[Finished] [Resistance] The Philadelphia Experiment -- Epilogue: Blue (locked)

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Story arc: Worlds – confirmed in mission 4, proposal 1 voting results
Previous game: ? (to be revealed)
Next game: ? (to be revealed)

The Philadelphia Experiment

You find yourself in a room, wearing a full-body suit. It allows you to see nine other people around in similar suits, but you cannot recognize who these people are. You look around the room: white walls, white floor and ceiling and some flickering lights in the ceiling. Suddenly a voice starts speaking.

: Welcome, test subjects. You have been brought here for an experiment. Teamwork will salvage some of you, but not all will survive. Amongst you ten, I’ve snuck in four of my bots. If you want to, you can kick people out whenever I determine it so. Five missions, five chances to succeed. If you beat my bots, I’ll let you go; if you don’t… too bad.

You’re not sure what to think. You guess you’ll have to go by this guy’s rules…


Thanks to DragonArcherZ.

Resistance is a originally a party game based off mafia, except that no one is ever killed so that a player won’t get knocked out of the game and not be able to play anymore. However, in this experimental version of Resistance, the elimination phases preceding missions 2 to 5 can each eliminate a person if the players choose so.

There are two teams; the Resistance, and the Spies. The resistance are trying to successfully complete missions given by the mysterious figure. The mysterious figure has snuck some spies into the resistance group to infiltrate and ultimately stop the resistance.

Each round, a leader is picked. From then on, in a set order (RNG to decide who starts as the leader and then we go down every new leader) becomes the leader. It is the leader’s job to propose a mission with X amount of people, depending on which mission it is and how many players are remaining. Once proposed, the players vote “Accept” or “Decline” to the mission. If a majority of the players vote Decline or it is a tie, the mission with those people is scrapped and the next leader gets a turn at proposing.

If for 5 proposals in a row in a single round the players have declined, the Spies automatically win the mission because there is too much disagreement within the Resistance.

If the majority of the players vote Accept, the mission goes ahead.

Now, the players in the mission have to send the host a PM with the words “Success” or “Failure”. In this version of Resistance, each mission requires one fail for the Spies to sabotage the mission while mission 4 needs two fails, no matter how many players remain (as few as 7 players can remain during mission 4). This means the Spies gets a point because the mission did not work.
Obviously, this means that:

1) As a Resistance on a mission, there is no reason to send failure.
2) As a Spy on a mission, sending success can disguise you as a resistance member, while failure can allow players to suspect you.

If everyone in the mission sends success (except for the fourth mission, which can have one fail), then the mission succeeds and the Resistance gain a point.

As a new experimental addition, missions 2 to 5 are preceded by elimination phases. If the majority of the players chooses to vote for the same person in the elimination phase, that person will be eliminated from the game and can no longer participate in discussion or missions. This can either help or hinder the Resistance:

- Help: if a Spy is voted out, there is a better chance to score a point.
- Hinder: if a Resistance member is voted out, the percentage of remaining Spies is automatically higher.

The goal of the game is for one side to get three points first.

This game starts with ten players put on the sides as follows:
Resistance – 6 members
Spies – 4 members

And the amount of players required to be sent on missions are (the number in the parentheses means the amount of players remaining, asterisk means two fails are required):
M1: 3 players (10)
M2: 4 players (9/10)
M3: 4 players (8/9/10)
M4: 4* players (7), 5* players (8/9/10)
M5: 4 players (6/7), 5 players (8/9/10)

If you’re unsure on what to do, here are three links to forum Resistance games. Pulsaris’s game is still ongoing as of 9/22.

RaceBandit – The Resistance (10p)
DragonArcherZ – Clockwork Factories (10p)
Pulsaris – Fort Caspian (9p)


Thanks to RaceBandit, DragonArcherZ and Pulsaris.

1) Any discussion outside of this thread for both sides (Resistance & Spies) is strictly prohibited. Any discussion about the game is to take place inside this thread.

2) Each proposal phase for a leader takes 96 hours (4 RL days), with extensions allowed if requested (this includes the accepting/declining of the proposal). If a leader fails to propose within 96 hours, the proposing power goes to the next player in line, without adding to the calculation of declined proposals, but the leader who failed to propose a mission will receive an activity strike. Passing your turn is a valid move, but it adds one to the calculation of declined proposals. After a mission has been proposed, the players have 48 hours from the proposal posting to vote either accept or decline (see rule 4). Once a proposal has been accepted, the mission phase begins and players on a mission have 48 hours (2 RL days) to send in a PM containing the mission number and either Pass or Fail.

