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(Imagery to come)

Welcome foum-goers of the present and future to Master’s fifth time hosting a forum game, third time that involves dying, second in this style and first one on Kongregate. This is

!!Roll To Die!!

You choose what you do but, with me as the Ominous Overlooker, I choose how it turns out based on my roll of the Dominating Dodecahedron. As you process through this game, you will find harder and stronger monsters, who use the power of the Opposing Octahedron and the Destruction Dodecahedron to attack the to-be Afflicted Adventurers with.

(Layman’s [and therefore not fancy] terms: You decide what to do, I roll a 12 sided dice and the determines your success. As you go through the game you will have to fight monsters, who use a 8 sided dice and decide who to attack and a 12 sided dice for their success.)

The Eight Amazing Adventures will be picked by the Deciding Dodecahedron, from a list of twelve people, so it’s less of a mess over first come, first serve. If your not choose the first time, you can rejoin if a player dies, using the Player Death Replacement Pack. The Signable Sign-up Sheet is below.

(Note: I hate the number 4. I removed it and replaced it with 13, a more friendly number. If anyone replaces any number with a 4 related number, they won’t be in. This is not a Threatening Threat but a Powerful Promise.)

If your wiling to join the Joyful Journey, or Troubling Travels as it most likely be, cut n’ paste the list and fill in your name.

First time? Don’t know? Don’t understand? Reserve a spot, ask away and decide to delete your name or join.

A few Regulating Rules to read first.
1: The dice rolls is a 12 sided one, This means it will be split into Success Sections, first one being 1-2 meaning not at all, instead of your action you get horrible consequences. 3 meaning nothing happens. 4-10 being minor to major success, 11 being a total success and, best of all, 12 being what you want and more.

2: Cooperation in best medicine, stay with people as being alone make you prone to danger. Alligators prefer to attack a lone reindeer then to attack a whole herd.

3: Got problems with gameplay? Ask for a change of rules and a vote will be taken, but not something extremely in favor or against the adventurers/monsters.

4: Inventory will be for yourself, with a limit of 8 items. If you pick up a 9th item, the Removing Octahedron will be rolled an an item will be dropped.

5: Any group of players can join attacks or actions together, making an Attack Chain or Action Chain, for +1 to +3 bonus to roll, not exceeding 11.

And, most importantly:

6: If a player dies, the first to respond will replace the fallen player, unless an initually rejected player responds.