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I had an idea for an ongoing thread. As far as I know, such a thread has not been made in this forum. The premise is simple, one person will start by writing the first few paragraphs of a story. The next person will continue the story by contributing a few paragraphs of thier own. Each person will continue the story from where the last person left off. Eventually, the thread will grow into a large ongoing story, with posters expanding on it as it goes on. I myself may contribute sometimes, but I as the thread creator have no more influence over the thread than anyone else who participates. Any particular person’s influence on the story depends not only on how often they contribute, but also the quality of their contributions.

There are a few guidelines that I have for this:
-Posts should not be too long. A few paragraphs at most.
-Don’t massively derail the plot.
-After you post, wait at least 3-4 posts before you post again.

And with that, I leave it to you, the community. It is time for someone to step up and start us off.

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I had a feeling I might have to kick it off myself.

I am Jaiden Sorcer, heir to a powerful noble house. Or at least I was until thier were all brutally slaughtered. Maybe there are other survivors, but as far as I know so far, my entire family is dead. I was away on a diplomatic trip when it happened. Still, I know who did this. For generations, there have been two noble houses ruling over this land, house Sorcer and house Malum. At first they were what you might call friendly rivals. But it all changed when Tyran Malum took over. He turned the rivalry into a full fledged war. He is aging, but his heirs never showed any desire to change things back. In fact, one of his own sons commanded his army of destruction. For years it was a stalemate. How Malum suddenly gained this massive upper hand is unknown to me, but now I have only one goal. I must bring down house Malum for good and claim my rightful place as the ruler of these lands But for this I need help. House Sorcer has scattered allies, but unless I gather more, they will all be overrun. I will have to go to faraway places and gain the favor of the most powerful people across the lands. And then, when I have gathered my army, Malum will be destroyed.

And so Jaiden set off to begin his quest. Not entirely sure where to start, he found himself in a small port town filled with plenty of work for mercenaries. He decided that thie would be where he would start finding allies for his cause.

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