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Reserved for lock. Anyone who will post before I and gamma place the info and sign-ups (which will take indefinite posts) will have to pay the taxes mentioned in this game for the rest of his/her life. (Hint: It’s about 10,000 bucks a month.)

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In the far future, the great ruler of the universe has decided to tax all of his subjects for profit. Over the years, many have become broke, as the working class can not keep up with the high amount of taxes.

Our story focuses on a small group of people, all sharing a straw cottage so that they may be able to keep up with the heavy taxes. Unfortunately, even though they were able to scrounge enough money up for their monthly tax they were robbed in the middle of the night the day before the scheduled tax collection. The perpetrator got away unnoticed. Now they would not be able to pay their taxes. What would they do? They tried everything they could to regain the sum of money that they had lost, but it was too late.

The monthly tax day finally came around and they did not have nearly enough money to pay it all off. A lone tax collector walked up to the cottage door and asked for their money. They gave him all that they had, hoping they’d be exempt for now and could pay off the rest later. The collector just scoffed at how little it was. “I’m going to have to report you all for not paying what you owe our benevolent great ruler.” He started to walk away. Without thinking, one of the members killed him from afar with a ranged weapon. When asked about killing the collector their response was: “We’re dead anyways, might as well take out as many as we can.”

After the death of the collector, everyone walked up to his dead corpse and realized that in a sense, it was right to attack him. People who don’t pay the tax almost always have gruesome endings. Heading back to the cottage they all ate dinner in silence and headed off to bed. Everyone needed some time, time to figure out a plan of action, as it was only a matter of time before their “great benevolent ruler” would send troops their way, to crush this small rebellion as an example to everyone: no one is exempt from taxes!

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You start off with 25 different stat points to invest in the following: Strength (STR), Defense (DEF), Intelligence (INT), Agility (AGI), Precision (PRE)

Hp = 1x Def. + 1/2 Str.
MP = 2/3Int. + 1/3 Pre.
Dam = Wep + 1/2 Str – (Enemy DR)
Magic Dam = Spell + 1/2 Int – (Enemy’s DR / 2)
DR = Armor + 1/5 Defense (DR = Damage Reduction)
Accuracy = 90% + Pre – (Enemy AGI x 1.5)
Crit = 2% + perks/skills/abilities

Note: You may only invest up to 10 points in one stat when starting. You may put more stat points in these stats later on.

Leveling up

Upon leveling up you gain 2 skill points. This amount increases by one every five levels. So, for levels 1-5 you gain 2 skill points, for levels 6-10 you gain 3 skill points, and for levels 11-15 you gain 4 skill points.

Every 5 levels you gain 1 extra hobby and one extra skill.

To level up your hobbies, you need to use them multiple times. Each level-up gives a +5% bonus when using them.

Use your skills often to level them up. The more damage you deal with them the better likelihood of them leveling up. Skills that deal damage level up if they deal enough damage. Buffs/Debuffs level up if they are casted enough times. And passives are leveled up if you survive with them long enough.


With skills you can do powerful attacks, can have some passive boosts, or be better at crafting.

Here are some examples:

Anatomical Precision: Gives you a passive boost for critical hits.
Raining Blades: Drops down some swords from the sky damaging most enemies in an area.
Stealing: High chance to give a random item when fighting.

Of course you can make your own skills, but don’t make them too OP or UP.


Hobbies are activities that can help you and your team out. Here are a few examples. (feel free to make your own so long as its not OP or UP)

Cooking – Temporarily increases stats, random buffs, light healing.
Hunting – Can hunt down animals for materials, accuracy boost, can make better traps around your cottage
Engineering – Allows you to craft with metal and give upgrades to the house.
Alchemy – Allows you to make potions, mix herbs, to give various effects.
Enchanting – Allows you to enchant items as well as make magic upgrades to the house.
Scavenging – Allows you to find supplies, gold and if you’re lucky some items.
Farming – Allows you to grow food supplies and raise animals, as well as sell food for money. Also gives a small bonus to cooking.

Animals and You (hobby)

Animal keeping – Allows you to raise animals and use them in battle. (NOTE: You may only take one animal into the actual fight or dungeon. The other animals can support you with one attack though. On any turn individually or all at once.) However, they can not attack again until the whole fight is finished. This means you can’t use all your animals on the first wave, and expect to be able to use them on the next wave as well. If an animal dies it can not be revived. Finally you need a place to store animals (cages). You can not hold more animals than the number of cages you have. You can not build cages, you must buy them from the store. (This excludes farm animals, unless you wish to bring them into combat) To gain animals you must either buy them from the shop, or find them in the wilderness and scout them. All players may scout an animal, but those with the animal keeping (or beastmaster, if you prefer) gain a significantly higher chance to successfully scout it. Feed animals to make them slightly stronger.


