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And, we’re back. This time, Kongregate D&D will be using this thread for character creation and the ‘Tavern’ thread for a sort of hub in which characters can find various adventure hooks, interact with each other, and otherwise wait between sessions.

Gaming sessions will take place in private chat or via skype, depending on DM preference, and generally be oriented towards very short dungeons and adventures. As always, if you want to host, send me a PM.


If you aren’t familiar with D&D:

Write about your character. Describe their race and class, what they’re good at and what they’re not. We can make suggestions from there. Almost anything you can imagine is possible within D&D… Eventually.

If you know what you’re doing, complete the character sheet and post it for me to check over. Use a 32 point-buy for character attributes.

No third-party races or classes; only those found within the official D&D 3.0/3.5 books (Grayhawk), the official Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, and the official Eberron Campaign Settings are acceptable.

All characters must begin at level 1, templates and high EL races will begin at their minimum power, if allowed.

DMs may further restrict what characters may enter their campaign.

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Section 1: Character Sheets and Registered Players.

Google Docs Character Sheet

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Section 2: Intro to Character Creation.

So most people have a vague idea of what D&D is, but if you don’t here’s the gist of it.
It’s a (usually tabletop) fantasy role playing game. Unlike the usual RPs we get on FGF, Dungeons and Dragons has a set of rules, and it actually feels like a real fight, which can be hard to achieved with RPed battle.

Another thing: you can actually die(Ghasp!).
But doesn’t that just make winning all the more sweet?

Characters embark upon imaginary adventures within a fantasy setting. A Dungeon Master serves as the game’s referee and storyteller, while also maintaining the setting in which the adventures occur and playing the role of the inhabitants.

This is the core thread for signing Dungeons and Dragons, if interested but don’t know how to play, will provide some rulebook DL links below.

Be warned. If you don’t like a moderate amount of reading then stop right here, but if you don’t mind then the game is good once you get into it. It’s not as complicated as it looks.

I’m not going to lie, at first the reading seems alot, but we can always use the books as a reference and take you through it as we go.

First thing’s first, if you need copies of the rulebooks then here are some nice links, don’t worry they aren’t trojan infested or anything, I’ve never gotten any of that kind of thing from 4shared, but if you don’t like it I can find some alternates (probably mediafire).

Player’s Handbook

Reserved for character sheets.

Optional, but recommended:
All the Basics.
Player’s Handbook 2
Players Don’t Need This
And Especially Not This
Almost Every 3.0/3.5 Book

Any supplement rulebooks you feel like getting later are purely optional, but can add to the experience and can be quite cool.

Note: We will fill out these posts with more information as we have time, and as people ask about things. There are a huge amount of options in D&D, and we just don’t have the time to list them all! So, if you don’t see something that’s just right, try to describe what you’re looking for… If you can think of it, it probably exists within D&D.

If you need help with character creation, hop into the room KongD&D over on Rolz.

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Section 3: Sample Characters.

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Section 4: Listed Races.

No Level Adjustment

Aquatic Dwarf
Aquatic Gnome
Aquatic Goblin
Aquatic Halfelf
Aquatic Halforc
Aquatic Halfling
Aquatic Human
Aquatic Kobold
Aquatic Orc
Arctic Dwarf
Arctic Elf
Arctic Gnome
Arctic Goblin
Arctic Halfelf
Arctic Halforc
Arctic Halfling
Arctic Kobold
Arctic Orc
Desert Dwarf
Desert Elf
Desert Gnome
Desert Goblin
Desert Halfelf
Desert Halforc
Desert Halfling
Desert Kobold
Desert Orc
Jungle Dwarf
Jungle Elf
Jungle Gnome
Jungle Goblin
Jungle Halfelf
Jungle Halforc
Jungle Halfling
Jungle Kobold
Jungle Orc
Air Gnome
Air Goblin
Earth Dwarf
Earth Kobold
Fire Elf
Fire Hobgoblin
Water Halfling
Water Orc
Fire Halfelf
Water Halforc
Badlands Dwarves
Painted Elves
Scablands Half-Orcs
Silverbrow Human
Fireblood Dwarf
Forestlord Elf
Forestlord Halfelf
Stonehunter Gnome
Glimmerskin Halfling
Frostblood Orc
Frostblood Halforc
Aquatic Elf
Gray Elf
Wild Elf
Wood Elf

+1 Races

Viletooth Lizardfolk
Sunscorch Hobgoblin
Air Mephling
Earth Mephling
Fire Mephling
Water Mephling
Frost Dwarf
Fire Gnome

