Pick Their Poison 2 - Prison Madness (Restart in new thread): Emergency Reboot Protocol (Deadline: dunno) (locked)

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Previous Game: The Resistance

Pregame – Flight

The dragon knew exactly where it was going. It knew exactly what kind of mission it had… and it knew exactly what to say to RaceBandit.

First, however, it would have to wreck the minds of several officers at the prison. Having phenomenal cosmic power, it knew exactly how to do this: A Mafia scare.

Meanwhile, one of the prisoners had had enough of this shit…

1. Day actions such as Votes and Unvotes must be bolded. Example Given: Vote: roband
2. Do not talk about this game outside of this thread, a PM to the Mod, or a PM to anyone you have nightchat with.
3. Dead players cannot post in this thread unless their role PM says otherwise.
4. Night actions must be PM’d to me if you want to use them. I will allow you to pre-send them during the day phase, though.
5. To withhold an action is to intentionally not use it. If you’re going to withhold a night action, I’d like to know this.
6. If at least half of the players are voting for the same player, the day will end early. The day-ending vote is referred to as a Hammer, whether the voter knows this or not.
7. If you aren’t a part of this game, please do not post in this thread except to sign up as a reserve.
8. Do not edit or delete your posts. If you need to change or clarify something from a previous post, use an EBWOP (Edit By Way of [Multi-]Post). I will not punish multiposts.
9. If I catch you using an alt to sign multiple accounts up to this game, you will be kicked out and permanently banned from my games. If the game is already running, exiles and/or replacements will happen.
10. If the votals are tied, the first relevant vote will break the tie.
11. If you’re playing, you’re expected to post. I reserve the right to exile or replace lurkers. If you need to be replaced, let me know. If you think another player is being inactive, you may request that I prod them, whether it’s public or private. A modprod will consist of a PM’d reminder that the target player is in this game, as well as a link so no time is wasted in getting back to the thread.
12. You can expect days to last up to 120 IRL hours (5 IRL days) and nights to last up to 72 IRL hours (3 IRL days). I reserve the right to shorten these phases as players’ avatars start dying.
13. Do not post any PM from me (THAT MEANS NO SCREENSHOTS!) or quote verbatim from it. If you must mention it, paraphrase.
14. Modkills may be referred to as exiles, and can be applied to dead players if I consider it necessary. If you are exiled, your win condition is null and void… simply put, you lose. Repeat offenses can and will result in bans from my future games.

This role list includes one role from each player’s submissions.

Town 1. Vanilla Townie – No special abilities.
Town 2. DNA Investigator – When investigating a dead player, gets a chronological list of all players that targeted the target. Actions are not specified. 25% chance to kill a Mafioso on death.
Town 3. Mighty Man – Vigilante, one-shot ABAM (Anything But A Modkill) immunity
Town 4. Driller – 20% chance to deflect actions targeting it to other players, 10% chance to roleblock anyone that targets it
Town 5. Taste-Tester – Can influence mod flavor.
Town 6. Sane Cop – Gets one player’s alignment.
Town 7. Holographic Avenger – I couldn’t choose between Bluji’s Avenger and the Holographic Man, so I combined them into this. The first action that targets this player is redirected to the next player in alphabetic order. Actions past that are copied and used on the target.
Town 8. Doctor – Can protect another player from a nightkill. Fails if a Doctor is targeted.
Town 9. Bleeder – The name of this player’s killer will be publicly revealed to everybody. However, the role and alignment will remain a secret.

Scum 1. Soul-Stealing Mirror – Instead of killing a player, the SSM can turn that player into a Zombie.
Scum 2. Cold Killer – Automatically carries out factional kills when alive. Can deflect Townie actions towards the user.
Scum 3. Pickpocketer – Roleblocker. If successful, gains the blocked ability, but with a 30% chance of failure. After one attempt on its life by anything but a modkill, slips out of the facility for three days. This power stops working early if the Pickpocketer’s death would end the game.
Scum 4. Terrorist – Delayed Nightkill, Day-Bomb (If lynched, kills the last player to vote for him/her)

Indie 1. Glitch – Indie. Causes random errors to occur during the game. Win Condition: Survive until the end of the game.
Indie 2. Powerswapper – Indie. Can swap its power with that/those of another player. (The alignment stays the same because roleswapping a Mafioso could break the game.) Win Condition: Survive until the end of the game. (I don’t do roles that cannot win the game.)