Items can range from: ammo, potions, weapons, armor, shields, etc… They can be very useful in aiding your cause, and if you find that they are useless to you, you can always sell them at the store. Note: Travelling to the store takes up a turn so only use it if you have a decent sum of cash.


Supplies can be used to craft, upgrade your home, build traps around your home, and other useful things as well. You start off with 25 supplies and generate 5 per turn. (however the rate of generation can be upgraded) Keep in mind that you can also scavenge for supplies as well as find supplies off of enemy corpses. However, the supplies your house generates are automatically “generic” and can be used for anything. It can be wood, metal, food. The resources you find outside your home will normally be of a certain type instead.

The types of supplies are:

Generic: Can be used in place of any of the the resources below.
Wood: Used for wooden structures, and crafting various wooden items. (example: A fence)
Metal: Used for metallic structures, robots, and crafting metallic weapons (example: A cannon)
Magic energy: Used for enchanting and/or magic upgrades. (Example: Firewall)
Rock: Used for structures involving rocks and/or concrete. (Example: A tower)
Food: Used for cooking and bait. (Example: Beef Stew)
Plant: Used for making plant or herb based products, as well as poisons and acids. (Example: Healing Salve)

Note: 5 Supplies is about equal to making porridge, or making around 3-5 arrows. Don’t expect to be able to make a giant force field or a turret.

Upgrading your Cottage

You can also upgrade your cottage. You’ll need supplies for that, though. A few types of upgrades are as follows:

Turrets: Builds a turret that automatically damages enemies. (high level turrets may need supplies to function properly)
Fortification: Allows you to increase the max hp and DR of your home.
Traps: Has a chance to hurt the enemy, and to add a random debuff (like Stun for explosives)
Fertile Land: Increase the amount of supplies generated per turn.
Magic building: Allows you to add a magical buff to your house. (e.g. forcefields, magic cannons)


Using your supplies you can craft items. Crafting items is essential as they can help you in your quest to defeat the ruler of the universe. Of course this will take up a bit of supplies. Having a hobby involving crafting can greatly increase the efficiency of crafting items.


With gold, you can buy items and “generic” supplies, (though supplies aren’t cheap). You can get more by exploring, scavenging, doing quests and by taking loot from enemies.


When exploring your surroundings a myriad of events may happen. You may stumble upon supplies, items, people in need of help (quests), enemies, dungeons, and more…

Under Siege

Because you have not paid your taxes you will often be attacked by the universe’s ruler’s men. At the start they will only attack you. However, after Day 5 they will also start targeting your house. If your house is destroyed you will lose the game. If your entire party is wiped out, (and the house’s turrets/defenses can’t defeat the remaining enemies alone) you will lose the game. Try to plan ahead and create an impenetrable fortress.


When exploring, you may find some people in need of help. They will give you quests, that can range from getting supplies and items to completing dungeons. Rewards will also vary, but often they’ll be generous. They can give gold, rare items, supplies and other things.


A dungeon consists of rooms and hallways. Each room and each hallway has a possible corresponding event that may be beneficial, or could hurt your teams chances of winning. Of course there is the possibility of having nothing at all happen. Enter dungeons to find loot, supplies, gold, and other stuff.

Attacking with ranged, and ranged magic

As you know, enemies can’t just simply teleport to your house and turn it to ashes. They also need to travel there, and with ranged weapons you could turn this into an advantage. All enemies will have a recorded “distance” from your home, and all weapons will have a recorded range with which you can target an enemy with. Normally ranged attacks give you a -5% penalty to accuracy for every 25% of the range you use. For instance: Let’s say I have a bow with a range of 100 ft. If I shoot an enemy from 0-24 ft away, I have a 90% chance to hit him, which would be the base chance. If I shoot an enemy 25-49 ft away I have a 85% chance. 50-74 = a 80% chance. Well, you get the picture. You can also build towers on your cottage to raise your range and accuracy.

Please Note: that most ranged weapons need ammo to function, and magic weapons need a small amount of mana to function.