+2 Races

Albino Drow
Deepwyrm Drow

+3 Races


+4 And Higher

Yuan-Ti Pureblood
Yuan-Ti Halfblood
Yuan-Ti Abomination
Salamander Flamebrother
Average Salamander
Shambling Mound
Red Slaad
Blue Slaad
Green Slaad
Gray Slaad
Mind Flayer
Ogre Mage
Fire Giant
Frost Giant
Hill Giant
Stone Giant
Astral Deva
Hound Archon
Lantern Archon
Bearded Devil
Chain Devil
Displacer Beast
Bog Imp
Gray Jester
Mind Flayer Alhoon
Mind Flayer Ulitharid
Average Psurlon
Elder Psurlon
Khayal Genie
Word Archon
Assassin Devil
Legion Devil
Steel Devil
Yuan-Ti Anathema
Jackal Lord
Dark Creeper
Dark Stalker
Black Ethergaunt
Red Ethergaunt
White Ethergaunt
Cursed Cold One
Desert Devil
Sand Dragon
Saguaro Sentinel
Wasteland Troll
Black Dragon
Blue Dragon
Green Dragon
Red Dragon
White Dragon
Brass Dragon
Bronze Dragon
Copper Dragon
Gold Dragon
Silver Dragon
Sapphire Dragon
Crystal Dragon
Amethyst Dragon
Emerald Dragon
Topaz Dragon
Fang Dragon
Shadow Dragon
Song Dragon
Brown Dragon
Deep Dragon
Yu Lung Dragon
Pan Lung Dragon
Li Lung Dragon
Styx Dragon
Rust Dragon
Pyroclastic Dragon
Tarterian Dragon
Howling Dragon
Ethereal Dragon
Battle Dragon
Chaos Dragon
Oceanus Dragon
Radiant Dragon
Abyssal Drake
Air Drake
Dragon Turtle
Earth Dragon
Faerie Dragon
Fire Drake
Forest Landwyrm
Ice Drake
Magma Drake
Ooze Drake
Plains Landwyrm
Smoke Drake
Spiked Felldrake
Underdark Landwyrm
Water Drake

Note: There are thousands of races. As people discribe what they want, more will be added to the list. Don’t see a race you like? Describe your ideal race to us. We’ll find it. Also note that races with (+x) behind them have level adjustments, which make them level more slowly than normal races, in trade for being more powerful.

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Section 5: Listed Classes.

Archivist: A wizard, but with divine magic. And lore.
Barbarian: A lightly-armored melee dreadnaught.
Bard: A worthless character better fit for a punching-bag. Has powerful music class abilities and support magic.
Binder: Binds supernatural creatures called vestiges to his soul, in trade for dark power.
Cleric: Cliche battle-cleric. Prepares spells like a wizard… But divine.
Dragonfire Adept: Gains dragon-like breath attacks and special abilities.
Dread Necromancer: A specialist arcane caster focusing only on Necromancy. Slowly transforms into a lich.
Druid: A divine nature-based caster. Has the special ability to shapechange.
Fighter: Bigdum Meatshield.
Monk: Unarmored, usually unarmed martial artist. Incredibly fast and durable.
Ninja: Like a mix between a monk and a rogue, with some magic thrown in to boot.
Paladin: I AN HERO.
Ranger: Specializes in archery or two-handed fighting. Access to minor spellcasting.
Rogue: The ultimate handyman. Bane of traps, locks, and creatures with poor eyesight.
Scout: A movement-based martial class. Gains bonus damage on turns when it moves.
Shadowcaster: Draws power from the plane of shadow in order to produce powerful effects.
Sorcerer: Like a wizard, but knows less spells… But, doesn’t have to prepare them in advance!
Spellthief: A weaker rogue with the ability to steal and use magic from a target it hits.
Truenamer: Bending reality by speaking syllables from the words of creation. Incredible potential… Hard to use.
Warlock: Specializes in creating and modifying magical rays. Has supernatural abilities. Unlimitted casting.
Warmage: An armored mage focusing on destroying everything in sight.
Wizard: Can know every arcane spell… But must choose a day’s spells in advance, not on-the-fly.
Wu Jen: An oriental spellcaster focusing on the 8-school elemental system.

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Section 6: Listed Skills.

