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Fell is under attack.
The Necromancer Sect has managed to manufacture the Plague of Undeath, turning all living souls into horrific mutations of what they once were. Kindly wizards become dark sorcerers. The mercenary Armegedhon bears of the Northlands have been turned into feral, snapping creatures, ready to tear apart any human.
And humans are turned into Corrupted, creatures with grey skin and white eyes, who move faster and are stronger than a normal human. They serve only the Necromancers, and they have laid siege to the Empire of Arc.
Heroes step up to save the land. They cut great swathes across the Corrupted and the defiled beasts, but so far, most of them have been turned by the Plague and now serve the Necromancers, their former powers being turned to evil.
Yet it does not stop more heroes from trying. They pledge their allegiance to Arc, and usually work in large groups for safety reasons. You are part of one of these groups of heroes. You will destroy the Necromancers, tear their temples down and save Fell from the ravages of the Plague.
Or else you will be ripped apart by the Corrupted.
Just like a video game, Heroes of Fell features classes of characters. These classes determine what sort of abilities you have. Each primary class-Warrior, Mage or Rogue-is broken down into three sub-classes. You choose one of the sub-classes to mold your character into, or if you want, you can be a Balanced class, a Jack-of-all-Trades but master of none.
Each sub-class has its own Skills. Your Skills depend on which sub-class you’re in, and can be modified or made more powerful as you journey through Fell.

They only stop killing to wipe the blood of a thousand warriors off their swords.

Paladin:Paladins derive their power from the Great God Ankh, as well as his lieutenants, the God of Justice, Sezu, and the God of Light, Arias. His strength lies in healing his teammates and casting spells to improve their morale and temporarily boost their skill in combat.

Blademaster:A Blademaster does not wield a sword. He is a sword, himself. He is in love with his blade. It is his passion and his fire and his light. His strikes are like a hot dirk carving through butter, and his strength lies in survival. He can dance with you forever, and your weapon will never touch him. He just fights on and on and on, slowly wearing you down while not suffering a scratch himself.

Berserker:A Berserker is a madman. He charges through the enemy, slashing and hacking. If a Corrupted fights him, he kills it. If a defiled beast fights him, he kills it. If a demon fights him, he kills it. If the gods himself fight him, he kills them, too. His crazy and perilous attacks often leave him vulnerable, but although his defense his weak, his pure attacking frenzy possesses the msot raw power out of any sub-class.

What use are swords and daggers when the fury of the gods themselves are against you?

Elemental:Elementals have the most raw power out of all the Mages. They harness the power of Fire, Wind, Water and Earth to slay their enemies. Occassionally, skilled Elementals have even been known to draw upon Sky, the power source of the White Gods, and Chaos, the power source of the Black Gods.

Blood Mage:A Blood Mage pays a terrible price for his power. He has to physically draw blood from himself in order to cast spells. But what power! A Blood Mage with a gash on his chest can turn boulders to dust. A Blood Mage with a slash on his cheek can bring down a rain of death. Dying Blood Mages have been known to swallow whole battlefields in their agony.

Summoner:The motto of the Summoner is-“Why do something when you can get something else to do it for you?” For their abilities lie in summoning creatures from other worlds. Dragons, Chimeras, Fairies, Phoenixes, Golems, Dire Wolves, everything from a swarm of poisonous bees to invisible, ever-cold specters are theirs to summon and command.

You can’t hit what you can’t see, but what you can’t see can hit you.

Assassin:The assassin’s powress lies in poison and long-range killing. Rather than list all his attributes, let me just tell you the story of an Oberjarl who betrayed Thane Harlequin. Thane Harlequin sent a single assassin after the Oberjarl’s entire army. The next day, the Oberjarl woke up to find that his entire army was dead from a poison in the water supply. As he was busy peering at the infected water, a dart hit him from behind and he fell asleep. Forever.

