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Welcome to the world of Fell. It is shaped like a circle, and is divided into four wedges. The wedges are split by the Eternal River, which is shaped like an X. The wedges are called the Northlands, the South Empire, the East Mountains and the Westwoods.

The Northlands are freezing call. Due to the strange nature of the Eternal River’s currents, everything that gets thrown into the Eternal River eventually ends up here, so the Northlands are filled with junk and scrap.

Many of the creatures here huddle under fur, thick hides, shells or armor plates. A curious side effect is that most of them have adapted to the junk that gets tossed here.

An example would be the Bjeshdaw Serpent. Its plates that protect the soft flesh underneath have sharp hooks on them, and some of these hooks snag pieces of scrap metal as it moves through the sea. This gives it the appearance of wearing armor.

The Westwoods are highly magical, and are populated mostly by magicians. Most anything magical is attracted to this place, and some of the greatest arcane mysteries can be found here. Villages devoted to studying the mystical have sprung up around here.

It is also lush and beautiful. One observes many exotic animals roaming around here. Some of the rarest in the world, such as the Elusive Stag, known as such for its uncanny speed and ability to blend in with the forest almost completely.

The bustling town of Toll-by-Toll, famous for having the best-quality magical shops in the whole of Fell, lies on the border of Westwoods.

East Mountains
The solitary Blood Mages live in here, their temple at the peak of the Third Brother mountain in the Seven Brothers range of mountains.

Not many creatures reside here, but those who do are some of the most fearsome ever discovered, from the Rocksnake that attacks humans unprovoked and which has venom which kills in merely five minutes, to the extremely territorial Kadoshes, which have perfected the art of tossing boulders at intruding humans.

Ever since the Necromancer Sect was exiled from the Westwoods and South Empire, they have stayed in the East Mountains, expanding their influence until they control and keep surveilance of over sixty percent of the East Mountains. The entrances to their various underground Sanctuaries dot the landscape like malicious black spots.

South Empire
The Mighty Empire of Arc stands proudly here, dominating the entire landscape. It is ruled by Thane Harlequin, who appoints 12 Oberjarls to rule his lands.

Arc does heavy trade with the arcane sects in the Westwoods, and its legions are highly disciplined and have a response time close to lightspeed. Its Daimeon Na-Chakra, literally translated from the Old Language into “Demon Knight Order”, lives up to its name, acting as enforcers and secret police.

The Daimeon Na-Chakra report directly to Thane Harlequin, and their specialty is espionage, sabotage and assassinations, though they fight like their namesake in the rare times when called to open battle.

It is worth noting that the Daimeon Na-Chakra were the ones who drove the Necromancers out of Arc for practicing arts deemed immoral and unethical, and also the ones who prevented a possible Necromancer invasion by assassinating their High Priest and his Holy Consort, which functioned as the Necromancer army’s general and second-in-command, respectively.

Magic exists, but there are some rules when wielding magic.

One:No magic is omnipotent. All magics can be destroyed, dodged, blocked or nullified somehow. There is no such thing as a fireball that can break through any shield and that can’t be dodged.

Two:All magics can be dodged. No magic cannot be dodged as all magics appear in physical form.

Three:All magics must be clearly defined and stated within the laws of physics. For example,“This fireball can fly in a straight line when released, and will dissipate after five hundred meters. It will start to drop dowwards at the two hundred and fifty meter mark. When it hits something, it will explode.” So things like “This fireball works like a normal fireball does” are not accepted, because you can define normal fireball to be anything.

Four:Certain magics are not allowed. For example, control of time. Other magics are severely weakened as compared to their traditional form. For example, if you close a portal when something is halfway through it, it will simply stop when it comes into contact with the object. Think of a portal as a door. Now lie halfway through a door and close it. Whatever happens to you is what happens to the object.

Five:Dead people stay dead. The closest you can get is Necromancy, but a necromancer doesn’t raise the dead, he simply animates their corpses or harnesses the power of their blood to create Blood Golems.

Six:If you require more information, just ask. Like, for example, I intend the Blood Mages to be a fairly obscure and “mind its own business” sect, only interfering if it is threatened, but if lots of people want to play it or it really is threatened and you want more information about how it operates, I will give it to you.

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This seems like a good emporium game, SIGN ME UP!

You might want to change your title to something catchier.

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This is not a game. This is a setting.

For example, say you wanted to make an RPG but don’t like to worldbuild. So you think,“Hey! Let’s just use helltank’s Fell!” And then you decide where the characters are. Are they necromancers in the East Mountains? Are they merchants in Toll-by-Toll?

This is a prebuilt world which is free to use. You can check out more settings in the Master FGF thread.

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Bumperific! This is cool for anyone who needs a setting.