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Time for a reboot! All previous Darkspell games are non-canon.

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∞: Follow all Kongregate and Forum Games Forum rules at all times, in addition to the Thread Rules.

∞: The Original Poster (Me) and the Game Moderators (BCLEGENDS and Blood_Shadow) have the ability to control anyone’s character at any time, as well as tell people to edit their post and make decisions on what is and is not overpower. We will not do so unless it is necessary. In general, the Original Poster (Me) has the ultimate authority, and the Game Moderators (BCLEGENDS and Blood_Shadow) have authority second to the Original Poster (Me). If you do not like a decision, please PM me for a revisit to the issue, or your angry comments, rather than post them in the game.

1. No godmodding. The only exception is detailed above.

As the mighty Knoob once said:
Wondering what godmodding is? It’s controlling someone else’s character without their permission. This includes their actions, reactions and any effect anything has on them. To take an example, if you control an ice mage… If you decide that an attack hit another player’s character (main character, though this may also extend to NPCs too), that’s godmodding, and by deciding that it froze him to some extent, that’s godmodding too. If you want to co-ordinate fights so that your character isn’t completely useless (i.e. the other doesn’t just deflect everything or something similar) then please ask the other player if you’re allowed to interfere with their character.

In Ather City 2: The World After, I believe there were posts where both characters RP’d, with both owners of the characters collaborating on the post. If you’re going to post it in the regular format, though, please still ask the other player if it’s okay or otherwise let him determine the effects of your actions, by stating what you’re attempting to do, but not the outcome. If going with the former option, please leave a note in the post to tell us that you have cleared it with the other player(s), so misunderstandings can be avoided.

Changing the reaction of a player after the fact, if they have an issue, is also a small, less effective fix to this problem, but it is easier if you never define outcomes yourself and let the other person react. That way you can’t wrong them, and we’re not falling all over ourselves trying to fix issues. Because believe me, Retcons aren’t fun. (A retcon being when events are changed after they’ve been laid out, because the actions themselves were invalid or conflicted with previous events.)

2. Please be logical when making posts. I’d say be realistic, but we’re dealing with magic…

3. The Original Poster is allowed to add NPC to your party as a mandatory requirement. However, the Game Moderators (BCLEGENDS and Blood_Shadow) cannot require you to travel with an NPC. They CAN, however, make act as an NPC already in a group to ensure that they stay with your group.

4. The Original Poster (Me) and the Game Moderators (BCLEGENDS and Blood_Shadow) have the ability to end a fight and decide a fights outcome. We will only do this if the fight is becoming either spammy, disruptive, or generally to Godmod, and it is reccomended that players come to a conclusion as to who wins or looses based on how well the other player acts or reacts to attacks. The general rule is either outwit, or out-endure.

Please note that players may NOT be killed or otherwise made unable to continue indefinitely, even by the Original Poster (Rosate) or the Game Moderators (BCLEGENDS and Blood_Shadow) unless the player must be killed due to a ban, or with permission from the person making the character.

HOWEVER, if you do something that would DEFINITELY get your character killed, then you will be informed. If you don’t edit the post in which the action occoured, you WILL be killed. There is consequence to stupidity.
You will be given no less than 24 hours to edit before the Original Poster (Me) or the Game Moderators (BCLEGENDS and Blood_Shadow) give approval for the kill.

5. You may have no more than 2 characters at a time. Only 1 character may be of a Void or Divine element, if any.

6. You may be required to fill out a character sheet for an NPC if they become a major part of the story. If you create the NPC, you generally have the right to RP as them for plot purposes, and you will then be responsible for a character sheet if asked.

7. The Original Poster (Me) or the Game Moderators (BCLEGENDS and Blood_Shadow) have the right to ban anybody from playing Darkspell for any period of time. If you would like us to consider repealing the ban, or you just want to rage about the ban, PM the Original Poster (Me) instead of posting it in the thread. Please note that posting in the Darkspell Thread to play, ask for a repeal, or rage about the ban will be considered spamming and flagged as such.

8. Please note that this game takes place in the very large metropolis of Imperis. It has many districts, slums, skyscrapers, ect. Most of it is densly packed city-scape, so don’t expect to find suburbs. Other than the city, there are some mountains and forest surrounding the city. You may not go past that in the game. You can, however, reference other cities int he world. Do remember, however, the the countries on Earth do not exist.

