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Dragon Ball Z RP

Intro Muntro
This game may seen complicated, its really not.
In this game you shall use your surroundings and fight to the best of your ability. You can use ANY type of fighting moves. Look some up, combine and be creative. This is the theme song for my thread, its a requirement to watch. lol
I don’t have any rights to it, just watch it before you do anything else, its one minute long.


Things you should know before you sign

  • Physical Traits
    First of all, we need to figure out your character traits.
    Is it an Alien? Does it have a tail? Claws? How many arms? Physical Traits like these improve your characters fighting ability, but worsens your special attack.
  • Special Traits
    These are the energy based moves that require energy, You can have special moves, there are three categories. Rush, Energy and Support. You may only have 5 of these, it is recommended that you have at least two support moves.

Types of Special Traits

When your character uses his spare energy to improve his physical abilities and speeds towards the enemy in attempt to do a combo move that is nearly unpreventable. EVERY RUSH MOVE GETS 20 EXTRA POINTS

This can be a blast of pure energy from your any part of your body, hands, mouth, feet. EVEN your unmentionables. It can have special traits, for instance you can make them follow your opponent or explode when nearby, or a giant tornado that is made out of red rings-Etc.

These moves are usually made to stun or heal, teleport, evade, increase physical traits or gain energy, or use items . ETC

How to sign

Name: Geko

Perks: [Perks are your passive abilities or special abilities that your character naturally has.] (Question? Look at the bold perks section below or just ask.)

Physical traits: Brownish Humanoid with Two heads, two big tails, four arms, four legs. [physical traits are only used if your character is not human, or has irregular body features, like claws, a sword, a hammer.]

Ki blasts :
(A weak blast of energy, put its color and its shape.Optional)
Energy Triangular shaped, heat seeking and reliable. Color Yellow (You don’t need an energy move if you don’t want to.

Special Traits: (Below are the special moves you mayput down for the special traits, you must put the name of the move:type: and what it does. Go ahead and be creative)

Giga Impact:Rush: Geko attacks his foe with one fierce knee attack. (Questions)

Oxidation Cannon:Special: Releases a powerful flaming Gas attack from the ass. Its has lots of spread, but it doesn’t go far. (Questions?)

Ultimate Paroxysm: Special: An ultimate explosion, a good 15 meters.

Solar Flare:Support: When used up close blinds the enemy

Energy Detection: Support: Detects the opponent behind walls and underwater.

h1.So basically to sign you must have



Physical traits

Ki blasts

Special traits


(The less moves you have, the stronger they are. You can have a maximum of 5 moves)

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To make your own passive perks. It has to be almost ANYTHING!

Energy increase, dice advantages, speed, stats, or customize your normal energy blasts. How it looks, what color, what it does, how it moves.

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Rules and how to play, I recommend asking how to play and watching a fight first instead of reading all this nonsense. Actually don’t read, skip this post if its just too much. Don’t worry.

Determining HP and shit

To determine HP, I will be judging how you fight, if you did well, the opponents HP rises or falls, then I use the 1D100 Dice to figure out how much more damage you did.

Rolls 50 and under is three damage. If blocked its one damage.
Rolls 51 to 60 is four damage. If blocked its two damage.
Rolls 61 to 70 is five damage. If blocked its three damage.
Rolls 71 to 80 is six damage. (Smash Attack) If blocked its four damage.
Rolls 81 to 90 is seven damage. (Smash Attack)If blocked its four damage. It cannot be countered.
Rolls 91 to 100 is seven damage. (Smash Attack)It cannot be blocked or countered but evaded like any other attack.

Status Indicators

We will be using status indicators. I will tell you your characters status indicator by how well he is doing.

Ultimate (Close to winning, you are able to use your ultimate attack.) [TO achieve this stage you must charge up two turns in a row or be close to winning. Also, ultimate status lasts for one turn.]

Pumped (You have the advantage, you just damaged your opponent badly, or have more health.)

Ready (You are able to fight to the best of your ability)

Tired (You need to step up your game, you usually have less health than your opponent.

Pooped (You are about to lose, go fight!)

How to fight,block and counter,evade and do smash attacks in close combat and shit

This is a turn based 1v1, or 1v2 or 2v2 turn based battle, for now we will use the 1v1. If your character is faster you have the right to attack first only if I say so. (Rush moves get 20 extra points)

First you attack. I then someone rolls for you. Me for instance.

Then your opponent has the chance to block. I roll for the block, if its higher than the number you rolled, its blocked and he takes minor damage.

Then you attack again and so on. How ever….

Counter Properties
If you opponent counters, then he is able to attack instead of you. Then you are on the defense.You need 15 points or more to counter.

Blocking Properties
Your roll needs to be 20 points below the opponents roll or higher. For instance if he gets a 70, then you need a 50 or higher to block.

Smash properties
Your roll needs to be 71 or higher to do a smash attack. You can send your opponent flying and speed up to him to continue the process.

Evading properties

If your opponent gets a 70 or higher, your attack can not be countered. If it is 90 or higher, your attack is unblockable. He can how ever choose to evade, a successful evasion can be 10 points below the number of the attack. This also separates you from the opponent for a turn. Use evade if your opponent does a special move.

  • When two fighters are separated, one of them is usually stunned or hiding in this case you can use a special attack.

The Energy Process*

When its the start of your turn, you earn one energy point (Or more if its one of your perks)
Then at the end your opponent earns one energy point. Then its your turn again and so on. (Questions?)

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Power Levels

AKA Ranks AKA list of players playing AKA the thing that keeps track of who your character was.
These are the players and how strong they are, everyone starts at 210.

