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Game thread is here.

Please note that this is a very open RP in a very realistic setting. So realistic, in fact, that I cannot make a plot realistic enough for it by myself. Therefore, active participation is absolutely mandatory in this game. You, the players, will help me make the plot; I really can’t do it alone. But if you have any really important ideas, such as a major antagonist or otherwise important NPC or faction, please PM me first before proceeding; otherwise I may reject your idea if it conflicts with my own.

Also, this game takes place in the mortal world that is linked to the spirit world of Transiens Aeternum. A crossover will occur eventually, so please check TA out if you’re interested.

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It’s a very self-explanatory title, isn’t it?

So… Yes. Superpowers are real. They let you do things no normal human can possibly do. If you wonder why you’ve never seen anyone with superpowers before, well… They actually haven’t been around for that long.

In fact, superpowers only began to emerge after an intense meteor shower that happened like just now. Generic, I know.

But that doesn’t really matter. I mean, come on! Superpowers! You used to be just some normal man or woman, but now you get to be more special than everyone else around you! And the best part is, you can do absolutely anything you want with those powers! Wanna be a superhero who saves helpless people from danger? Sure! Feel like causing random acts of destruction for teh lulz? Go ahead! Thinking of becoming an evil overlord and rule a country with an iron fist? Good luck! With superpowers, anything is possible!

Well, not anything… There are still rules, unfortunately…

Okay, enough talking. You’ve now got superpowers. Go use them.

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So you now have superpowers. Think you can snap your fingers and make a black hole appear in the sky? Sorry, nope. Superpowers or not, they don’t work like that. They still follow rules. And here, I’m gonna explain to you how they work.

You see, there are two types of superpowers, called Body and Mind powers respectively. And both are divided into three ranks. Higher-ranked abilities are always more powerful than lower-ranked ones. More details are given below.

Body abilities involve changing and manipulating your own body parts. Users of these abilities tend to be more resilient than normal squishy humans, but their powers are generally more limited by the laws of physics and are thus less versatile. Overuse of these abilities tends to physically injure or kill you.
- Rank 1 Body abilities work on only small parts of your body. An example is enhancing your arm muscles and bones to allow you to punch through concrete easily.
- Rank 2 Body abilities work on large parts of your body. An example is forming steely armor plates to cover the majority of your body.
- Rank 3 Body abilities work on your entire body. An example is transforming into an extremely strong and tough stone golem.

Mind abilities create fields of psionic energy from your mind that do things. Users of these abilities tend to be just as squishy as normal humans, but their powers are not as limited by the laws of physics and are more versatile. Overuse of these abilities leads to mental fatigue, unconsciousness, or death.
- Rank 1 Mind abilities have only minor, basic effects. An example is a blue energy that freezes things it hits.
- Rank 2 Mind abilities have more complex and powerful effects. An example is a wall of solid energy that can be moulded into many different shapes.
- Rank 3 Mind abilities have large-scale effects. An example is fire manipulation that creates a huge firestorm to burn everything around you.

When you first gain a superpower, it always starts at Rank 1. But there are a few ways that you can have its rank go up. These ways can let you gain more abilities as well.
- Practice your pre-existing superpowers often. Nothing beats good old exercise.
- Excessive meditation and contemplation. To unlock your hidden potential, or something.
- Survive some grievous physical or mental trauma. Note that this doesn’t always work, and abusing it will make you look very cheap.
- Get dosed with more of whatever phlebotinum that gave you your powers in the first place. This doesn’t always work either.

Whenever you gain a new ability, or one of your existing abilities goes up a rank, all of your other abilities will become stronger as well. So the only way to tell someone’s true power level is to add up all the ranks of all of his or her abilities.

Also, note that some abilities may have other derived uses that will only become available at higher ranks. For example, heat control may rank up to become temperature control, allowing the user to generate cold as well as heat. This may look as though the ability changed, but it has always been the same.

There are some rules about abilities that must be obeyed as well, else I won’t accept your abilities.
- Nothing is absolute. You can’t have absolute immunity to a certain type of abilities, and you can’t have an ability that always works with no possible countermeasures against it.
- All ability can be blocked and dodged, if the target is sufficiently strong and/or sufficiently agile. No ability should ignore distance and aiming completely, though homing attacks are okay.
- Your power level is the only real thing that matters. Clever tactics may allow you to defeat a stronger opponent, but nothing works if your opponent is overwhelmingly stronger than you.
- I reserve the right to nerf your abilities for any reason whatsoever. If you don’t like the nerf, choose another ability.

