Fixing "BYM" Error "Oops Something Broke"

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I Just Fixed My Problem With My Yard, "Oops Something Broke". What You Need.) 1.) Internet Explorer -------------------------------------------------------------- What I Did.) 1.) Make Another Backyard Monsters Account. 2.) I Opened Up My Messed Up One On Another Tab. 3.) I Opened Up Alot Of Internet Explorer Tabs And Left Them There 4.) When My Messed Up Yard Was Loading Up I Clicked Back & Forth From My Error Yard & My New Yard. Once It Loaded, The Oops Something Broke Icon Didn't Show Up. So I Hurried & Recycled My Map Room & Built It Again. Since Then I've Been Ok. It Was This Or Luck Try It. :D
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wrong fourm

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It Worked For Me!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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Wrong forum.

Being experienced with the BYM forums, I know something like this probably should be put on the BYM forums (although I’m pretty sure they would already know that, and expect you to use proper grammar when making a new thread…). Either that, or the General Gaming Forum.

For now, though, just lock this thread. Click "Edit post" (next to your post) and click the red "delete post" on the top.

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