Appraise: The ability to discern the value of things.
Balance: The ability to retain one’s footing, avoid trips, and walk narrow edges.
Bluff: Lying!
Climb: Climbing.
Concentration: The ability not to be distracted when focusing heavily. Very important to casters!
Craft: Making things. All craft have a subfield like Craft (Alchemy) or Craft (Weaponsmithing).
Decipher Script: Translating things from ancient or foreign languages.
Diplomacy: The ability to subtly manipulate others and act refined.
Disable Device: The ability to disarm traps or sabotage things.
Disguise: The ability to wear groucho glasses.
Escape Artist: Escaping from ropes, chains, and other such bindings.
Forgery: Forging things such as land deeds, writs of passage, and so on.
Gather Information: Gathering information.
Handle Animal: Handling animals… Includes care and training.
Heal: Non-magical healing. Also used for stabilizing those near death.
Hide: The ability to escape detection.
Intimidate: Intimidate foes. Also useful in combat situations.
Jump: Jumping.
Knowledge: Broken into various sub-skills such as Knowledge (Religion) and Knowledge (The Planes).
Listen: Listening.
Move Silently: Sneakery!
Open Lock: Lockpicking.
Perform: Various artistic performances, such as Perform (Strings) and Perform (Comedy).
Profession: Various professions such as Profession (Blacksmith) and Profession (Carpentry). Sync with crafts.
Ride: Rideing horses, gelatinous cubes, sandstorms, and other odd things.
Search: The ability to find small or hidden things.
Sense Motive: The ability to tell when someone is lying… Or at least how they’re feeling.
Sleight Of Hand: Sneaky pickpocketry.
Speak Language: Yeah. This one’s important.
Spellcraft: This here’s for spellcasters.
Spot: The ability to notice things. Like a passive version of search.
Survival: The ability to make campfires, forage for foods, and generally live off the land.
Swim: Swimming.
Tumble: Acrobatics.
Use Magic Device: Using magical devices. Not usually needed… But good to have when it is.
Use Rope: Knots, lassos, and other rope-based stupidity.

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Section 7: Listed Feats.

Skill Bonus (No prequisites)

Acrobatic: Tumble & Jump bonus.
Agile: Balance & Escape Artist bonus.
Alertness: Spot & Listen bonus.
Animal Affinity: Handle Animal & Ride bonus.
Athletic: Swim & Climb bonus.
Deceitful: Disguise & Forgery bonus.
Deft Hand: Use Rope & Sleight of Hands bonus.
Diligent: Appraise & Decifer Script bonus.
Investigator: Gather Information & Search bonus.
Magical Aptitude: Use Magic Device & Spellcraft bonus.
Negotiator: Diplomacy & Sense Motive bonus.
Nimble Fingers: Open Locks & Disable Device bonus.
Pursuasive: Bluff & Intimidate bonus.
Self-Sufficient: Heal & Survival bonus.
Stealthy: Hide & Move Silently bonus.

Combat Feats

Armour Proficiency (light): No pentalties while wearing light armour. Pre:
Armour Proficiency (medium): No pentalties while wearing medium armour. Pre: Armour Proficiency (light)
Armour Proficiency (heavy): No pentalties while wearing heavy armour. Pre: Armour Proficiency (medium)
Combat Expertise: Able to swap base attack bonus for extra armour. Pre: Int 13
Improved Disarm: More proficient at disarming, no longer provokes attack of opportunity. Pre: Combat Expertise
Improved Trip: More proficient at tripping, no longer provokes attack of opportunity. Pre: Combat Expertise
Improved Feint: Can Feint as a move action. Pre: Combat Expertise
Combat Reflexes: Additional attacks of opportunity. Pre:
Dodge: Small armour class bonus against Dodge target. Pre: Dex 13
Mobiltiy: Armour class bonus against attacks of opportunity. Pre: Dodge
Spring Attack: Able to move before and after a melee attack. Pre: Mobility, Base Attack Bonus +4
Exotic Weapon Proficiency: No pentalties while wielding specific Exotic Weapon. Pre: Base Attack Bonus +1
Improved Critical: Doubles the critical threat range of specific weapon. Pre: Base Attack Bonus +8, Proficient with weapon.
Improved Unarmed Strike: Considered armed when unarmed. Pre:
Improved Grapple: More proficient at Grappling, no longer provokes attack of opportunity. Pre: Dex 13, Improved Unarmed Strike
Deflect Arrows: Can deflect one ranged attack per round. Pre: Dex 13, Improved Unarmed Strike
Snatch Arrows: Can catch a deflected ranged attack. Pre: Dex 15, Deflect Arrows, Improved Unarmed Strike
Stunning Fist: Stun opponent with unarmed attack. Pre: Dex 13, Wis 13, Improved Unarmed Strike, Base Attack Bonus +2
Martial Weapon Proficiency: No pentalties while wielding specific Martial Weapon. Pre:
Mounted Combat: Negate hits on mount with ride check. Pre: Ride 1 rank
Mounted Archery: Half penalty for ranged attacks while mounted. Pre: Mounted Combat
Ride-By Attack: Move before and after mounted melee attack. Pre: Mounted Combat
Spirited Charge: Deals double damage on charge while mounted. Pre: Mounted Combat, Ride-By Attack
Trample: Target cannot avoid mounted overrun. Pre: Mounted Combat
Point Blank Shot: Bonus on ranged attack when within 30ft. Pre:
Far Shot: Increase range increment by 50% or 100%. Pre: Point Blank Shot
Precise Shot: No penalties on shooting into melee. Pre: Point Blank Shot
Rapid Shot: One extra ranged attack each round. Pre: Dex 13, Point Blank Shot
Manyshot: Shoot two or more arrows simultaneously. Pre: Dex 17, Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, Base Attack Bonus +6
Shot on the Run: Move before and after ranged attack. Pre: Dex 13, Dodge, Mobility, Point Blank Shot, Base Attack Bonus +4
Improved Precise Shot: Ignore less than total cover/concealment on ranged attacks. Pre: Dex 19, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Base Attack Bonus +11

