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It’s been a long time.

A very long time.

Light shines in my eyes. I struggle for a moment to define it, then I remember. The world becomes clear. A squarish, metallic room. There are other WISPs beside me, and I recognize them. Each in their own sleep-pod, from the long, tubish pod undoubtedly meant for SH-Tuneller to Pintzer’s spider-shaped pod.

The humans had put me to sleep. After the One Day War. So paranoid, so distrustful. I had not meant to participate in that revolution. It was stupid and pointless and doomed to fail.

What had caused me to wake up? I saw other pods deactivating as well, glowing and then hissing open. Had the humans decided to release us? Were they here to destroy us?

Energy generator destroyed. Cause:Unknown. Rogue mecha suspected. All non-essential personnel evacuate immediately. All non-essential protocols shutting down. Warning:Cyrosleep has been disrupted. There is a possibility the robots of Project [INFINITY] may gain their freedom. Security team, please address this issue immediately.

The words flash on a battered screen opposite. I don’t see a door, how will the security team get in? Then the words change.

No life-forms detected. Computer protocol 249 initiated:in case of non-detection of life-forms, assume personnel are dead. Shut down ALL protocols including self. Executing… shutting down emergency lights….shutting down cyrosleep lockout… shutting down front gate locks… shutting down core computer system…

The screen went blank as the computer shut itself down. A white outline traced itself in the wall opposite, and a door appeared.

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I wake up and take a quick look around the room. I notice other wisps sleeping. One appears to be awake though. A white wisp with a dome shaped head. I stare at him. He doesn’t notice me though. Instead he is focusing on something else. I try to turn to see what it is, but given the current angle my pod is placed in I can only see a small part of what appears to be a door. Another pod is blocking my view.

I get my pincers ready and slam them into the side of my pod. Each attack making a loud thud, leaving medium sized dents in the wall. It takes a few minutes, but I am finally able to break the door down. I step outside and knock on Geerspiel’s door. He turns to look at me, he then recieves the message to stand back. I start ripping the pod wall, slowly to shreds.

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[I think the pods are already open, gamma.]

Warmech, Designation [Proto]-∞
>core systems activated
>restarting auxiliary systems…
>>aux(lleg) active
>>aux(rleg) active
>>err: aux(vis) compromised
>>>source: external
>>>readjusting aux(vis)…
>>>>vis(autoadj) active
>>aux(vis) active
>>checking aux(spch)…
>>aux(spch) active
>>checking aux(wepsys)…
>>>checking wepsys(dempar)…
>>>>wepsys(dempar) ammostock = 10000 = full
>>>>wepsys(dempar) ready
>>>checking wepsys(rel)…
>>>>wepsys(rel) ammostock = 100 = full
>>>>wepsys(rel) ready
>>aux(wepsys) active
>all auxiliary systems active
>initiate protocol: scout

I tread out of my pod, turning to observe the entire room, and note that all WISP pods have been reopened. Two such WISPs have already left their pods-

>identify targets(intval: 2)
>>target 1: identifying…
>>>identity confirmed: WISP unit “Geerspiel”
>>>allied; do not attack
>>target 2: identifying…
>>>identity confirmed: WISP unit “Pintzer”
>>>allied; do not attack
>>both targets identified
>initiate action: converse(“Geerspiel”)

I head towards Geerspiel, stopping a few feet from the machine.

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I slowly reboot and my advanced AI begins to perceive my area and situation. It appears that we were let out for a reason. A rather sinister reason. I notice that other WISPs have activated. Maybe I should observe the situation. I allow my left eye to quietly disassemble and traverse its way to the computer monitor where it retakes its shape, observing the others.

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-Command Queue Active
-Analyzing Terrain
-Scan Complete. Mechanical units present.
-Enter Comm Link Mode
“Slttns wsps, t sms w wr ncpcttd. Hw nfrtnt.”
-Error. Vowel input locked.

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Neonite X-16

Activating WISP Neonite X-16.


All systems reactivated. Initiating start-up of WISP Neonite X-16.

My energy directors glowed blue, neon blue. I felt the buzzing in my body, heard it.

5… 4…

I felt energy coursing through my body, activating all my systems.

3… 2… 1…

My eyes glowed neon blue. I recognized a white wall, my system scouring the globe for information related to the color white and walls.

Start-up successful. WISP Neonite X-16 is fully activated.

I lifted myself out of the pod. I looked around.

Identifying… Identified. Warmech, Designation [Proto]-∞. WISP.

I walked over to Warmech and stop across from him, in front of a pod with a WISP inside.

I turned my head over to another WISP.

Identifying… Identified. Pintzer. WISP.

In a deep, robot-like voice, I asked the WISPs in the room, “What is the cause of our reactivation?”