Each Day consists of 3 parts. Morning, Afternoon, and Night. Each part of the day allows you to do one action. Also, there is an equal chance you will be attacked during one of these stages. If you’re lucky though, you may possibly be left alone (10% chance). Please keep in mind actions like: equipping items, and drinking potions, may be used infinitely. When every day passes you gain 30% Hp/Mp, and when you rest (as an action) you gain 15% Hp/Mp

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Signing Up

To sign up, you’ll need to post the following:

Name: (Self-explanatory.)

Nickname: (Optional)

Gender: (Optional)

Appearance: (Optional)

Class: (5% damage bonus to either: magic, ranged, or melee attacks (choose a name for it, and we’ll figure out which attack will get a bonus))

Stat Points Pick a total of 25 (Max 10) on any given attribute.

Skill/Spell: (Put an active or passive skill here)

Hobby: (Here you can place a hobby, if you didn’t know already :P) Feel free to make your own.

Main Weapon: Your main weapon

Secondary Weapon: Your secondary weapon. (If possible, have a ranged and/or magic weapon)

Bio: (Optional, please at least try and include something small though)

Note: If you add special effects or stats to your starter weapons, the weapon damage will be lowered.

You may post now.

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Sign Up List:

1. Bill Floor (wii wonder)
2. Creation 11235813 (thecartm)
3. Оскар (GotterakaThing)
4. Consis Captor (BCLEGENDS)
5. Leaf (FelineForumer)
6. Phillie Beauregard (MasterCheif987)
7. Drayis Vale (Incomplete)
8. Dragonice
9. Ackbar (Igotnousername)

(Note: There can “possibly” be more than this.)

Reserve List:


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Name: Bill Floor.
Nickname: Sledge
Gender: male
appearance: Towering 6ft tall, well muscled. Fiery green eyes. Completly bald, eyebrows are singed off. wears simple engineering clothing, including a welding mask he rarely takes off. (doesn’t help with fighting though)
class: Fighter
stats points: 10 Str, 6 Def, 6 Int, 2 Pre, 1 Agi
Skill: Bone breaker: Blunt, unarmed, or explosive attacks may passively decrease targets strength, defence, agility or precision. Duration 4 → 3 turns
main weapon: Sledge hammer (1-6 damage)
secondary weapon: Musket (can fire bullets and explosive rockets.) (1-4 damage)
Bio: Bill is an engineer. Is all you need to know. He joined up with this gang because he wanted some peace and quiet with his work, rather than the chaos of the cities. He has a fiery temper and is easily aggravated. he hates almost all organic life, and would rather spend his time with his machines. He has no life besides his work: his family disowned him so they wouldn’t be taxed on him and he has no interest in friends. His total dedication to his work means he is very strong, and even soldiers will flinch at the sight of him wielding his sledge hammer. The nickname sledge came from his strength.

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Name: Creation 11235813
Nickname: Ragnerok
Gender: Male
Appearance: Cloaked in a black cloak
Class: Magical Juggernaut
Magical Bolt: Shoots a ball of magical energy. Loses damage instead of accuracy. Range: 50 km
Hobby: Traveling
Main Weapon:Spinblade – A weapon from my imagination. The basic blade part looks like a sword with a thick curved blade. It has another sword blade at the other end instead of a handle. The center is attached to a string (free pivot) which is actually pretty strong. The other end of a string has a grip. It’s used by spinning around and swinging at a foe. If the weapon is swung aiming too far out the string may bind the foe. Styled to the show Bleach ‘s weapons (black and silver edge)
Secondary Weapon: Arm Cannon – A cannon which remains disassembled until needed, in which it assembles attached to the user’s arm. It’s fairly big and spiky (covers whole arm and extends it about 2 decimeters). It’s power is based off the user’s power. It’s effects depend on the modifications to it which can be turned off and on mentally but need to be inter-graded. Also limits mobility. White. 100% mana powered.
Bio: I am a creature built to destroy the world but lacked the power and will to do so. Has practice in traveling in places like forests so is nicer to animals and climbs terrain easier.
INT 10
AGI What is it used for?

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@thecartm: You only start off with one skill, not three and your secondary weapon can not be “Other spells”.

Also can you explain your hobby “traveling” better?

Also, you forgot your stat points.

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My traveling skill is of one where I am used to the practice of wilderness travel: I hike places, animals don’t seem to want to rip my head off, and I have a tenancy to find bricks on the ground for throwing. I edited my skills btw.

