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Ninja and be Permabanned

Note: This game takes place 25 years BEFORE Darkspell 1.


Note: BCLegends, Blood Shadow, and Rosate do not count towards the Divine and Void element limits. They will not take up any spots, no matter what they pick.

This game takes place solely in the city of Imperis, and the forest, beach, and mountains directly outside of it.

Blood_Shadow is now our new co-host! Congrats!

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1:No godmoding. I can still control any player characters for the purpose of the game, but I’m not allowed to do it either. It’s all fair.

2: You are allowed to travel with each other. If you request it, or I decide to, I may add a NPC into your group. It may be because I’m developing the storyline, or because I’m just messing with you (and drop me a line if you want me to mess with someone, it’s always anonymous XD), but you will be informed if the NCP is mandatory.

3: If you and another player get in a fight, I decide whether the player is alive or dead should there be a disagreement. I would not suggest killing each other off, because I do plan to tighten the story a bit around the end to make for a good sequel. I also have the right to kill people off, should I see the need to. You may create another profile, unless I kill you off as part of a ban, and you may sometimes be revived by medical care. (I’ll PM you if you’re going to be.)

4: Please try to be realistic.

5: You can now have 2 profiles, but you must play and develop your first one a bit. If the general populice feels it’s too early for you to have a second, you can save it and re-post it later. Rules for multi-profile:
-They cannot be related to any other member of this game without tangible permission. (Question and answer will need proof.)
-They cannot be an important NPC. If you would like to make an NPC a character of yours, than feel free to ask. If someone created said NPC, then they get priority getting it as a character and final say of who, if anyone, gets the NPC.
-They cannot be the same element as you, or their standard equivalent if your first is a divine or void.

6: All Kongregate rules apply.

7: I have the right to override any decisions should I see fit, although I usually use voting or ask someone I trust.
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Please note that these are first come, first serve. My character does not count towards this, so somebody else can have Prophracia as well as me.

(Named for the Divine creators.)

Prophracia (Logic;Psychic equivalent): Occasional, uncontrollable prophetic visions.

Necrolia (Reaper;Dark Equivalent): Potential to raise the dead. (All bodies in Imperis are burned, and many facilities have easy-access incinerators. (Mostly bars.)

Heavasia (Spirit Realm;Light Equivalent): Light magic is brighter. (Best for floating light ‘lamps’)


Please note that these are first-come first serve.

(Named for Void creators.)

Shadesi (Shadow;Dark/light mix): Aptitude for both Dark/Light. (Less aptitude for each than a 1-type element.)

Dracim (Dream;Electric/Water/Fire mix): Aptitude for Electric, Water, and Fire. (Much less apptitude for each than a 1-type element.) Unpredictable sleep patterns in 75% of cases, natural aptitude for dream control. (Possible for other elements, but less so.)

Reifac (Dimensions;Earth/Plant/Air mix): Aptitude for Earth, Plant, and Air. (Much less aptitude for each than a 1-type element. More aptitude than Dracim.


Ligia Light: This is the element of light. People who use this can do powerful light spells.

Dracian Dark: This is the element of dark. People who use this can do powerful dark spells.

Sene Psychic: This is the element of the mind. Users can lift things using their mind, and manipulate peoples minds.

Cru Earth: This is the element of earth. Users can control dirt, rocks, and other things like that.

Gri Plant: This is the element of plants. Users can control plants, as well as speed up and stop the growth of them.

Ener Fire: This is the element of fire. Users can control fire, lava, and magma, as well as create heat.

Aquim Water: This is the element of water. Users can control water of all kinds.

Oris Metal: This is the element of metal. Users can control metals of all kind, and shape it with ease. They can turn into metal too.

Vulto Electric: This is the element of electricity. Users can draw, create, attack with, and stop electricity.

Gus Air: This is the element of air. Users can create, control, stop, intensify, and weaken wind, as well as move air in general.

Fres Ice: This is the element of ice. Users can make temperatures colder, and freeze water instantly, including that in the air. They also have some small control of snow.