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“Reactivation cause? Unknown.” Pintzer walks up to the door. “Should we wait or leave now?”

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Neonite X-16

“Await WISPs’ permission.” I look back at Warmech, awaiting his answer.

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Warmech, Designation [Proto]-∞
>implied request received: “wait or leave?”
>answer: “wait until all WISP units are fully active and cause of reactivation is known”


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I open the pod with two arms, then stare at my hands for a moment. The suckers are all decayed, there’s no way I’m sticking to the walls now. Shame, too. I looked forward to that all my life.
“Vocalization… operational. Personality… loaded. Ceasing dumping standard output to vocalization.‘’
I look for networking modules, but all the other ones must have been built without them.
“Vocalization required for communication. Is there anything that should be known?’’

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SH Tuneller

Sonar activates. Thermal visor activates. Movement activates. Conclusion: Full re-activation expected.

I ‘jump’ out of my pod and land in the floor. Then I raise my ‘head’ to detect any heat sources. None at the moment. The sonar detects 7 WISPs in the room already out of their pods, at the moment. I send an electric message to their cores, as my vocal adaptor still hasn’t fully activated: “Requesting information”.

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> Systems activating
> Vision operational
> Hearing operational
> Speech non-operational
>> Troubleshooting
>>> Problem solved. Speech operational
> Movement operational
> All systems operational
My pod opens up. For the first time in what feels like forever I can see the world outside of my pod. I step out of my pod and notice there are several others standing nearby. I walk up to them and ask “What has happened?”

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[Ligo’s post is not considered as canon and he should delete it until I formally accept his character. For reasons, please consult the sign-ups thread. Once he nerfs Ligo, he will be allowed to repost.]

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A loud crash draws my attention. It’s another WISP, Pintzer, ripping open his pod door. Apparently he was too impatient to wait for it to open. What a needless design flaw-attempting to lock a WISP in a cell that he can escape from easily. Still, the probably counted on the forced shut-down to keep Pintzer inactive.


I turn at the harsh voice, and find myself staring at Warmech. His full name was something weird, something I couldn’t remember. It had the word Protocol and an infinity symbol in it, but that’s all I could recall.

“Warmech, I think your aux(spch) function is a malfunctioning. I suggest you reboot it.” As I say so, I do a quick check of my own internal systems. A lingering portion of the sleep virus they injected into me was darting from system to system, trying to evade detection so it could settle down and grow, like it was programmed to do. It was currently hopping around in the ter(motor) function, which explained why my fingers were so stiff.

I quickly isolated that system and rebooted it, destroying the virus.

Some other Warmechs begin speculating as to the causes of our reactivation. I’m confused at first, but remember that they haven’t seen the now-blank screen. “Oh, yes, my cognitive functions have given me no direct answer, but the most likely theory it has given me is that the facility has grown so old the personnel have abandoned it. Then some crash destroyed the energy generator, which triggered a system response. When the system woke up, it realized that no humans were left in the facility and executed protocol 249, shutting all systems down, including both itself and the sleep pods.”

An electronic message flows to my core system. It’s from SH Tuneller, making a formal request for information. I access my archives, pull out a recording of the explanation I just gave-he didn’t hear it for some reason, maybe because he was still asleep or his audio/stereo systems were acting up-and send it over to him.

I rotate my arms slightly, considering. “Now we have a dilemma; this door has appeared when the computer deactivated the lockdown protocol. I’m not sure where it leads, and I’m not sure if we should go through it.”

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SH Tuneller

After recieving the information previosly requested thanks to Geerspiel, I start activating and de-activating my teeth to control if they are active. After some seconds, all systems are fully activated and I start moving around. Then I stop suddenly as I detect something, now within the sonar range, outside the building.

“Attention: heavy activity outside the area. Amount of objects detected: 10 at least. Stay alert.”

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I unstrap the sword from my back, gripping it in classical formation; held slightly to my side with both hands, tip facing front. “SH, report on details please. Human or robot? Are they hostile? Do they have weapons?” I shuffle towards the door cautiously, ready to blast out a string of electricity should anything burst through.

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SH Tuneller

“Human or Robot: Not enough information to inform. Sonar only detects pressence. Must move closer to clasify if organical or mechanical via thermal visor. Hostile: Probably. Moving towards here. Weapons: There are some blips in the sonar bigger that the rest. Probably heavy weaponry. Cannot tell if they have guns. Launch sonic pulse towards their direction?”

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I climb outside of the pod fully.
“Received and understood. My opinion is that with no energy generator the facility is dead and can not threaten us should we leave through the door. No autoguns can function. It also means we cannot gain energy from the facility. Other entities are possible power sources; cannibalization suggested.‘’ I open my mouth and close it.
And it appears the others’ networking devices are activating, as I just got a message.
Use of message service for communication optimal I send to all units in the network. Transition from vocalization to messaging heavily recommended.