Darkor : 231………………..Jimbo14………………………….BETA tester Deceased
The Shadow :245……………..Underlord ……………Beta tester 6 and 5-star Dragon Ball and 1 star Ball
Sandy Ravage: 223……….MasterChief987…………………BETA tester 3-star Dragon Ball, and 7 star ball
Zzzip : 217…………………Zzzip50……………………………Beta tester
Gamma : 222……………….. Gammaflux……………………..BETA tester 4-star Dragon Ball
Pyrus:241…………………..Sad Fire…………………………BETA tester
Spectre :230……………….BCLEGENDS…………………….BETA tester 2-star Dragon Ball

Pay no attention to this part….

Choose two. You may pick the same one twice:
+1 Basic Melee damage
+1 Basic energy damage
+3 Special attack damage
+3 HP
+0.2 Ki regeneration per turn*

You gain a level every 10+(Levelx7) power levels.

You gain 10-15 power levels every victory against another player.
You gain 5-9 power levels every loss.
You gain 2-25 power levels for beating a NPC, depending on how many you fight and weather or not a boss is involved.
You gain 1-2 power levels for doing generally cool or creative things.

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The Dragon Ball Saga

Many travelers have heard the legends of the Dragon Balls as children. Their lives have been touched by the sacred spheres know as Dragon Balls. They have trained all their lives, to search for the seven mystical Dragon Balls and make one epic wish. There will be many deaths, many crying, many left to dust, for the Dragon Balls have chosen one find them all.

How the story works

I will assign you locations that you must go to to retrieve the dragon ball. You must make your own story and traveling details but I will make up the bad guys you fight. This will be a good adventure for everyone.
Feel free to suggest details.

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The 7 Dragon Ball Saga Villains

The Calamitous
Groups of powerful men armed with swords ,guns and golden masks with armor. Their masks have many holes which they can see out of but its hard to see in. They can jump really high. They make clicking noises to communicate. They have the one star Dragon Ball.

Scientist Bradley
This mad scientist designs tanks and weapons for the army, but he designs a super powerful missile throwing, machine gun firing robot for himself. He also possesses the two star Dragon Ball.

The Octopus of Destruction.
A humongous pink octopus Goku fought when he was a kid. He has the three star Dragon Ball and lives in an abandoned underwater base. He owns the third dragon ball.
(Sandy Ravage)

An alien who’s armada has left him. He has two brown heads, two brown tails, claws on his feet and hands. Very strong. He possesses the four star dragon ball.
(Pyrus and Gamma)

The statues of security
Two mystical giant statues inside a mountain temple, guard the five star dragon ball. They are intimidating and have defensive strategies.

Maze of Wondering
A huge maze made out of Gold, it is unbreakable and has many monsters that guard the six-star dragon ball.

Raditz was sent on a mission to Earth in finding all the 7 Dragon Balls, Don’t even try to fight him-GIVE UP! He has the seven star dragon ball.

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What do you guys think? Pretty coo’ huh?

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I’m not on the list.

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Originally posted by SadFire:

I’m not on the list.

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Man, our characters don’t even measure on the Raditz scale of power right now. But, seeing as I can fiiiiinally begin to fight people… let’s have Spectre go up against Sandy Ravage, if his controller doesn’t mind a fight between Spectre and Sandy.

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I’ not on the list. also you should make a separate thread for signups.

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Originally posted by BCLEGENDS:

Man, our characters don’t even measure on the Raditz scale of power right now. But, seeing as I can fiiiiinally begin to fight people… let’s have Spectre go up against Sandy Ravage, if his controller doesn’t mind a fight between Spectre and Sandy.

Unless I’m mistaken, your character is immune to rushes, and all my offensive abilities are rushing. Unless I am wrong, noooo thank you.

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Haha, Ok, then. I will add the people to the list, and you need to figure out how to defeat raditz then. You are not fighting nappa but raditz. Uh yea.

Originally posted by SadFire:

I’m not on the list.

I added you

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Originally posted by Underlord:
Originally posted by SadFire:

I’m not on the list.

Originally posted by ilovekirby12:

I’ not on the list. also you should make a separate thread for signups.

Uh Oh, I don’t have your sign ups. I added a sign up thread

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(I won’t be on for a while)

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Originally posted by SadFire:

Inb4 everyone makes secret alliances.

Whats B4?

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Well the, might as well start the story. But I have to go anyways, the story will probably start later today when I assign a dragon ball for everyone to pursue, except for Raditz of course, he is too fricking powerful.

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Ok, do you guys want to choose which dragon ball you are each pursuing or do I PM you that?

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You can pm us I guess XD.

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Originally posted by gammaflux:

You can pm us I guess XD.

Well then, you are the first to post, you get the dragon ball of your choice. PM your dragon ball if you wish. (Hint, don’t pick the seventh one cause you will lose) Everyone will figure out your location anyways.

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As your Dragon Radar pinpoints the location of the Dragon Ball, its right under your nose. For days and days you dig, but its just not there. Then you see a mysterious figure fly past you and you look at him, he enters this camouflaged barrier of energy and disappears.

What will he attempt next?

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Gamma cautiously looks around and opens his mouth saying. “Who’s there?”

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Comes walking down, a field and spots a shadowy figure dissapear in midair, as if it was made of a liquid.The air around the figure shook like water does when there is a vibration on it. (Gosh someone help me explain this) It left ripples in the air, He then sees Gamma saying “Who’s there?”

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Gamma continues to look around. He stops thinking it was just his imagination and tries digging some more.