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- Resistance -

~ A game of deduction and strategy ~

The factories were built by the government in the middle of the city. At first, people relished the thought of the government doing something for the people, for once. But as the factory rose up, it seemed to have an awful lot of security and secret rooms. People who tried to find answers on what it did disappeared, never to be seen again. Finally, a Resistance group had been organised to take down and sabotage the damn structures. But there was a problem. The government had eyes everywhere, and even now, an invisible net was closing in; spies had gotten into the secretive group.

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Resistance is a originally a party game based off mafia, except that no one is ever killed so that a player won’t get knocked out of the game and not be able to play anymore.

There are two teams; the Resistance, and the Spies. The resistance are trying to well, resist against (insert flavor government here). The government have snuck some spies into the resistance group to infiltrate and ultimately stop the resistance.

There are no day/night phases. There are rounds.

Each round, a leader is picked. From then on, in a set order (RNG to decide 1-10 who starts as the leader and then we go down every new leader) becomes the leader. It is the leader’s job to propose a mission with X amount of people, depending on which mission it is. Once proposed, the players vote “Accept” or “Decline” to the mission. If a majority of the players vote Decline or it is a tie, the mission with those people is scrapped and the next leader gets a turn at proposing.

If for 5 rounds/proposals in a row the players have declined, the Spies automatically win because there is too much disagreement within the Resistance.

If the majority of the players vote Accept, the mission goes ahead.

Now, the players in the mission have to send the host a PM with the words “Success” or “Failure”. In a 10P Resistance, for all missions except the fourth one (which requires two fails), only one person is required to send ‘fail’ for the whole mission to fail. This means the Spies gets a point because the mission did not work.

Obviously, this means that:

1) As a Resistance on a mission, there is no reason to send failure.
2) As a Spy on a mission, sending success can disguise you as a resistance member, while failure can allow players to suspect you.

If everyone in the mission sends success (except for the fourth mission, which can have one fail), then the mission succeeds and the Resistance gain a point.

The goal of the game is for one side to get three points first.

This game is formed similar to mafia/werewolf, but with the mindset that information is increased for the players and to remove player elimination.

Because this game has 10 players, there are:

Resistance: 6 Players
Spies: 4 Players

And the amount of players required to be proposed for a mission are:

Mission 1: 3
Mission 2: 4
Mission 3: 4
Mission 4: 5* (This one requires two fail PMs to fail this mission)
Mission 5: 5 (This is important since if you have a Mission 5 then it’s a 2-2 deadlock…)

If you’ve finished reading the rules and aren’t 100% sure on what to do, here are some chat games of this being played last year or so in pastebin:

Resistance 5P
Resistance 6P
Resistance 6P
RaceBandit’s Resistance 10P


Yes, I partially copied Bluji’s balanced ruleset to make sure the rules were fair.

1) Any discussion outside of this thread for both sides (Resistance & Spies) is strictly prohibited. Any discussion about the game is to take place inside this thread.

2) Each round for a leader takes 96 hours, with extensions allowed if requested (this includes the accepting/declining of the proposal). The time given for players on a mission to send in a PM is 48 hours.

3) Accepting or declining a mission must be done like this: [I accept the proposal.] or [I decline the proposal.]. Once your stance is given on the proposal, you may NOT change. If you are the leader and are suggesting the proposal, it must be done like this: [I would like to propose (Usernames seperated by a comma) for this mission.] It must be bolded to make the stance clear.

4) If you aren’t part of the game, don’t post in the game thread.

5) Editing or deleting posts is an absolute no-no. If you need to change something made in one of your previous posts, you must do so with another post—even if you have to double-post. (This is often done by players by saying EBWOP (Edit By Way Of Post))

6) No alt accounts are to be used to sign for this game.

7) Treat this game as a commitment. Be considerate – don’t leave us hanging. If I consider your lurking or inactivity to disrupt game flow, you may be replaced, or if a replacement isn’t found, modkilled. You must let me know through PM if you are not going to have a computer available for the duration of multiple rounds.

8) You must accept/decline/suggest a propasal every third round in order to stay in the game. If you don’t vote on three consecutive rounds, you will be replaced, or if a replacement isn’t found, modkilled.

