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This thread is currently incomplete. For a summary of the stuff I’ve yet to add, please look here, though it is outdated and may be highly inaccurate.


Greetings, fellow FGF member and potential game maker. Welcome to the Nexus, a massive universe where games of all genres, tones, and backgrounds can take place. This setting is inspired by Kosmos, a somewhat similar setting created by Captain_Catface, as well as materials from Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer 40000, Exalted, Magic: The Gathering, the Fig Hunter universe by Pseudolonewolf, and various other sources.

The primary purpose of the Nexus is to be a shared universe where multiple games are taking place at once, so that some or all of these games can be crossed over with one another at some point in the future. That’s right, this is a setting specifically designed for potential massive multiplayer crossovers. Think about it; what can be more awesome than the collision of several great games that leaves the entire FGF gaping in awe?

Excited yet? Well then, read on! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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All right. Whenever we have multiple people involved, there has to be rules. This is even more true with multiple GMs (game makers) involved. These rules must be obeyed at all times, by all people involved in this setting, with the exception of myself. Yes, I am allowed to break these rules, but I hope I will never need to do so; I have granted myself this power mainly to prevent the rules from being twisted by malicious forumgoers and used against me.

If you break any of the rules below, intentionally or by accident, you will be punished according to the three-strikes system below. Certain rules may also have additional punishments for breaking them.
1. The first offense will be met only with a warning.
2. The second offense will result in something unpleasant being inflicted on you. If you are a player, something unpleasant will happen to your character. If you are a GM, an undesirable change will be made to the plot of your game against your will.
3. The third offense will result in you being banned from the Nexus for a month. If you are a player, your character will be removed from existence. If you are a GM, your entire game will be removed from existence, though your players can migrate their characters to other Nexus games if they wish.
Additionally, if you are banned from the Nexus for the third time, your ban will be permanent.

Note that in each game, the players and GM are encouraged to ensure that the other does not break the rules. GMs are encouraged to punish their players for breaking the rules, and the players are encouraged to report it to me if their GM breaks the rules.

Okay, enough about the consequences, and onto the rules themselves.

- Do not respond to anyone who is attempting to derail this thread. Flag and move on.

- If you want to make a game that takes place in this setting, you must make a post in this thread according to the game template, and wait for my approval. If I spot a game that I do not approve of, then that game will not be considered to be a part of the Nexus canon.

- If you want to make a major change to the Nexus setting, including but not limited to the creation or destruction of any important character, place, group, event, race, artifact, deity, holiday, or anything you personally consider important, you must receive my approval. If you are a GM, you have permission to create any non-intelligent monster, so long as it is balanced and possible in reasonable fantasy or technology. If I spot a change that I do not approve of, it will be invalidated; retcons will be used if necessary.

- Games are not allowed, under any circumstances, to interact with one another without the explicit approval of all GMs involved. If I spot a crossover that I do not approve of, it will be invalidated; retcons will be used if necessary.

- All GMs have absolute power within their respective games, except that they cannot disobey the rules or myself. If multiple GMs interact with one another, they must compromise; if they cannot do so then I will step in. My power overrides that of any GM within the Nexus, but I will rarely influence any game directly.

- Don’t be a jerk. Try not to do anything that may possibly cause anyone to spit profanity at you. That includes killing, controlling, maiming, depowering, or doing anything unpleasant to another player character without the player’s permission, or derailing the plot of another game. If a dispute occurs, try to resolve it via PM. If that doesn’t work, PM me.

- All posts can be edited. If a conflict occurs, one or both sides will have to edit their post. If I tell you to edit one of your posts, you have to. If you refuse to do so, your post will be declared invalid, non-canonical, and will be ignored by everyone else; responding to such invalidated posts also counts as breaking this rule.

- Don’t be overpowered. If I spot your character doing something he or she should not be able to do, you must edit your post. Otherwise your post will be considered invalid; retcons will be used if necessary. There will be a more detailed list of what I consider to be overpowered in the supernatural abilities section of this thread.

- Inside the Nexus, only one character per game is allowed per player account, and one game per GM. There is nothing stopping you from making multiple characters or games using alts, but try not to go overboard. At most, three characters should be enough for anyone, and the usual FGF rule for making multiple games applies. You can create NPCs of your own, but if they become important enough then I or your GM may ask you to write a character profile for them and transfer them to an alt, turning them into full-fledged player characters. Yes, alts must be used; this is to discourage people from making too many characters or games.