Tox Poison: This is the element of poison. Users can create and draw upon toxins and acids, as well as being immune to them. (Well, not acid.) This also allows them to have sway over poisonous plants.
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Age: (16-39)
Element: (See elements) (You may put a second element this person is skilled in using the following format: Element (2nd Element). The second element is one they have trained in, not that they were born with, so their first should be stronger. If you’re using the scientific name for elements, ex sene psychic, put the common name in brackets [] next to the scientific name. Example: 1st element [1st element common] (2nd element [2nd element common.])
Starting Weapon: (2 weapons. Smg’s and below. Certain SMG’s may not be allowed. Dual swords counts as 2)
Description: (Physical)
Clothes: (Modern and earlier. Must have clothes, mind you!)
Bio: (Please put at least a little, like “His past is unknown.” And I don’t want a million “His past is unknowns.” Change it up a bit.)

Note: If you sign up for this, I have the full right to use your character in the Wiki in the below link.

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The Wiki:

(Needs heavy editing, considering creating a fresh one.)


Character List:

You need to add your character yourself, following the in-page instructions. Neither myself or any of the co-hosts, helpers, or player of this game, or any other member of FGF is obligated to put your info in for you: That is your job.

Do not add your character until I approve your profile in-thread.

Player List

P.S. Divine/Void elements are confirmed when two things happen. 1. When I confirm your sign. 2. When you add your bio to the player list. Earlier entries in the player list get priority of Divine/Void elements.


This is the Darkspell: Shattered Legacies chatroom, to prevent small OT chat in-thread. Choose your elemental color and get chatting! Password is darkspell. (New chat in case old one died.)

Darkspell Chat

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You may now post!

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Name: James ‘R’ Prophirudos
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Element: Prophracia (Electric)
Starting Weapon: 2 Katana.
Description: James has an average build, which helps him balance speed and strength. He has deep, piercing purple eyes and messy brown hair.
Clothes: White T-shirt under black, light coat in the style of a cowboy duster. (Pretty much a pure black duster with two pockets and nothing else.) Blue Jeans.
Bio: James is considered a jack of all trades, with some powerful friends and connections. His philosophy is that the ends justify the means. Considering they’re your means. He’s fiercely loyal to those he trusts… although he is not a trusting man. His nickname is ‘R’, which stands for his middle name, ‘Ros.’

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Is it true that there can be only 1 each of the Divine and Void elements? If so, can I reserve Shadesi?

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It is indeed true. (I don’t count for Prophracia, so there will be two of those myself included.) I’d be fine reserving it for you for 24 hours. (Midnight, EST)

This post has been EDITED.

I’m making BC’s choice not count towards the limit for void and divine.

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Name: Alexander Thorne
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Element: Dracian [Dark], Cru [Earth]
Starting Weapon: Light Weight, One Handed sword, normally strapped to his back.
Description: Alexander, normally shortened to Alex, is a quiet person. When he does speak, it normally comes out in a “Im better then you” tone, hes not the nicest but hes the strongest with his spells of darkness. Despite his shyness in large crowds, he is usually thirsty for a blood bath, or a verbal fight.
Clothes: He wears a tight black shirt and blue skinny jeans, a brown leather jacket rests on his shoulders unzipped. He has a long pouch on his back made out of leather strips to carry his sword. He has shoulder length black hair that normally dangles in his eyes.
Bio: Alex grew up in the harsh jungles of Sarva, he learned much there, like survival, combat, and tending minor wounds. At the age of 10, his father gave him his trusty sword.. his father died a grusome death along with his mother and sister, they were slaughtered right in front of his eyes. This has traumatized him ever since.. he holds onto his sword as a memory from the past, a memory from the only person he will ever trust. He only had his younger brother by his side, Alex was expected to live as an adult at the age 10, scaring him for life. Seven years after he was left to watch over his brother, his brother just abandoned him in the middle of the jungle. Alex felt betrayed, angry, but most of all, heart broken. The same man which murdered in family in cold blood years ago has implanted a curse onto Alex’s neck, leaving a black mark and mysterious knowledge of dark magic. The images of blood and death constantly fill his mind ever since the slaughtering of his family. His sword is the only thing Alex has left to live for..

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Oh, XD. Format was part of the extra info! I should fix that. Put the common name of your element in brackets []. Fix that and you’re approved.

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[Darkspell: somebody ballsed up my legacies!]