3) The elimination phase begins immediately after the mission results are posted. The players have 72 hours (3 RL days) to vote out a player if they choose so. The votes must be done like this: [VOTE: Playername]. Unvoting is allowed during elimination phases, but you must unvote [UNVOTE] before re-voting. An elimination will only occur if the majority of the players are voting the same person when the elimination phase deadline is reached.

4) Accepting or declining a mission must be done like this, publicly in the thread: [I ACCEPT the proposal.] or [I DECLINE the proposal.]. Once your stance is given on the proposal, you may NOT change. If you are the leader and are suggesting the proposal, it must be done like in the quote at the bottom of the rules (Quote 1). It must be bolded to make the stance clear. You are allowed to decline a proposal as a leader.

5) If you aren’t part of the game, don’t post in the game thread, unless you are signing as a reserve.

6) Editing or deleting posts is an absolute no-no. If you need to change something made in one of your previous posts, you must do so with another post—even if you have to double-post (this is often done by players by saying EBWOP (Edit By Way Of Post)).

7) You may not sign to this game with multiple accounts. One account per player, so we’ll all have a jolly time.

8) As Resistance games heavily rely on player activity, you must accept or decline proposals, if you’re a leader, suggest a proposal and if you’re on the mission, send me a pass or a fail every time. The first two times this does not happen, you will receive an activity strike. The third time will kick you out of the game. Inform me through private messages if you’re going to be without access.

9) Do not post PMs from me or screenshots of them OR quote any verbatim from them.

10) Breaking rules 5, 6, 7 and 9 will lead to forced replacement and a ban from my next forum game. If you continue to disrupt the game flow after that, the ban will be extended.

Quote 1: Example team proposal

Captain: RaceBandit
On deck: S_98 (Put the name of the next leader here. This part is here only to make certain you pay attention.)
Current mission: 1
Team Member 1: RaceBandit (For reference, a captain does not have to be on his own team.)
Team Member 2: racefan12
Team Member 3: Woon1957

(You may explain why you picked such a team.)

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If you choose to sign to one of the ten starting spots in this game, you lose your right to sign to a starting spot in a later re-hosting of this game. You will automatically be put to the reserves in that game. If you are in the reserves in this game and make it into the game, you will not lose your right to sign to a starting post in the re-hosting. Short bolded messages in your sign-ups will be posted to the right of your name, in parentheses.

1. REALinsanemonkey
2. myhome16 (I. Am. A. SPIIIEEEEEEE.)
3. Pigjr1 (Eliminated After Mission 1)
4. yiu113 (Eliminated Pig after Mission 1.)
5. sarothat410 (Dictionaries are cool.)
6. Behemoth542 (No one will believe I’m resistance)
7. djrockstar → DragonArcherZ
8. walfordking (Sign-up message ignored.)
9. Kadleon (I am different.)
10. sebba → Helltank


1. kboy101 (Because Hey, why not.)
2. BestMte
3. SuperCaliFragil (Maplestory sucks, Syrupstory is better!)

Activity Strikes

sebba ||| ~ replaced by Helltank
myhome16 |
sarothat410 |
walfordking ||
Pigjr1 |
DragonArcherZ ||
Behemoth542 |

Game Log

Current situation: 1-3 (Spies won!)

Mission 1
Proposal 1: sebba leads, RIM on deck. No proposal made (inactivity).
Proposal 1.1: RIM leads, myhome on deck. Proposal made: RIM, yiu, Kad. Proposal accepted with votes 8-0-2.
Mission phase: Pass, Pass, Pass. Resistance 1, Spies 0.

Mission 2
Elimination phase: No one eliminated.
Proposal 1: myhome leads, Pig on deck. Proposal made: RIM, yiu, Kad, myhome. Proposal accepted with votes 8-0-2.
Mission phase: Pass, Pass, Pass, FAIL! Resistance 1, Spies 1.

Mission 3
Elimination phase: djrockstar was replaced by DragonArcherZ due to personal life issues. No one eliminated.
Proposal 1: Pig leads, yiu on deck. No proposal made (inactivity).
Proposal 1.1: yiu leads, saro on deck. Proposal made: yiu, myhome, walford, Helltank. Proposal accepted with votes 5-2-3.
Mission phase: Pass, Pass, Pass, FAIL! Resistance 1, Spies 2.

