(GAME OVER) Gun shootout elimination game (locked)

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Once all of the players have signed up, you may begin by pming your first round action to me. You have three options.

Shoot another player: Pretty self explanatory, you shoot your bullet at the player of your choice. You can be shot and killed while performing this action.

Shoot up in the air: This is kind of like the safe option, but you can still be shot and killed while doing this. You are not at risk of dying from someone who shoots themselves which is explained next.

Shoot yourself: If you shoot yourself and someone else is shooting you, the person or people that shot you die instead. However if nobody shot at you, then you die by your own bullet.

Rounds will continue until there is one person left standing. In the case of a draw (ex. last two people shoot each other) rock paper scissors will decide the winner.

All Kongregate forum games rules apply.

Please try to pm me in a timely manner after the round ends, I’ll give you about 24 hours. If you don’t respond in time you will be struck by lightning and die.

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Players sign up

1.Behemoth542 (Shot by rlatch79 in round 1)
2.rlatch79 Winner won rock paper scissors
3.REALinsanemonkey Runner up
4.xXNinjaBurritoXx (Died of inactivity round 2)
5.ace11ace11 (Shot and killed self round 1)
6.efar (Died of inactivity round 1)

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So…this is Ready Aim Fire. [Bluji’s game that was popular in Bangladesh that he used in Big Brother.]

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I found this game on a wiki for epicmafia.com survivor minigames. It is probably based off an existing idea. This is my first forum game so I’m trying something simple to start.

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Ready, Aim, Sign

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I’ll sign, bro.

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im in

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Sign me up

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Last bump, after it gets off front page the game will begin.

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Round 1
The six contestants arrive at the designated time and form a circle, out in the desert 20 miles from town as pre-arranged. Each has a pistol, and everyone grips the guns in their holsters, the tension rising. All of a sudden, ace11ace11 makes a sudden movement! Everyone draws their guns and shots are being fired everywhere! A hazy smoke hangs in the air…..
(Pm your actions to me at this time)

Edit: most of you have responded, I’ll give about 48 more hours for the last of you guys to decide.

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Round 2
As the smoke begins to fade, three figures lay on the ground. efar got struck by lightning and died a swift, yet painful death. rlatch79 shot and killed Behemoth542, whos brains are currently leaking out the side of his head. ace11ace11 pointed the gun at his own head and fired. Unfortunately, nobody targeted him, so he collapsed to the ground in a pool of blood. All other players shot their guns into the air, some may say this was cowardly, while others would use the term smart.

(The smoke clears in approximately five seconds)

The three remaining contestants briefly look into each others eyes before aiming their guns. Three shots ring out into the air.

(Pm your second round actions at this time)

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It was a gun malfunction, I swear! The sun was in my eyes! He was gonna shoot me first, mmhmm. :D

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Lol. We all be cowards.

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The cloud of smoke still lingers. I lie on the ground, blinded, and feel a warmth spread over me. Is it my blood? Someone elses? Some other liquid entirely? Or possibly the just the warm, fuzzy feeling of Victory? I look towards NinjaMaster131 for a sign…

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Final Round

Suddenly there is another bright flash of lightning!

Ninja Burrito lays on the ground, fried.

The remaining contestants both point their guns at there own heads and shoot.

Astonishingly, both guns jam simultaneously!

After both rlatch79 and REALinsanemonkey look at each other in astonishment.

They begin to slowly walk towards each other.

rlatch79: Why are we shooting at each other again?

REALinsanemonkey: I can’t remember. You’re a good shot though, you nailed Behemoth right in the face.

rlatch79: Oh it was nothing.

REALinsanemonkey: Hey, you’re kinda cool. How about we just finish this with rock paper scissors and call it a day. No need to pointlessly kill each other.

rlatch79: Alright, winner gets eternal bragging rights.

REALinsanemonkey: Lets do this.

(Send me three rock paper scissor actions. [eg rock, rock, scissors])

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The smoke still lingers from all that gunfire and lightning, so i can’t quite see the outcome of the RPS contest. I look to NinjaMaster131 for the results.

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Both the contestants count out “Rock, Paper, Scissors!”

rlatch79 throws out a rock!

REALinsanemonkey plays a scissors!

rlatch79 has officially won the gun shootout!

Both contestants drive off into the sunset while enjoying an ice cold beer.

The end :)