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To avoid possible disputes, there are a few rules in this game that must be obeyed at all times. Since I am the GM, I am allowed to break these rules, but I hope I will never be forced to do so.

- Don’t be a jerk. Try not to do anything that may possibly cause another player to spit profanity at you. That includes killing, controlling, maiming, depowering, or doing anything unpleasant to another player character without the player’s permission. If a dispute occurs, try to resolve it via PM. If that doesn’t work, PM me.

- All posts can be edited. If a conflict occurs, one of the sides will have to edit their post. If I tell you to edit one of your posts, you have to. If you refuse to do so, your post will be declared invalid, non-canonical, and will be ignored by everyone else.

- Don’t do overpowered things. If I think something you did is overpowered, you must edit your post. Otherwise your post will be invalidated.

- Only one character is allowed per account. There is nothing stopping you from making multiple characters using alts, but try not to go overboard. At most, three characters should be enough for anyone. I am exempt from this rule as I will be controlling many NPCs that are vital to the plot. You can create NPCs of your own, but if they become important enough then I may ask you to write a character profile for them and transfer them to an alt, turning them into full-fledged player characters.

- What I say goes. You can ask me to re-evaluate a decision, but ultimately I always get the final say.

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Character sheet

You’re almost there. Fill this out, receive my approval, and you can start posting. All sections of the sheet must be filled out, and please do try to be detailed. Your character must be approved by me before your posts can be considered valid.

Primary Name: A single main name that your character goes by.

Other Names: Your character’s full names, aliases, nicknames, and titles go here.

Gender: You’re a human. You need one of these. You can be intersexual, transsexual, or asexual if you really want to, but please don’t be one just for the sake of trolling.

Age: Self-explanatory. Try not to be too young, please.

Appearance: What do you look like? Remember that you’re human. Note that gaining or ranking up abilities may change your appearance.

Personality: Please be detailed here, as this is an RP. If you don’t know what to put, think about virtues, vices, intelligence, temperaments, religious, philosophical, and moral beliefs, sexual orientation, quirks, habits, etc.

Skills: What mundane skills does your character have? Examples include singing and martial arts.

Abilities: You can start with either two Rank 1 abilities, or a single Rank 2 ability.

Background: What was your life like before getting superpowers? This may or may not become important to the story. Also, please note that your first superpower is only gained from exposure to a strange substance that is scattered in the atmosphere by the meteor shower, or some derivative of that substance. There are no other ways to gain your first superpower.

Please remember to update your profile if something significant changes about your character!

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Character list

Note: Crossed out characters are inactive. They can come back whenever they want, and will be uncrossed upon doing so. I’m too lazy to modkill anyone due to inactivity alone.

Keith Maxwell (Blood_Shadow, page 1 post 7)
Trent Mackerby (BCLEGENDS, page 1 post 8)
Anthony Atone (CoolNoah23, page 1 post 11)
Jake Johnson (MasterCheif987, page 1 post 12)
Mark Tupas (therealsirmark4, page 1 post 15)
Sara Okazaki (JohnSolaris, page 2 post 17)
Kiera Greenburg (tracymirkin123, page 3 post 9)
Dimond Watkins (doombringer2000, page 5 post 20)
Zendaya Akatsuki (Anime_Shadow, page 5 post 25)
Bell Moon (AAAAPPLE, page 6 post 16)
Chance Lee Mulligen, (mooner2105, page 7 post 16)
John Clarence (Shandys, page 7 post 21)
Octavia Philharmonica (Hanging_Shadow, page 8 post 11)

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Primary Name: Keith

Other Names: Keith Terrence Maxwell; Thunderblade (frequently used online username)

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Appearance: Keith is Caucasian, 170 cm tall and rather skinny. His complexion is slightly paler than normal, due to not getting outside much. He used to have short, messy blond hair and green eyes, but after exposure to whatever stuff that gave him superpowers his hair is now metallic silver, and eyes a bright electric blue. He wears square-rimmed glasses, a white T-shirt with a single blue thunderbolt at the front, an unbuttoned dark blue denim jacket, dark blue jeans, and white sneakers.