[I would sign, but you know how bad I am at actually playing your games. D:]

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What’s in the past is in the past… and the past happens to be the future, so you should do great!

Oh, btw guys, you can start playing as soon as you’re approved, just don’t interact with inactives quite yet. IE, it would be great to have you sign, since most of the huge plot has been cut out, and this is in the past, there’s not much to know about that we can’t catch you up on in gameplay.

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Name: Vinyl Scratch

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Element: Necrolia [Dark] (Ener[Fire])

Starting weapons: He is a wields a katana and a enchanted yo-yo, said yo-yo makes an explosion on contact when used to attack and the string is made out of magic, reappearing if broken. Where he got this yo-yo is a mystery, unless you believe him when he says he found it while walking to the park.

Description: Vinyl has an average build, a bit taller, but not tall enough to really count as tall. He has short dark blue hair. His eyes are a mix of purple and magenta.

Clothes: Wears a red shirt under a blue hoodie and wears jeans. His jacket is usually half way zipped up.

Bio: Orphaned at a young age, Vinyl hid behind his pain using laughter, while on the inside he hurt, on the outside he laughed and smiled, trying to trick himself into thinking he was a happy person. Skip a couple years, Vinyl was adopted and learned happiness, in a couple years his adopted dad would teach him fire magic. Vinyl never took his studies too seriously and ended up becoming a musician, combining beautiful music from either his violin or cello with amazing dubstep. Without his instruments he’s a pretty good singer, he loves to make tragic songs with a deceptively tune, you don’t really know if you should laugh when he’s singing, or be sad considering it’s probably based off his childhood. Even after being a musician, Vinyl was never happy with just being a normal musician so he keeps himself well trained in his weapons and magic so he can help others in anyway he can, because he’s just that kind of person.

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[If you insist….]

[I’m using the other open Prophracia slot, by the way. So don’t Ninja me, peoples!]

Name: Rae Grimfeld
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Element: Prophracia (Sene [Psychic]), the combination of these two psychic elements has given him an above average abilities to read minds and use telekinesis. Due to the distinct nature of these two elements, an onlooker trained to detect the presence of an element in use will often be perplexed at what exactly is happening.
Starting Weapon: He carries around a pouch full of used pistol ammunition which he uses to surround and attack those who he wishes, for some reason or another, to cause harm to. He doesn’t use these a lot in actual combat, but he’s going to be prepared for when he needs to fight in a setting with no small objects for him to make use of. Although he isn’t there yet — eventually, he hopes to be able to propel these at the same speed a gun would, and all at once.
Description: He’s got an average build, with less than average muscles. He blatantly refuses to engage in physical combat for any reason whatsoever, falling back on his psychic powers when he finds himself in a pinch instead — ergo, he never had a reason to work out in any way, shape, or form: leading to his less than average physical strength. On the flip side, he’s not a lazy, fat blob either: and refrains from eating more than his body requires,
Clothes: He will almost inevitably be clad in a gray shirt of some description and jeans were you to approach him at any time he wasn’t attending some description of party or gathering.
Bio: From a young age, Rae was raised by a powerful, old psychic who wanted to pass on his wisdom. Rae was deemed the ideal subject for this training of sorts due to his natural affinity for the Prophrasia element, and he accepted it gladly. His parents, on the other hand, were just glad to be rid of him — they probably ran off to some tropical island to spend the rest of their days. He worked with the element for a while, but discovered that it was not always a reliable thing to fall back on. He had his caretaker teach him to use a more usual element: sene, so that he would have two elements, rather than one, to fall back on. He continued training his abilities in these two elements, and eventually came all the way from lifting paper clips to being able to uproot an otherwise large, stable tree. He moved out at the age of 18 to pursue his fortune and do with the powers which he had grown what he would, surprising those who hoped to cause him harm with his surprising mastery over psychic powers.

[Whew, wall of text over.]

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Can I use some kind of enchanted yo-yo as my weapon?

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[By all forms of water, does that include water vapor?]

Name: Richard Adders

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Element: Aquim (Water); Fres (Ice)

Starting Weapon: Richard fights purely with his magic, creating whatever weapons he needs through his Ice element by freezing the water vapor in the air and shaping it to his needs. Therefore, he doesn’t carry around any weapons for the time being.