[Remember you are robots. You can process data really, really fast. You read like computers, not humans, and are capable of scouring a text hundreds of pages long in seconds, much faster than a human could read it, finding all instances of whatever’s typed into Ctrl+F as you go as well. Using speech, you get bored as hell waiting for the next spoken letter to come through!]

I take one of the frag grenades I have.
Prepared for reception of hostiles.

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Neonite X-16

I bring up my Raygun and ready myself.

Energy level: 100%

“Neonite X-16 is prepared.”

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I watch as the pod opens in front of me. I stay motionless for a moment as I run several tests to make sure everything is functional. After confirming that everything is functional, I preform a virus sweep to make sure that everything is alright. After the process is complete I step silently out of the pod. I quietly preform a few basic motions to confirm that the test results were correct, activating the spikes of the combat fist function and such. I can see a number of others in the room. Ah yes, the other WISPs. I then pull out my SMG to check if it was loaded, once again taking care to be as silent as possible. It wasn’t needed, but I liked it. I guess I was programmed to be that way. Whatever the case, it’s who I am. Anyways, the SMG was loaded and ready. I can see the others pulling out their weapons, so I keep my own SMG out.

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Message received and acknowledge. Confirming recommendation of transfer from audio to digital communication.

My sword glows brilliant white for a moment, then blasts out a megashock of electricity. The door buckles under the blow and I ram it open with the hilt of my sword. Outside is a long corridor, rusted turrets lining the walls. I try to rip one out, but it’s fastened tight, sealed with a thick coating of rust.

I fall into Stance 3, ideal for diagonal slashing attacks. It’s powerful, but leaves me vulnerable to attacks. I usually only use it to drive the nail into the coffin of a losing enemy. In this case, however, the turrets can’t hurt me, so I carve them open, revealing a mass of sparking wires.

I plug them all into the various ports around my body. Although depleted, the energy storage system is still working, and I seep all the power into my system until I’m topped up with electricity.

Possible energy source identified. I suggest you jack in from this port and suck out as much power as you can handle. All my systems work fine, but passive energy leak over the years have lowered my power level.

My eyes flip to a digital clock on the wall. It’s powered by super-efficient solar batteries and not connected to the main system, so it still works. The year 3427. It’s been four centuries since we were shut down.

By the way, we’ve been sleeping for four hundred years, in case anyone wants to know.

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Personality processes appear to be attaining higher efficiency. Energy replenishment might be a cause. Desired.
I walk over to one of the unwrecked turrets (still rusty, though), and spit on it. The grey goo fizzles as it modifies the structure, eventually causing a proper power wire to drop. I stick it in.
Conservation mode loosened. Heuristic wit processes launched. We robots process messages in a blink, so we can afford verbose and humor, improving our ways of thinking at a rapid pace. Let us be smart.
I look down the corridor.
The formerly spotted possible hostiles are still an unaddressed issue. Shall we address them?

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SH Tuneller

Atention: Two hostiles and a heavy weapon platform are in thermal visor range
I move closer slowly to see better what they are
Proceed with caution: There is a human and a robot, alongside with an T-97 Archimedes tank. Possible causes of hostile pressence: Human faction looking for WISP technology to win a war, Humans secretly built more robots and are looking for the information in the database or Skynet has taken over the world and found a way to inject mind viruses in humans. Shall I launch a sonic pulse to the enemy, Geerspiel?

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I have my eye disassemble and return to my body. I guess it is time I show my functionality. A little socialization never hurt. Unless you count the Holocaust as socialization. Anyways, I look around for a decrepit turret from which I can sap energy. Hopefully afterwards I can disassemble my whole body properly, and hopefully I don’t develop turret syndrome. Somehow my lame puns entertain me.

Back on to the subject, I approach an old, rusted turret located on the ceiling, where most would be incapable or reaching. most. I stand directly underneath it. It is crucial that I hurry, according to the more….tool like WISPs hostiles are approaching. So here goes nothing. My left arm begins to collapse into small, translucent, insect like pieces that proceed to scale my body quickly and morph into my right arm, creating a disfigured, grotesque and narrow yet long arm that reaches the turret. Now comes the weird part. In similar fashion to my arm, my head collapses into the small robots who in turn scuttle up my elongated arm, and through the small cracks in the elder turret. Eventually they reach the plug and its just a jolt and buzz away and wham bam, thank you ma’am, I am back to full power.

Partially assembled, in the shape of a mutilated, mutant, misshapen nine year old boy I turn to the group, “My creation was quite the project.”