9. There may only be one person of each Divine and Void element. This is based on a first-come, first server basis. However, the Original Poster (Me) may declare a new round of Divine and Void elements for new players or players creating second characters to use. The Original Poster (Me) and the Game Moderators (BCLEGENDS and Blood_Shadow) do NOT count towards the limit of how many of each Divine and Void element Player Characters there may be.

General facts to know about the city of Imperis:

Nicer areas of town will have more police officers. Slums will have more crime. Plan appropriately.

There are no cars, horses, ect. The only forms of transportation in Imperis are traveling by foot, and magic.

The city is generally in the shape of a square. As thus, saying something is on the ‘other side of town.’ does not necessarily mean it’s in a certain location on the edge of the city.

The blacksmiths in the city can make both melee weapons and firearms. Many blacksmiths can make guns that regenerate ammo using energy from the air, but these guns are always single shot, and take a few seconds to gain another bullet. As thus, no guns with any sort of clip will be able to have this feature. Due to this, the only guns that tend to have this regenerative ability are Rifles. (Guns mounted to any sort of Sword or Knife count as rifles, as most do not have room for a clip.)

There is a small Cape at the South-West side of Imperis, with the Ursi Docks. Around this area lies the Uri neighborhood. That means that any beaches and waterfront in Imperis is in the South-West side of town.

There is a small mountain range a short way out of town to the East.

Dead bodies are set on fire and burnt. All public facilities have vents for the burning and disposal of dead bodies, to prevent Necrolic Mages from raising the dead. As thus, Necrolia Mages will only have the ability to revive people who are recently deceased, which is most cases means killed in the middle of the situation in which the Necromancy would take place.

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The Elements

Heavasia = Light
Heavasia users light that is much more potent at dispelling darkness. As thus, their light spells will be more effective against dark spells and sheilds, and their light magic will shine brighter in darkness.

Prophracia = Psychic
Prophracia mages often have premonitions of future events, often events that involve danger or potential death coming in the near future.

Necrolia = Dark
Necrolia users have the ability to raise the dead via Necromancy for a short time. These undead are hard to control, but can be commanded to attack a certain person easily. They will not turn on the user unless necromancy is specifically used to draw Demon souls into the body, which WILL kill the user if the demon is above a Rank 1 demon.

Shadesi = Light/Dark Effect: Shadesi users can create and manipulate much more advanced shadows than most other elements, and can even create 3-dimensional shadows if no sudden changes in light happen outside the users control.

Dracim = Fire/Electric/Ice
People of the Dracim element always know when they are asleep. Some Dracims fall asleep randomly, and others have total controll of their sleep patterns. Regardless, they can occasionally have dreams that tell the future, or are depicting events currently happening. However, these dreams are often much more cryptic than Prophracic foresights.

Reifac = Water/Poison/Air
People of the Reifac element are attuned to emptyness and ease of movement, being the element of the cosmos. As thus, they can move water, air, and poisons with considerably less effort. However, they have more trouble manipulating other elements into complex shapes. (Swords, humanoids, ect.)

Giametus = Earth/Metal/Plant
People of the Giametus element are attuned to the Earth and it’s components. As thus, they have the ability to sense changes in the earth beneath them to discover if anybody is making tunnels or drawing earth or metal via magic. However, they must focus to sense small changes in the ground, so low-vibration, low-energy maipulations underground are undetected unless the Giametus mage is focusing on the Earth below him.
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Faction List:
White Task Force (Imperis Division)
Order of the Paladins
Society for Magical Research
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Reserved for More Factions… or stuff.

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Let the games begin!

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Mark Resh

Mark Resh enters the shop. An elderly lady smiles at him.
“Back from work already, dear? You always have such weird work times,” She comments, looking down at her “knitting”, which involved her manipulating the cotton with her plant abilities. Mark sighs, and forces a smile.
“Worked hard so I could get back here. Nothing to worry about,” He lies. The old lady had “adopted” him after she found him homeless, and he had weaved a half-true story about his parents being murdered, leaving out the part of him killing the murderer. He quickly got a job at the “factory”, where he “made canned food”. In reality he was an assassin for anyone who would be willing to pay. Him and the other assassins usually got offers from some a strange man in a business suit, who seemed to be pretty smart since he had found them all easily. The old lady frowns.
“Mark, did you have an accident? There’s blood on your arm!” She exclaims, as she was always overprotective.
“Really? Oh yeah! I cut it on a bad can earlier,” Mark replies, then quickly fakes examining it to use his fingernail to cut himself. How could he be so careless? Mark then smiles again.
“Nothing too big. Just a small cut.”
The old lady shakes her head in exasperation, then tells him to sit down.
“I’ll go get some bandages…” She walks off.

