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Main game thread is here. Please keep all out-of-character discussions in this thread rather than the game thread.

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Welcome to the Worldsphere.

It was once a peaceful and prosperous world, many centuries ago. Within the soul of each human existed magic, sparks of wondrous power that allowed their wielders to manipulate the world around them. In this golden age humans thrived, spreading to every corner of their planet, yet managing to coexist harmoniously with nature. However, there existed one small problem. For all their arcane power and knowledge, the humans’ bodies were always fragile, weak; a single well-placed stab could end a spellcaster’s life no matter how powerful his magic became. As such, after achieving nigh total mastery over the environment around them, the humans sought mastery over their own frailty. They succeeded, but at a catastrophically great cost. All it took was the invention of a single spell, a simple, yet infinitely complex spell that changed the Worldsphere forever.


With this spell, humans were able to cast aside their weak bodies, and transform into fantastical creatures that only existed in legends and fairy tales. Stone golems, angels, dragons, even demonic beasts from the darkest crevices of human imagination, this one spell allowed humans to become more than they ever could otherwise. Suddenly, all myths became true; humans became the things they spoke of in legends. Literally.

It seemed that tampering with human nature was a sacrilege, for the human form was inexorably tied to their very souls. Once they altered their essence, they could never go back. Despite retaining the ability to assume a humanlike façade, their minds and true forms were forever warped to become more fitting of the creatures they chose to emulate. And the polymorph spell itself was not without its downsides. Most humans could only become one type of creature, determined by something that slept deep within their blood and lineage; those without such a limitation were invariably deranged souls mentally torn apart by their conflicting forms and instincts. And while their new bodies made them stronger than ever, these former humans found that magic was slipping out of their grasp. Should they abandon their human forms altogether, magic would become entirely lost to them.

Humanity was divided regarding to this new development, to say the least.

A thousand years later, the Worldsphere is now almost unrecognizable from its formerly glorious self. Much of the planet is under the control of what are now known as Shifters, inhuman creatures that still retain the ability to assume humanlike forms and utilize the humans’ magic. Shifters of the same creature types or ideologies form groups and alliances, warring among themselves almost as frequently as they do with one another. What remains of true humans, now known as Magi, are mostly led by the church of Magus Mechanicle, a ruthless, dogmatic religious order whose only goal is the complete and utter annihilation of every single last vile beast that dare mock and defile human purity. Far away from civilization, Beasts stalk the depths of wilderness, feral, monstrous beings that have abandoned all semblances of their former human nature. It is a torn, tortured world, a travesty of what it once had been. And it is this torn, tortured world into which you are born or perhaps made.

You are powerful. Among the myriads of human and inhuman entities that inhabit this world, your might outshines and overshadows many. You have the potential to make a difference. But what difference will you make? Will you restore the Worldsphere to its former glory, or will you plunge it further into chaos?

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To avoid possible disputes, there are a few rules in this game that must be obeyed at all times. Since I am the GM, I am allowed to break these rules, if only to prevent the rules from being twisted by malicious forumgoers and used against me; but I hope I will never be forced to do so. Tip: Don’t try to rules lawyer against me. You will lose.

If you break any of the rules, intentionally or by accident, you will be punished according to the three-strikes system below. Certain rules may also have additional punishments for breaking them.
1. The first offense will be met only with a warning.
2. The second offense will result in something unpleasant being inflicted on your character. For example, his power may be seriously weakened, or one of his loved ones will be killed.
3. The third offense will result in you being banned from the game for a month, and your current character killed in a gruesome and humiliating manner. However, you are free to make another character after one month.
4. Additionally, if you are banned from the game for the third time, your ban will be permanent.

Everything above is just consequences for breaking the rules. Now, onto the rules themselves.

- Do not respond to anyone who is attempting to derail this thread. Flag and move on.

- Don’t be a jerk. Try not to do anything that may possibly cause anyone to spit profanity at you. That includes but is not limited to killing, controlling, maiming, depowering, or doing anything unpleasant to another player character without the player’s permission, or derailing the character’s subplot. If a dispute occurs, try to resolve it via PM. If that doesn’t work, PM me.

