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Welcome to The Rise of Man, a real-time strategy game here on FGF!

Hello, and thanks for taking the time to visit this thread! The Rise of Man is a real-time strategy game. You will take the roll of a commander of three humans. You will have to research new technologies, mine precious metals, trade surplus materials, and conquer distant tribes! The goal of the game is to be the last tribe standing, and to achieve that you must conquer all other tribes. This game uses the roll-concept to determine the results of an action.

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How to Play

The Rise of Man will take place in a desert area with bodies of water, small forests, and giant caves. You, as the commander, will start out with three humans and a small area of land. You must research new technologies and mine precious metals for your weapons. You must trade surplus materials for needed materials and conquer other tribes.


In this game, there will be days. In one day, there is daytime and nighttime. Daytime has three turns and nighttime has three turns. In total, a day has six turns.


In this game, animals and other tribes will attack you. In the first two days, tribes and animals are not allowed to attack you. After that, animals will try to attack you. Bears and vultures will try to kill your men and destroy your buildings. Upon killing a bear or vulture, you obtain it’s meat. Meat will be used to feed your men.


To research you must have a material, like metal. You must choose one of your tribesmen and put him in a specific place. Once you have done that, the tribesman will examine the metal and find out new ways to use it with the materials around him or her. There are many, many things available for researching. You can only research in your territory. Also, when you command all your tribesmen to research, you need a metal for each of them.


To mine, you need a pick-axe. But before you have a pick-axe, your tribesmen will just search for metals in caves. Once you have pick-axes, which need to be researched on how to make them, you can give one of your tribesmen a pick-axe and command them to mine in a cave. You can upgrade pick-axes or any other weapon or tool by researching more advanced techniques of crafting or more convenient ways of using something. There are many metals out there in the game world. Pick-axes give you a roll-boost and let you mine higher-ranked metals and gemstones.


In this game, you can search for metals and gemstones in caves. You can only search for bronze and silver metals and rubies in caves.


To craft, you need a fire. A fire can be obtained by hitting a stone against flint stone. This will create sparks. You will also need some twigs and leaves. The sparks will hit the twigs and leaves and create a fire. You will need to add more flint stone to the fire once in a while, or it will die. Once you have a fire, you command a tribesman to grab a metal and sit by the fire, trying to melt it into a shape. You can craft weapons and armor.


To trade you will need a surplus of a certain material. In this game there will be NPC traders that will explore the desert in search of customers. You can trade an amount of metal for some wood or something.


In this game you can construct different buildings that affect you in different ways. For example, if you construct a Research Center, that will speed up research time. To build, you will need wood. Wood can be obtained by trading or cutting down trees. To cut down trees you need an axe.


To get more tribesmen, you must make a cottage. Cottages can be made with wood. Once you have made a cottage, other humans will eventually arrive at your doorstep. You can choose to accept them. If you do, you will need more food and water.

Food and Water

Your tribesmen will eventually need food and water. Water can be obtained from bodies of water. Food, however, must be obtained by slaying bears or vultures. Or, as an alternative, you can send some tribesmen on hunting expeditions to kill and loot bunnies, deer, whatever. Your tribesmen must drink water every two days and eat food every five days.


TB1 – Tribesman 1
TD1, TN1 – Turn Day 1, Turn Night 1
TNa – Tribe Name
TE – Tribe Element
TC – Tribe Color

Every action you do will have a roll. The roll will determine the results of your action. I will be using 1D100.

That’s it! You can ask me in this thread if you are confused about anything or if you want to ask me to add something.

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Signing up for this game is relatively simple. All you need to do is fill out this small application!

Tribe Name: [Self explanatory.]

Tribe Element: [The Tribe Element is the tribe’s weapons’ element. When you research elemental weapons, your weapons will do more damage or have a specific result because of your element.]

Tribe Color: [Self explanatory.]

That’s it! Simple, right?

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List of Players/Reserves



[Zero] space(s) left!



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Player Statuses


Tribe Name: The Kirbers

Tribe Element: Poison

Tribe Color: Dark Purple

ilovekirby has three tribesmen in his tribe.

Natalie: Natalie wears a wool dress.

Lance: Lance wears a wool skirt.

Matt: Natalie wears a wool skirt.

ilovekirby12 has 23 twigs, 3 flint stones, and 2 bronze metal.


Tribe Name: Coyote Realm

Tribe Element: Ice/Frost

Tribe Color: Dark Turqoise

Behemoth542 has three tribesmen in his tribe.

John: John wears a wool skirt.

Julie: Julie wears a wool dress.

Joan: Joan wears a wool dress.

Behemoth542 has 10 twigs, 1 flint stones, and 1 silver metal.


Tribe Name: The Reapers

Tribe Element: Death/Shadow

Tribe Color: Black

arkenarken has three tribesmen in his tribe.

Tribesman 1: TB1 wears a wool skirt.

Tribesman 2: TB2 wears a wool skirt.

Tribesman 3: TB3 wears a wool skirt.

arkenarken has 20 berries, 1 apple, 1 coconut, 13 twigs, 2 flint stones, 5 shells, and 2 silver metals.


Tribe Name: Dreadhawks

Tribe Element: Fire(main)/Shadow(secondary)

Tribe Color: Orange

DragonArcherZ has three tribesmen in his tribe.

Tribesman 1: TB1 wears a wool skirt.

Tribesman 2: TB2 wears a wool skirt.

Tribesman 3: TB3 wears a wool skirt.

DragonArcherZ has 1 coconut, 2 rocks, 10 leaves, 9 twigs, 2 flint stones, and 2 bronze metals.