- What I say goes. You can ask me to re-evaluate a decision, but ultimately I always get the final say. If I say that a conversation is over, it is over; you will be punished for attempting to argue further.


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Before making a game that takes place in the Nexus universe, you must fill out the following form and post it in this thread. You can only make the game after it is approved.

Please try to make it so that your game should also work standalone; people should not need to read the Nexus to be able to play your game. It’s not likely that your game uses the entirety of the Nexus lore, so just tell your players about the parts of the Nexus that your game uses.

Name: The name of your game.

Plane: The Plane, or multiple Planes, of existence in the Nexus universe that your game takes place in. More about the Planes will be described in later sections of this thread.

Scope: How much impact will the plot of your game have on the rest of the universe. Your game can be any of the following, except the last one; that one is generally reserved for potential crossovers of truly overarching cosmic scales.
- Personal: Your game affects a single person or a small group of people.
- Regional: Your game affects a single village, town, city, or other form of settlement.
- Provincial: Your game affects a large group of settlements.
- National: Your game affects a single country, empire, or other form of civilization.
- Continental: Your game affects a significant portion of a planet or its extraplanar equivalent.
- Global: Your game affects a single planet or its extraplanar equivalent.
- Multi-Planetary: Your game affects multiple planets, a solar system, or their extraplanar equivalents.
- Galactic: Your game affects a single galaxy or its extraplanar equivalents.
- Multi-Galactic: Your game affects multiple galaxies or their extraplanar equivalents.
- Planar: Your game affects an entire Plane of existence.
- Multi-Planar: Your game affects multiple Planes of existence.
- Universal: Your game affects the entire universe.

Summary: Please give a summary of the plot and background information of your game. If you do not want to reveal too much, send me a PM.

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Powers and Abilities

Face it, people. This is fiction. Sooner or later, we’re going to want our fictional avatars to do things that humans are not capable of doing. However, there has to be rules limiting what the players can do, otherwise nothing is stopping a munchkin from making a character so horribly overpowered that he or she can conquer the entire universe with the utmost ease.

Before listing the rules, I must make some clarifications regarding two distinct but related concepts. An ability is what you can do to affect the environment around you. Power is how much you can affect the environment around you. For example, a fireball is an ability; your power determines how much damage you can deal with the fireball.

Now, here are the rules that all superhuman abilities must obey. There are certain ways to bypass these rules, which will be covered by later sections of this thread.

- Nothing is absolute. You cannot have absolute immunity to a certain type of abilities, and you cannot have an ability that always works with no possible countermeasures against it.

- All ability can be blocked and dodged, if the target is sufficiently strong and/or sufficiently agile. No ability should ignore distance and aiming completely, though homing attacks are acceptable.

- More often than not, your power, as defined above in this post, is the only real thing that matters. Clever tactics may allow you to defeat a stronger opponent, but nothing will work if your opponent is overwhelmingly stronger than you. Usually, your abilities will be not as effective against more powerful opponents. For example, if you’re a human with psychic powers, good luck trying to mind control a god.

- Space is continuous. If you want something to occur in a location you are not occupying, some part of you must have physically travelled to that location before. For example, a special ability allows its user to heat up any region of space arbitrarily far from him or her, but not before the user reaches out and fill that region of space with a special energy field he or she generated. This helps to prevent some abilities from becoming undodgeable.

- Be really careful with abilities that affect space and time. Portal cuts and tele frags are two of the many ways such abilities can severely break the “nothing is absolute” rule. These abilities can be seriously abused by a skilled and crafty munchkin, in ways that a GM often doesn’t foresee until it’s too late. If you want me to help you balance such abilities, or just tell you more about this problem, feel free to PM me.

Now that the rules are done with, time to talk about the superhuman abilities themselves.

There are four types of superhuman abilities in this setting; all abilities must fall into one and only one of the types. This is not saying, however, that two abilities of different types cannot be used together and seemingly combined into a single ability. The main differences between the ability types are their power sources and interactions with souls, which will be explained below; souls themselves will be explained in later sections of this thread.

Magical abilities are powered by mana, or raw physical energy. Souls can manipulate, gather, and store mana in the environment, and mould mana into magical spells, but ultimately the mana does not originate from the souls themselves. Mana can also be controlled by other means, not necessarily involving souls; a golem is soulless but still animated by magic.

