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Welcome, to my newest RP! As you can probably tell, it’s about Pokémon! Their will be 15 slots available at the beginning of the game. You choose your starter Pokémon, but be warned, be quick to sign, or someone may take your starter Pokémon! So, be quick!

This will act as a regular RP, but it will be kept on a strict watch… In other words, you can’t capture a legendary Pokémon with a low leveled starter pokémon and a regular pokeball. You just can’t.
Leveling won’t happen as such, but your pokémon will just get stronger. Leveling would be extremely complicated. Evolving will be done by you, but you have to send me a message to confirm.

Ok, now for the story.

You are a group of ten years old, entrusted at the same laboratory by Professor Willow in the Ash Region. Though you may take separate ways, you will meet up during your Journey. What path will you take? Will you take the Pokemon League Challenge? Or will you take the path of dastardly villains such as Team Rocket? It’s all down to you.

Kongregate rules apply.
The GM’s word is law.
Don’t troll, flame or spam.
Have fun!

Bulbasaur-Jacob Fern (SilentSam)
Chikorita- Cherry (Cowfriend)
Treecko- Green (Nimbus Cloud26)
Turtwig- Ash (t6salt)
Snivy- Nico Chavez (SilverEvil)

Charmander- Lee Dultzer (Stone667)
Cyndaquil- Cody (Racefan12)
Torchic- Chris (Racebandit)
Chimchar- Reserved (Zzzip50)

Squirtle- Red (Jaskaran2000)
Totodile- Emma (DarkEvilSoul)
Mudkip- Marvin Ward (wiiwonder)
Piplup- Theodore Garfield Hunter (AdeebNafees)
Oshawott- Madex Trell (TwistedCakez)

I stood outside the Laboratory, a pokéball in my hand. I spun it around on my hand, grinning as I imagined what all the other would be trainers would feel like when they realized I had nabbed the hidden, secret Pokémon that Professor Willow had announced, just by turning up early. Professor Willow seemed quite stressed, and had grinned when I asked for the secret Pokémon.
“Well, I bet you’re glad you turned up earlier than the rest! Remember, this Pokemon will give you a significant advantage over the others from the beginning.” He had said, and then gave me my Pokédex and shuffled back to work. I grinned at the memory, and began to walk towards my first goal: Fluorescent City. It held the first Gym, which would be nice to test my strength.

Five minutes later, at 5:00 in the morning, I stepped cautiously into wild grass. Relieved, I began to stumble through it, occasionally tripping over roots.
Suddenly, a Pidgey leapt towards me. I held my ground, gripping my Pokéball and throwing it through the air. It burst open in a flash of red light, my first Pokémon standing before me.

It was a small, yellow mouse. That was the only way to describe it. It seemed to be a bit more advanced than usual mice, as it was standing on two legs. It had a zig-zag tail, as if a child had simply been trying to draw a lightning bolt. I raised ‘Dex’ and scanned it.
“Pikachu, the Mouse Pokémon. It can generate electric attacks from the electric pouches located in both of its cheeks.” Dex said in a robotic voice.
Interesting… I checked it’s moves: Thundershock, Growl and Tail Whip….

“Pikachu, Tail Whip!” I shouted. Pikachu leapt forward, spinning in mid-air and slammed into the Pidgey. Pidgey stumbled backwards, using it’s wings to keep balance. It waved it’s wings back and forth, creating a type of Tornado. Pidgey threw it at Pikachu.
“Dodge it, Pikachu, quick!” I yelled, gasping as it seemed Pikachu had been hit, but it turned out Pikachu had just jumped out of the way at the last minute. Taking the opponent by surprise, I whispered, “Pikachu, Thundershock.”