- All posts can be edited. If a conflict occurs, one or both sides will have to edit their post. If I tell you to edit one of your posts, you have to. If you refuse to do so, your post will be declared invalid, non-canonical, and will be ignored by everyone else; responding to such invalidated posts also counts as breaking this rule.

- Don’t be overpowered. If I spot your character doing something he or she should not be capable of doing, you must edit your post. Otherwise your post will be considered invalid; retcons will be used if necessary. There will be a more detailed list of what I consider to be overpowered in the spells and abilities section of the character sheet.

- Only one character is allowed per account. There is nothing stopping you from making multiple characters using alts, but try not to go overboard. At most, three characters should be enough for anyone. I am exempt from this rule as I will be controlling many NPCs that are vital to the plot. You can create NPCs of your own, but if they become important enough then I may ask you to write a character profile for them and transfer them to an alt, turning them into full-fledged player characters. Yes, alts must be used; this is to discourage people from making too many characters.

- What I say goes. You can ask me to re-evaluate a decision, but ultimately I always get the final say. If I say that a conversation is over, it is over; you will be punished for attempting to argue further.


Banned List

None at the moment. Hopefully this list will forever stay empty.

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Character Sheet

You’re almost there. Fill this out, receive my approval, and you can start posting. All sections of the sheet must be filled out, and please do try to be detailed. Your character must be approved by me before your posts can be considered valid.

Primary Name: A single main name that your character goes by.

Other Names: Your character’s full names, aliases, nicknames, and titles go here.

Class: Are you a Magus, Shifter, or Beast? Magi are entirely human; Shifters can change between human and monster forms; and Beasts are monsters that have no human forms.

Species: What is your character? Magi are strictly human, while Shifters and Beasts are strictly non-human species. You can use any species found in mythology or works of fiction, though their abilities may be nerfed for the purposes of game balance.
A few things of note:
You can create your own species if you want, but you’ll need to discuss with me first.
If you want to be some sort of hybrid monster, you’ll also need to discuss with me first; my rules for monster hybridization may be too long and complicated so I’m not putting them here.
Some species, such as vampires and werewolves, can infect and transform others into their species. However, this transformation takes time, depending on the difference in power between the infecter and infectee. It is possible to purge the infection, with varying levels of difficulty, before the transformation completes. Only Magi and Shifters can be transformed by such infections; Beasts will simply be killed.

Gender: Not limited to male or female. Humans alone can be transsexual, intersexual, or asexual; non-human species can even have more than two possible genders.

Age: Self-explanatory. Non-human characters can be extremely young or old by human standards. But really, the polymorphing spell was invented only 1000 years ago, so you’re going to have a hard time convincing me that your character is older than that.

Human Appearance: What does your character look like in his or her human form? Beasts must put N/A in this section as they have no human forms.

True Appearance: What does your character look like in his or her true form? Magi must put N/A in this section as their true forms are the same as their human forms.

Personality: You can flesh out your character as you roleplay along, but it’s still a good idea to give a general description of his or her personality. If you don’t know what to put, think about virtues, vices, intelligence, temperaments, religious, philosophical, and moral beliefs, sexual orientation, quirks, habits, etc.

Skills: What mundane skills does your character have? Note that these skills are considered mundane by your character’s species, which is not necessarily human. Human examples include singing, cooking, and martial arts.

Spells and Abilities: List your character’s spells and abilities here. Before picking out spells and abilities, you should take a look at the first few paragraphs of this thread, so you know what abilities are overpowered and unacceptable in this game. If it’s too long, then just keep these two things in mind:
1. Nothing is absolute. If it exists, it can be countered by something.
2. Effectiveness is proportional to the difference in power. Clever tactics can get you far, but your spells and abilities aren’t going to be very effective on an opponent that is overwhelmingly stronger than you.

There are two types of spells and two types of abilities, which are explained below.