Mental abilities are powered by anima, or raw mental energy. Souls generate anima, and manipulate it to affect the environment, but anima can also be moulded into objects and stored outside the souls themselves. Anima can be controlled by other means, not necessarily involving souls, but only souls can produce anima.

Mechanical abilities are not powered by either mana or anima; they work on completely natural principles. They work through machines, including traditional machines like computers and biochemical machines like the bodies of organic creatures. Souls are not required at all for these abilities.

Miscellaneous abilities are the few abilities that do not fit into any of the three types above. They will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

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All right, guys. This is all of the fluff meat and backbone of my Nexus setting. You’d better have a long attention span and some time on your hands, because this is gonna take a while.

The basic idea is that the universe is divided into several Planes of Existence. Each Plane is virtually infinite in size, stretching almost without bound in the three spatial dimensions we’re familiar with, though no one knows if they’re actually infinite. They do overlap one another, but not in the three spatial dimensions that most are familiar with; it is thus not possible to travel to another Plane of Existence simply by moving in one direction.

The only ways to travel from one Plane to another is via either teleportation, or entry into a warphole; such methods can also be used from one location to another location on the same Plane. The two methods differ in several ways. Warpholes can occur both naturally and artificially, but teleportation is entirely artificial.
- Teleportation is simply disappearing from one region of space, and spontaneously appearing in the second region of space in the next instant. The transportation is discrete and one-time; another teleportation must be performed to transport a second object. It requires more energy to teleport objects that contain more mass and/or energy. If you want to teleport away a part of some object, you must be powerful enough to somehow rip off that part of the object first.
- Warpholes are similar to wormholes that can theoretically exist in real life, essentially “shortcuts” that connect two regions of three-dimensional space. Unlike what the name suggests, a warphole is not a hole in space. Instead, two ends of a warphole resemble three-dimensional solids, generally spherical, but can be of any shape; the two ends do not have to be of the same shape. What goes into one end of a warphole comes out from the other end of a warphole. Depending on the sizes and shapes of the two ends of the warphole, strange gravitational phenomena may occur while travelling through the warphole, so it’s best to not analyze it too closely. Unlike teleportation, a warphole is continuous, and any number of objects can pass through as long as the warphole stays open. Also unlike teleportation, the energy required to open and maintain a warphole is not dependent on the amount of mass and/or energy travelling through the warphole; it is only dependent on the volumes of the two ends of the warphole. Once a warphole is opened, it is stationary, and cannot be moved by any means; this bypasses the “nothing is absolute” rule because a warphole is not an object, but rather a feature of space itself. If an object is trapped halfway in a warphole, and you want to close that warphole, you must be powerful enough to somehow rip that object in half; otherwise you cannot force the warphole to close on your own, and the stuck object will hold the warphole open by itself.
In both cases, if you want to travel to a portion of space already occupied by some object, you must be powerful enough to somehow knock the object aside or rip it apart so that you can then occupy its previous position; otherwise your attempt to travel will fail.
Note: Two-dimensional portals, like the ones in the game Portal, do not exist in this setting; their existence severely breaks both physics and my rules. I will not elaborate further, but if you want to know the details then PM me.

Each Plane is “adjacent” to a number of other Planes. This means that naturally occurring warpholes can exist between this Plane and the Planes it is adjacent to. Theoretically, one can travel from any Plane to any other Plane, but it takes significantly less energy to travel between two adjacent Planes. Among Planes there can be varying “degrees of adjacency”, with higher degrees of adjancency forming more natural warpholes and allowing easier travel.

In addition to full-fledged Planes, there also exist Demiplanes, which are similar to Planes but finite in size. All Demiplanes have edges that wrap around themselves, like the surfaces of spheres, so one still cannot leave a Demiplane by merely travelling in one direction. Demiplanes vary in size, without any apparent upper or lower limit. A Demiplane can be adjacent to any number of other Planes and Demiplanes, but it can also “move around”, slowly or quickly changing its degrees of adjacency with its adjacent Planes and Demiplanes. Demiplanes can either form naturally, or be artificially created. They can also increase or decrease in size. If an object is trapped in a shrinking Demiplane, and the object is sturdy enough, it will prevent the Demiplane from shrinking below a certain size; a Demiplane can only shrink out of existence if it is entirely empty of all matter and energy.

