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{Bluji presents}

Greetings. It is time to start this adventure for glory. You may now apply to join a select group of sixteen competitors for a Survivor game. In the end, one player will become the Sole Survivor. If you wish to participate, you must submit me the following application form before August 4, 12 PM, GMT+3 passes.

{01} Username:
{02} If selected, what strategy will you use to survive?
{03} Survivor: Kongregate requires participants to stay active. Will you be able to fulfill this requirement?
{04} Have you previously competed in forum-based versions of reality shows (The Mole, Big Brother…)?
{05} Every player will be represented with by an avatar picture in this game. These avatars will be picked from games on Kongregate by the players themselves. List three character choices below from any games on Kongregate. Mention the character and the game it is from. NOTE: If you don’t want to choose characters for a reason or another, I will randomly pick you an avatar for the game.
Choice 01:
Choice 02:
Choice 03:

{General rules}

{01} This is a game. The main objective is to have fun; so no excessive flaming, spamming, or submission of anything else prohibited within the Kongregate forums.
{02} This is a game. The secondary objective is to dominate.
{03} I am not infallible, so if I make a mistake, please point it out to me privately so that I may make corrections as necessary.
{04} I have worked extensively to produce a game that is enjoyed by all involved. As such, I promise to offer each player respect but expect to be shown the same in return.
{05} Exercise common sense. If you are unsure as to whether an action conflicts with the rules, ask. Yes, this is a competition, but do not attempt to undermine challenges or game mechanics for your own gain. This violates both the spirit of the game and common respect mentioned above.
{06} Private communication with players outside of your tribe is strictly prohibited. Any player found in violation of this rule will be penalized.
{07} If you are an outsider, please refrain from posting in the game thread. Posting may result in a temporary or permanent ban from my forum games.
{08} Changing private submissions or deleting them is prohibited.
{09} I reserve all rights to implement new rules if needed.

{Game mechanics}

Immunity Challenges:

{01} A Survivor game is nothing without its standard immunity challenges. Each round will possess an Immunity Challenge.
{02} Winners of Immunity Challenges will be safe from elimination that round and cannot be voted out in Tribal Councils.
{03} I appreciate the fact that prospective contestants will enter this game with a range of skills. With this in mind, understand that I as a game mod cannot cater to all players’ needs and time constraints in challenges.
{04} The outcomes of all Immunity Challenges are final. That said, be sure to keep Rule 03 of general rules in mind.

Reward Challenges:

{05} Occasionally, an Immunity Challenge will include a bonus part, a Reward Challenge which allows a player to earn a reward. These rewards are powers or items used to prolong your stay in this game.
{06} Revealing a reward earned in a Reward Challenge is not mandatory. I as a game mod will not reveal it unless another player earns a reward that allows learning information about other players’ rewards.
{07} The outcomes of all Reward Challenges are final. That said, be sure to keep Rule 03 of general rules in mind.

Tribal Council:

{08} Tribal Councils will last twenty-four hours from the moment we notify relevant parties. If a player fails to submit a vote within the given time frame, he or she will incur a self-vote penalty. In the event that a player knows he or she will be unable to vote by deadline, that player may notify the moderators and cast a conditional vote to avoid penalization.
{09} The results of Tribal Councils may be posted before deadline if and only if all persons involved have submitted a vote.
{10} The modification of votes after they have been submitted is prohibited. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in a self-vote or nullification of one’s vote. Repeated offenses will be dealt with as deemed appropriate. The only exception to this rule are conditional votes mentioned above.
{11} The outcomes of Tribal Councils are final.
{12} Breaking ties in Tribal Council votes is handled as below:

1. In the event of an initial tie, a revote shall take place. Contestants may only vote for one of the tied players, and all tied individuals may not vote.
2. If a majority is not met in the revote, the following methods (in the given order) will be implemented to determine which player is eliminated:
I Any tied player who failed to submit a vote during the Tribal Council in question will be eliminated.
II If the above does not apply, or if more than one tied player failed to vote, the tied player with the highest number of past self votes will be eliminated.
III If the above does not apply, the tied player that has received the most votes in the past will be eliminated.
IVa If the above does not apply and if the game has not yet reached the Final 6, all players not locked in the tie or immune will draw rocks. The player who receives a black rock will be eliminated.
IVb If the above does not apply and if the game has reached the Final 6, a tie-breaker challenge will take place between tied parties. This will be explained in greater detail should a tie occur at this stage in the game.

General Game Mechanics:

{13} Twists will be implemented without warning or provocation throughout the game. The time and setting of each twist has already been determined, so as to neither give an unfair advantage or disadvantage to a player or group of players.
{14} This game will have sixteen players. When only two players remain, a jury of the seven most recently eliminated players will question the finalists at the Final Tribal Council and vote for the winner of Survivor: Kongregate.

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{Game log}

{Tribe Pick} It’s In the Box

The players have divided themselves into two tribes, of eight members each.

