[Werewolf] The fate of Herrevald (Victory to the village!) (locked)

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This is a werewolf game. If you’re unfamiliar with werewolf games, read through the “More Rules” section. Otherwise, the “Rules” section probably explains everything that you need to know.

There are ten players, of which one is Eseni (the “Werewolf”), one clairvoyant and two guards. The remaining six are villagers. This might look like a lot of villagers compared to the people with special roles seeing most other current mafia/werewolf games, however, that’s the point. I think too many mafia/werewolf games are currently trying to put too many nonsense roles in it. In this game, the point is to try to figure out who Eseni is, not to be dealing with lots of complex random roles of which some are unknown and people whose alignment constantly changes (cults).

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The story

Once upon a time, or actually around 1856, there was a village somewhere in a large, unexplored forest. Two villages actually, and they were each other’s rivals. Those two villages, named “Herrevald” and “Astares”, have been in war with each other for many centuries. Nobody still knew why the war has begun, or why they were still fighting, but that didn’t change the fact there was a war.

This long–lasting war, combined with the absence of other civilizations, blocked the town from technical growth. They hadn’t improved much since the medieval age. By the day of today (that is: 17 October 1856), the war wasn’t very intensive anymore, and the battles weren’t constant. However, there were still the occasional battles and fighter training was very important.¬

In the village Herrevald, there lived one odd family with the name “Ison”. It had a mother “Adena Ison”, a father “Dresid Ison” and a daughter “Eseni Ison”. The father, like most of the other men in the village, was a warrior; he wasn’t special at all. The mother however, was believed to be a witch. She was never seen using any magical arts, but simply by her old, wrinkled looks, she was judged as being one. Her reputation wasn’t helped by the fact that the family lived in a house about four hundred meters in the forest, rather than directly inside the village. The prosecution of witches was still active, but the villagers did at least realize that the medieval witch tests didn’t work, and nobody could be prosecuted without proof. The daughter was not remarkable at all. Some people wondered if she did possess the same magical powers as her mother did, but, mainly because of the fact she didn’t look like a witch at all, there wasn’t much fuss about her.

However, once upon a fateful day, 17 October 1856, there was a battle again, and Dresid Ison was killed in that fight. A single death in a fight wasn’t very unusual, and not that much attention was given to it. However, Adena and Eseni were grieved by this loss. Adena was so furious that she used her magical powers to summon a fire engulfing the entire village of Astares to avenge her husband’s death, essentially destroying Astares and everyone who lived in there. She was successful in that and hundreds of people died. However, even though the destruction of Astares helped the villagers, by her act the town had proof she was a witch, and she was executed the very same day.

Eseni, filled with sorrow because of the loss of both her parents in a single day, went back to her house. She didn’t come out of there for two weeks—or at least, nobody had seen her. However, upon a fateful day, 31 October 1856, she came out of the house. There was something strange about her though: she was paler than normal, and emitted a weak glow of light. You couldn’t see through her though: she still had a body and was still alive, but she was in some sort of magical trance. There was no sorrow in her face—in fact, her face barely had any emotional expression at all, but her eyes were filled with anger.

When she entered the town, buildings near her started collapsing. She didn’t cast any spells, didn’t say any words, or made any movement with her hands. She just stared straight forward, walked forward, and everything near her collapsed: an aura of destruction. The rubble of the buildings killed many people who were inside or near those buildings. The villagers were scared to death, but nobody dared to approach her, except one: the guy who executed her mother. He now had proof that Eseni was a witch, and he was planning to kill her too. He charged towards her, but she ignored him. When he got close to her, he suddenly fell down, dead.

When he died, every villager knew that the town couldn’t be saved anymore, and they fled to the wilderness. Within three minutes, the town was empty; nobody except Eseni was left. She knew that the town was empty, and felt that her revenge was accomplished: she had successfully “destroyed” the town, as nobody lived in it anymore. With that thought, she lost her anger. However, anger was willpower. With the magical trance she called to destroy this village, she was almost dead, and it was her will—the will for the destruction of the village—which was keeping her soul and her body connected. When her anger was lost, that connection was broken and her body and her soul were separated. In essence, she was dead.

However, her soul, which was still enchanted with the magical spell which wanted to destroy the village, kept invisibly haunting the village, unable to go to the afterlife because of her spell.

Most people were too scared to return to the village, but some villagers thought that Eseni couldn’t stay there forever, and would probably leave now the village was empty, so after having hidden inside the forest for a while, they went back to the village to look what happened to it. From distance, they saw not much more of it has been destroyed since they left, so they thought that Eseni must’ve stopped. They had nowhere else to go, as the forest was very dangerous with way too many poisonous insects and other evil creatures, and Herrevald did at least have some food reserves, defense against wild creatures, and useable farms, so they tried their luck and went there. They saw Eseni’s dead body on the street, which gave them confidence that they didn’t have to fear her anymore. They burned her body.

