, seanison0151, shadow925, SkieLight, Sonicdude2, Speaksforthedead, SuperCaliFrag, tbenn14, ThatsANiceGuy, TheAeronaut, tommiboy500, TribalSeedlings, zedd236

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Editors, use the below post as a Notepad. Use the format to explain what changed.

The game listing should look like this:

"Game Title":ThreadURL ("Discussion/Signups":SignupURL) by "Host":ProfileURL *(!/+/X)*

Posts/Topic (Last updated: June 17th, 2014): 101.67. (100+ P/T on Jan 27th, 2013)

Most Viewed: The List (1,523,302 views)
Most Posted: General Thread (23,786 posts) [Approx. 3.90% of all posts]

Update Battle

As of 12/11/10, every time you have a large update, add a checkmark to your name.

Active Contributors:

adv0catus: ✔ x 4
Bluji: ✔ x 2

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I can be in?

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I approve SFX as a FGF regular. I would like to put forth my name into consideration at this time for the same title, Forum Game Forums Regular.

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Originally posted by SilentSam:

I approve SFX as a FGF regular. I would like to put forth my name into consideration at this time for the same title, Forum Game Forums Regular.

Symbiotically, I believe that SilentSam is definitely a regular here. :)

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Ooooooh A master thread

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Originally posted by WiiPlayer113:

Ooooooh A master thread

You’re an editor. You’ll receive the password to this account once I’m done making the layout.

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I agree that SilentSam is a regular. I’ve know him for a loooooong time.

He gets my second vote.

Also, congratz on taking the initiative Azn!

EDIT: Also, as for the council thing… So, is that going to include council members too? Because the way OT does it, there’s a list of the members, and then they discuss things throughout the rest.