Pikachu held it’s breath, concentrating hard. It’s red marks on it’s cheek began to glow orange, and, with a single cry of it’s name, let loose a jolt of electricity. Pidgey collapsed, paralyzed. I raised my hand and threw a Pokéball at the Pidgey.
One beep.
The small red ball began to shake slowly.
Two beeps.
The ball began to roll about on the floor.
Three beeps.
The ball began to shake and shudder, jumping about, but…
The ball stopped shaking. I laughed, walking up to it and picking it up.
“Nice, I’ve got a Pidgey…” I grinned, scanning it with Dex.

Start from when you wake up. You can RP Professor Willow, as I have to go to bed.

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Already awake, I raced toward the Laboratory, intent on getting my Pokemon before anyone else did. In my hurry, I trip over a stray tree root. “Luckily there’s no one around to laugh at me” I mumble, as I get up and brush myself off before heading, more slowly this time, into the Lab. The professor stands in the center of the room. “Hello, Green.” “Hey, Professor.” I say with a small wave. “here for your pokemon, eh?” He walks over to me and hands me 6 empty pokeballs, along with a Pokedex and then shows me over to the table, where 15 pokeballs sit, aligned in a grid shape.

I randomly pick one out of the set. “Ah, Treecko. A reliable grass-type Pokemon. Are you sure you want this one?” “Yes, Professor.” I tell him and walk out the door, towards the grass that holds all the wonders of the world behind it. Before I step into it, I release Treecko and scan it. “Treecko, the Wood Gecko Pokemon. The soles of its feet hold thousands of tiny spikes, allowing it to climb walls with ease.” I check his moves. Pound and Leer. "Hm. Well, can’t exactly expect the starter Pokemon to know Hyper Beam. I reach out and rub his head. “Hey, little guy. I’m your new trainer. Wanna go battle some Pidgeys?” The treecko nods slowly. “Good. But let’s wait for a while. See how everyone else is doing it first, OK?” With another nod, I return him to his ball and lean against a tree, almost out of sight, watching for the others.

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[I’m assuming that all of these events are taking place simultaneously, and the actions of one character affect the stories of all other characters.]


I woke up on the morning of my tenth birthday earlier than ever before (though apparently not earlier than Green). My mom had spent all evening and much of the night baking my birthday cake and carefully wrapping my presents. I wasn’t interested in any of that nonsense, though. My tenth birthday was a rite of passage—the moment when I could finally begin the Pokemon journey that I had waited all of my life for. The decision of choosing my starter Pokemon was one that I had been pondering for weeks. Despite feeling confident in my choice as I reached the doorstep of the lab and walked inside, I still carefully examined each of the remaining 14 Poke Balls to make sure I wasn’t overlooking anything. I confidently handed the Poke Ball containing Cyndaquil to the Professor.

“So you’ve chosen Cyndaquil?” Professor Willow asked.

“Yes, I have,” I replied.

“Interesting choice. Very well, Cyndaquil is yours,” the Professor responded.

With Poke Ball in hand, I left the lab and went back home to start planning the details of my training program for my very first Pokemon—right after I ate Mom’s delicious birthday cake and opened the rest of my presents.

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Madex Trell

The afternoon had been great, pizza, cake, tons of presents, but my birthday really hasn’t happened yet, I stood by my door, looking at my watch for the exact moment…


YES!” I shout as I ran out the door, and slam it shut, I was in such a hurry that I almost tripped and fell on my face on the way.
Nearing the door of the lab, I see a trainer with Treeko, I think to myself, “Crud, they’re already here! The couldn’t have already taken-” I get stopped by the Professor as he says " Well, your the third one here! Who do you want?"
“I-i-is Oshawott taken?

“Nope, not yet, I’m assuming you want him though?”

“Yes, please!”

He hands me a pokeball with Oshawott, 5 extras, and a Pokedex.

I pll him out and scan him with the pokedex

OSHAWOTT ADDED It speaked out

and right after he climbed up my back onto my head. I patted his head and went outside to see if anyone wanted to go on a journey together. I sit on a bench near the door waiting with Oshawott.