Zombie (See Scum 1) – Serial Killer. Win Condition: Be the last player standing.

Town’s win condition: Eliminate the Mafia and any Anti-Town Indies.
Mafia’s win condition: Eliminate the Town and any Anti-Mafia Indies.
Indie’s win condition: Varies from role to role.

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Bolded messages in your sign-ups will be posted to the right of your name, in parentheses.
1. chocdreaming (I won’t be inactive)
2. Stone667 (Heads up guise, I is an mafia)
3. efar (I not Dennis Moore)
4. Behemoth542 (WORMSIGN)
5. sebba (’Dat Good Enough?)
6. myhome16 (|\/|A|=1A 3|=71.- 319a|\||)A)
7. Jaskaran2000 (All scum will die)
8. Bluji (I’d like to thank our sponsors: Kongregate, ZandNet, and Off to See the Elephant Incorporation.) (RaceBandit Productions would either be Level 835 or ZandNet.)
9. AdeebNafees (I love these mafias even though I get NK’d N1.)
10. devourerer359 (There are two 9th players.) (Well, there were until I saw that notice.)
11. wiiwonder (I am the wiiwonder who says… NI!)
12. Dragonice (I am the weirdo that does not know anything!)
13. BCLEGENDS (Bitcheeeeeesssssssssssssss)
14. platypuses27 (entertain me… or else)
15. Sabin7 (The rumors of my retirement have been greatly exaggerated)

Will be noted here. First come, first serve.
1. lovekirby12 (Did not post roles when signing, was ninja’d by Sabin7)

Pregame (Flight): No players were killed during this phase.
Day 1 (Dunno, should’ve thought of a subtitle sooner): I made the role list too tight, eliminating the possibility of roleclaims. Restart in new thread.

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sign I won’t be inactive

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Two roles to sign? Could be clearer as to what you mean?

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Hello Racebandit. Do you mean neutrals as indie’s?

Please explain because I don’t know what indies mean in a Mafia. I’ve hosted and played Mafias on kongregate and never in my time come across indies.

I’ll sign.

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Uh, let’s try this as an example…

1. Late Jester’s Kabutops
Alignment: Indie
Win Condition (I only need this for Indies): Be the last player standing
Active (Kill): Target player is nightkilled.
Passive (Shell Armor): Can survive any one death, whether it’s a lynch, Daykill, or Nightkill

2. Hacker
Ailgnment: Town
Active (Hack): Can randomize one of the target player’s abilities (IE a Cop might become a Gift Doctor) for the rest of the game.
Passive (Miller): Appears as Mafia to investigations

(You only need a minimum of two roles, but I’m doing three because why the hell not.)

3. Bishop
Alignment: Town
Active (Smite): Roleblock target player. If they are aligned with a Cult, they are Nightkilled instead.
Active (Wrath of God): Target player is Daykilled. To use, type Daykill: (target player) during a day phase.

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EBWOP: Indies are neutral-alignment characters such as Survivors, Serial Killers, and Jesters.

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I’ll unsign then. I’ll never be good at this game unlike last time racebandit, because you’ll never ever put me as mafia or spy. I wish I’d kept my big mouth shut now.

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1. Townie
Alignment: Town
Win: be alive when there’s no mafia or indie players left
Active (vote): Can vote once perday

2. Mafioso
townie but mafia wise.

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I use Random.org to pick which player gets what role. If it dictates you never being scum, there’s no helping that. ¯\o_O/¯

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Sign Heads up guise, I is an mafia

DNA Investigator
Alignment: Townie
Active (Study): He may study any dead body whenever he wishes, upon studying, he will be given a list of players that have targeted that person since the game began, whether its the person who kill him, investigated him, protected him, etc.
Passive (Back up): When night killed, the killer of the Investigator will have a 25% chance to kill a mafia member despite who he targets. (Implying he has more than 1 night kill)

Alignment: Mafia
Passive (Keen Sight): Before day 1, the shaman is told all who is a mafia member
Active (Burial Dance): The shaman may revive any player from the game once during game play.

Alignment: Indie
Win Condition: Be killed before Day 4 starts
Active (Ectoplasm): The ghost may whisper the host during the day, the ghost will remove somebody’s vote and replace it with another vote secretively, he may only do this once.
Passive (Undead): The ghost cannot be revived, protected, or anything else that prevents death directly.
Passive (Transparent): On day 4 and after, he is stripped from his powers and is there only to vote people out even though he has lost the game.

