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Some text about me
Wordlania is a game made by me… The word is kinda made of “magic”, “work” and “land”. Well, I don’t have anything more to say about it…


You were born in a land called “Magworklania”, yes it’s the size like of the world. You growed up with your parents and lovely family, but there started a war between the sides of the Magworklania, so like I said there started a war and… OMG RUN! THERE’S A BOMB NEXT TO YOU!!! AHHH!!! BOOM… And after the bomb exploded all you remember was that you lost your family and was bringed in the good side of Magworklania, even though the bad side wanted to make you a slave. They finally healed you, yes you were alive after the bomb. Your family probably died, because they tried saving you and hiding the bomb from you and the bomb exploded right in your family’s bodys. They are probably dead, anyway it’s boring to read this text, isn’t it…? Well, so you are now outside in the good side and people say they need your help with the war, come when your ready.

How to play
You tell me what you want to do and you will be updated in the first post (this post) in the place where is written “Players”, if your playing this game you can find your name and read about yourself.
When you die
When you die, you die. You can’t bring back your player. You and other players will only see your gravestone in the graveyard. There will be written when you died and with what name.

How to register
Name (can be different than your forum name after you choose a name it will not be avaible anymore for anyone else, always look at the players list if you want to see if a name is already used, if someone dies, his or her name will be still not avaible.):
Parents names (I know they are dead, but still…):

Don’t say what to do with items if you don’t have them. Don’t say that you got you got biggest powers in the Wordslania or that your the ruler of the Worldslania for no reason. Don’t say things which don’t exist and don’t say to go to places which you don’t know if exists.