Personality: Keith is rather shy and nerdy. He’s not very sociable or confident, and prefers to not stand out too much if he can help it. He’s a nice guy and likes to help people out whenever he can. He’s not very brave, and sometimes panics in grievous situations. Keith’s greatest virtues are his intelligence, aptitude, and an insatiable curiosity to find out how the universe works. However, as “Thunderblade”, his internet persona, Keith is quite arrogant and forceful because he has nothing to fear online; he can hack his way through most online problems. Oh, and he’s sort of an anime and manga otaku, but that’s partially because the girl he has a crush on is Japanese.


- Science: Keith knows a lot of things about science, especially fields of contemporary physics such as quantum mechanics. Like, way more than any normal high school graduate knows. However, due to his nervousness, he’s not good at explaining these concepts to others, and is not confident enough in the accuracy of his knowledge to properly use jargon.

- Guitar: Keith learned to play the acoustic and electric guitars by himself, using nothing but online video tutorials as guides. He’s really good at it, able to play “Through the Fire and Flames” without breaking a sweat. What can I say, practice really works. Unlike his friend James Hawking, Keith prefers slow, flowing melodies rather than fast screaming shreds.

- Technology: Keith is very good with technology in general. Compared to other amateurs in these fields, Keith is a rather skilled computer programmer and electrician. He tinkered with all sorts of devices before, hacked some websites, jailbroke his own iPad, and figured out how to make his electric guitar sound like a violin (it’s possible; look up on YouTube).

- Self Defense: Keith took some self defense lessons. He might not know enough to beat someone up, but he knows enough to save his own ass in most situations.


- Electrokinesis (Mind, Rank 1): From any part of his body, Keith can shoot out a bolt of intense blue electricity whose path can be somewhat crudely directed by his mind. The strength of this lightning bolt can be adjusted.

- Metalmorph (Body, Rank 1): Keith can morph small parts of his body into a tough silvery metal, and form crude objects with it.

- Teleportation (Mind, Rank 0): This is a dormant power that will only be subconsciously used once in the beginning of the game for plot reasons. It won’t become properly usable by Keith until a long time later.

Background: Keith grew up in Vancouver, Canada, along with his older twin sister Janet. His mother is a computer programmer, and his father an engineer, so Keith learned most of his technological skills from them. Unlike his athletic, outgoing sister, Keith is rather introverted, and often stays home to read books and tinker with machines rather than going out to play and make friends. In elementary and high school, Keith was bullied often, usually by a boy named Tyler Grayson and his gang of delinquents, but Janet was always there to protect him. One day, when Janet was not there to save Keith from a beating, Keith was instead saved by James Hawking, the most popular boy in his school; the two quickly became good friends. After he began to hang out with James’s clique, Keith developed a huge crush on Sara Okazaki, a shy Japanese girl and one of James’s close friends. With some “convincing” from James, Tyler reformed and became their friends as well. Keith’s little circle of friends formed an amateur band, with Keith and James on guitar, Janet on bass, Sara on keyboard, Tyler on drums, and James’s best friend and later girlfriend Rina Adams on vocal. All was well for the next few years, except Keith never found the courage to confess his feelings to Sara. But everything changed in the summer after their high school graduation. Sara went back to Japan for her vacation two weeks ago, and they never heard from her again. Vancouver was struck by an earthquake, killing Rina; days later James committed suicide out of grief. Keith was sitting at a riverside at night, thinking depressive thoughts, when the meteor shower occurred and gave him his superpowers.

[James, Rina, Keith, Sara, Tyler, and Janet are all important characters in either Transiens Aeternum or AGGWNPGS. And no, Keith here is not intended to be an expy of Keith T. Maxwell from the iOS game Galaxy on Fire.]

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[generic game title]

Woah, woah, woah, I’m the one who makes generic game titles around here. BUDDY.