Shadowbender:A Shadowbender’s deadliness lies in his versatility. A Berserker may be picked off from afar by arrows. An Elemental may be stopped if his spells are interrupted. A Blademaster is nothing without his blade. But if you shoot arrows at a Shadowbender, darkness swells up and blocks them. Disrupt his concentration? He can easily kill you without using his most powerful spells. And, of course, there is no blade to take away.

Cloaked:The Cloaked are a strange breed, for their grey cowls are always over their shoulders, even when sleeping. They have the ability to teleport anywhere they have seen at will, and their primary weapon is a thick grey mist that blinds and chokes their enemies. They can even choose who the mist affects, so their allies will be breathing perfectly normally and can see perfectly fine.
To complete Heroes of Fell, you must go into the Temple of the Hopeless in the last Necromancer Sanctuary, where you will find the High Priest. Once you kill the High Priest, the game ends.

You will start in Castellume, Arc’s capital city. There, you will speak to General Shingle, who will give you orders. Once you complete his quest, you will immediately be given another one, and so on until you kill the Hgh Priest.

But you don’t have to start a quest the moment it’s given. You also have the opportunity to wander around and ask for subquests. These quests do not advance the plotline, but after every subquests, the best RPGers in that subquest will receive powerful items. This is important, because getting good gear is the only way to make your character more powerful.

Mediocre subquesters will be given a healing potion or some minor one-use artifact, while inactive subquesters will not be given anything at all. Note that you cannot go on a subquest by yourself while the others complete the main quest. Everyone goes or no one goes.

As mentioned before, equipment is the only way to make your characters stronger. You can carry as much equipment as you want, as limiting the stuff you can have is, in my opinion, an artificial way to make the game harder.

All main weapons other than the main weapons you start with have a Weapon Skill, a power that can only be used once per quest.

However, at any one time, you can only wear:

2 rings
1 amulet or necklace
1 main weapon(staves for mages, swords for warriors, knives for rogues)
1 off-hand weapon(cataclysts for mages, shields for warriors, knives for rogues)
1 set of armor
1 accessory(crowns, hats, braclets, monocles, circlets etc.)

Gems can be socketed into weapons to lend them extra powers. Only one gem per weapon.

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Sign Up Sheet:


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Name:Simon Rorke
Appearance:Simon Rorke is thin and tall. He has sharp features, and his fingers are slender. His eyes are large and round, and seem to take in everything in front of him. Because of his eyes, his face looks out of proportion, which can give a comical or disturbing effect, depending on whether you’re his ally or enemy.
Biography:His father, Daniel Rorke, was a famed magical theoretician. He hopes to follow his father’s footsteps and become a powerful mage. However, his father, mother, and sister were all torn apart or turned into undead by the Corrupted. Since then, he has always wanted to help Arc in its fight to get rid of the Corrupted.

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[The empire of ark is in danger?!?! Of course i will sign to help my empire in its time of need.]

[Sign-Up Sheet]

Name: Miri
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: She is tall and thin, she has light brown hair and dark brown eyes.
Sub-Class: Blood Mage

Edit: Argh sorry i forgot to add appearance i will do that now.

2nd Edit: Fixed.

3rd Edit: Fixed again.

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Arkenarken, please specify what type of mage are you. Are you an Elemental, Blood Mage or Summoner?

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Originally posted by helltank:

Arkenarken, please specify what type of mage are you. Are you an Elemental, Blood Mage or Summoner?


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Name: Annihilator “Nihil” Marcus
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: Nihil is short but thin, with thick black hair. His eyes are like amethyst, and they seem to gaze directly at your soul.
Personality: He gets angry very easily but his anger also fades fast. He likes dirty jokes. He is somehow mad.
Biography: When Nihil was one year old, when his mother tries to wean him, a spark came out of his fingertips. Inheriting the arcane power of his father and mother, he was born to command the elements. Afterward, he had lived a happy life until his girlfriend was turned into Corrupted. Nihil and his family subdued her and chained her in the cellar of their house, but Nihil has since become insane.
Sub-Class: Elemental

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Damn mages, always making themselves into orphaned pariahs before they’re even twenty years old. Also, classes should be able to wield additional items in their off-hand, depending on what main weapon they’re wielding, e.g. a shield or a second 1h for Warriors with a one-handed weapon, extra knives or whatever else for 1h-wielding Rogues, some form of additional magical focus for Mages.