Lastly, each Plane may be made of a number of Subplanes, which are Planes in their own right but with particularly high degrees of adjacency with one another. Yes, Subplanes can be made of more Subplanes too.

Oh, and for those who are interested, I am actually using an entirely different set of laws of physics in this setting. Most of physics, chemistry, and biology in the Nexus universe is similar to its real life counterpart, but they have entirely different underlying causes. Quantum and relativistic effects are not present in this setting, and the speed of light is not the maximum possible speed. Gravity is still caused by the curvature of spacetime, which in turn is caused by the presence of mass and energy, although there will be no true black holes or event horizons due to the lack of a cosmic speed limit. If you are interested, I can give more details via PM, though my laws of physics are not completely formed and self-consistent; I may not be able to answer all your questions.

I will now discuss each individual Plane of Existence in detail. For each Plane, its characteristics, inhabitants, and other notable features will be described. They will be put into Google documents, as I doubt all of them are going to fit in one post.

The Cardinal Plane: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SQN5QHxt-9JaHfTm4AveipeSPwyAYPG6W4egOWDW7ZQ/edit

The Elemental Plane: Work in progress.

The Material Plane: Work in progress.

The Spiritual Plane: Work in progress.

The Nexus: Work in progress.

The Void: Work in progress.

In case you missed it while reading the section on the Cardinal Plane, let me write it here. Deities are able to modify the laws of physics, including the ones that govern how superhuman abilities work. This is the main selling point of the Nexus, as it allows each GM to customize the laws of physics in his or her game, and makes the setting much more flexible. For more details, go back and read the section of the Cardinal Plane again.

Also, you may have noticed that I did not write anything about the history of each Plane, or the Planes as a whole; this is intentional. As each Plane is virtually infinite in size, GMs are free to make up anything he or she wants; I will object if I see anything I don’t like. No one really knows how the universe came into existence, and GMs are encouraged to make up their own versions of the creation myth. Yes, I do actually have a real creation myth, but I’ll only share via PM if you’re really curious and don’t mind spoilers.

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Character Sheet

This is a sample character sheet that GMs can use in their games. It can be modified in whatever way you want, but I advise you to not remove any of the sections the sheet already has.

The profile of a character should be changed accordingly if a significant change occurs to that character.

Primary Name: A single main name that your character goes by.

Other Names: Your character’s full names, aliases, nicknames, and titles go here.

Species: What is your character? Refer to the Cosmology section of this thread for some details.

Gender: Not limited to male or female. Humans alone can be transsexual, intersexual, or asexual; non-human species can even have more than two genders.

Age: Self-explanatory. Non-human characters can be extremely young or old by human standards.

Alignment: What are your character’s moral and ethical alignments? Refer to the Spiritual Plane part of the Cosmology section of this thread for more details. Remember that unlike any other species, Outsiders have N/A as their alignment.

Affinity: What are your character’s elemental affinities? Refer to the Elemental Plane part of the Cosmology section of this thread for more details.

Appearance: What does your character look like? As your character is not necessarily human, its appearance can be human-like to alien to downright incomprehensible.

Personality: You can flesh out your character as you roleplay along, but it’s still a good idea to give a general description of his or her personality. If you don’t know what to put, think about virtues, vices, intelligence, temperaments, religious, philosophical, and moral beliefs, sexual orientation, quirks, habits, etc.

Skills: What mundane skills does your character have? Note that these skills are considered mundane by your character’s species, which is not necessarily human. Human examples include singing, cooking, and martial arts.

Abilities: List your character’s superhuman abilities here. After the name of each ability, please specify its type and Attribute.

Biography: Briefly explain your character’s life before the game begins.

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Another reserve here, just in case I may need it in the future for some reason I don’t yet foresee.

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Update: The general information and Cardinal Plane parts of the Cosmology section is now finished.

Also, added this to the Games section:

Please try to make it so that your game should also work standalone; people should not need to read the Nexus to be able to play your game. It’s not likely that your game uses the entirety of the Nexus lore, so just tell your players about the parts of the Nexus that your game uses.

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Helltank, wth!?

And dont bother talking about this either.


I would like to make an RPG for disss.

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All posts by Developous in this thread are to be flagged and ignored. Not doing so is breaking the rules and subject to the three-strikes system.

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looks at rules

Wait does that mean I can’t randomly swear durring my sentences? Also you might wanna put that “don’t talk to Dev” rule, on the rule list.

