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HWoC Story Arc: Aftershocks
Previous game: RaceBandit’s Storm of Chaos
Next game: Dimensional Chaos

I eventually hosted another Resistance game much later.

Someone walks up to a table and starts to set up a game. “What I have here is another import from the distant land of xkcdia,” he says. Out of curiosity, you check the game cover…"


“If you want,” the man says, “you can take a look at the rules while you’re at it.” He slides a rulesheet across the table so you can read more about this game.

Rules Spiel
1. There are two sides in this game: The Resistance is the Town-aligned faction, while the Spies are scum that have infiltrated the Resistance. There will be six Resistance operatives and four Spies in this game.
2. The Spies will know each other, but may never communicate privately.
3. This game is divided into 3-5 missions. Each mission has a Team Proposal Phase and a Mission Phase.
4. During a Team Proposal Phase (TPP), the captain (The first captain will be chosen randomly. After that, we will continue down the player list.) will propose a team that contains 3-5 players, depending on the mission being attempted. TPPs will have 72 to 96 hours; if a captain fails to propose a team by then, it will be as if their team was rejected. (See rules 6 and 9.) a team will be randomly generated. If the captain is a spy, there will be coin-flip odds of the team being chosen from only Resistance operatives.
5. During a Mission phase, players will have 48 hours to vote on whether or not the mission proposed should be accepted. Votes must be submitted privately by all players – THAT INCLUDES THE CAPTAIN! They may be submitted publicly or privately. If submitted privately, they must contain the mission number, the current captain, an Accept/Reject vote, and (if you’re a Spy) a Pass/Fail action. You may claim your vote publicly, but if you do not PM me a vote, it will not count. This phase can end early if everyone has cast a vote.
6. The mod will then reveal the results of the mission phase: All players will have their votes publicly revealed. If at least half of the players reject a mission formation, then it doesn’t happen that way. If it gets accepted, however, I will then reveal the mission results.
7. Mission results will consist of all of the Mission Disposions (Pass/Fail) revealed anonymously (IE Pass, Pass, Fail). If there is even one Fail on the mission (Two on M4), said mission is sabotaged and the Spies score one point. If there are only Passes, however, the mission succeeds and the Resistance scores one point.
8. The first team to score three points wins the game.
9. If a mission doesn’t end the game (or the formation is rejected), then the next player will become the captain.
10. WATCH OUT! If there are two formation rejections for the same mission, the third formation will be automatically accepted!
11. Because I can’t modkill players in this game, any of the shit that would normally get you modkilled will instead get you forcibly replaced and then banned from my next game. I will extend this ban if you disrupt the game after being replaced.
Actions that will get you in trouble:

  • Talking about this game outside of this thread
  • Non-players posting as if they were players (You may reserve-sign, but that’s it.)
  • Editing and/or deleting your posts
  • Using alts to sign multiple accounts to this game
  • Posting PMs from me and/or quoting verbatim from them – THAT MEANS NO SCREENSHOTS! If a screenshot is taken of your role, you will be permanently banned from my games. I may also have to terminate the game on the spot.

12. If you sign up for this game, I’m gonna need you to be active. If you no longer want to (or can’t) play, ask me ASAP for a replacement.
13. No, newbies, the spies cannot summon a dragon to nuke the Resistance base before the game even starts. That’s not how this game works. Not to mention, if they could destroy the base beforehand, the Empire would be horribly IMBA and I’m 100% sure they’d also be undefeated, which wasn’t the cases in some of the Resistance games hosted on xkcd.
14. In all seriousness, if the above wasn’t enough information, you might be able to get some more here.

Team Members per mission
Mission 1: 3
Mission 2: 4
Mission 3: 4
Mission 4: 5 (2 fails needed to sabotage this mission)
Mission 5: 5

The following is an example of an M2 proposal.

Pretend Bluji wrote this.

Captain: Bluji
On Deck: racefan12
(The player on deck will assume control after the current mission phase is resolved.)
Current mission: 2
Team Member 1: Bluji (For reference, a captain does not have to be on their own team.)
Team Member 2: Punisher106
Team Member 3: GoldenSniper93
Team Member 4: Woon1957

(You may explain why you picked such a team.)

The following is an example of a Spy’s Mission Vote/Disposition PM for the above sample mission.

Pretend one of the players on the team is a Spy and PM’d me this.

Mission 2 (Bluji, Bluji/Punisher106/GoldenSniper93/Woon1957): Accept/Fail
(You may explain your vote/disposion.)

Special thanks to jayshu, webby, and Adam H for hosting Resistance games at xkcd so I could know this game exists!

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Bolded messages in your sign-ups will be posted to the right of your name, in parentheses.
1. doctorew (I’m a survivor… Of the potatoes. I’m sure I can handle this.) – SPY
2. Jaskaran2000
3. coolo2011
4. Behemoth542 – SPY
5. FelineForumer (Meow, Meow, Meow)
6. MansW1
7. myhome16 (Ignsay. Iway alwaysway antedway otay ignsay.) – SPY
8. hamuka (Insert random long pointless word that has sign in it here) – SPY
9. Dragonice
10. walfordking

FelineForumer has replaced arkenarken.
MansW1 has replaced efar.
AdeebNafees has replaced platypuses27.
Jaskaran2000 has replaced devourer359.
coolo2011 has replaced sirwoofy.
Dragonice has replaced AdeebNafees.