Honey Badger
BCLEGENDS, Kadleon, LouWeed, Precarious, puzzledan, racefan12, SilentSand, Woon1957

Golden Bacon
awein999, devourer359, DragonArcherZ, funiax, S_98, sebba, TwistedCakez, WiiPlayer113

{Immunity Challenge 1} Ready, Aim, Fire

For the first challenge, the tribes had a water gun war at the beachside. The challenge came into an even stevens, when 4 people remained from both tribes after the first round and only one from both remained after the second round.

1) But in the end, Golden Bacon won the challenge as funiax beat SilentSand in duel on round 5.
2) And thus, Honey Badger was sent to the Tribal Council to vote off one of their players.

{awein999 left the game}

{awein999} forfeited the game after the first immunity challenge ended.

Fifteen remain.

{Tribal Council 1}

{Honey Badger} eliminated their first player, {Kadleon}.

Fourteen remain.

{Immunity Challenge 2} Shelter Game

For the second challenge, the tribes used Type Is Art to create new shelters from themselves. While Golden Bacon took a natural direction and built a shelter in a gigantic seahorse shell, Honey Badger found an abandoned church.

1) And even though one of the judges criticized Honey Badger, they won with 37,5 points.
2) So, Golden Bacon with 35,5 points was sent into tribal for the first time to vote someone off.

{Tribal Council 2}

Golden Bacon sent {sebba} home after their first visit at the tribal.

Thirteen remain.

{Immunity Challenge 3} Bot Arena

For the third challenge, the tribes battled in the jungle using bots. With three stats to distribute to (Attack, Health and Speed), all kinds of bots were seen, including an Ogmo.

1) With 22 victories, Honey Badger ruled the challenge.
2) While 14 wins weren’t enough, and Golden Bacon was sent into tribal for the second time in a row.

{Reward Challenge 1} Third One’s the Charm

The tribes got a taste of individual challenges when a sudden Reward Challenge popped up between the third Immunity Challenge and third Tribal Council. From each tribes, the third person to PM Bluji would win a reward.

1) BCLEGENDS sniped the prize for himself from the Honey Badger tribe.
2) While WiiPlayer113 got the prize from the Golden Bacon tribe.

{Tribal Council 3}

Golden Bacon visited the tribal for the second time in a row, and sent {devourer359} on the way home.

Twelve remain.

{Tribe Swap}

Following the third tribal council, the tribes were swapped. First, four players were randomly put to the two tribes. Then BCLEGENDS and WiiPlayer113 got an additional reward and got to choose their tribes. The remaining six players were then randomized to fill in the tribes.

King Kong
funiax, LouWeed, S_98, SilentSand, TwistedCakez, WiiPlayer113

Epic Tribal Fantasy
BCLEGENDS, DragonArcherZ, Precarious, puzzledan, racefan12, Woon1957

{Immunity Challenge 4} Buoy Panic

The tribes raced from buoy to buoy by spending energy on each buoy. The survivor who spent the least energy at each buoy was eliminated from the challenge and the tribe to first lose all its members would go to tribal.

1) Woon1957 snatched the win for her tribe, Epic Tribal Fantasy, at the tenth buoy.
2) And King Kong was sent into the first post-merge tribal…

{Tribal Council 4}

King Kong cleansed their tribe of a possibly weak player, and voted out {S_98}.

Eleven remain.

{Immunity Challenge 5} What is Worth It?

In the fifth immunity challenge, the remaining survivors had to choose hinders for the remainder of the game to earn points to their tribe. The tribe to get the most points would win immunity.

1) WiiPlayer113’s bold move of sacrificing a couple jury votes gave his tribe, King Kong, the push to victory.
2) While Epic Tribal Fantasy got left too far behind and was sent to tribal.

{Tribal Council 5}

At a surprising Tribal Council, an autovote — a hinder chosen by himself — sent {BCLEGENDS} on the way home from his tribe, Epic Tribal Fantasy.

Ten remain.

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{Game log continued}

{Tribal merge}

At ten players remaining, King Kong and Epic Tribal Fantasy became one, united tribe called {Install the Unity}.

{Reward Challenge 2 | Immunity Challenge 6} The Survivor Auction

In the first post-merge challenge, the survivors tried to outbid each other to earn precious items from boxes.

1) In the end, it was Woon1957 who managed to win the Individual Immunity to the first post-merge tribal.

{Tribal Council 6}

In the first woozy post-merge tribal, {racefan12} was blindsided and sent home.

Nine remain.

{Immunity Challenge 7} Minority Rules

In the next immunity challenge, the remaining survivors answered opinion questions. The minority answerers would gain points, and the person to gain the most points would win immunity.

1) funiax ruled out with 3 points from the 10 questions, winning immunity.
2) But LouWeed’s bonus from the auction gave him an additional point, meaning he shared the immunity with funiax.

{Tribal Council 7}

In the second post-merge tribal, {SilentSand} was voted out after a tie revote against DragonArcherZ.

Eight remain.

{Immunity Challenge 8} Least Guessed

In the eighth total immunity challenge, the players tried to outguess each other in the second mind game in a row.

1) funiax took the win in the end with 4 points over everyone else.

{Tribal Council 8}

In the eighth tribal, one alliance clearly ruled over the other one and thus, {LouWeed} was sent home.