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“Argh, my post was eaten. First lesson of Mafia boys. Always Ctrl-A Ctrl-C your post before submitting (or previewing) just in case your long ass post gets eaten.”
—BoomFrog, Scales of Justice

Kongregate is a bit derpy at times, so I would take BoomFrog’s advice and apply it to post edits as well. If I had done so, I wouldn’t have lost half of my post. See my next post in this thread for what survived this derp moment.

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I woke up feeling okay… oh god don’t tell me today is…
then somebody opened the door…“Nico! time to go to the lab!” my brother shouted.

“oh great”i say sarcastically. I walk to the lab and see the professor. He smiled and i smiled back.
" i guess you are nico right?" he asked. then I answered " why yes I am"
“so which pokemon do you want?” he asked
Then he told me the names of the pokemon and their types…one name was stuck in my head…Snivy.

“well which one?” he asked
" i’ll take snivy" i said. then he said “ah good choice”
he handed me the snivy an extra pokeball and a pokedex.
then we said our goodbyes and headed home.

“well I guess your journey starts eh nico?” my brother asked
" i guess so" i answered.

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Originally posted by NimbusCloud26:


(lol i don’t really care)

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Oh, right, this is how it goes. Uh, let me see… in that case, screw the self-imposed post restriction.

Chris (most recent post here was TwistedCakez.)
I was a bit nervous last night… Would I even be able to take proper care of these Pokémon? Would I be able to defend them from that Rocket gang I had heard about? Those questions, and more, were the kind I asked myself overnight.
Surprisingly, I wasn’t too tired when I woke up. Shower, dressed, breakfast… typical morning routine. The only real variance was the breakfast. It’s usually a bowl of cereal, a citrus fruit, and a glass of milk, although it’s never the same cereal or fruit on consecutive days. Today, it was a bowl of Captain Crunch, an orange, and a small (Err, not sure how many fluid ounces, but smaller than a soda bottle.) bottle of TruMoo. I also brought 3000 Poké-Yen (Expect me to refer to money as this.) with me in case I needed to buy my own Potions and Pokéballs.

For some weird reason, the town I lived in never had a real name. I heard the mayor got sick of this and decided it would be named today, but no names have been confirmed or denied so far… I hope they don’t pick Copper Town as the name.

Despite all the neighbors I had in this to-be-named town, I was surprised to find that Green was the only one to beat me to Willow’s lab. He picked out a Treecko… a Grass-type. To be honest, I never really understood why Grass-types were so flammable. My father once tried to light our lawn on fire while he was drunk, but the grass refused to burn. My mother had him put behind bars before he could try that stunt again.

…irrelevant? Sorry.

Willow showed me the 14 remaining choices: Five fire-types, five Water-types, and four Grass-types. Willow must’ve known beforehand that there would be several newbies coming in, including myself.

I took a look at the remaining Grass-types… Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Turtwig, and Snivy. Some of my friends had mentioned how good Bulbasaur was in the early-game due to its immunity to the Poison status effect, a luxury no other starter had. Honestly, I was more concerned about the Burn status effect, which halved ATK as well as doing damage over time during a battle. I never understood how a Pokémon could walk off a burn outside of battle. Turtwig looked like it would pick up a Ground subtype on evolution, but I’m not sure it’ll be fast enough to subdue Fire-types with earthquakes. Chikorita and Snivy were pure-Grasses… vulnerable to Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying, and Bug, and only capable of beating Water, Rock, and Ground. Really, it didn’t look like it would stand up to much.

Water was next. Squirtle, Totodile, Mudkip, Piplup, and Oshawott. The fifth looked like its face had already been rearranged by another starter, but Madex took it anyways. The Mudkip meme made everyone hate Mudkips… I knew there would be no forgiving me for picking one, even if its Ground subtype (on evolution) meant it could only take bonus damage from Grass. The others looked like they would be pure Water-types… I heard dual-types were better.