Primary Name: Trent
Other Names: Trent Richard Mackerby, DJ Strobe (stage name)
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Appearance: Caucasian male, skinny bodily form, about 180cm tall, spiked-up brown hair dyed green from the ends of the hairs to about halfway up, green eyes. Wears a blue tank top, grey jeans, yellow socks, off-white trainers and red shirt sleeves with orange trim. No, the sleeves are not a part of the tank top; they are just shirt sleeves on their own.
Personality: A nice enough guy, presuming you don’t end up annoying him too much. May or may not be of any given sexuality – he doesn’t like to talk about it.
Skills: Very good with artificial-sounding musical styles, including dubstep, techno and Autotune. Also DJs for a living.
Dubstep 1 (Mind) – Can fire laser-like beams of multi-coloured energy from his hands. This has the effect of knocking out (or, with a sustained blast, eventually killing) anyone who touches them, with the odd side effect of causing everyone in the vicinity to hear dubstep-type music, seemingly appearing out of nowhere.
Techno 1 (Mind) – Can form concussive force blasts that throw away anyone struck by them, dealing significant damage due to their being hit by a freaking shockwave. Also causes everyone in the vicinity to hear techno-style music, seemingly appearing out of nowhere.
Background: Being a DJ is a moderately well-paying job, and a hobby that Trent always enjoyed in his childhood. That being said, he didn’t do much else with his life, seeing as he couldn’t exactly party with any of his friends in the clubs he worked for. On the other hand, at least he never got any of his drinks spiked.

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Primary Name: Jared
Other Names: Jared O. Kay
Gender: Male
Appearance: Green shirt and eyes, black pants and black shoes, and blonde hair. He is 6’1 and weighs 150 pounds.
Personality: He is normally very social, but he sometimes gets a bit arrogant and stubborn when he doesn’t get what he wants. He is a nice person, is very intelligent (It’s sort of required of his powers), and likes to build things. He is a “think outside the box” kid of person, and specializes in improvising.
Skills: Coding, drawing, swimming, building, and science.

(Rank 1) Phasing: Jared can phase a certain area in space/time with an alternate universe to generate a field where the laws of physics can be bend or broken entirely. This, however, is an unpredictable ability and can generate drastic results. This ability may be accidentally triggered, but Jared can control it for the most part. The field can range in size from a few centimeters to a full 2 feet.

(Rank 1) Weak Telekinesis: Jared generates a *+very*+ weak magnetic field around himself constantly that allows him to shift or lift objects with just the thought of the object moving to the direction of his eyes. This ability cannot lift objects heavier than 5 pounds, requires concentration to use, and may sometimes cause minor pains (like headaches or other pains) to people near himself.

Background: Jared O. Kay was born in Vermont to a family of four who lived in a modest neighborhood. He lived a casual life until he was kidnapped by the U.S. government and used as a test subject for an experiment on Quantum Tunneling. However, the experiment went horribly wrong and left Jared permanently fused with his own self in the alternate universe.

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Primary Name: Zendaya

Other Names: Dawn, Zena, Zenny (Online Name), ‘Rebel’ (Title), Zendaya Akatsuki (Full Name), (and then any mash-up of any of the previous names.)

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Appearance: From her black sneakers to her black hair and pink highlights, Zendaya seems to be a regular punk. She has black jeans that are long and hide her shins, as she doesn’t like showing off her body much. She wears a black tank-top with a pink (or blue or green or white) shirt over it. She has a black belt with white studs on it. She sometimes wears a hat that says ‘Rebel’ on it.

Personality: Zendaya is a bit of a rebel. She disobeys the rules, sometimes on purpose, sometimes not. She is kind when you get to know her, but like her Spiked ability, she is hard on the outside. She usually ignores annoying people and hangs out in dark alleys where she can talk to friends or practice her abilities, so she is only slightly anti-social. Being a rebel, it is better to attempt reverse psychology, however, she is very intelligent so this may not work.

Skills: Martial Arts, which is mainly Judo, Trolling online Typing incredibly fast since she is online all of the time, and dancing. Especially dancing.


(Rank One, Mind) Ember 360 o Zendaya launches a wave of fire out at all directions around her. The distance and strength of this wave of fire may vary on how strong Zendaya is.

(Rank One, Physical) Spiked – Zendaya can morph any part of her body to have large and pointy spikes all over. The spikes won’t have poison on them until Zendaya masters this rank of this power.

Background: Zendaya used to be a work-from-home kind of person. She lived at her parent’s mansion, since her parents refuse to let Zendaya go on her own. She always sneaks out and goes to clubs and parties. Her parents never notice and one time, Zendaya got stuck on the wire wall around the house and when she got caught her parents kicked her out. Zendaya bought herself a better house than her parents’ mansion because all of this time, Zendaya was saving her money. At her new home, Zendaya sells even more items off of the internet and gets richer as well.