Name: Cyrius Slennde
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Appearance: Slender bodily form of about 197cm in height, with slightly curled black hair, sky blue eyes, and sharp facial features, marred only by a series of slash and puncture scars running below his eyes and across the bridge of his nose. Like a blush, except made of scar tissue. However, whilst in public, his entire head is encased in a flesh-like mask designed to make him look as though his head is both corpse-like in colour and completely devoid of any distinguishing features. In addition, the mist swirling around him has a tendency to curl out from behind him in tentacle-like strands, adding to the already very high fear factor.
Personality(optional): He doesn’t like to talk through the mask. Or at all, for that matter, preferring to speak only when necessary. He can be surprisingly social when he does talk, though, and his actions outside of combat generally indicate a willingness to be near people.
Biography(optional): Some time in the past, Cyrius “discovered” that he had a knack for getting out of trouble… and promptly “proved” a lack of said knack when he got “accidentally” stabbed several times in the face by an amateur “Assassin”. Through some quirk of fate, he awoke in the Cloaked Society HQ with a bad case of “scar blush”, and was immediately “requested” to join the Cloaked Society so that he could be given “immunity to” being assassinated again. With that in mind, Cyrius “constructed” a mask to “cover” his facial features, thereby “obtaining” the “nickname” “Faceless Person Guy”.
But seriously, “realised”, “realised he had”, “on purpose”, “that guy didn’t deserve the title”, “made up on the spot”, “forced”, “protection from”, “had someone else craft”, “hide”, “nothing”, “nothing”, “that nickname is stupid”.
Sub-Class: Cloaked

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Name: Amelia Darke
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Appearance: Amy has jet-black hair falling down to her waist, and her eyes are a steely grey. Normal height, about 178 cm. She wears a black cloak at all times, which somehow enhances her spells.
Personality: Her anger has always gotten the best of her, and she almost always resorts to violence to calm her down. Amy doesn’t like most people, unless they prove themselves to be worthy of her time. Such attitude has made her a loner for these past few years of her life, and she’s gotten used to surviving on her own.
Biography: She doesn’t remember much about her past due to a serious head injury when she was 18.
Sub-Class: Shadowbender

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I withdraw my characters. This is not active.

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You know, Sierra, the OP is totally a Summoner already. What we need is Warriors, probably.

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And also the the warrior sub-class paladin is a clear support class.

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Well to be fair, unless you get a weapon or item that can dispel or otherwise counter magic, magic is really overpowered. If you almost kill a blood Mage, but he is still alive with one last dying breath. You. Are. Fucked.

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Blood Mages are total trolls. You have to kill them with blunt weapons or else they’ll screw you with their last breath.
To have some class variety, I have changed class to Paladin.

I will also be including some Corrupted and other monsters that have magic-nullifying abilities so mages are set back a little bit.

Off-hands have also been included.

All sign ups so far accepted. Do you guys want to start the game now?

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Doublepost:I was wondering if anyone got the joke “Simon Rorke”. If you want to know, Thomas Cross in the Hellgate:London trilogy is of the House of Rorke, and he has a son called Simon.

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I have a question: Blood mages need to lose blood in order to attack, but they don’t carry a knife? I was at the very least expecting them to be able to carry a knife in the off-hand so i can have my character cut herself during battle.

But the only weapons mages can carry are rocks and sticks?

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If you don’t have a knife, you will be injured automatically by your own magic.

Or maybe they have a knife, but in the interests of balance I prefer that they can’t use it for direct combat.

Also, GAME thread is up.

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I withdraw this character too. This is not as active as I’d hoped.

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I withdraw this post. This is not as active.

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I was away for one day. It is active and I will keep it running.

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Does this game still exist? cause if it does i would like to play.

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