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Originally posted by thecartm:

My traveling skill is of one where I am used to the practice of wilderness travel: I hike places, animals don’t seem to want to rip my head off, and I have a tenancy to find bricks on the ground for throwing. I edited my skills btw.

Do you mean like a bonus to scouting animals, and a bonus to finding stuff? (Also you may want something better then throwing bricks)

Agi is used in this equation.
Accuracy = 90% + Pre – (Enemy AGI x 1.5)

Basically it adds dodge chance by +1.5% per stat point.

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done, in case you’re wondering. Would you mind configuring the skills for me?

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Name: Оскар
Nickname: Oscar
Gender: Male
Appearance: 5’10", Caucasian, Brown hair and blue eyes. Red and bright blue shirt, blue pants, and brown shoes.
Class: Lumberjack
STR: 8
DEF: 10
INT: 2
AGI: 4
PRE: 1
Skill/Spell: Disassembling: Passive bonus to getting more stuff from dismantling objects.
Hobby: Woodcutting
Main Weapon: Ax
Secondary Weapon: Torch
Bio: Оскар smokes weed. Not just any weed, but the holy weed of the gods. He’s unnaturally calm in every situation, but that’s due to the side effects of the weed. He’s also a lumberjack, and that’s okay.
(Can you configure the hobby?)

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Originally posted by gammaflux:

@GotterakaThing: I honestly have no clue how Tabletop gaming would help you. Maybe bonus chance traps will spring successively? You might want to choose something else.

How about now?

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Originally posted by gammaflux:
Originally posted by GotterakaThing:
Originally posted by gammaflux:

@GotterakaThing: I honestly have no clue how Tabletop gaming would help you. Maybe bonus chance traps will spring successively? You might want to choose something else.

How about now?

Ok, I can work with that. (It’ll work like scavenging, just more focused on wood)
I still need you to change your skill though.


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Name: Consis Captor
Nickname: Vampire
Gender: Male
Appearance: Short black hair; slender bodily form; pale, almost grey skin; about 170cm tall; left eye is a solid blue colour, right eye is a solid red colour; “elfin” facial features. Wears a too-long green shirt with yellow sleeves, blue trousers and shoes of differing shades, and a solid necklace made of gold around his neck.
Class: Psionic
Stat Points
STR: 2
DEF: 4
INT: 9
AGI: 4
PRE: 7
Skill/Spell: Telekinesis – Levitates up to two moderately-sized objects (e.g. bladed weapons, smallish rocks) for as many turns as the ability can be sustained for without exhausting MP, allowing Consis to manipulate the levitated objects and use them as either ranged or melee weapons without getting into the conflict directly. Damage calculation for weapons wielded like this is the same as that of non-magical damage, but replace Str with Int in the calculation.
Hobby: Smithing – Allows you to craft items such as armour and weaponry with the appropriate materials.
Main Weapon: Longsword (melee weapon)
Secondary Weapon: Psionic Eye Beams (magic weapon, relatively high damage and MP cost)
Bio: Ever since his childhood, Consis was been haunted by voices. Whether those of the deceased or of the thoughts in other people’s heads, he had no clue; regardless, he was frequently driven to reckless anger by them in his childhood, bordering on psychotic rage, a state that wasn’t helped by his somewhat longer than normal canine teeth pushing his voice into a lisp. His parents eventually managed to gather enough money to set up a meeting between him and a psychiatrist – just the one, mind – but by spilling just about everything he could regarding the voices almost immediately, it was enough to help him gather tips on how to remain calm whenever he felt like he was about to have another fit of rage. Since then, he has become a rather quiet person, not bothering anyone around him with the knowledge of the voices in his head, and, when the time came, helping to gather up money to pay the abominably high taxes that the so-called “great ruler of the universe” charges everyone. Until, of course, the day a roommate of his killed the tax collector.

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Originally posted by gammaflux:

@GotterakaThing: Change your skill again. That new one probably won’t be used very often.

Is this better?

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Originally posted by GotterakaThing:
Originally posted by gammaflux:

@GotterakaThing: Change your skill again. That new one probably won’t be used very often.

Is this better?

Yes that’s better.

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Name: efar

Gender: man

Class: warrior (melee)

Stat Points: 10 STR 10DEF 5 PRE

Skill/Spell: fire sword- temporarily sets broadsword on fire causing burn and boosting damage, can also be cast on an ally

Hobby: animal keeping

Main Weapon: my sexy 6-pack your mom’s face a broadsword

Secondary Weapon: Chuck Norris a sniper rifle

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@efar: I’ll need To see what hamuka says about your skill and hobby. (You may need to change it at a later time frame) Also change your secondary weapon or your main weapon. No repeats.