- Advanced spells are spells that are devastatingly powerful, but have little versatility or adaptability. An example is a spell that conjures a flaming meteorite; it deals massive damage but the size and composition of the meteorite cannot be adjusted. Magi can have up to 4 of these spells, Shifters can only have 1, and Beasts have none.

- Basic spells are spells that are not as explosively powerful as advanced spells, but are much more versatile and can be used in many different ways. An example is a spell that allows its user to create and shape ice at will. Magi and Shifters can have up to 2 of these spells, but Beasts have none.

- Basic abilities are abilities that come directly from a creature’s physiology. A creature can have an arbitrary number of them, but they are not very versatile. For example, a dragon’s fire breath is a basic ability, but being able to shape the flames into a construct is not. Please, do try to be sensible with these abilities; we know that not all dragons can teleport. Magi do not have these abilities, but Shifters and Beasts can have any number of them.
Note: Skilled Shifters can partially change from their human forms to monster forms, manifesting some but not all monstrous features on their human bodies. Thus, they can use their basic abilities even in human form.

- Advanced abilities are unique abilities a creature has that are generally not shared by other members of its species. They can be versatile like basic spells, powerful like advanced spells, or anywhere in between. An example is that while not all vampires can do so, a specific vampire has the ability to create whips of red energy that drain blood and life force on contact. Magi do not have these abilities, Shifters can only have 1, and Beasts can have up to 4.

Also, if you’re a Shifter, you can forsake 1 advanced spell to gain 1 additional advanced ability, or vice versa.

Yes, I know that all the information above might be a bit confusing, so here is a summary:
Magus: 4 advanced spells, 2 basic spells.
Shifter: 2 basic spells, any basic abilities. Then pick one option: 2 advanced spells OR 2 advanced abilities OR 1 of each.
Beast: Any basic abilities, 4 advanced abilities.

You can change classes during the game, but it will be quite a traumatic experience, and change your spells and abilities to fit your new class.

Possessions: If your character is carrying any items of significance, put them here.

Faction: What faction is your character affiliated with? A list of some factions can be found in the next post. You can create your own faction, but you must discuss with me first.

Biography: Briefly explain your character’s life before the game begins.

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This is a list of some but not all of the important factions in the Worldsphere. New factions can be made, and some factions will be kept secret.

Neutral: This is the default option for factions. It simply means you’re not closely affiliated with any faction. You can pick this option if the faction you are affiliated with is not in the list, but you are encouraged to expand on your faction so it can be added into the list.

Magus Mechanicle: Ruthless and fanatic, Magus Mechanicle is a fundamentalist religious order that hates any and all inhuman creatures with zealous passion. They value human purity above all else, and have over the centuries developed machines and technology that enhance their magic and allow them to fight on par with any monster. Without Magus Mechanicle to unify what remains of humanity against the myriads of monsters that roam the land, perhaps the human race would have disappeared centuries ago; as such most of humans today are under their control. Magus Mechanicle worships what they call the Deus ex Machina, or God from the Machine, an all-powerful deity that will be summoned to the Worldsphere through the ultimate human technology, the ultimate product of human ingenuity, to wipe the world clean of Shifters and Beasts. The religion is lead by the Magus Supreme, Justinian XXI, its most powerful spellcaster and high priest, said to be in direct communion with their yet-to-arrive deity. The symbol of Magus Mechanicle is a five-pointed purple star within a ten-toothed iron gear. During his or her rite of initiation, every Mechanicle Magus will have symbol magically tattooed on a body part of his or her choosing.

Utopia: Utopia is one of the few places remaining in the Worldsphere that creatures of all species can coexist in harmony, and even such harmony is shaky at best. The denizens of Utopia live in a large number of massive floating cities linked together by networks of magical portals, collectively referred to as the Oversphere, where they are barely safe from the conflicts and strife of the ground below. Riots and skirmishes among the various species and groups in Utopia are frequent, but any disturbances to the greater balance will be taken care of by the powerful Utopian Council of angels that watch over the floating cities; serious offenders will be dropped off to the ground many kilometers below and left to die. The Council is headed by Zeruel, the most powerful archangel in existence. The symbol of Utopia is a simple white annulus.