Mission 4
Elimination phase: No one eliminated.
Proposal 1: saro leads, Behe on deck. Proposal made: saro, Pig, Kad, Behe. Proposal declined with votes 4-5-1.
Proposal 2: Behe leads, DAZ on deck. Declined proposals counter resetted because of mod mistake. Proposal made: Behe, Kad, DAZ, RIM, saro. Proposal accepted with votes 6-1-3 (or something like that.
Mission phase: Pass, Pass, FAIL!, FAIL!, FAIL! Resistance 1, Spies 3. SPIES WIN!

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Sign me up. :DDDD

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Oly Oly oxen sign!


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Sign me up.
Eliminated After Mission 1

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Sign, looks really interesting.

Eliminated Pig after Mission 1.

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sig-nif-i-cance \sig-’nif-i-kən(t)s\ n (15c) 1 a : something that is conveyed as a meaning often insecurely or indirectly b : the quality of conveying or implying 2 a : the quality or being important : MOMENT b : the quality of being statistically significant

Dictionaries are cool.

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This would have been nice to play. I’ll just wait until next time.

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[No one will believe I’m resistance]

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Sign Pig obvious spy.

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Sign Bluji won’t let me sign to one of his games.

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Signature placed.

I am different.

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Sign Why is this shadow guy from MapleStory?

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Should we get a “Balanced Ruleset” of Resistance?

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Can I sign as a reserve? I’ll be free as a plant after 8 October…

(which would probably be around mission 2?)

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Should we get a “Balanced Ruleset” of Resistance?

Not really before we can come up with a balanced forum resistance setup.

And I’m thinking whether to sign or to observe.

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Originally posted by Pulsaris:

Should we get a “Balanced Ruleset” of Resistance?

Not really before we can come up with a balanced forum resistance setup.

And I’m thinking whether to sign or to observe.

Yep. I think we should wait until the forum gets more experience with Resistance. Then we could experiment with “Resistance” power roles, different amounts of missions and so on.

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I sign. So since every mission is success or fail, why:

1)The spies don’t just vote failure every mission?
2)How are the missions different?
3)If somebody is suspected of being a spy, how would the resistance eliminate him other than elimination rounds?
4)Once two resistance players die, the spies can win by repeatedly declining.

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Originally posted by Helltank:

I sign. So since every mission is success or fail, why:

1)The spies don’t just vote failure every mission?
2)How are the missions different?
3)If somebody is suspected of being a spy, how would the resistance eliminate him other than elimination rounds?
4)Once two resistance players die, the spies can win by repeatedly declining.

As I understand it:

1) Because then they’ll be revealed as spies and be excluded from future missions.
2) They’re not, other than having different people in them, thus leading to (potentially) different results.
3) They can’t, but they can exclude them from future missions, thus lowering the probability of failure.
4) True, which is why it is so crucial to get eliminations right.

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1)So the success/failure votes are made public? Then how would the spies get a single failure?
2)Ah, so the leader simply decides who should participate?
3)How would this be done? Voting?
4)That sounds rather precarious. A mafia that puts itself in MiLo the moment a single townie is lynched sounds unbalanced.

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1) The result is made public, not the one who caused the result. For example, say, a spy gets on M1 and votes “failure.” The mod would then post the results such as 2-1, fission mailed. If you want to see an example of the typical resistance, see currently ongoing Pulsaris’ Fort Caspian Resistance.

2) Correct. (You should really read the OPs, it did mention that you could check other threads to get a better idea of how it works. Two of these questions could be done by having done this)

3) No, if the leader finds it necessary, then he would exclude the member he finds suspicious. If others find a members on the current mission suspicious, they can just decline the mission so that it doesn’t get through.

4) Then don’t, every opinion counts. Only eliminate if someone’s very existence is screaming scum.

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Reserve Snign
Because Hey, why not.

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The sign-ups have ended. I will be writing role messages today and tomorrow, and the game will begin tomorrow. Reserve signs are still being accepted.

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Mission 1, Proposal Phase: Proposal 1

Roles have been sent out, please confirm them.

So, it is time for the first… mission. The one of you named ‘sebba’, please choose a team to go on this mission.

sebba is the first leader. REALinsanemonkey is on deck. This is the first mission and you need three people on the team. Your deadline is 9/27, 4 PM, UTC+3 (so you have about 93½ hours). Choose well.

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Role confirmed.

I suppose we will be taking the random player strategy, then?