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Name: Leaf

Nickname: The Tricky

Gender: Female

Appearance: Common tunic/trouser combo. Knee high boots.

Class: Ranger

Stat Points:

5 Strength
6 Defense
7 Agility
7 Perception


Subdue – Allows me to capture and train weakened animals.

Hobby: Hunting

Main Weapon: Knife

Secondary Weapon: Bow

Bio: Living in the forest most her life, she knows much about various woodland beings.

Note: N/A

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Name:Philippe Beauregard

Nickname: N/A

Gender: Male

Appearance: Philippe is 5’11". He is skinny with short black hair. Pretty basic description but whatever.


-Str: 8
-Def: 4
-Int: 2
-Agi: 2
-Pre: 9

Skill:Accuracy:+4-6% chance to hit with ranged weapons.

Hobby: Hunting

Main Weapon: A bolt-action rifle.

Secondary Weapon: A 5 shot revolver

Bio: Philippe comes from a proud family. They never had money but they never wanted other people’s charity. Often he had to hunt to put food on the table since they couldn’t afford to buy it. Eventually he moved away from home, but that wasn’t much better. He had issues holding down a job, and almost all his money went to taxes, to the point where he literally lived on the streets. He eventually saved up a bit of money and got a nice job. Things were starting to look up. Then the taxes were raised sky high. Things weren’t exactly looking up anymore.

Note: N/A

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@MasterCheif987: Are you sure you want two ranged weapons? They’ll both need ammo and you’ll either have to craft the ammo yourself or buy it with gold.

Also about your skill: 10% is a lot, especially considering skills level up (based on special conditions) Anyways do you want me to lower it (probably around 4-6%) and it’ll reach 10% and higher over time. Or would you rather just choose a new skill altogether?

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4-6% is okay. I figured 10 would be a bit high, I just wanted to see if that would work. As far as the weapons, you’re probably right, but I’d rather stick with those. I can always just resort to pistol whipping people.

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Originally posted by MasterCheif987:

4-6% is okay. I figured 10 would be a bit high, I just wanted to see if that would work. As far as the weapons, you’re probably right, but I’d rather stick with those. I can always just resort to pistol whipping people.

Ok, just making sure. Me and hamuka will debate about your skill when he comes on again tomorrow. :P

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[Sign-Up Sheet]

[Name:] Drayis Vale

[Nickname:] N/A

[Gender:] Male


Pale white skin, Dark red eyes, Black hair, Black robe, Black shoes.

[Class:] Mage

[Stat Points:]

STR: 2

DEF: 2

INT: 10

AGI: 1

PRE: 10


Summon Shade: The caster can summon (Spell lvl) shades. Shades are weak spiritual entities that appear to be made out of darkness and appear to be partly humanoid. A shade levitates about 1-foot above the ground and has sharp claws on their hands that they use for attacking. Shades do not have any feet or legs. Although shades can deal good melee damage due to their claws, they don’t have any ranged abilities and they have extremely low health, maybe only able to survive 1 or 2 hits before dieing, thus making them very weak as they can normally be picked of before they even get into melee range. Although at first glance they might seem too weak to be of use in open combat, however the shades typically attack in groups, thus making it possible to get a few of them to make it into melee range. A shade lasts until it is either killed or when unsummoned by the caster.

[Hobby:] Enchanting

[Main Weapon:] Magic Wand: This shoots a ranged bolt of magic that can be charged up for more power and range, a 1-turn attack, attacks on the turn it is used, but it does very little damage (Example 1-2 DMG) and only has only a small range (Example 5-10 range). Each additional turn the attack charges up for it increases the DMG and range (Example DMG: 1-turn: 1-2, 2-turn: 2-4, 3-turn: 3-6 etc.)

[Secondary Weapon:] Ring of Magic Shield: This ring can create a magic shield attached to the arm that the ring is on, this shield blocks attacks like a normal shield would. However unlike a normal shield, when an attack hits this shield, 1/10 (Rounded up) of the DMG that the attack did is transferred to the wielder of this ring as mana. If the shield takes enough DMG then the magic shield will be destroyed and need to be recreated using the ring. If the ring is removed or destroyed then the shield will be destroyed. The ring uses mana each time the shield is created.