The Church of Light: Quite unlike the dogmatic Magus Mechanicle, the Church of Light is a gentle, forgiving, but perhaps naive faith. Its members believe in the Light of Salvation, a sentient cosmic force that will wash away all suffering, cleanse all sins, and bring all souls to a realm of eternal happiness and prosperity. Believers of the Light are mainly angels, interspersed with members of other kinder, more civilized races. Though their teachings had gotten them little more than harsh mockeries at best and gruesome deaths at worst, the Church of Light persevered through the centuries, always hoping for the day when they can bring salvation to all. The Church has no leaders, for the notions of superiority and obedience hold little importance to the believers of its faith, though its unofficial leader is Zeruel of the Utopian Council mentioned above. Their symbol is a silver cross with three pairs of white feathery wings, alluding to an archangel of legends ages past who sacrificed himself via crucifixion to atone for the world’s sins.

The Hordes of Ruin: The monsters stalking the Worldsphere’s surface may be dangerous, but those that survive in the nightmarish Undersphere are another thing altogether. Banished underground centuries ago, demons, undead, and other twisted wretches of all shapes and sizes fight, slaughter, consume, and evolve in a perpetually churning mass of chaos and ruin. Occasionally there arise demon lords powerful enough to subjugate swathes of the hellish underworld, and it is often during these times that the Hordes of Ruin will emerge to the surface to wreak havoc to all in their path. It is unknown whether such demon lords exist at the moment, for few souls are foolish enough to venture into the Undersphere of their own volition. The Hordes have no unifying symbol, but many attribute to them the symbol of a shattered black disk whose fragments resemble talons and fangs.

The Draconian Accord: Dragons are usually solitary creatures, wielding immense power that are more than enough to survive the dangers of this world. However, dragons are also proud. Be it simple egocentrism and megalomania, or genuine desire to improve the lives of their subjects, many dragons come to rule over city states and even kingdoms. At first, they warred, but after centuries of failed conquests they came to the realization that none has the power to rule all. Hence formed the Draconian Accord, a coalition of states and nations of many races and species, each lead by a draconic overlord. Currently the most powerful member of the Accord is Huang Long, the Yellow Dragon, Emperor of the expansive Eastern Kingdoms. The symbol of the Draconian Accord is a stylized dragon head, the exact colors and details varying from dragon to dragon.

Nature’s Haven: The vast expanses of forests in the Worldsphere are, more often than not, dominated by wild, savage Beasts. However, deep in the center of one of the largest forests in the world, simply dubbed “the Great Forest” by many tongues, is a haven of civilization amid all the barbarity that lurks among the trees. Headed by various fae creatures such as faeries, elves, dryads, and nymphs, Nature’s Haven is populated by many species of nature-loving creatures and some druidic, reclusive humans. This faction usually prefers to stay neutral and, keep to itself; it is plenty busy just constantly entangling and disentangling itself from the delicate, intricate web that is fae politics. As a result, it is not an easy task for an outsider to gain the Haven’s trust and be accepted into their ranks. Being led by fae, this faction is ruled by the four fae monarchs, Narcissus, Amaranthia, Chrysanthemus, and Helleborea, each one titled after one of the four seasons and leading one of the faerie subspecies. Its symbol is a multicolored flower surrounded by four leaves, though like nature itself the symbol of Nature’s Haven changes colors over the seasons.

Character List

For each character, its full name is put in round brackets, and the username of the player that controls it in square brackets.

Character names that are crossed out means that they’re inactive, not dead. Dead characters will be removed from the list. The strikethrough will be removed if the character in question becomes active again.