Description: Richard has an average build muscle build and an average height. Instead of relying on his strength, he uses his agility and flexibility, which he has a lot of, to his advantage. He has straight, black hair and brown eyes. His skin has a light complexion, and appears to be smooth, other than the numerous scars from years past.

Clothes: He usually wears a blue T-shirt and black shorts, unless the situation calls for something different. He refuses to wear any pants without pockets, a habit that he deems as dangerous, especially for one in his lifestyle. As little as it may slow him down, it still bugs him as a hindrance. Regardless of the wiser side of him, Richard can be found with his hands in his pockets at most times, one of the few comforts he still holds in life and one that he intends to maintain, as confused and annoyed as it makes him.

Bio: Born into an organization of assassins that went by many names for the sake of secrecy, Richard had the secretive and dangerous lifestyle of the assassin hammered into him. Torture, death matches, hours of manual labor and training, these were just some of the ways that he spent his youth. They taught him how to use the ice element, a huge supporting factor to his birth element. They taught him numerous ways to kill, all the secret techniques that had been passed down through their generations. He was a genius from the start, a paragon of all they wanted for the organization, and they showed no hesitation in their efforts to perfect him. But that was all they saw him as, a tool to further their goals, an object that they could use. His parents were no different, simply blending into the rest of the organization. He was alone. And he hated it. He watched the people that he lived with in disdain, sickened and vengeful.

He spent those years slowly…waiting for the right moment and for his abilities to be sufficiently bolstered. But they were watching him, a standard of their organization. It was taught from early on that nobody could be trusted. An organization built on suspicion and greed, it was surprising that it still stood to this day. Eventually, at the age of 13, when Richard felt that he no longer needed them, when his pain resistance and strength had reached their peaks and their advice became negligible, Richard slaughtered them at night. They stood no chance. He took them by surprise with the way he had it all planned out, the layout of the building, the location of the people, and the security methods all plotted out in his head. He liquidated the majority of them in minutes, killing them all from his room, without even looking at their faces. It was made easier by the fact that the majority of them were asleep.

After it was done, he broke out of his chains, only one of the mechanisms to bind him to his room, and broke out of the building. He wandered the world, with no home or purpose, living just to live. The authorities haven’t been paying too much attention to him, perhaps because he eliminated one of their enemies. However, knowing that they would eventually set their vision towards him, Richard trains his abilities daily, part of his mindless routine away from the sight of human eyes, following whatever path he decides to take.

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Name: Rosalyn Grayson.

Gender: Female.

Age: 18.

Element: Shadesi [Shadow] (Sene [Psychic]).
Note: She has two personalities. Rose is more skilled at Light magic, empathy, e.g. sensing emotions, and creating solid telekinetic barriers. Lynn is more skilled at Dark magic, telepathy, e.g. reading direct thoughts, and creating bursts of telekinetic force.

Starting Weapon: A scepter able to focus magic, and a short sword able to channel magic; the short sword can be magically attached to the scepter to make a sort of sword cane with longer reach. Both weapons are enchanted to be able to shrink into jewellery that attach to Rosalyn’s earrings, on command, as long as they’re within a meter of her.

Description: Rosalyn has a petite, slender build, with fair skin. Her eyes are soft blue and seem more rounded when Rose is in control of the body, and dark red and more angular when Lynn is in control of the body. Her hair is long, straight, and brown, but seems to have lighter, almost blond highlights when Rose is in control, and darker, almost black highlights when Lynn is in control.

Clothes: Rosalyn wears a plain white T-shirt, black jeans, and gray sneakers. She’s worn nicer clothes before, much nicer clothes… but she can’t exactly be picky at the moment. She also has a little brown handbag, enchanted to be able to hold a large travelling backpack’s worth of stuff; she puts her money, spare clothes, and other necessities in there.