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Xerus Cerato
Xerus stalks through an alley in the slums. Despite the poor conditions, there was a surprisingly large amount of people here. His cloak billowed behind him, and the hood cast a dark shadow over his face. He bumped into people, but they didn’t say anything. It was as if he didn’t exist.

After some time, he found who he was looking for. A young man, wearing ratty clothes, and currently out of breath. Xerus stalked over to him. “Did you get it?” The question cut through the air like a knife, and his voice was cold and emotionless. The young man turned to him, a grin on his face. “Of course I got it!” The man reached into his pocket and pulled out a scroll. He had no idea what was on it or why this weird guy in the cloak wanted it, but he was getting payed for it. Xerus took the scroll, looked it over, and put it in his pocket for later perusal. He smiled wickedly. “And now for your pay.” Before the young man could do anything, Xerus stepped forward and raised his right hand to the man’s face. He flicked his wrist, and his six-inch hidden blade popped out of its sheath and stabbed itself into the man’s face. Xerus retracted the blade and then stabbed it into the man’s throat. Blood spilled on to the ground as Xerus started walking away. “That should be enough.” The young man grasped at his throat, and tried to cast a spell, but he couldn’t. Within seconds, he was dead.

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Jem’appelle Alfred

James is confused but he climbs to the top of a hill and shouts to let the world know he exists. Then James blends back into the shadows to sleep and to lurk. He also feels that after a nap his mind will clear up and his imagination shall expand and he will be more expressive.

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“How many times am I going to have to tell you? I do not know what happened to that woman.”

Lex just stares at me for a moment before slamming his fist down on the table, startling me as a result. “You better think twice if you believe your little charade is fooling anyone,” he adds, pointing a finger at me accusingly.

“You know what? You’re just so ignorant I can’t even deal with you right now.” Before he has time to reply, I violently push the chair back and get up, not giving him the satisfaction of questioning me any further. “And for the record, big brother, you shouldn’t waste your time bothering someone if there is absolutely no evidence against them.”

I probably should have held my tongue just then, because he becomes furious in an instant. His whole body glows red, making the temperature in the small interrogation room rise dramatically. Beads of sweat begin to take shape on my face, and my breathing slowly starts to grow erratic. He briskly walks towards me until I’m cornered with nowhere to go.

“You better listen, and you listen well. First off, you will never tell me how to do my job again; only those above me can tell me what to do. Secondly, don’t even think for a second that you’ll get special treatment just because you’re my sister. That’s not how it works around here.”

“Don’t worry,” I reply, “I learned a long time ago that I can never rely on you or Rix.” We stare at each other silently for a moment before I walk towards the door. “Oh, and tell father I said hello,” I add as I leave the room.

Out in the hall, I see Rix talking to a few other enforcers. He doesn’t seem to notice me at first, but as I walk towards the main lobby of the building, he turns to me, his face showing nothing but contempt.

“And hello to you too, brother,” I say in a rather sarcastic tone. Rix has always hated any sort of mockery aimed at him, which is surprising because he’s the youngest between us three and one would expect him to be the joker of the family, but that wasn’t the case.

“Nice seeing you again, Maya,” he replies. Liar.

Once I’m out on the street again, I make my way to the humble run-down shack I liked to call home. Hunger had settled in while I was exchanging “pleasantries” with my sibling, but since I had to stay on the down low for now, a nice meal just wasn’t an option. Nevertheless, I had some canned goods saved up for moments like these, although to be honest, I was growing sick and tired of those.

Survival first I kept telling myself, hoping that such thought would eventually sink in.