Finally, there was Fire. Charmander, Cyndaquil, Torchic, Chimchar, and Tepig. The only one that wasn’t cute was Chimchar… I do not want to be the butt of any flaming poop jokes, and this thing already had a flaming butt. No. Just no.
I didn’t like the idea of my mom murdering my Tepig and serving it as bacon, either. Otherwise, I would’ve gone with that because of how smart pigs are. Fire/Psychic sounded like a cool combination, too. (Note from RaceBandit: Yeah, yeah, I know Emboar is Fire/Fighting… let’s say Chris’s research wasn’t 100% comprehensive, okay?)
Charmander completely dies if its tail fire goes out, which can be done with anything Water-type. Please, NO. Not a weaksauce weakness! The only thing that would make me change my mind is if this thing were a mutant that didn’t die if its tail fire went out, and I heard the only one of that kind was already in captivity.
Cyndaquil was hyped up by Ash, having commanded one that beat a Water-type WHILE UNDERWATER. whoa. Using steam to beat a Water-type sounded like an awesome strategy. I almost went with Cyndaquil, too…
What kept me away from Cyndaquil was Torchic. Speed Boost Blaziken, yes please.

“I’ve made my decision”, I said to Willow. “I’d like to adopt the Torchic.”
“The Chick Pokémon?”, he asked. “Good luck.”

I wasn’t sure of why he said that until I looked at the Torchic’s stats. It was at this time that Cody adopted Cyndaquil.
First off, it already had a nickname… Josh? It seemed to be its own OT, too. Great, I thought to myself. My starter is an outsider… I’ll just have to treat it with exceptional levels of respect.

I asked where the nearest shop was… Cody said we’d each get a free Potion.
“Healing items, eh?”, someone said.
“Wha—” I did a quick 180 to see who it was, but only Green, Cody, Madex, Willow, and I were here, and it wasn’t any of them.

Too lazy to type out the rest of this shit a second time, but it boiled down to me/Torchic explaining my two rules to Chris: Don’t kill a wild Dialga, and don’t catch Palkia. I also noted that I would fight to the death if Chris summoned me against a Palkia.

If you have a problem with me/Torchic talking, I can stay mum in future posts. It’s just that I’ve seen other Pokemon runs/fanfics/whatever that allowed ’Mons outside the norm to talk.

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Holy bovine, these RP players are serious tryhards. I cannot take them lightly.

brb making my awesome rp post

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Kay, after four hours of hard work.


I got my first Pokeman, it’s Chikorita. Its bright leaf shines in the sunlight. It fought a Rattata with tackles and killed it. We roasted the Rattata in a campfire. We continued through the forest and fought the annoying bug Pokeman. Weedles poisoned my Chikorita, so I had to recover it in a Pokeman hospital. My Chikorita got Tackle, Razor Leaf, Synthesis, and Poison Powder as it leveled.

We killed many Weedles and sold its huge sting to nearby Pokeman hunters for cheap money.

GG game

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“Wow,” I said as Cherry grabbed a Chikorita and ran out before saying thanks. “That Cherry kid was in a hurry.”

(Sorry, this post got eaten too, which doesn’t even make any sense given it’s so friggin’ small!!)

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[I think it has something to do with ending a paragraph with a quotation mark. Or something to do with quotation marks, anyway.]

[The length of the post really doesn’t have anything to do with it.]

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[I think it has something to do with ending a paragraph with a quotation mark. Or something to do with quotation marks, anyway.]

[Exactly this. If you put something after the quotation mark, even a space, the post will go through just fine. Playing it safe, you should probably also copy and paste your post before submitting.]