Successful Missions: 2
Sabotaged Missions: 3
Mission 1: CLEARED! (FelineForumer, Behemoth542, Jaskaran2000)
Mission 2: SABOTAGED! (FelineForumer, Behemoth542, Jaskaran2000, myhome16)
Mission 3: SABOTAGED! (myhome16, FelineForumer, coolo2011, doctorew)
Mission 4: CLEARED! (Jaskaran2000, coolo2011, Behemoth542, FeilneForumer, walfordking)
Mission 5: SABOTAGED! (Behemoth542, Jaskaran2000, coolo2011, FelineForumer, walfordking)

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The censored name is RaceBandit. WHO KNEW?

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Actually, no it isn’t. If it were, I’d pretty much have been hunted down a second time before I even hit level 200.

Did I ever mention that I hate Rumia?

Archival Note: See Dimensional Chaos.

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Me is signing. (I’m a survivor… Of the potatoes. I’m sure I can handle this.)

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Sign (The next two people to sign will be my alts.)

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in order to accept me one of your rules would have to be broken. however i would like to sign anyway just incase you decide to ignore your rules. btw the rule that would be broken is no newbies. i am new to fgf.

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I’m signing

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[Sign] (For The Resistance!!!)

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Originally posted by sirwoofy:

in order to accept me one of your rules would have to be broken. however i would like to sign anyway just incase you decide to ignore your rules. btw the rule that would be broken is no newbies. i am new to fgf.

Where’d I say that? Rule 13 was a joke rule that listed something the Spies cannot do. It didn’t say newbies couldn’t sign up.

Originally posted by arkenarken:
(For The Resistance!!!)

That’s the kind of attitude I like to see in a townie.

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Doctorew, just a note. Even if it’s just sign-ups, you shouldn’t be editing your posts. It’s difficult to see any changes you make unless you make a new post instead, and the possibility that you may continue editing once the game starts is a little unnerving.

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The mysterious man hears some static. “Time fluxes”, he says, as he glares at doctorew. “They’re too goddamn dangerous to use. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could paralyze the planet.”

As crazy as this sounds, you realize that he’s right.

At least this happened outside of the actual game. Seriously, though, EBWOPs (Edit By Way Of [Multi]-Post) are the way to go in Mafia games and their variants.

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sign (to infinity and beyond)

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Ignsay. Iway alwaysway antedway otay ignsay.

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Sign. (Insert random long pointless word that has sign in it here)

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sign (for cucumbers everywhere)

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When will the gaim start?

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When I notice platypuses27’s sign and send out the role PMs, AKA right now.

“So we’re ready to begin?”, the mystery man asks before sliding a 3DS to each player. “You’ll need that really soon,” he says.

The 3DS appears to be hacked. You’ve got an interface for the Resistance game that includes the mission number, current leader, and even some flavor text for each mission.

Some of you notice some extra data containing a team of spies, but you choose to stay mum, lest your cover be blown.

Role PMs have been sent out.

“Everyone’s seen their role, right?”, the mystery man asks. He clears his throat before continuing.

“An organization of darkness has recently captured one of our laboratories. The robots inside have been hacked and some shit’s been moved around. I need you guys to get in there and rewrite some security credentials so we can have that place back. Of course, since our enemies moved everything around, it’s not gonna be easy.”

Mission 1

“The first objective is to compile a map of the new layout. From there, I can tell you what spots to hit.

…wait a tick. Are those Murkrows I see flying off to the west? Dammit dammit dammit! There’s four spies in your group and we don’t know who they are. You’ll have to avoid sending them on the missions, lest they fuck everything up."

Captain: devourer359
On deck: sirwoofy
Current Mission: 1
Choose three team members for this mission. Deadline is 2/23, 7 PM, UTC-7.

Originally posted by Adam H:

But please keep in mind this is not a mafia deadline which usually signals the end of the day, this is a resistance deadline where the deadline only comes if the team leader is being stupid.

As a reminder, the team must be posted publicly before the deadline, or it will count as a rejected team and sirwoofy will be the new M1 captain.

M1 rejections: 0/3

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Firstly, I petition to be on the mission.

Secondly; My 3DS had a little bit thingy here that says ‘spy.’ What does that mean?
Should I be concerned or something?

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I’ve said it before and I’ll (Possibly) say it again, For the Resistance!!!

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Ok, role is confirmed (Don’t know if I must confirm it, but just in case…)

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Captain: Devourer359
On Deck: sirwoofy
Current mission: 1
Team Member 1: Devourer359
Team Member 2: hamuka
Team Member 3: platypuses27

I chose myself because I believe myself to be resistance and stuffs. The other two members were randomized, seeing as we have no workable information yet anyways.

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Good luck

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The mystery man blinks twice. “That was … fast,” he says.

The ten of you have until 2/22, 8:30 PM UTC-7 to PM me an Accept/Fail vote. If you are a spy, I will also need your disposition (Accept/Fail). A tie will count as a reject.