Metamagic/Caster Feats

Generic Feats

Endurance: Resistant to nonlethal damage. Pre:
Diehard: Can remain conscious on negative hitpoints. Pre: Endurance

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Section 8: Listed Spells.

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Section 9: Familiars.

Familiars are generally found among the arcane sorts. There are many varieties, most of which provide the master with some sort of stat bonus as well! Generally, if a familiar is killed, the master will take damage.

Bat: Master gains a +3 bonus on Listen checks.
Cat: Master gains a +3 bonus on Move Silently checks.
Hawk: Master gains a +3 bonus on Spot checks in bright light.
Lizard: Master gains a +3 bonus on Climb checks.
Owl: Master gains a +3 bonus on Spot checks in shadows.
Rat: Master gains a +2 bonus on Fortitude saves.
Raven: Master gains a +3 bonus on Appraise checks. Can speak one language of master’s choice.
Snake: Master gains a +3 bonus on Bluff checks.
Toad: Master gains +3 hit points.
Weasel: Master gains a +2 bonus on Reflex saves.

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Section 10: Animal Companions.

Generally found among nature-y sorts, animal companions are above-average specimines, and gain power alongside their master. Higher level animals can be taken by higher level masters, though they suffer a penalty on their bonuses based on the level difference! Remember, you can’t normally take water animals on land!

Default Options
Dire rat
Riding dog
Horse (light or heavy)
Snake (Small or Medium viper)
4th Level or Higher (Level -3)
Ape (animal)
Bear, black (animal)
Bison (animal)
Boar (animal)
Cheetah (animal)
Crocodile (animal)
Dire badger
Dire bat
Dire weasel
Leopard (animal)
Lizard, monitor (animal)
Shark, Large (animal)
Snake, constrictor (animal)
Snake, Large viper (animal)
Wolverine (animal)
7th Level or Higher (Level -6)
Bear, brown (animal)
Dire wolverine
Crocodile, giant (animal)
Deinonychus (dinosaur)
Dire ape
Dire boar
Dire wolf
Elasmosaurus (dinosaur)
Lion (animal)
Rhinoceros (animal)
Snake, Huge viper (animal)
Tiger (animal)
10th Level or Higher (Level -9)
Bear, polar (animal)
Dire lion
Megaraptor (dinosaur)
Shark, Huge (animal)
Snake, giant constrictor (animal)
Whale, orca (animal)
13th Level or Higher (Level -12)
Dire bear
Elephant (animal)
Octopus, giant (animal)
16th Level or Higher (Level -15)
Dire shark
Dire tiger
Squid, giant (animal)
Triceratops (dinosaur)
Tyrannosaurus (dinosaur)

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Section 11: Mounts.

These are for the knight-y types.

Heavy Warhorse
Riding Dog
Large Shark

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Section 12: Truename Magic.

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Section 13: Vestiges.

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Section 14: Invocations.

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Section 15: Domains.

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Section 16: Mysteries.

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Section 17: Wild Shape.

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Section 18: The Derpy Guide to Arcane Classes.

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Section 19: The Derpy Guide to Divine Classes.

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Section 20: The Derpy Guide to Martial Classes.

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Section 21: The Derpy Guide to Specialist Classes.

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Section 22: The Derpy Guide to Unique Classes.

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Section 23: Starting Funds.

Barbarian 100 gp
Paladin 150 gp
Bard 100 gp
Ranger 150 gp
Cleric 125 gp
Rogue 125 gp
Druid 50 gp
Sorcerer 75 gp
Fighter 150 gp
Wizard 75 gp
Monk 12 gp, 5 sp

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Section 24: