Territory Wars II [Suggestions/Developement]

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Hello people. I made this thread more than nothing to request for help with the developement of the game. I was thinking on making this a double game: a Strategy one where players play against each other in a Risk like map, and an RP that is set in the same world than the strategy version, where the players can play as people living in the different nations (which would be the strategy version player factions). The RP will be following the events of the map game.

For example:

A attacks B and conquers territory X. The RP now will have to adapt according to this.


C researchs Laser weapons. The RP will have this as an event and things will happen according to the things its players does.

Now, I’m asking for help because its taking me too much time to set the technology tree, and thought that most of you could give me some useful tips. I’ll probably turn this later in the sign ups thread.

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Technology tree at this moment


Command Center (CC): Costs 50 supplies. Adds +5 income. Unlocks buildings and upgrades.

Miner: Costs 25 supplies. +5 income. Limit is 3 (This can be upgraded)

Barracks: Costs 40 supplies. Gives a bonus of 0/2 to a tile (This can be upgraded). Unlocks units and upgrades.

Research Center (RC): Costs 60 supplies. Requires CC. Can be built (Number of tiles player has (X)) times. Decreases research time. Every three RC’s, an additional research can be done in parallel. If (Number of RC player has(Y)) > X, then Z (Y-X) RCs will be disabled and will have no effect

Vehicle Factory (VF): Costs 100 supplies. Requires RC, Barracks, Vehicle Warfare. Unlocks units, upgrades and structures.

Wall: Costs 5 supplies. Requires HWP I. No building limit. Gives a bonus of 0/1 to a tile per wall

Defense Turret: Costs 15 supplies. Requires HWP I. Max 3 per tile. Gives a bonus of 1/4 to a tile


Light Infantry Squad (LIS): Requires Barracks. Costs 10 supplies. 1 attack/0 defense.

Phalanx: requires Barracks. Costs 15 supplies. 0/2.

Heavy Infantry Squad (HIS): Requires Barracks, AW I. Costs 20 supplies. 2/2

Terrestrial-Recon bike (TR / Trike): Requires VF, High speed vehicles I. Costs 40 supplies. 4/0

All Terrain Attack Jeep (ATAJ): Requires VF, AW II. Costs 50 supplies. 3/3

Light Tank: Requires VF, HWP I, AW II. Costs 70 supplies. 5/4


Megaminery: Increases the limit of miners by 1. Can be upgraded 5 times. Costs 5*Level of Megaminery. Requires CC. Research Time is 2

Advanced Weaponry (AW): Requires Barracks, CC. Unlocks units. Gives +1*(Level of AW) to attack rolls. Requieres Barracks, CC. Costs 5 plus 5*(Level of AW). Research time is 1*(Level of AW)

Vehicle Warfare: Requires Barracks, CC. Unlocks VF. Increases Barracks bonus tile stats by 0/+2 Costs 25 supplies.

Heavy Weapon Platforms (HWP): Requires CC, VF. Unlocks better units. Unlocks defensive structures. Increases Barracks bonus tile stats by 2/0. Cost is 105*(Level of HWP). Research time is 2 plus (Level of HWP).

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Reserved (Just in case)

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So the games will have different threads or the same thread with mixed action? The strategy part can go out of hand and make the rp being nullified what do you think of that?

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I have a suggestion: DON’T ABONDON THE FUCKING GAME and research should take time

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Originally posted by CYrusmaster:

So the games will have different threads or the same thread with mixed action?

They will have each other their own thread.

Originally posted by efar:

research should take time

That would depend on how many research centers the nation has and which technology is being researched

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you’ve done it already Behemoth

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These kinds of games usually get abandoned. It’s just too complex for you to handle, and it’s not really suited for a forum game, i.e text only. Trust me, if I wanted to play a game like this, I’d just play Civilization. There is nothing this game has to offer that Civilization can’t do better. For forum games, you need to amp up the social interaction part of it and psychological crap. The classic forum game is Mafia, and it’s a good benchmark. Mafia has all the aspects of a good forum game, and more importantly, I usually can’t find another convenient place to play Mafia (there’s no computer mafia, and most of my friends aren’t into Mafia, sadly).

If you’re into these kinds of Risk games, think about Diplomacy.


Diplomacy is pretty much a good forum game, in fact, people play it by mail all the time, which is essentially a shittier version of a forum. There are very few complex concepts or RNG in Diplomacy, it’s quite simple. It’s extremely psychological and requires discussion to do well, and every aspect of the game pretty much involves making alliances and backstabbing, all of which don’t require much effort on the host’s part. That’s good, because guaranteed if this takes too much effort you’ll be bored of this several weeks in. That leads to game closures, and nobody is happy.

I’m sure Diplomacy, or likely some variant, since Diplomacy usually will take several months to finish could work. Consider a Diplomacy with less countries, if you could implement a successful Diplomacy-esque forum game, that would be something worth playing, easily. If you want more ideas, consider incorporating some elements of Catan into it, but I’m pretty sure that you should start simple; I have yet to see one of these games that didn’t close early/suck badly.

Also, ditch the RP, that has no place here.