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((We understand the concept of a small bottle of milk, don’t need to go into the specific amount unless it’s relevant, Race.))
((I’m okay with your Torchic talking to you as a “special connection” sort deal; not so hot on it talking to other people. But it’s not really my call, so whatever.))
((Writing this makes me realize that I never use exclamation points except for RP’s. I’m not excited by a lot of stuff.))
((I think “Bulbasaur assents! Bul-ba!” may be my favorite thing I’ve ever posted.))
((Okay, if I formatted this correctly, then the quoted bits are her thinking. Italics are sounds not made by Katelynn.))

Katelynn Smyth
Oh boy! Oh boy! Today’s the day I get my own pokemon!…Not that I don’t like the pokemon I help take of! I do! But that’s different, they belong to other trainers, or my parents. Today, I get a pokemon all my own! I hope she likes me. Or he!

A quick bowl of cereal, some orange juice, and a bowl of fruit and I’m off to the laboratory.
It seems that a couple other trainers have been here so far, as there are a few gaps in the lines of pokeballs. “Good morning professor!”
“Good morning Katelynn. How are your parents doing?”
“They’re doing well, as is that egg you brought us! They said it should be only a matter of days before it hatches.”
“Good, good! Well, if you’re ready for your adventure, take a look about and pick your partner.”
I step up to the first pokeball. A small picture of blue pokemon with a plant on its back lies next to it. “Oh-my-gosh this one’s so cute!”
Professor Willow steps over to me. “Hm? Oh yes, that’s Bulbasaur, a seed pokemon. If I recall correctly, it’s one of the few pokemon here NOT brought in by your family. Is he your choice?”
YES” I blush, not intending that to be as loud as it was. “…I mean…yeah…I’d like him…if that’s alright.
Professor Willow lets out a small laugh and hands me the pokeball. “He’s all yours.”
All I can manage is to suppress a squeal, accept the pokeball, and hurry out of the lab.

I’ve got a pokemon! :D

I run over to a small grove of trees which border the tall grass and call Bulbasaur out of the ball while spinning briefly.
“Hihi! I’m Katelynn! And we’re gonna be best friends!”
Bulbasaur assents! Bul-ba!
“Oh man this is so cool! I can’t wait to start adventuring with you! We’re going to go to so many places, and see so many new pokemon!” I gasp as I realize that I didn’t pick up the complimentary pokedex and pokeballs. I heave a great sigh and lean against a tree.

Oh gosh Professor Willow will think I’m such a ditz if I go back in now after rushing out like that. Stupid stupid stupid!

I feel a gentle nudge on my leg on look down to see that Bulbasaur is at my feet and has a very worried look on his face. Bulba?
I smile at the pokemon. “I’m okay, thanks. I guess I should’ve expected something like this to happen.”
I sit for a little while with Bulbasaur before working up the courage to walk back into the lab and get what I missed the first time.
((If a certain other character also in the trees near the tall grass (NimbusCloud) wanted to interact, then ignore the second part of that last action where she leaves to the lab. Or wait for her to do so and engage her when she gets back. Ball’s in your court.))

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The post didn’t get eaten until I went to edit it. If quote marks are doing that, though, and I had similar problems when ending day 1 of SBM, I’m guessing there’s a whole bunch of edit-eating symbols… not just quote marks.

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Ok, Cowfriend? Erm, you seem to be rushing it a bit. And I haven’t heard of anyone cooking a Ratata before.
Once again, I’ll be back at 3:00 GMT.

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I woke up rather lazily, even though I knew today was the day I would get my first Pokémon, which would also be my starter pokémon. I got out of my bed and rushed to the Laboratory as I grabbed a bite to eat. I had to get Squirtle, I just had to. It was the pokémon I had dreamed for and wanted as my starter pokémon, no matter what.

As I entered the laboratory, I saw Professor Willows. I asked him for Squirtle, he said, “Squirtle eh? Nice choice, it is one of the better starter pokémon, good luck in your endeavors, Red.” and handed me 5 other pokéballs and a pokédex. I felt so excited, my journey had begun. While I was leaving the laboratory, I said “Thanks Prof.” and left.

