Into the mist(game)

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A cold winter breeze, crumbling underneath the once luminescent city now dazed and lugubrious. The public walking with a hobble into the mist, surrounding the ever forgotten city. The blood of the people is freezing in the cold winter breeze.
The snarl of the public in the woods, sounding perplexed. The dazed citizens let our cries of fear. Their eyes turn red as the night falls. A girl in the distance being yanked ferociously in the woods – pleading for her life. Looking up, there is the girl being held over a tree limb… Claws, red eyes, long bushy hair and fangs.

In the town center, children watch from inside their homes. The kids look content with what is going on, as a massive beast tears the people to shreds.

Dawn is starting to wake and as it does the city glows with life… Farmers picking berries, roosters yelp at the new sun, children playing tag as the parents sit in the hay reminiscing about life. “What happened last night? I know this wasn’t a dream. At least, I don’t, think it was.”

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Yeeah, can’t play it on thsi forum they don’t allow the formatting sorry. If you do wish to try or check it out go to eathir of these links.


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You erased it?

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That kind of forum code doesn’t work here.