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12:00 P.M.
“Hm….what the…”
I stumbled out of my bed and past my tiny Kitchen to the door. I opened it and I saw a man in a trench coat at the door. He asked “May I come in?”. I found it very suspicious but if bad went to worst I could always kill him with my Shadesi powers. I said “Sure.” He sat down on my coach and I sat down on the chair opposite. I flicked my finger and a shadow solider with a sword appeared behind him and a said “State your business.” The man said “Well let’s see your a powerful Shadesi with no money and no job who’s desperate. What would I want with you? Hmm…oh yes! To state it bluntly I would like you to kill a man for me. He lives right outside the city gates in the foothills of the mountains outside city jurisdiction and is a Fire and Earth mage. Lets just say he got on my bad side. Your payment for this will be 10 Silver, enough to pay this months rent and 3 Silver, 50 Copper in your pocket. Deal?” I pondered it for a moment and thought that people think I’m evil anyway so I said “Fine I’ll do your dirty work. Give me the exact location.” He handed me a map and I looked it over for a minute. I memorized the location and then sparks fizzled all over it from my hand and it burnt up from the electric charge, unrecognizable by anyway who may go snooping. I said “I’ll be done with it by tomorrow. Show up at the Boars Tavern at Noon to pay me.” I showed him out and then left the city and walked towards where he lived. I sighed to myself and said “When did I sink this low….” and then hurried towards the foothills since it was a 2 Hour walk.

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It’s about 4 years since I left my hometown for Imperis. Safe to say, my parents (and just about everyone else) missed me, but they knew that they could communicate with me anyway. My mother’s a Psychic, you see. Aaaanyway, it took a bit over a month to get there, and I’ve been here ever since. I took a fine-looking apartment, with enough space to hold all my stuff and some more.

Going back to the present, I have trained most of the time here, and safe to say I have mastered most air and ice spells. Now, the problem is I either can’t or don’t wanna join most of the factions, because, well, it looks like there’s not much demand for a natural Air/Ice magician around, and some factions are plain dumb. I mean, I can’t heal to get in WF, OotP is incredibly elitist (Divine element? No sex? Turn in all items?? What the actual…?), and the Enforcers are just plain bore. Probably SMR is the most feasible out of the 4 yet, and probably the Battle Magics Department is the one which would fit me the best, even though I’m mostly calm. Maybe my skills will come in handy; I didn’t see an ice magician in forever after all.

As such, I grab my sapphire staff, put my longsword in its sheath, and head off to the “headquarters” of SMR. It’s a mere… 3 kilometres away, so it’s not that bad.

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Bethany Mauvais-Croix

“17, sir. Hit or stand?”

Gambler: It’s tough but I’m going to risk it. Hit me!

“And for two-hundred fifty thousand gold pieces, what will the cardshark get? Oooooh, 25. Tough break, sir. I’m sorry for your loss. Do you want to continue?”

My name is Bethany. As you might have guessed, I work in a casino here in Imperis. I am a croupier for table games. Blackjack is my primary game but I will be the dealer for five-card as well, if need be. The job’s has it’s good and bad moments. For instance, this one man claimed he could clean out my table fair and square in blackjack. He was doing great initially but then when he bet it all and tried to go double or nothing, well…let’s just say lady luck gave him the finger. Man, was he pissed. I remember him going into a major uproar after I cleaned him out of his winnings. Tried to stab a spectator with a letter opener. Now, normally, I would let casino security handle it but he mad over something he knew was going to happen sooner or later. That pisses me off. I carried that roly-poly asshole off in such a manner, that every spectator just stayed silent until I threw him out. With my body, my physical strength isn’t exactly on par with a man’s. That’s why with the help of my magic, I can control something that nobody else has ever been able to control…hair. My hair, specifically. I can grow it, let it fall out, shrink it…shape it, change the color and use it like an everyday object or even a weapon. When that guy got thrown out, I heard nothing but applause from behind me before returning to my table for some more card game fun.

“Now that the trash has been taken out, who’s up for Blackjack!?”

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Konrad Engels
I open my eyes, for the first time in hundreds of years.
Damn, it’s dark in here. Is it supposed to be this dark? I don’t think it’s supposed to be this dark.
The robe I have looks the same as it did when I first put in on. There’s a shard of glass I used in the ritual to the side. I look in it.

