[Trivia] Temptation- The Kongregate Version! Game 1 (helltank, JaumeBG and T6salt)

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Hi i’m SquadalaGuy! Your host and “whatever hostess in any freakin game show” for…

TEMPTATION: Kongregate Version!


When a new game finnishes, you can sign up. The first 3 people to sign up will be in the race for not money- but (fake) KONGREGATE POINTS! But, they’re fake. But it’s it’s a money alt. so yeah. And some fake prizes as well! (roll eyes)

Every time you get an anwser right, you get 5 points. You’ll LOSE 5 points if you fail a question. The 3 people always start with 20 “Kong” points.

How to sign up:

Name: (username)

It’s easy!

Round 1: Topic Questions

There will be 5 topic questions based on anything real. (or even not.)

After 3 questions, the person with the most “Kong” points will choose 1 of 3 random power-ups:

Random Kong Points (1-10 Points)

Burglar (steals the deducted 5 Kong Points from any person who got a wrong answer to thier point tally. One use)

Lock Out (Rare) (locks a contestant for two questions, nasty! One use)

Turbo (Rare) (doubles the winning points for the next 3 questions from 5 Kong P to 10. Watch out! It’s also 10 points in the bin if you get a question wrong during the 3 questions! One use)

If you have the least points (last place) by the end of Round 1, you lose and will be out for the rest of the game!

Round 2: Random Gaming Questions

5 questions of gaming (any gaming) are used to determine to see if you can be fast and on to the last round! HOWEVER, you will be able to CONTINUE even if you lose in this round! Power-ups can be used until after this round.

Round 3: Qutoes from Video Games

3 random NPC quotes are in the list for this round. You will be out if you don’t get the most right questions out of the 3.

You will get the answer right if you:

1. Name the NPC’s name OR

2. Name the place from the game that NPC quote was said OR

3. Name the game that the quote was from

Round 4: 5 Questions

The person who is playing this round will be the winner if ALL 5 questions, which are HARD AS, are right. You can NOT PM me the answers, you will have to post them in the forums! (ALL 5 of the answers!)

Here’s the list of difficulties the questions can be:

Q1. Easy
Q2. Medium
Q3. Hard
Q4. Very Hard

Anywho, the game will finish after that point, making way for the next game.

Good Luck!

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Game 1:

Contestant 1: helltank

Contestant 2: JaumeBG

Contestant 3: T6salt

Sign-ups closed, ready for playing!

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Please put [Trivia] in the title. Thanks!

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Done and done! You wanna join? It’s fun!

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No thanks! :P

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Better formatting please, then I’ll consider.

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I can’t make better paragraphs! Help me!

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Bolding? Italicing? Underlining? :P

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Sign up.

Looks like Lock Out seems to be the best power up, but Burgler will do in a pinch if you need some kong points for a little pick-me-up.

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I’m signing up.

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Ok. I’ll make u a deal!

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We only need one more person, and then we’ll be on our way!

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Let’s start this game!

The contestants will be:

JaumeBG and….


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yes! We’re ready! just wait a few secs…

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NOW we’re ready!

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Game 1: helltank Vs JaumeBg vs T6salt

(theme song of Temptation) #DAH DAH DAH! DAHHHH! (temptation!)#

Ok, for round one the topic is…….

Box-office movies!

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What are the questions?

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Round 1 Topic: Box-office movies

Question 1: Which film did James Cameron did NOT make?

a) Terminator 1
b) Terminator 2
c) Avatar

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Terminator 1 is my guess.

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PROTIP:In trivia games, don’t post the answer in the thread where other competitors can see it.

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Correct! 5 points! Fact: Cameron himself DIDN’T do terminator 1, but he did make the sequel.

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Who’s correct, me or Jaume.

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From now on, PM the anwsers, ok? Next time will be 5 points taken off.