Vinyl (Varralie Mundi) [therealsirmark4, page 2 post 3]
Oloroar (Oloroar the Mad) [NimbusCloud26, page 2 post 11]
Dawn (Dawn Silver Thorne) [Sierrasama, page 2 post 25]
The Faceless Man [Firespread, page 3 post 11]
Rae (Rae Grimfeld) [InfiniteExpanse, page 7 post 23]
Fenix (Fenix Antioch) [maverixk, page 19 post 12]
Victoria (Victoria Cross) [Victoria_Mundi, page 23 post 12]

Rose/Lynn (Rosalyn Lightfell) [Blood_Shadow, page 2 post 7]
Tarn [reaper765, page 3 post 9]
Sophia [devourer359, page 3 post 10]
Nihil [Pulsaris, page 4 post 4]
Phirix-Therex (Hephirix-Zatherex Ullulos) [BCLEGENDS, page 4 posts 5-8]
Christopher (Christopher Athánatos) [JohnSolaris, page 6 post 3]
Adrian (Adrian Almaedo) [myhome16, page 9 post 6]
William [ThatOneGuy346, page 11 post 7]
Ede [Tg97, page 18 post 21]
Frostix (Jack Frost) [thedude0, page 21 post 2]
Nick (Nicholas) [Underlord, page 21 post 22]

Zipacna [arkenarken, page 2 post 6]
Sana (Echis Ana) [AdeebNafees, page 5 posts 18-19]
Arcax [MasterCheif987, page 7 post 14]
Coal [overfrost, page 10 post 8]
Saris (Saris Kataras) [ADLEGENDS, page 20 post 16]
Ka’Eth [Behemoth542, page 23 post 8]

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I want to be a Magi. I like being human, no more of this dragon/elf/orc shapeshifting crap.

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Magi is plural for Magus, by the way. The pure human class is called Magus.

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Question. You say those who cast Polymorph BECOME the creature they turn into, and do not know that they are human. Nor can they cast magical spells.

But then you say that Shifters can use magic, and have enough human intelligence to band into groups according to species.

So what’s up here?

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You got my sign just by hosting a game due to how well you did as co-host in darkspell, and after reading the introduction I would have signed even if I didn’t know who you where.

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Sign ups in title. Not open to signs in title too.


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Originally posted by Jaskaran2000:

Sign ups in title. Not open to signs in title too.


It is open to pre-signs.

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[pre-sign goes here]

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{ Pre-sign of awesomeness. }

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[I pre-sign]

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Polymorph only lasts one minute per caster level.
Demon demon demon demon demon demon demon demon demon.

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Primary Name: Amie

Other Names (Full Name): Amintah Xydis Tekosis

Class: Shifter

Species: Succubus

Gender: Female

Age: 127

Human Appearance: Amie stands at about 5’7, with a slim build. Her hair is the lightest shade of blond, that which falls all the way down to her waist. She was born with both a green eye and a brown one, sometimes drawing the unwanted attention of curious strangers. While in her human form, Amie wears a simple, white toga-style dress that reaches down to her ankles. A golden belt sits on her waist to accentuate her figure, and her shoes are a modest pair of sandals she found laying around.

True Appearance: Retaining much of her human figure, Amintah shifts back to her original form, that of a succubus. Her skin transforms to a scaly dark grey, and her hair becomes black and voluminous. She grows to about 6’3, but the same toned figure remains. Amintah’s fingernails are claw-like, and they serve their purpose by painfully shredding anything that gets in her way. Massive wings attached to her shoulder blades almost always manage to act as a shield from unwanted attack, but when damaged, she can’t take flight. Her talons have a vice-like grip on any given prey she manages to catch, making their escape nearly impossible. Lastly, Amintah has fangs that appear at will, or whenever she hungers.

Personality: Amintah is rather self-centered, she doesn’t care much for others nor does she bother to pick sides in a fight. Instead of letting morals guide her, she goes off of basic instincts and acts almost instantly, sometimes bringing forth unforeseen consequences. Of course, that doesn’t mean she’s completely reckless. Amie knows when to back out of a dangerous situation for the sake of self-preservation. Strong-willed and manipulative, she has big plans for the future that will change the course of history for good.

Skills: Speaks multiple languages deriving from various species.

Spells and Abilities

Advanced spells:

-Dark Summoning. Whenever she desires, Amintah is able to summon sharp spikes from a dark cloud that forms over her general location. They fall like rain, and usually last anywhere from five to ten seconds, dealing a great amount of damage to anyone around her regardless of whether they are friend or foe. The spikes hit anything within a one-mile radius, aside from her obviously, but they are unable to function as armor-piercing when she’s in a weakened state.