My face! WHAT HAPPENED TO MY FACE! I’m a goddamn SKELETON! I thought I was going to have my flesh when I awakened! GODDAMN IT!
I try to stand up, and almost fall. My injury stays with me even after death. Of course. These skeleton legs are going to take some use to get accustomed to. Luckily, I have my staff. Even as an ancient artifact, it still functions as a decent walking stick. Multiple uses.
I use a low-power dark blast to shoot a hole through one of the boulders in the cave-in, causing the entire thing to fall down. The sunlight from the outside world is blinding.
I cover my eyes. Once I’ve adjusted to the brightness, I look.
Imperis lies out before me.
The city of wonders. It looks unchanged.
I have unfinished business in that city. I wonder if my portrait is still in their little headquarters? Maybe there’s a little plaque for Jorji, too? Bastards. I hate them all. I’ll bring their little tower to the ground.
My rage is refueled within me. I remember my purpose. This is my reason for being. The only reason I am standing here now, and the reason why I am immortal, and I will not stop until it is completed. I will kill every last one of them.
But not yet. I’m weak, and hated by so many. Many of them far more powerful than me in my current state. I will establish a stronghold, find my allies, and regain my power.
And then they will burn for what they did.
I sigh, and begin the long walk down from the mountain into Imperis.
Today is the rebirth of a legend.
No one will ever forget the name Engels. Never again.
Never. Again.

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I thank my friends who saved me from the horde of demons that almost killed me and left the building. They gave me a map of the city, Imperis, I may just stick here for a while. One of them owed me a favor and I reclaimed it for a bag of money he had on him, he said had some to spare after their last hunt. As I waved behind me I checked the bad of money, it wasn’t a lot but it will get me started. Using the map I look for a casino to try my luck, my sister usually stopped me from gambling but I guess she can’t right now. I dodge a person getting thrown out of the casino and step in. I hear a woman ask if anyone is up for blackjack, one of the only casino games I know. I raise my hand and say, “I’m game.” and walk towards the woman.

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I’d been running for hours. I was right outside my targets home. I rested for a few minutes behind a rock but was interrupted my a noise. It seemed that the man had exited his house and was heading towards me, so he could get to his garden. I took a sip of an elixir in my pocket from the magic shop I used to work at and felt a surge of energy. I then stood up and said “Hello sir.” he just shot a ball of flames towards me and started running. I said “Damn I guess he knows why I’m here!” And then dodged the flames. I muttered something under my breath and 3 Shadow Walls appeared almost blocking him in. As he said “Shit that bastard sent Shadesi!” he made a pillar of Earth shoot him up above the walls and then jumped off away from me. I was running towards him and then flicked my fingers. Shadow solidiers appeared in front of him with swords. He shot magma out of the ground at them and kept running. I was irritated by that point and it showed. I caused shackles to come out of the ground to stop him from running and by the time he broke out of them we were face-to-face. “So I suppose it ends here? I don’t know what you did and I don’t care but I was hired to kill you and I will carry out that purpose.” I charged towards him and I made a sword of Shadows appear into my hand as he shot fire towards me. I used my ice ring to make ice appear around me and it melted into a dulge of water around me. He made a wall of Earth of appear in front of him as I shot shadow weaponry through it. They pierced the wall mostly but it stopped some of them. The other man fell to his knees as a giant gash appeared in his arm. He yelled “Argh!” in pain as I said “Looks like this game is over.” while looming over him. He shot fire into my face with his last bit of magic but he gasped in horror as he saw a veil of shadow protecting me. “I’m not an idiot. Now goodbye.” BOOM a giant ball of shadow shot at him and exploded leaving his body in a mess. I froze what was left of the body and summoned a shadow soldier to take the remains and bury them so they wouldn’t get suspicious. I then headed back to my apartment.
6:30 P.M.

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Bethany Mauvais-Croix

“Step right up, sir. Winnings are 2 to 1. That’s your money plus an additional one hundred percent in winnings. If you get a blackjack, winnings are 3 to 1. Anyone else in?”

Three more hands go up.

“Alright, everyone place your individual bets on the table. Do not combine wager amounts.”

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Edward York Lawrence

I walk through the streets of South Imperis disgusted by the smell. The smell of overcrowding and an unsanitary populace. Yet they say every mansion ,and every hovel has its charm. I guess just some are harder to find. “Wouldn’t you agree Quint?”

