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Just a government management based simulation. Could be like another, but I wouldn’t know.
The system is fairly simple. Energies, they mean exactly what they say. For example, ice is for cold things.
They can upgrade and purchase just about anything you wish, pretty much.

The goal? Well… there are plenty of goals, but there are some serious ways to win. I won’t say them, however…

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How to make a Base:
Each player begins with 8, and it’s likely to take you a while to make them all…

Appearance: pic or explain, don’t matter.
Gens: Max for any kind of energy on first base is 15, plz be reasonable.
Links: How many bases connect to this one. Few makes it easy to defend, but harder to expand.

Recruit/Vehicle Setup:
Go wild, but I must approve, and advanced forces should have ‘building’ and/or recruit requirements.

Type: Recruit or vehicle?
Params: Name generally any special classes and species here.
Hits: Max 5000, 15k for vechs.
Stamina: Max 8k, only some humans. Recovers over time, state rate.
Fuel: For vehicles, they cannot do anything without this!
Manna: Magical energies. Max 500, doesn’t normally recover.
Atk: Three forms of attack, Physical, magical and special. Max is 1500 for infantry 5k for vechs.
Def: see above, same applies for this.
Speed: THis is who goes first each round, pretty much. Max follows the same values as above.
Specials: Explanitory.

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Links have distances. Infantry can only go 3 units, and vehicles move it at a rate of (usually) 5 fuel for 1 unit of space, plus 1 unit of fuel per battle turn, 1 more to attack.
Aircraft, however, will need airports to move, and that will be explained then for it’s distance….


Its simple. Apply the atk to def, min zero. Speed simply goes first!
If the hits run out, it’s dead, all to it.

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Didn’t Gevock say you could only make one game?


Keep it to one game, or you lose all game making privileges again.