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Primary Name: Anthony

Age: 27

Other Names: Anthony H. Atone, A.H.A, A.A, and The Speedster

Gender: Male

Appearance: A Hispanic look to the skin with spiky jet black hair, a 5’o clock shadow with a bushy mustache, emerald green eyes, scar over cheek, white wings tattoo on back, about 6’5, average weight, muscular, and a huge scar running down the leg. Clothing includes a black hoodie with taped up wrists, bandages on legs and feet, a white undershirt covered with small holes and small patches of dried blood, blue jeans with taped up ankles, knee and elbow pads, black goggles, black backpack, black shoes with white x’s on them, and small socks.

Personality: A very nice guy on the outside, though very angry on the inside, with the quirk of always talking too fast, the IQ of 155, also likes cats, fish, and hamsters along with cooking and running, but hates teens, annoying people, and dorks, and believes that every one should just not be total assholes.

Skills: Can run fast, jump high, and cook very good.


Rank 1, (Body) Electric Bolt: Can fire a low voltage bolt of lightning from hand.

Rank 1, (Body) Flying: In 2 minute intervals can fly from 2 feet to 40 feet and the highest that can go is 67 ft up. Also helps in gliding to other places and lasts a bit longer.

Background: Before the entire thing with superpowers, Anthony was just a normal collage boy learning how to cook many different things, including gourmet food. In his off time though, he ran around track, practiced parkour in the city, and learned how to keep his stamina up. Even more back is a sad life of growing up in Latin America with many gangs roaming the street, one of which Anthony joined at 13. After a year of just having fun in a gang, Anthony’s parents had won the lottery and became rich, in which they moved to Britain for 4 years before coming to American at which Anthony had gained a slight British accent and a love for cooking.

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Primary Name:James
Other names:Jamess H. Cooper
Appearance:Jake is 5’9", 179 pounds. He is bald, but has a nice beard and blue eyes. He wears a red t-shirt under a leather jacket. For pants he wears jeans, grey shoes.
Personality:He can be kind. He can also hate you and want to smash your skull like a wallnut. Say the wrong thing and his opinion of you will be the latter. So yes, he tends to be violent. Average intelligence, straight, while religeous doesn’t beleive in going to churches or such.
Skills:Jake has close combat skills, resulting from several years of boxing
-Pyrokinesis (Mind level one):Jake can create a beam of sorts of fire from his body. The fire can only be shot in a straight line, but it is quite potent.
-Stoneskin (Body level one):Jake can turn a limb into stone. It pretty much makes his punches (Or kicks depending on the limb) stronger and him better at soaking up damage.
Backround:Jake was always a bit of a jerk. He tended to get mad a lot, and fight…a lot. He never excelled at school, but he never fell (far) behind. He decided fighting was how he would make money. After deciding that being a cop or a soldier had to high of a chance of him dieing, he chose boxing. As he turns out, he wasn’t very bad at it.

[Edit:Dang you apple, making a fire ability while I write my sign-up.]

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Everyone except Jared is accepted.

Jared… has a few problems. First, I don’t like powers with “unpredictable results”; that basically allows you to do pretty much anything. Second, the “actual” laws of physics, the ones involving spirit energy and superpowers and such, the ones that aren’t fully understood by humans, can never be broken; superpowers can only appear to break what we believe to be the laws of physics, where these laws are incomplete at best and downright wrong at worst. Third, magnetic fields don’t work like that, so if you want to have telekinesis then just have a blatantly supernatural energy field that lifts things rather than a normal magnetic field. Fourth, there are no parallel universes, and that is not how you gain superpowers; you only gain them via exposure to the strange phlebotinum that got scattered in the atmosphere after the meteor shower. You may get to make up your own plot, but only I get to decide how superpowers work; it will all be explained later in the game.

Dang you apple, making a fire ability while I write my sign-up.

Similar abilities are completely fine. Keith’s twin sister Janet will have pyrokinesis as well.

One more thing, guys. Add your age to your profiles! Age is now a part of the character sheet. Can’t believe I forgot that.

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I thought age missing was strange but I just assumed you did that on purpose. I fixed that.

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Primary Name: Mark Tupas

Other names: Kraze, Scoial, Shylus, Confai, Brick, Astute, Liege, Sedit, Kill, Joy, KillJoy, and SmartBrick

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance: Mark has black hair to match his black eyes. His skin is brown. He usually wears a black hoodie over a red shirt and jeans. He is 6"7 and pretty slim.