I walked to a random direction to meet some trainers or some random pokémons and get some experience before going to a gym, only to lose badly. In the way, I released my Squirtle and scanned him with the pokédex, the pokédex said, in a robotic voice, “Squirtle. This Tiny Turtle Pokémon draws its long neck into its shell to launch incredible water attacks with amazing range and accuracy. The blasts can be quite powerful.”. I told him to follow me and I wouldn’t keep him in a pokéball, he seemed to understand. I grinned, and ran off in the direction I was heading to, and he followed me, regardless he was still half-wild.

EDIT: For all of you:

I wanna be the very best
Like no one ever was
To catch them is my real test
To train them is my cause

I will travel across the land
Searching far and wide
Each Pokemon to understand
The power that’s inside

Pokemon, its you and me
I know it’s my destiny
Pokemon, oh, you’re my best friend
In a world we must defend
Pokemon, a heart so true
Our courage will pull us through

You teach me and I’ll teach you
Pokemon, gotta catch ’em all

Every challenge along the way
With courage I will face
I will battle every day
To claim my rightful place

Come with me, the time is right
There’s no better team
Arm in arm we’ll win the fight
It’s always been our dream

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The next I headed out. I said goodbye to my brother and headed towards the nearest route…and wouldn’t ya know a wild pokemon appeared…oh joy. I took the pokeball and threw it…then snivy came out. snivy had this little creepy smile on his face… heh go figure.
the wild pokemon was a wurmple, and was very small…
“Snivy tackle it!” i shouted…the snivy tackled it hard the wurmple had been knocked down but it got right back up.
it attempted to tackle snivy but…“Snivy dodge it!” and he rolled out of the way and the wurmple hit a tree ….then i shout again “Snivy tackle it!” he did….then I looked at the wurmple… it collasped… I guess it was too tired to get up…oh well.
after the battle i put snivy back in the pokeball and continued on…
( I really hope in that battle snivy wasn’t a god-mod but if he was… i will retype the post…)

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marvin My alarm clock erupted in a chorus of annoying ringing and clanging. I woke with a start, and threw the clock at the wall, too lazy to turn it off. I jumped out of bed, get dressed in a frenzy, and practically fell down the stairs in my haste. I grabbed a slice of toast from the breakfast table and ran out of the house. I jogged to the laboratory, eating the toast. As I trotted inside, I spotted the professor. “Glad I found you.” I say. “I’m here for my pokemon”
“Ah yes. You arrived in record timing. Follow me” He led me to another room, with a rows upon rows of pokeballs. they were divided into Fire, Water and Grass sections. Each pokeball had a picture of the pokemon inside on it. I took a look around, and spotted one that caught my eye. “Mudkip!” I said, dashing towards the pokeball. “Mudkip?”the professor replied. “A fine choice, since it evolves into a ground type, it’ll be immune to electricity. Are you sure you want it?” I pick the pokeball up like handling a sacred relic. or a live bomb. “Yes.” “Good, good. It’s yours” He presses a pokedex into my hand, along with five extra pokeballs (all empty) and shows me out. As soon as I’m clear of the door, I whip out the pokeball. “… I have no idea how these work…” I look at the ball and press a button on it and it snaps open, emitting a burst of light at me. When the light fades, I realize there is something on my head. I reach up and pull down the mudkip. “Mudkip?” it says, cocking it’s head. I put it to the ground and it sits down and looks at me, kinda like a puppy. I scan it with my pokedex.
“Mudkip: Mudfish pokemon. In water, Mudkip breathes using the gills on its cheeks. If it is faced with a tight situation in battle, this Pokémon will unleash its amazing power – it can crush rocks bigger than itself.” The pokedex reads.
“Mudkip?” The Mudkip says again, looking up at me.
“yes, yes. Mudkip”
“Mudkip!” The Mudkip bounced up and down on the spot, delighted I had used its name. I groaned softly. I turned around, observing my surroundings.