9) Presenting any kind of copies of private mod messages (pictures, word-to-word copies) is highly prohibited.

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Sign Ups

1. Pigjr1
2. BCLegends
3. Behemoth542
4. djrockstar
5. RaceBandit
6. hamuka
8. yiu113
9. Sebba
10. Pulsaris

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Game Archives

Mission 1: Invisible Eyes – HOVER OVER FOR SUCCESS/FAILURE

Mission 1 Briefing
Mission 1 Proposal Accept
Mission 1 Action


Mission 2 Briefing
Mission 2 Proposal Reject #1
Mission 2 Proposal Accept
Mission 2 Action


Mission 3 Briefing
Mission 3 Proposal Accept
Mission 3 Action

Mission 4: Total Shutdown – HOVER OVER FOR SUCCESS/FAILURE

Mission 4 Briefing
Mission 4 Proposal Reject #1
Mission 4 Proposal Reject #2
Mission 4 Proposal Reject #3
Mission 4 Proposal Reject #4
Mission 4 Proposal Accept
Mission 4 Action


Mission 5 Briefing
Mission 5 Proposal Accept
Mission 5 Action / End-Game: Deliverance

Game Analysis

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Are you sure you only need 4 posts for all the information?

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Originally posted by Pigjr1:

Are you sure you only need 4 posts for all the information?

Resistance is very similar to mafia; and it has been played successfully in chess games. It should be fine.

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Seems like a cool concept. Reserve Sign.

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Originally posted by Pigjr1:

Seems like a cool concept. Reserve Sign.

Back then we had live chat games

We used to archive the game chats by pastebin.com.

Here are a few Resistance games from back then if you want to see some games in action.

Resistance 5P
Resistance 6P
Resistance 6P

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I think I’ll sign for this.

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One of the most fun games in the chat I’ve played.

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(Find RaceBandit’s game of resistance and LINK IT. I’m not signing, though, sorry.)

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Originally posted by Bluji:

(Find RaceBandit’s game of resistance and LINK IT. I’m not signing, though, sorry.)

Here’s the game.

While we’re at it, here’s a Resistance game I played on xkcd.

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Don’t abandon this, please. :c

Also, I thought you made banners for games earlier?…

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Upd4t3 t3h s1gn-up sh33t D4Z.

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This… Looks massively unbalanced versus resistance, but I’ll sign.

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That’s 9 signs. 1 more? :3

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In hoc signo vinces.

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Let the games begin?

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I don’t think Archer’s been on since the last time he updated the list.

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Alright, updating.

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Mission 1: Invisible Eyes

Nine members of the Resistance were seated around a circular table. The eleventh was hidden somewhere far away from the city – his life depended on it. The Resistance leaders had much to thank him for though. He had given number of guards, the guard roster, the lot. Now they were able to breach the place and start tearing it down brick by brick.

The tenth member, hamuka walked in, the door closing shut behind him. The others looked towards him.

“Well, DAZ’s left a low frequency signal to the south. He left a message there. He says he doesn’t know what’s happening, but we need to take it down sometime in the next few weeks.”

The speaker paused, made to speak, then hesitated. There was something else in the transmission. DAZ was almost certain that four of the members on the Resistance were spies. He’d originally had a hideout which he left a signal for us to track, using similar technology to the one used at this very moment. When he went out to do a recon of the surroundings, he’d come back to a hideout scorched with fire, and the whole place turned over. Somehow, someone had been tracking him.

The silence stretched out, then the Resistance member continued,

“We…need to scout the place. See what’s happening. What they’re up to. This should be a 3 man mission. One of you makes a diversion. The other two creep in through, this door (Hamuka pointed at a location on the building blueprint), and one sneaks in and finds intel while the other plays lookout.”

Hamuka thought back to the transmission. DAZ had searched the area, and although many tracks had been obscured, he thought there were four people. The silence was beginning to drag again, and Hamuka, taking the risk, spoke out,

“And…I think four of us ten are spies.”

Mission 1:

THREE players required.
ONE player required to fail mission.
HAMUKA is the leader suggesting a proposal.
96 HOURS starting from now for Hamuka; extensions may be requested.

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Confirm if needed.

I suggest RNG pick