Basic spells:

-Enchanted. Whenever her eyes glow red, Amintah is able to perform basic telekinetic functions. The strength used is that of her true form, regardless of whether she’s in it or not. Amie has yet to reach out to another being, but it seems like the spell has bounced off to a few of them in the past.

Advanced abilities:

Unlike the rest of her species, Amintah doesn’t need to have intercourse with a victim to take their life. Instead, she uses her fangs in a vampire-like fashion, and will slowly drain him or her until they finally die. This can only be achieved if the victim isn’t fighting back, as a struggle will surely hinder the ritual.

Basic abilities:

Amintah’s reptile-like skin benefits her greatly to the point where it might as well be an invisible shield. No human-made weapon cuts through it easily, and it is rather resistant to almost any form of acid. Her wings on the other hand, are much stronger and can withstand a good amount of damage from a variety of sources. As mentioned before, her claws can inflict deep cuts on medium-soft surfaces, but are prone to breakage if dealing with a much stronger element.

When Amintah is in her human form, she can lure in any unsuspecting prey as long as they maintain eye contact and the victim is unable to fight back due to a lack of strong will.

Possessions: None.

Faction: The Hordes of Ruin

Biography: Amie was condemned from birth to wander the hellish ruins of the Undersphere. Legend has it she is the daughter of one of the most powerful demon lords that ever existed, but even she has no concrete evidence of such claim. Her mother is rumored to have been a victim of his in one of his quests to the Worldsphere, meaning she must have been at least part human. Since somewhat an early age, Amintah has been raised by another succubus who claims to be her paternal aunt, but refused to tell her any of her parent’s true identity. Her name was Nynah, and she made sure to keep Amie free from danger at any cost. At the tender age of 18 (when succubi stop aging), Amintah killed her “aunt” in a fit of rage, and ever since she hasn’t had much contact with anyone else aside from when she’s engaged in a fight.

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Originally posted by helltank:

Question. You say those who cast Polymorph BECOME the creature they turn into, and do not know that they are human. Nor can they cast magical spells.

But then you say that Shifters can use magic, and have enough human intelligence to band into groups according to species.

So what’s up here?

All will be explained when I finish the character sheet. But in short, Shifters can use some magic, while Beasts cannot use magic but have better creature-specific abilities. Magi can use more magic than Shifters.

Polymorph only lasts one minute per caster level.

You need to understand that not everything works like D&D.

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Originally posted by Blood_Shadow:

Polymorph only lasts one minute per caster level.

You need to understand that not everything works like D&D.

I get the impression that he crossed that out because it was a joke, not because he was misinformed regarding how the game worked.

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Finished… I think. Signups are open now.

…did I make the opening posts tl;dr?

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So how does one tell the difference between a shifter in human form and a normal shifter?

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Originally posted by Captain_Catface:

So how does one tell the difference between a shifter in human form and a normal shifter?

Why are you asking troll questions if you aren’t going to join anyways?

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That was intended to say a normal human.

And, might I suggest you remove the pole from your ass; and stop acting so defensive?

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That was intended to say a normal human.

It depends on a lot of things. The Shifter’s mannerisms might be different from that of a normal human. His or her magical aura might be different, if a character is good at sensing these kinds of things. Some Shifters’ human forms aren’t perfect, and they might have some inhuman physical features such as pointed teeth or slightly off-color skin. On the other hand, there are also Shifters that are really good at disguising themselves as humans. But generally there are spells and magical devices designed to tell Shifters from normal humans; you can’t fool those unless you have an ability specifically for this or a similar purpose.

And, might I suggest you remove the pole from your ass; and stop acting so defensive?

Might I suggest you stop thinking that I should be beaten to death? It’s slightly difficult to not be defensive otherwise.

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I’m very tired, but from what I can tell, Shifters eventually become Beasts, so could I have a character that eventually changes from Shifter to Beast?