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I’d like to say in a long stuff what I just feel…

But there is one thing that would express my feelings in 6 words.

The thing is this

PS. No, really, I like this stuff. I am interested in cosmos, A LOT… if an entire universe can be affected, what about stuff like multiverse, metaverse or xenoverse?

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Please keep the following guidelines in mind

FGF Guidelines:

   2. Don’t derail games

FGF Guidelines:

   9. Respect other players and the topic starter

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multiverse, metaverse…

I think in this reality, the multiverse doesn’t exist, but are the planes in multiplaner.

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@OP: I just read this and sorry, but can’t happen exactly as described.

I thought the idea was really cool until you threw in all the supreme chancellor-type stuff.

If you want to contribute to the forum and help coordinate a cool idea like this (even with some guidelines), I think it’s great. But if you try to grant yourself such power over others, then that’s another matter. Even if people you know agree with you, this forum is not a closed club and needs to be at least relatively friendly to others that want to start coming here.

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But if you try to grant yourself such power over others, then that’s another matter.

I don’t have any power over others. It’s entirely the other person’s choice if someone wants his or her game to take place in the Nexus universe. Unlike Developous’s idea of the same name, participation in my Nexus is not mandatory. Joining the Nexus is like joining a game; I don’t have power over you unless you allow me to.

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@aC: Just wanna throw my opinion out there.

I personally think that the power he’s giving himself is perfectly reasonable. I’ve known him long enough to know that he won’t abuse it, to begin with. And he’s really just making perfectly certain that nobody will find some loophole, and almost certainly abuse it and be jerk to other players, by making sure his system is airtight.

After all: if somebody goes like “lolmyuniverseexplodesanddestroysEVERYTHINGLOLOLOLO”, he needs to be able to stop it.

Also, by making a game in his Nexus setting: people are agreeing the the terms and conditions he’s specified. If they feel that those terms and conditions will hinder their players or them: the solution is for them to simply not make a game in the Nexus setting.

If the vast majority of FGF agrees with you in disliking his system, then the Nexus will simply fizzle and die out on its own without any mod interference.

EDIT: looks like B_S beat me to the punch.

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It doesn’t matter, I don’t see it as an appropriate situation for a member of this forum. You can’t arbitrarily wield this power over others because you say so, whether some current members feel that way or not. You cannot infringe upon others right to post here by your own opinion or force people to edit their posts under threat of punishment, unless you’ve been granted that by administration. Even then, it’s not quite the same.

Of course, I will sleep on it as I always try to do. But you shouldn’t expect me to not be taken aback by something that’s worded so strongly throughout with ‘I am god of this’ type references.

Whether there are people who have trust in it or not is not relevant to me, you can continue with this on its own without the ‘I can do whatever and you must obey me’ clauses and have quite a good time. The only difference I see here is that you want to have control to enforce your own preferences.

If the vast majority of FGF agrees with you in disliking his system, then the Nexus will simply fizzle and die out on its own without any mod interference.

The same can be said of games in general here without the need for someone to appoint themselves over an entire group. We’re already considering a new rule, we’re NOT going to have these things go this far.

We can’t justify to other members who come here why someone (especially who is not a mod) can tell people what to do on this level. Again, I’ll think about it, but I’d rather see it fixed.

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You can’t arbitrarily wield this power over others because you say so, whether some current members feel that way or not. You cannot infringe upon others right to post here by your own opinion or force people to edit their posts under threat of punishment

So if I make a game with some rules, and one of the players repeatedly breaks these rules, I can’t punish that player or ban him or her from my game? I can’t have power over my players, even in my own game, even when they chose to join my game on their own free will?

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Banning someone from your game is questionable; we allow you guys to self manage your threads for the most part at the time but can’t give you a ‘yes thats totally ok’. Out of everyone I see, you go the furthest in being controlling her and that is part of what pushes it.

If we’re talking about your own THREAD, I don’t mind allowing for some authority. But you cannot force people to edit their posts or do whatever you state because it’s in the terms. Haven’t we learned anything from crappy business and their TOS’s?

If we are just talking about your thread that you create, there’s not as much of an issue. But what I’m hearing is that this encompasses multiple games. Is that incorrect?

PS I’d rather have this discussion in one of the stickies, unless it doesn’t bother you to have it here. Otherwise, if it really gets off and it’s decided you want to go ahead then I’ll be fine with you remaking it.