However, they were wrong by thinking they were safe. Seeing the village repopulating until, at some point, twelve villagers, the anger in Eseni’s soul rose again. She wanted the entire village to be destructed, and her task hadn’t been fulfilled yet. Her soul possessed one of the twelve villagers who had returned. This wasn’t her own body though, which caused her some problems. First of all, she had to banish the soul of the previous owner of that body, but besides that, she had to use some sort of unnatural connection. If the body in which she was currently would get destroyed, her soul would be destroyed too.

During the night, she assassinated one villager. She would’ve preferred to kill the entire town at once, but she couldn’t do that without attracting too much attention, as the screams of a single person could wake up somebody else, and she couldn’t battle the entire village. She couldn’t use her magic to speed things up either because of the unnatural body, but the town had plenty of weaponry designed for the war though, so she decided to take the villagers down one by one.

The following day, the villagers woke up and saw that somebody was murdered. One of the villagers was a spiritual expert and realized what happened, and explained the situation to the others. The other villagers were confused about what to do. They could leave, but they’d have very little survival chance alone in the woods.

Eseni would probably kill somebody every night. Therefore, the villagers decided that if during a night nobody would get killed, that’d mean that they’d be done with her. Then, they decided to kill somebody every day until nobody would be killed that night anymore. They couldn’t kill everyone until they found her at the same day, because they’d need the night for verification.

They decided to hold a voting every day, the person with the most votes would get killed, until Eseni was gone. They hoped that this would give them the highest survival chance. Luckily, Eseni couldn’t swap bodies again, since she was no longer half-dead.

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The rules

The days last about 48 real-life hours. Nights last only 24 real-life hours.

If there’s a tie in the votes, the player which got the most votes first will get lynched.

The town wins when Eseni gets lynched. Eseni wins if she’s one of the two people left alive in the town.

Please don’t edit or delete your posts if the game hasn’t ended yet. I’m fine with fixing typo’s, or a revision quickly after you posted it, but please don’t do major edits it when you posted it hours ago and people are considering you suspecious because of it.

More rules

First of all, and most importantly: this is a game. This is not real life. Everything that happens here, or what happens in private messages about this game, does only apply to this game. If somebody is killed, that means that that player lost the game. That does not mean that that player is actually dead or anything. It is not possible that any action in this game has any influence on your real life. The story does only apply to this game and isn’t based on anything in real life.

(Thanks to Captain Obvious for helping me with the construction of the above paragraph.)

When the game begins, everyone gets a random role from the role list. You will keep this role for the remaining of the game. It is a secret who’s got which role, and you’re supposed to try to figure that out yourself by looking at the behavior of the other players.

When it is day (note: we’re talking about in-game days), people talk and you can vote to kill somebody (remember: that only means that that player will lose the game. You’re not murdering him or anything). You can vote one person per day, and you can change your vote until the day ends. The person with the most votes at the end of the day gets killed. This is called “lynching”.

During the (in-game) night, no voting’s are held. However, people who’ve got a night action because of their role can send me a whisper. Other people are practically doing nothing in the game during the night.

How to win depends on your role. If you’re a villager, you win if Eseni gets lynched. If you’re Eseni, you win by being one of the two people alive at some point. You lose when you get killed. (Note: if you’ve lost, you can’t win anymore; even if Eseni gets killed thereafter).

If you’re dead, do not disclose private information about the game which only you know; eg. if you are a dead clairvoyant, don’t go post the entire list of people of which you have investigated their role.

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The roles

Villager (x7)
The majority of the players are common villagers. Every day, they can vote on who should be lynched that day. Thinking about who Eseni is, is actually the fun of werewolf games, isn’t it? :)
Clairvoyant (x1)
The clairvoyant can sense somebody’s soul status every night. She can feel whether somebody’s soul connection is natural or not. If it’s not natural, then it must be Eseni. Clairvoyance can only be used during the night, for the necessary spiritual energies, and to keep those energies stable he can use it upon only one person each night.
Warning: Clairvoyance is seen as witchery. Roleclaiming being the clairvoyant results in execution.
Guard (x2)
They’ve got quite some experience in war because of Astares. These are so experienced that they’re capable of protecting somebody once every two nights (they can’t constantly protect because guards need sleep too). There’s one guard for the odd nights, and the other for the even ones (so that’s one protection every night). They can not protect themselves.
Eseni (x1)
She wants to kill every living person in the village, and she does that by killing somebody every night, accelerated by the lynch. If she gets lynched, the town wins. Because she possessed a new body (which doesn’t even necessarily need to be a female one), which once belonged to a normal villager, nobody can see whether somebody is Eseni or not before she’s killed (the clairvoyant is an exception).

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Epic story is epic.

Sign me up :D

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Signature, please. Seems like a fun mafia.

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I don’t think this game is going to work with only two players, so I am hereby bumping it.

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I would suggest reporting the game at The Master FGF Thread

Not guaranteed to bring in an influx of players, but it is the first step to advertisement.

The second step is nagging people.

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Because Adeeb referred me. Sign.

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You get modkilled if you claim to be the cop/clairvoyant, eh? This might result in interesting convo, although if the cop/clair finds the scum/WW, game’s probably over anyways. Still, it could reduce the wine level of game chat.

Also, from what I’ve read, each doctor/guard has its own shift. Probably to avoid them from doccing each other until the end of time, which would pretty much checkmate the WW regardless of who she is. As such, the shifts sound fair to me.

Sorta sucks that the win condition basically means as long as the WW can survive days, she can decide when someone’s gonna lose the game, although this is probably so you won’t have to report nine winners in the event of Eseni’s death.

Sign up

Should be interesting, so why not.

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Hm. Interesting. Sign me up.

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Originally posted by RaceBandit:

You get modkilled if you claim to be the cop/clairvoyant, eh? This might result in interesting convo, although if the cop/clair finds the scum/WW, game’s probably over anyways. Still, it could reduce the wine level of game chat.

The main reason why the clairvoyant may not roleclaim is because there’s only one werewolf, and if the clairvoyant finds the werewolf, then the werewolf would probably have lost for sure, since the town knows that either the one who is accused is the werewolf, or the one who’s accusing; probably the accused one.

This way, the clairvoyant does still have to convince the town of whom is Eseni, rather than just a simple roleclaim. This also enables Eseni of trying to find counterarguments.

In games with multiple enemies, or enemies from different factions, the mafia could roleclaim being the cop, accusing somebody, and even be believed if the one who he accused is really an enemy. However, in this game, Eseni stands alone, so she’s got no way of saving herself by some sort of roleclaim.

If Eseni would roleclaim being the clairvoyant, she’d be lynched as soon as they figure out that whoever she accused isn’t Eseni. This makes Eseni unable to roleclaim being the clairvoyant, which does, according to my opinion, give a quite unfair advantage to whoever does roleclaim being a clairvoyant. Therfore, I decided to disallow roleclaims of being the clairvoyant.

Originally posted by RaceBandit:

Sorta sucks that the win condition basically means as long as the WW can survive days, she can decide when someone’s gonna lose the game, although this is probably so you won’t have to report nine winners in the event of Eseni’s death.

I don’t really get this statement… If Eseni gets lynched on the fist day, then the town simply wins. Nothing is preventing nine winners (except the possibility that the FG masterthread refuses to accept nine winners for one game; I’m not sure about that).

About “she can decide when someone’s gonna lose the game”, isn’t that how about almost every mafia/werewolf game works? The mafia or werewolf gets one kill every night as long as they’re alive, and the people who survive when the mafia/werewolf is killed are the winners.

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Actually, Vara, something like that happened before, when seemingly ALL the mafia members keeled over dead on the first two days. It was amazing.

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Thanks for pming me Adeeb.

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@Vara (Win condition): I only made that statement because I’m a bit used to “You win if your faction wins the game, unless you were modkilled.” Sure, nine winners for a 10P game is outlandish; hell, that’s probably what kept me from lashing out against you or somebody. I won’t argue against this; I’m just stating an opinion.

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The story sort of reminds me of a song (then again most things do)

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This thread seems to be drowning again, and seven players is still not enough, so I’m bumping it.

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Awesome story. I’ll sign!

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(I feel like I need to bump this thread too often… perhaps I could start with eight players, but then the town would get only three lynches (unless a successful protection happens), which is a quite low amount to find Eseni.)

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In a standard 7P game of Mafia with two mafiosos and no power roles, the town only gets two or three days to find both mafiosos. Pretty sure this Werewolf game already gives us more time than that.

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Originally posted by RaceBandit:

In a standard 7P game of Mafia with two mafiosos and no power roles, the town only gets two or three days to find both mafiosos. Pretty sure this Werewolf game already gives us more time than that.

Two/three days to find two mafia members is a quite silly distribution: that would almost gurantee the victory of the mafia, assuming the mafia doesn’t make his identity so obvious that the town can figure out one mafia member every day.

Anyway, I guess that you’re right that eight players can be enough to begin the game. I’d rather have ten players as according to the initial plan though. I guess I’ll wait two days, and simply start the game even if still not enough players have signed up by then. If ten players isn’t reached by then, I guess it would take a very long while to reach it otherwise.

The game will start in 48 hours from now (around November 7th, 20:00 GMT), or when ten players have signed up.

Does anyone have objections against this?

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