Personality: Mark acts how any other person acts, he is scared by scary things but is not a total wuss. He can be loyal to his freinds, sometimes he’ll run at the first sight of danger. His IQ is 100 on the dot. He is clumsy but doesn’t always trip over his own feet. He acts differently to people, to some people he’ll act like “one of the guys” other times he’ll act like a “proper gentleman”.

Skills: He has very acute senses of smell, sight and hearing. He is well practiced in Judo and Karate, also has 3 years of experience in wrestling. He barley knows how to play the keyboard.


(Rank 1 Mental) Telekinesis: Mark has the ability to move things using this power. He can only lift things he can lift normally. A thread connects him to the object he is using this power on, the thread travels as fast as someone throwing a punch.

(Rank 1 Body) Super Reflexes: Mark’s Reflexes are enhanced greatly. He can maintain this ability for about five minutes, that’s saying if he is not hit, if he is hit by most things this power will be disrupted. While using this power everything seems to go slower, if he is hit repeatedly he will be disoriented as the world around him will keep switching from slow to normal.

(Rank 1 Mental) Cloning: Mark can clone himself. These clone are controlled by one or more of his personalities, if only one personality controls said clone, the clone will look different than Mark.

Background: Mark was a normal teenager until he gone in a coma when he was 14. While walking he was jumped and beaten to a coma, he made a full recovery, however there was a side-effect. He gained a couple of other personalities for some kind of reason. These different personalities take control time to time. These personalities are: Kraze, He is Mark’s crazy side (crazy in a good way, if that makes sense), he’ll make Mark take thing farther than Mark normally would, he’ll never care for other people most of the time. Scoial, the opposite of Kraze, he’ll make sure Mark behaves as in a gentleman fashion, making sure Mark doesn’t do anything out of the norm. Shylus, he is Mark’s Shy side, sometimes he’ll take control of Mark randomly, and more than Mark would like, at really bad times. Confai, he is Mark’s confident side, he’ll make sure Mark isn’t a doormat. He however lets his pride take over sometimes. Brick, he’ll have Mark take things the brute force way. When taken over Mark will not be as intelligent as he usually would be. Astute, he’ll make sure Mark always thinks things out. He’ll not make Mark smarter however he’ll help Mark think things through. Liege, he’ll make sure Mark is always loyal to his freinds and comrades. When taken over by Liege, Mark will fight till the end, even if everyone else runs. Sedit, he is Mark’s cowardly side, he’ll make sure Mark is at a advantage at all times. When under Sedit’s impression Mark will be the first one to run when things go south. Mark accepted these new personalities into his life and cancelled therapy that wasn’t really helping anyways. He is not ashamed of this abnormality, but will only talk about it when asked about. One day there was a meteor shower and Kraze just had to go and pick up that glowing rock… well now Mark has superpowers.

Update March 27: After over working his power Mark gone unconscious and gained two new personalities. Joy: Joy is Mark’s fun and energetic side and Kill who is Mark’s killer instinct.

Update April 25: Mark got a new ability, this ability was to clone, more information on this new power can be found in his abilities secession

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Uh… What’s Mark’s last name? I need that for his entry in the character list.

Also, do know that telekinesis is a very abusable power. In my games, telekinesis takes the form of an energy field that extends from you and envelopes the thing you want to move. It’s like an extra arm that can reach very far, but it can be blocked and dodged. You can’t just look at someone and instantly crush his brain.

But other than that, accepted. I just need a last name.

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Okay, it usually takes the form of my eyes and/or hand(s) glowing and the other object glowing but no biggie, BTW is the “thread” that connects from me to the object instantaneous? Is it slow or fast? I would like to know.

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It is not instantaneous. It has to reach from you to your target. The speed… Let’s say it moves as fast as your normal arm. Of course, it’s going to get faster when you become more powerful.

You’re accepted.

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So if I was to throw a punch, that fast?

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That’s reasonable. You should make the thread visibly glowing too, so that it’s easier to dodge.

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Who else here plans on pissing off James?

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Me! Oh wait. I’ll do it anyways!

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lulz, easily angered PCs are always great people to fight.

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Yep, especially when they shoot fire and can turn their fists into stone.