Seven remain.

{Immunity Challenge 9} Opinions, Opinions

In the ninth immunity challenge, the players ranked each other based on how trustworthy, cunning and unpredictable they found each other. Then, a guessing game began.

1) DragonArcherZ fought a good game and grabbed the immunity necklace.

{Reward Challenge 3} Opinions, Opinions Revisited

In continuation, the remaining survivors guessed how many points certain players had score in certain categories. DragonArcherZ was ineligible to participate as he won the immunity.

1) In the end, Woon1957 dominated and won the biggest reward.
2) Meanwhile, a tiebreaker gave WiiPlayer113 the runner-up spot and a smaller reward.

{Tribal Council 9}

But despite {Woon1957} obtained a massive reward in the challenge, it was not enough to stop her from being eliminated.

Six remain.

{Immunity Challenge 10} Wise Words

In the tenth immunity challenge, the remaining survivors fought using words. They would gain points for the placements of the letters in the alphabet, while they had to follow rules and avoid using the same words as their opponents.

1) Three points separated the winner and the runner-up. funiax took the immunity giving him a ride to the final five. But for the others, a tribal council looms ahead…

{Tribal Council 10}

In the tenth Tribal Council, {DragonArcherZ} was blindsided and sent home.

Five remain.

{Immunity Challenge 11} Two-Thirds the Average

In the eleventh Tribal Council, it was time to go back to basics when the remaining Survivors tried to get as close to two-thirds the average of the total number.

1) puzzledan won and received his first individual immunity, gaining him a guaranteed spot in the final four.

{Tribal Council 11}

Another backstab occurred at the eleventh tribal, and {funiax}, the individual challenge dominator, was sent home.

Four remain.

{Immunity Challenge 12} Final Confessionals

The final four were presented with eleven quotes from nine ‘final confessionals’ of the already eliminated survivors. They had to guess which quote belonged to which survivor.

1) But in the end, WiiPlayer113 scored the biggest and obtained the precious immunity necklace, giving him a spot in the desired final three.

{Tribal Council 12}

The final four faced tribal, and {Precarious} was sent home with all the other votes facing him.

Three remain.

{Rites of Passage}

Immediately after the twelfth tribal, the final three was sent on the Rites of Passage to recall their fallen comrades.

{Final Immunity Challenge} Memory Path

For the final immunity challenge, a colourful combination of the previous challenges was featured to the final three. The parts were IC2 (Shelter Game), IC4 (Buoy Panic), IC7 (Minority Rules), IC10 (Wise Words) and IC11 (Two-Thirds the Average).

1) After an exciting battle, WiiPlayer113 was the most skilled one and won a spot in the final two.

{Tribal Council 13}

WiiPlayer possessed the ability to eliminate either puzzledan or TwistedCakez, and he chose to send {TwistedCakez} on the way home right at the end.

[insert eliminated TwistedCakez image here]

Two remain.

{Final Tribal Council}

WiiPlayer113 and puzzledan faced some intense questions from the Jury members and in the end the Jury members voted for {WiiPlayer113} to become the Sole Survivor.

WiiPlayer113 wins SURVIVOR: Kongregate!

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Edit: Sign! Must not let a Bluji game pass!

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Originally posted by S_98:


Edit: Sign! Must not let a Bluji game pass!

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Originally posted by Woon1957:
Originally posted by S_98:


Edit: Sign! Must not let a Bluji game pass!

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Originally posted by DragonArcherZ:
Originally posted by Woon1957:
Originally posted by S_98:


Edit: Sign! Must not let a Bluji game pass!

Quoteamids galore.

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(Refers to the application form above.)

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This looks fun

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Btw, when will the Anti-DSTification happen in Finnlandia?

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Originally posted by S_98:

Btw, when will the Anti-DSTification happen in Finnlandia?

End of October.

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Is this hunger games style?

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Originally posted by holeman1:

Is this hunger games style?

Well, Hunger Games and Survivor are rather similar in style, and this is more like Survivor. I’d like to note this game does not have any roleplaying or Flash gaming included.

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I’d’ve loved even a teensy little bit of RP’ing :(

-but flash gaming? eww-

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Your ability to creatify new words is truly amazing.
I’m twiddling impatiently :(

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Originally posted by BCLEGENDS:
Originally posted by DragonArcherZ:
Originally posted by Woon1957:
Originally posted by S_98:


Edit: Sign! Must not let a Bluji game pass!

Quoteamids galore.

Expanding the construct.

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Edit forgot about bold

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Golden Bacon? This game was meant for me!

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I love bacon hope I get that team probably just jinxed myself now

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So who’s in the game now?

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I’d’ve known someone would have brought that up.

Blabbersbif it’s nonstandard. I do not botherificate if the English is non-standard

Btw have any of yoi read 1984?

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No one, yet—Bluji will decide who gets in once the application deadline passes.

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Originally posted by racefan12:

No one, yet—Bluji will decide who gets in once the application deadline passes.

That is, if I reach 16 sign-ups. With the two most recent applications, I now have 15 in.