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This is an RPG that deals with strategy, surprisingly. The goal is to simply develop your equipments and class levels.
The ultimate goal is to save everyone on the planet from an unknown disaster. It could be just about anything, but thats the challenge.

Player Setup:

Appearance: A pic or explanation, doesn’t matter to me…
Inventory: Cannot be too much. Keep it inexpensive modern things.
Bio: Explain how you became a crimson cadet, or your background in some detail, at least location data and how you gained your jobs.
Jobs: you get 5 jobs. two of them begin on lv5, the others begin on lv1.
Max is lv10 on any stat, min is 1. The stats are Physical, Mental, Social, Spiritual, Speed, Magics, and Specialty. The only way to gain more is via some extremely rare and powerful equipments, but anything within reason is allowed for these stats.
If you have at lv8 on any stat, you will gain these specials –
{physical} – Major Stamina: You can utilize anything heavy, and go without food and sleep for long periods of time, but without such, it takes from your mind.
{mental} – Psionics: You gain the powers of the mind thanks to genetic enhancement. But please be reasonable.
{social} – Diplomacy: All allies around you gain considerably more exp and you almost always get your way.
{spiritual} – Emyrian: You are highly resistant to special properties of most kinds, and your will is unbreakable.
{speed} – Sonitronis: You can run as fast as a cheetah, along with weilding superhuman evasion and reflexes.
{magics} – Faerie Blood: You regenerate much faster, but need twice as much food to survive.
{specialty} – Leadership: You and your allies specials are much more potent than usual.

Mission System:

Its actually quite easy. Just pick one of these, and I will assign missions based on your jobs –
Keep in mind that it takes PB to do missions(boost points). To gain such, do job missions.

Plotline Advance – This quest doesnt take bps, but I must say when its available.
Job Levels – Pick one of your jobs, and you will gain bp and eventually level up in them…
Tools – Improves one of your primary use tools by a lone step, or gains you a new one.
Armory – Better armaments are rather useful. You will need those defenses for later missions.
Abilities – Better tricks and powers are very important, especially as you progress.
Items – Increase your baseline item supplies for each mission.
Vehicles – It’s not easy to gain a better vehicle, and it takes massive bps as well.
Habitation – Improve the living quality of the base. This is very useful, and rather important.
Expansion – Develop new faculities in the complex. Also a very important assett.
Academics – This allows you to gain new job categories, but its horribly expensive and extremely difficult to achieve.

Complex Layout:
These are the present rooms in the complex.
More rooms will happen as players develop such…

Generator – Used for powering the complex. If this is destroyed, we loose.
Vehicle port – Pretty much the only way in or out.
Crew Quarters – You eat and sleep here.
Rec Halls – A good place to improve your morale.
Engineering – This is where things are developed, like new rooms for example.
Mission Control – Where most mission based activities happen. It has the very latest in electronics.
Training Grounds – Used to coordinate exp and ability gains, teaching good skills and magics.
Medical Faculity – Missions can become extremely dangerous, this is to heal badly wounded forces.
Techlabs – Advanced Research operations and interrogations often happen here.

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Only 3 players may begin as crimson cadets, including myself. The others didnt have any dream, and have no idea a disaster is coming.
Plotline Advance Missions are legal presently

Name: Allen Thedrick
Inventory: Standard Infantry armor, Drz44 Assault Rifle with 8 clips, Swiss army knife(equivalent), Medipack, Training Manual, Walkie-Talkie with satelite uplink, a pair of spectra-goggles, keys to the dr44 infantry transport vehicle, and a quality alpine backpack with one week’s rations for a sqadron of about 5 people.
Bio: I started the crimson cadet league. When I had a dream that repeated for nearly a week about impending doom… I knew that I needed to take some initive and locate
others, hoping to convince them. Teaming initually with a few others, they share the same dream about the disaster. All we can recall of the dream is locating some lost artefacts , however.
Jobs: Lv5 Leadership, Lv5 Piloting, Lv1 Medical, Lv1 Soldier, Lv1 Engineering.
Stats: {phys} 8 {ment} 5 {socl} 8 {spir} 5 {spd} 5 {mags} 3 {spcl} 3

Vehicle Pic:

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You already had a game within the last week. Saying it is “terminated” does not mean you can make a second one.