Tribe Name: Influx

Tribe Element: Wind

Tribe Color: Blue

gammaflux has three tribesmen in his tribe.

Alex TB1 wears a wool skirt.

John TB2 wears a wool skirt.

Susan TB3 wears a wool dress.

gammaflux has 20 leaves, 5 rocks, 12 twigs, 1 flint stone, 7 bronze metals, 4 apples, and 20 berries.


Tribe Name: The Baptists Christian Group

Tribe Element: Earth

Tribe Color: Dark Green

ZombiestookmyTV has three tribesmen in his tribe.

Tribesman 1: TB1 wears a wool skirt.

Tribesman 2: TB2 wears a wool skirt.

Tribesman 3: TB3 wears a wool skirt.

ZombiestookmyTV has 20 twigs, 1 flint stone, 3 bronze metals.


Tribe Name: The Looters

Tribe Element: Metal

Tribe Color: Gray

GotterakaThing has three tribesmen in his tribe.

Hanz: Hanz wears a wool skirt.

Fritz: Fritz wears a wool skirt.

Jerry: Jerry wears a wool skirt.

GotterakaThing has 3 bronze metals.


Tribe Name: Frozenflame

Tribe Element: Air

Tribe Color: Deep blue

eProdigy has three tribesmen in his tribe.

Tribesman 1: TB1 wears a wool skirt.

Tribesman 2: TB2 wears a wool skirt.

Tribesman 3: TB3 wears a wool skirt.

eProdigy has 15 twigs, 4 flint stones, 5 bronze metals, and 2 silver metals.

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Well, I have to go now, go ahead and sign-up if you wish.

EDIT: Behemoth, can you delete the post above this one and post another post with the application in it? :D

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Sign, underlord I’ll make the map soon and post it here if i can. Tell me if there’s anything wrong about it.
Tribe Name: The Kirbers

Tribe Element: poison

Tribe Color: Dark purple

Btw what kind of map do you want?
A overview map like just as deatil, not meant for editing.
A interactable map like blobvolution.
Eagles’ eye view map like sky-raid.

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Tribe Name: Coyote Realm (Thanks, Seventh Sanctum)

Tribe Element: Ice/Frost

Tribe Color: Dark turquoise.

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[Tribe Name:] The Reapers
[Tribe Element:] Death/Shadow
[Tribe Colour:] Black

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Tribe Name: Dreadhawks
Tribe Element: Fire [Main]/Shadow [If possible, a secondary element].
Tribe Colour: Orange

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Tribe Name: Influx
Tribe Element: Wind
Tribe Color: Blue

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Okay, then, all of you accepted. We have five players, one more and we’ll start. I’ll try to make the map myself Kirby, or you could do it if you want.

EDIT: Whatever you want to do, Kirb. You can make the map simple, it’s just made for some info of where the players’ enemies are, and also where caves, bodies of water, forests, and such are.

EDIT2: And, don’t post the map here. If possible, PM me the screenshot and I’ll post it in the game thread when it starts. I’ll be updating every one or two days. If you need more time, I could try making the map or I could give you more time between updates.

EDIT3: I have update the Players section and Playerr Statuses section. I will be adding how to get more tribesmen in the building section, totally forgot about that.

EDIT4: I added two new sections to the second post, Troops and Food and Water. And, I changed my mind, once we have six players I will change this thread into the game thread and we can start! :D

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Tribe Name: The Baptists Christian Group

Tribe Element: Earth, nice dirty disgusting Earth element.

Tribe Color: Dark Green…. Please don’t make it a girly one, make it a MANLY green.


Just in time!

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Updates in progress.

EDIT: Okay! I’ll start making the map since kirby isn’t here. I’ve added a Terms section in the second post and added a sentence to the Crafting sentence.

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Day One, Daytime, Turn One

The gray blobs are caves, which contain precious metals, blue lines/blobs are bodies/rivers of water, and the green moss-like stuff are forest areas, which have trees in them, which you must chop for wood. The squares are you guys according to your color.

The game has begun!

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The Kirbers
>2 people Search for iron metals In cave
>The other shall collect some wood. (fallen off branches, weak spots etc)

edit: sorry i couldn’t make the pic in time. I’m busy today.

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Question: Does water do anything special?

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You don’t have an axe, can’t cut wood.

EDIT: Water is a necessity for your tribesmen. If they don’t get water in two days, they start to die. Water can also be used to conduct electricity later on. By the way, this game uses rolls to determine results of actions. Adding that to first and second post. Adding some other stuff too.

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The Baptist Christian Group (BCG)

I send all 3 men find metals from the caves for ALL my turns thank you.

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Tribesman 1: Collect dead branches and stuff from trees.
Tribesman 2: Collect some edible plants for the tribe. (E.g. Berries, fruit, etc…)
Tribeman 3: Collect metal from the cave.

New nicknames
Tribesman 1 = Alex
Tribesman 2 = John
Tribesman 3 = Susan

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[The Reapers]

Tribemember Actions:

1. Search cave for metals
2. Search cave for flint
3. Search forest for twigs

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arken, do you mean “search forest for twigs”? Because you don’t have an axe so you can’t cut wood.

Zombies, you can’t cut down wood because you do not have axes.

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I chop with my hands

I will fix that.

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Coyote Realm

Tribesman actions

  1. & #2: Go to the forest to look for twigs and to get some wood by breaking tree branches.

#3: Go to the cave to look for metals & stones

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1. Get water. Don’t drink – get it boiled to make sure its safe or check how fast the river is running [the faster the safer it is].

2. Go into the forest and collect some loose branches/etc., especially dry wood.

3. Search the cave for things like rock/flint.