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Mafia help for first-time-players

In a mafia game, there are two teams. The first group is usually the “mafia”, while the other group is often called the “townspeople.” The Mafia is usually smaller and knows who everyone is. The townspeople don’t know who anyone is, and must kill who they think is in the mafia is by night.

This explanation is very difficult to understand, so I explain it better.
It begins, when you get the role via PM. It looks like that:

Mafiahost In my mafia, you are [Input any role here.]
a few seconds ago reply | view message history | delete

[There are some types of mafias. One includes a mafia, in which every member knows their companions. Another has “sides” , but in the end, there only be one winner. More about that later.]

After the PM sending day one or night one starts. At the begin you should say “confirm” to confirm you got the role. If you don’t confirm, you’ll get modkilled sometime.

On day you vote on who to kill. Simply post “I vote [Input any guy’s name here.]” or quote someone. (but this is not recommend.)
At the end of the day, which usually lasts 24 hours or majority is reached, the guy with the most votes is “lynched” and out of the game. (You just lost.)

On night, if you have a night action, you PM the host phrases like “I NK/reveal/investigate [Add someone’s name]” The night ends usually after 24 hours

Possible Night Action
Night Kill or short NK – Kills someone, eliminates him from the game. There are many variations like killing two people once, or one every second night i.e..
Investigation – You can find out somebodies role for yourself only. There are many variations, like i.e. you get a random role every day.
Revealing – You can reveal someones role.
Protecting – Let’s say you can protect. In the night, you say “I protect [Insert someone’s name here.]” If, that guy is NK’d, the NK is useless and wasted. The protected survives.
Gaining ability – A variation of NK. You can NK once, then you get the ability of the victim.
Using Night Action – You can target one player and then use its Night Action on another player.
Suicide – You can suicide and while you do, you can choose a person to die with you.
Blocking ability – Prevents a player from using his abilitiy for a certain time.

Other abilities
Surviving NK once – self explain.
Daykill – A daykill is a NK you don’t have to PM the host, but post in thread. When daykilling, you reveal your role.
Townie – No ability.

In some mafias, there are events. They are two major types:

1. The first can happen anytime. There are 4-5 “spaces” with about 2-3 players per space. You choose with posting “I take space 1” i.e.
If every space is chosen, all players in one or two certain “spaces” die.

2. The second is usually at the end with about five people. There are a certain amount of spaces (aka 5). Then you choose one. In the end every but one player will die. The winner took a certain space, chosen by the host before the event. The survivor will be the winner.

Mafia Variations
The “Real” mafia – There is a mafia with around 5 people, who know each other from the beginning on. At night they vote via PM on who to die. Everything else in same.

Werewolf – In this variation, there is only one mafia member called werewolf. He has a NK, while the townies only have a investigation role called “seer”. If the werewolf is killed, the town wins.

Mansion mafia- Created and/or made popular by XYTWO (I think). The theme is set in a house or mansion, where there are different rooms to sleep in. You PM your decision at the beginning. There are specific roles, like the ability to kill all people in a certain room.

Need more? Read this

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Tips to make a mafia

1. Keep the roles balanced.
Giving a role i.e. three kills a night is unfair. Also have a limit of NK roles. When you make 5 NK roles in a eight role mafia, the mafia will only last 2 days and nights. Mafia and townies need to be balanced, everyone need a chance to win.

2. Modkill
People who doesn’t confirm are mostly on vacation or similar. Kill them after a certain time. This helps making the mafia cleaner.

3. Don’t expect to much people
It ain’t smart to make around 20 roles. If it’s your first mafia, I suggest you 8-16 roles max. If you are famous coughBlujicough , don’t care about this rule.

4. Don’t be inactive.
An inactive host is the worst thing that can happen in a mafia. If you go on vacation, lock it.

To be continued

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dude don’t bother
the only times i have ever seen trouble is when someone from a site like facebook goes

“are this like mafia wars”
then a bunch of people get angry

or when someone is saved from being lynched by a ability

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I don’t think this is nessecary.
Pretty much what kingzak13 said.

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Originally posted by Pokarnor:

I don’t think this is nessecary.
Pretty much wat kingzak13 said.

GTFO my thread.

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no it is a free forum

except when you get the electricity/computer bill

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No, Don’t bother doing this thread because no one does a mafia like me.

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Why is everyone so against this? He is trying to help new players get a grasp on the concept of Mafias.

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Originally posted by reaper765:

Why is everyone so against this? He is trying to help new players get a grasp on the concept of Mafias.

Two things:
1. You just prevented me from deleting this.
2. Thx for both.

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I like it now. Finish it and I’ll like it more.

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Originally posted by Bluji:

I like it now. Finish it and I’ll like it more.

Working on it.

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You should add a section about strategies for playing. The first thing I do is understand my role to try and use it to the maximum, I also look for other roles that could directly affect mine.

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I’m not against this because there’s so many roles in a mafia that you wouldn’t understand. I was thinking about doing this, but thought against it. Just do the basics of the roles. It all depends on the mafias you’re going to do.

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This should be more than enough info for anyone who wants to play this.

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Originally posted by Bilious:”

This should be more than enough info for anyone who wants to play this.

Indeed, I believe this link is a very good idea. Besides, the ‘Tips to making a mafia’ could be expanded upon. Right now, it only encompasses the possibility of an overpowered mafia side. It is equally easy to overpower the townie side, something which SHOULD be mentioned here.