After a long walk through the slums, I reach my long awaited destination. I stand before a burnt out home. It was torched worse than my father’s cooking. “Been a long time since you’ve had any of that, huh?”

Anyways, all jokes aside, this was clearly an arson. Likely committed by a practitioner of fire magic. What shame that some people would use such great knowledge and strength in such negative ways. However, for every man of fault, is a man of justice awaiting him. I guess I ought to begin the investigation. I would hate to keep my superiors waiting. However, I would also hate to get ashes on this suit. Maybe I should of went with a nice shade of charcoal.

Entering the decrepit remains, I can make out what was once a couch, buried in the ashes of despair. Thankfully, no soul was lost in this fire, but the what a family once called home is now an abode for the dust of this world. I lean up against a wall and light myself a cigarette as I search the home for any clues. Hopefully things move around at a reasonable pace. “I know you’ve never been a fan of slow dances Quint, but I enjoy taking my time in life.”

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I take out ten, not too much lose but worthwhile enough if I win. I place ten on the table and wait for my two cards.

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Konrad Engels
Needless to say, a man wearing an arcane robe from hundreds of years ago, walking down a street wearing gloves and a bandana with his hood up and walking on an ancient artifact attracts a lot of attention. Whenever someone would get too curious, a flash of the bones on my face would send them running. Hopefully not to report my existence to the Society, or cults, or police or really, anyone. A lot of people hate my name, and a lot of organizations are interested in me. I walk into the alleyway in a Casino district of the city. There’s a drunkard and a street thug there, neither of which have any significant magical energy. Taking their souls would be a waste of time.
“Ay, whatchu think yo doin rou-” I place my hand on the angered thug’s face, and remove the flesh from it with a blast of dark magic.. He tries to scream in agony, but his face has already melted off. I rummage through his jacket to find a measly amount of cash.
Casinos always have someone who needs something done, and those people have lots of money to give out. That’s what I need right now. I walk in, and observe the situation. I look like a dangerous man, and rightly so. Someone will most likely approach me and need something done in a place like this.
(Leaving for IRL stuff soon)

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I ate the last of my food and then I was going to turn on my TV but then I heard a knock at the door. I stumbled off the coach and opened the door. “Hello!” it was the man who had assigned me to killing that man earlier. I felt sick with myself but I knew If I hadn’t killed him someone else would’ve. I said “What do you want?” the man said “Well I expected you’d be done by now so here’s your payment!” he handed my some money and then said “It seems I can trust you so my name Jackson. Here’s a number. Call us whenever to get your next kill.” I closed the door and then left my apartment to pay my rent wondering what to do with this sudden windfall of money. I headed towards a casino and then headed in to play some blackjack. Maybe I’d get lucky?

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Who knew so much can happen in so few minutes…

Going around halfway through the path, I saw a thief chasing a woman on the street with a dagger. Apparently, this one has water/poison elements. Of course, this prediction has nothing to do with a huge wave of green, noxious water trying to corner and drown the woman, naaaah… At least my work was quite easy here.

At first, the thief was raging because I froze his precious wave and it shattered to pieces after toppling over. “Too bad, sorry. Don’t attack people next time for no reason.” I said to him. Then, like if he wanted to prove how he doesn’t give half a crap about what I say, he proceeded to send a compressed water beam at me. I barely avoided it, and it apparently cut a hole in a building. Well, okay, if he wants war, he gets one. I blasted the bastard with a hurricane-like wind, gathering the pieces of his oh-so-lovely wave and flinging them at his already airborne body. Ice itself isn’t that hard, but it does hurt to get cut with some. Especially when reinforced by an Ice magician. Once he fell on the ground, he was already cut many times, and was begging for mercy. Looking over his body, I guessed it was well-served justice. I told him to give himself up to the Enforcers. He tried to refuse, but a single show of my staff convinced him that it was better than dealing with me.

After this job well done, I continued on my way. I kindly rejected the money the woman tried to offer, not only because I don’t just accept money from foreigners, but because it was a favor. I always get pissed when thiefs go around and rob, maybe kill people for money. I mean, there are so many jobs out there, why in the name of all that’s holy do you need to rob from people then? Whatever, I just continued on, hoping to reach those headquarters before I get into trouble again.

(EDIT/SIDE NOTE: I’m leaving for sleep, have fun everyone.)