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With giving roles, you mean that we have to invent roles, or it must be an already used role of previous mafias?

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You may do either or both.

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sign I not Dennis Moore

alignment: indie
block: one person chosen can’t use their roll abilities for one day or night (day and night ability)
win condition: don’t die

Mighty Man:
alignment: good
NK: can NK
mighty: can survive one NK/DK/lynch

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So,Some more information about the roles stuff?

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What’s the Roleblocker’s win condition?

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Originally posted by RaceBandit:

What’s the Roleblocker’s win condition?


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Originally posted by efar:
Originally posted by RaceBandit:

What’s the Roleblocker’s win condition?


oops sorry, need to get out of that habit

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Alignment: Townie
Passive (Noisy): Chance to change the target of any night actions made on him, small chance of nullifying that action

Alignment: Indie
Win Condition: Eliminate 3 people (Can be via NK or Lynch) (Lynch only counts if Flamer casted a public vote against the lynched player)
Active (Incriminate): Can cast a second vote (Via PM). (The use of this nullifies the use of the other skill for that night)
Active (Flame on): NK on a random target. (The use of this nullifies the use of the other skill for that night)

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Super Serial Killer
Win condition:Simply be the last alive.
Active (Double Kill):Can kill two people in one night.

Soul Stealing Mirror
Win condition:Same as most mafias.
Active (Soul Steal):Can steal someones soul.Then that person,instead of dying,becomes a zombie.Zombie is a whole other role together,but it’s basically a regular serial killer who can use a nightkill and must be the last one standing.

“’Dat Good Enough?”

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Alignment: TOWN
Ability(Active-Must use): Every night, the POST RESTRICTOR gives a restriction to his\her target. This can be in the form of a language requirement(Hungarian, Leet, Latin, etc.), or a grammar restriction(no punctuation, no caps, etc.).

Alignment: MAFIA
Ability(Active-Must use): Every night, the MAFIA POST RESTRICTOR gives a restriction to his/her target. This can be in the form of a language requirement(Hungarian, Leet, Latin, etc.), or a grammar restriction(no punctuation, no caps, etc.).

Win: 1/2 of the remaining players are Cultists
Alignment: Indie
Ability (Cultize): (I think we all know what cultists do.) Every night phase, you may override someone’s role, giving them the role of cultists. Cultists have no abilities other than to vote and talk.

Win: Town/Mafia\Survive to the end with 2 players left (This can work any of the ways)
Alignment: Town\Mafia/Indie (see above)
Ability (Flavor Check): Can influence the flavor by sending a PM to the host, who has to then include the specified sentences\bolded text.

(Tell me if I must change one.)

“|\/|A|=1A 3|=71.- 319a|\||)A”

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1. Vanilla Townie
Alignment: Town
Active: None
Passive: None

2. Cop
Alignment: Town
Active (Investigate): Target player’s alignment is known (I don’t phrase better know how)
Passive: None

All scum will die

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Originally posted by Jaskaran2000:

2. Cop
Alignment: Town
Active (Investigate): The cop is told the target’s alignment whether it be townie, mafia, or indie.
Passive: None

Fix’d for non-retardness.

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Official Sign

I’d like to thank our sponsors: Kongregate, RaceBandit Productions and Off to See the Elephant Incorporation.

I’d like to warn you that this game inspired me to invent a lot of new roles, so here’s the most of them.

1. Killstealer
Alignment: Town
Active (Killsteal): Target a player. If that player is also targeted with a nightkill that night, you randomly gain one of the following abilities: Rolecop Investigation, Protect (can be used on self), Roleblock, 50% Nightkill.
Active (And What Happened Then): Complete the requirement mentioned in the Killsteal ability. Gain the access to a random one-shot ability (also mentioned). Considered and used similarly to a Gift, except it cannot be used on the same night. You may not use Killsteal and a one-shot ability on the same night.

2. Flavor Painter
Alignment: Town
Active (A Bucket of Purple Paint): Target a player. In the morning flavor, an item of that player OR the player him/herself is purple. Does not affect the game at any way other than being incredibly confusing and making the flavors 100% funner.

3. Avenger
Alignment: Town
Passive (Code of Hammurabi): If you are targeted by any action, you use the same action on the person who targeted you. You will not find out who targeted you (so investigation reveals “The person who targeted you is an X.”).