Rosalyn Grayson, born Rosalyn Marianna Eccleston, is the daughter of a family known for its wealth and its radical, fundamentalist belief in a religious sect that calls itself the Luminous Path. For generations, the Eccleston family have held the belief that Light magic is a sacred gift from God, all the other elements are heresy, and Dark magic is pure evil incarnate and should be wiped from existence forever. Rosalyn’s family was very strict with both her education and magical training, which resulted in her developing a shy, timid personality. Her skill and power in Light magic was excellent compared to normal mages in training, but noticeably subpar compared to her siblings and other family members, which led to the increasing disappointment of her parents and instructors, along with her reluctance to believe in the Luminous Path ideologies. However, her prowess in healing and curing magic is unparalleled, which compliments her kind, caring personality perfectly.

One day, Rosalyn was assaulted by a group of gangsters, with several powerful mages in their midst. Her offensive Light magical abilities were insufficient against those opponents, and for a moment it seemed that Rosalyn would become another victim and ransom hostage to this infamous gang. At the last desperate moment, something else awoke in Rosalyn, and she proceeded to defeat the gangsters with powerful Dark magical spells. But she seemed not herself; all those urges and desires that she suppressed and were too afraid to express were now swelling up. They manifested themselves as a second personality, one impulsive, vain, quick-tempered, with a tendency to act before thinking. And that personality was absolutely sick of all the harsh discipline she remembered receiving for the eighteen years of her life. So she angrily stormed back to her mansion to give her parents and teachers a piece of her mind. That proved to be a grave mistake, for her parents were horrified and disgusted at her daughter’s apparent ability to wield Dark magic. Only their parental instincts prevented them from physically punishing their daughter; they instead disowned her and banished her forever from their household, threatening to kill her if she ever dared to return. Rosalyn’s main personality regained control before things turned into an all-out magical brawl, and had little choice but to comply to her parents’ wishes.

Confused at scared at the memories of apparently losing her mind, Rosalyn aimlessly wandered for a day or two. Her second personality would take over whenever she was sufficiently provoked, but she had few ways of communicating with her other self. Through sheer dumb luck, she ran into an injured young man appearing no older than herself, at a local inn. Her kind nature made Rosalyn want to heal the man’s wounds, but a few of the man’s bitter, snarky words were enough to set off Rosalyn’s other personality. The man saw through Rosalyn’s problem in an instant, and offered to teach her some Psychic magic to manage her split personalities, in exchange for healing. He did so, and Rosalyn’s two personalities became able to mentally communicate with one another; they agreed to call the original one Rose and the second one Lynn. The man also informed Rosalyn that her elemental affinity was not Light but in fact Shadow, which explained her ability to use both Light and Dark magic, as well as her subpar Light affinity compared to the other members of the Eccleston family. After that, he left without another word; Rosalyn didn’t even find out his name.

Having nowhere else to go and little else to do, Rosalyn now works at a local clinic, using her healing magic to earn a living. She also decided to call herself by a different last name, Rose wanting to avoid offending her family further and Lynn now hating her family and the Luminous Path with a passion. She still lives at an inn for the moment, and is quite unsure about her future.

[The guy that she met and healed will be my second character when I gain the permission to do so; he’s the secretive assassin type with a dark and troubled past. He’s Electric (Psychic), or Dream (Psychic) if it’s still available.]

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[So when they combine, it’s like a spear with a really long spearhead?]

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Originally posted by InfiniteExpanse:

[So when they combine, it’s like a spear with a really long spearhead?]

[A short spear with a long spearhead, yes. Or, like I said, a sword cane.]

[Two question. One, is this the signup and actual game thread in one? Two, can I have a little magical handbag that is bigger on the inside? It has the volume of a large travelling backpack. My character was kicked out of her home, so a bag of holding like that makes things much more convenient. I’ll assume yes unless you say otherwise.]

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[More questions:]

[Does the ice element allow me to move ice?]
[Can I move ice with the water element?]

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[I believe it is, Darkspell has always been conducted in that manner.]

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Originally posted by InfiniteExpanse:

[I believe it is, Darkspell has always been conducted in that manner.]

[I’ve never played Darkspell before, so some clarification could help me in deciding my profile :P.]

[Anyways, let me make sure I understand this. Water allows me to control any form of water, including water vapor, ice, juice, etc. Ice allows me to decrease temperatures and control ice. Is this correct?]

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[If the game and signup threads are one, then I suggest everyone to post OOC posts in square brackets.]