4. Graverobber
Alignment: Town
Passive (The Dead Shall Not Rest): As long as you’re alive, the dead can perform vote-related actions during the day time. This includes voting, unvoting and changing votes. The dead may only vote for players who are still alive in the game and may not say anything else.

5. Holographic Man
Alignment: Town
Passive (Passthrough): The first action targeting you each night will instead target the next alive person in alphabetical order. The others will still target you.

’Nuff roles?
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Sign. I love these mafias even though I get NK’d N1.

Because troll roles are fun.

1. Your Crush
Alignment: Town
Passive (Crush): Anyone who mentions Your Crush’s name or an abbreviation referring to his name will have a PR placed on him. This PR may be of any kind. This can affect multiple players.
Passive (Accidental entry): Anyone who NKs Your Crush will be permanently PR’d.
Win Condition: Town

2. Marionette
Alignment: Indie
Passive (Must Be Held): Starts off with a random player marked as ‘Holder’. Every night, the Marionette gets a new Holder. The Holder may be of any alignment. Both Holder and Marionette are not informed of this change, even though the Marionette is alerted that his Holder has been changed. During the following Day phase, the Marionette will still be held.
Active (Whisper): If the Holder targets someone during the night, his ability is automatically overriden. He will, instead, whisper his name and rolename to the target.
Win Condition: Same as that of the latest Holder. Counts as Indie, however, when calculating the number of scum or town.

3. D6
Alignment: Town
Passive (Action Roll): At the beginning of every day, the host will use random.org to roll 100 D6’s, and send you the results in a PM. Your first post corresponds to the first roll, second post to the second roll etc. Basically, every time you post, the next number gets processed (doesn’t usually stack with the effects of previous roll). How do rolls affect your posts?

1 ~ Fatal failure. If three of these get processed in a row, you die at the end of the day. Doesn’t affect your posts.
2 ~ Major failure. All votes get invisibly redirected to you until another roll is processed. Doesn’t affect your posts.
3 ~ Minor failure. You must imitate a pre-set PR in this post.
4 ~ Minor success. You can skip the next 3 you come across. Doesn’t affect your posts.
5 ~ Major success. You can skip the next 2 you come across. Doesn’t affect your posts.
6 ~ Epic success. You can skip the next 1 you come across. The sheer epicness of the roll will force you to use a random preset word in every post made by you.
Win Condition: Town

4. Cold Killer
Alignment: Mafia
Passive (Bloodlust): Mafia factional NKs are always performed by this player unless he is dead.
Active (Glare): Can be activated on alternate nights. A random townie targeting the Cold Killer during the night will have their ability redirected towards them. Other townie actions will work.
Win Condition: Mafia

5. Complicated Rolebook excerpt
Alignment: Indie
Passive (Complicated): You are an ordinary pillar of the community, with one-shot bulletproof ability. After you are killed, scum will need at least one more day to win.

However, you are a Revealer with an NK who reveals the name of whoever targets you at night. The second paragraph overrides the first paragraph. The fifth paragraph is invalid.

In addition to that, you are Godcop, finding out the exact role description of a person and then announcing it in the thread along with alignment. You can target people only on odd nights. You can only target people on even nights. The second line of the second paragraph and the second line of the third paragraph are valid, when the third paragraph is invalid.

When you get targeted by an NK, the terms valid and invalid switch places all over the fourth line of the third paragraph. The third line of the second paragraph becomes invalid only if the second line of the third paragraph is valid.

When you get targeted by an NK and have NK’d someone else, the third paragraph is invalid. This overrides the second and fourth paragraph only when the third line of the third paragraph is invalid. If this overrides the fourth paragraph, the eighth paragraph overrides the second paragraph.

When you get lynched, the first paragraph overrides the third paragraph and the fourth paragraph overrides the fifth paragraph, but only when the third line of the third paragraph in invalid.

If someone FoS’s you, the second paragraph is invalid. The seventh paragraph overrides the eighth paragraph.

If someone FoS’s you, the second paragraph is valid. The first line of the seventh paragraph is valid when the third line of the third paragraph and the second line of the fourth paragraph are valid.

Win Condition: You win when you have played as each of: Pillar of the Community, 1 shot NKing Revealer, Even-night Godcop and Odd-night Godcop for at least one phase, but only when the first line of the seventh paragraph is valid.

Don’t use this.

6. Rule breaker
Alignment: Indie
Passive (Anarchy): You use this ruleset: http://pastebin.com/7vs0BaKu
Win Condition: Survivor